Chapter 176 – Part 3

Translation: Tsuki
Editor: Weasalopes

I wonder what had the Gozu General and Mezu General dropped?

That was what I’m more curious about.
Some items were being dropped.
There were two items to be precise but…


【Weapon item: Polearm (Spear, Staff)】Prison Guard’s Sasumata Quality B Rarity 5

AP+ 10, M.AP+10, Destructive power +4, Weight +3, Durability 300.

Enchanted Attribute?

A weapon used by the Prison Guards.

The metal tip shaped in U shape used to pick up prisoners.

The design connected to the handle had thorn on it.

The material used to make it was unknown.

The item itself falls under the category of Polearm, but both spear and staff technical skills could be used with it.


【Weapon Item: Staff】 Prison Guard’s Khakkhara Quality B Rarity 5.

AP+10, M.AP+12, Destructive Power+3, Weight+3, Durability 300.

Enchanted Attribute?

A weapon used by the Prison Guards to exorcise the dead.

The metal fitting on the tip had six rings on it.

The material used to make the handle and fittings was unknown. Even when I shook the staff, I could not hear any sound from it.

Which means, if I shake the staff, it would create a magic sound that keeps the evil spirit away.


Wait, who is the Prison Guard here?!


Let’s keep the tsukkomi within my heart only…

Anyway, what should I do with these items?

Both seem difficult to use for me.

Even the magic attack power of these items is lower than the necklace that I wear right now.

And as a weapon, I’m not really sure about it.

I do feel there is some effect on it.

Especially since the rare value and the quality value are quite high.

After I confirmed the weapon effect, I wonder if I should let Mumyo use the Prison Guard’s Khakkhara?

What about the Prison Guard’s Sasumata?

Since it could be used as a spear, maybe Nias could use it?

I wonder if it is heavy?


So then, what should I do with the 【Rope Artes】?

I did have a hard time fighting against Mezu General.

I wonder if that skill would be effective if I combine it with Prison Guard’s Black Rope?

Fortunately enough, I still have some bonus points left.

It needs 9 points huh?


Should I get it I wonder?

If I do, I might be able to use rope more effectively.

I guess let’s get 【Rope Artes】 and activate it immediately.


Alright, now then, here I go…

Let’s challenge the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

Since the Forest Maze had the second lap, maybe here as well?

Anyway, it is about time Margrid comes.

While waiting, let’s try that.


Meikira Lv 3

Heavenly General Enemy Target Active.

Battle position: Ground Wind Attribute.


Rampaging Battle Cock Lv 6

Demon Enemy Target Active.

Battle position: Ground Air Wind Attribute.


When I touched the statue, these are what emerged.

Three Rampaging Battle Cocks came out.

For the time being, I tried to strengthen myself and fight with only physical reinforcement.

I didn’t find any difficulty.

Or rather, this Prison Guard’s Black Rope was too convenient!

And Meikira who got caught up in the ensuing battle blew up and died…



Somehow, I feel slightly dissatisfied.

I’d stepped up my game by using the reinforcement spell on myself, and yet…


The monsters that had become my opponent were easily being slaughtered.

It was just too quick.


Then, when I was wondering what the drop was…



【Raw Material】Strange Rock Salt (Holy) Quality C Rarity 3 Weight 0+

It is a holy rock salt used for the purification ceremony.

It can also be used as ordinary salt.


Twelve Heavenly Generals, are you really on the same level as the Deva King?!

And the companion monsters didn’t drop anything.

Did I activate 【Disassembly】 skill properly?

What a mystery.

Like this, I should be fine to repeatedly challenge Meikira, no?

But then, I need to fight it in order.

And if I used the statue as a transfer device, the travel time between halls would be shortened.

A back-to-back battle?

That is what I want!


I think I have grasped the pattern through successive battles.

There was some common pattern.

The Twelve Heavenly Generals’ Level was random.

There were drop items but it was not always dropped.

Up to Level 3, it would always be 【Strange Rock Salt (Holy)】

Level 4 above would be 【Power Water】

The companion monsters number was also randomly fluctuating.


On the other hand, sometimes there was only 1 companion monster.

It seems the amount of the companion monsters depend on the overall difficulty.

Now, what items did I get through all of those ordeals?

From the first battle with Meikara up until the 7th battle against Magora, I got 3 【Strange Rock Salt (Holy)】 and 1 【Power Water】.


I guess the system was the same as when I fought against Deva King.

But, everything was not meaningless.

The Twelve Heavenly Generals had a lot of variation in terms of battle styles.

Though mostly I ended the fight by tying up the enemy with the Prison Guard’s Black Rope and stab it with Tokkosho.

In the end, no matter what profits I got, I still want to fight them…


Up until here, I took a deep breath.

Next, it would be that one…

That’s right…

The Dragon Puppy and Haira.


Haira is not the main opponent.

The opponent I recognize as more dangerous is the Dragon Puppy!


Haira Lv 4

Heavenly General Enemy Target Active.

Battle position: Ground Tree Attribute.


Dragon Puppy Lv 2

Demon Enemy Target Active.

Battle Position: Ground ???


No matter how much I see it, compared to Haira, isn’t it that Dragon Puppy has the higher rank?

And I think the 【Identification】 skill didn’t make any mistakes.

It seems Haira had some fights since the previous battle but I don’t think there’s much difference even if Haira has leveled up a little bit.

Protagonist Keith.

Race Human Male Lv 18.

Job: Grand Summoner Lv 4.

22 Bonus Points remaining.


Set Skill.

Sword Lv 4, Rope Artes Lv 1(New!), Staff Lv 14, Punch Lv 12, Kick Lv 12, Joint Lock Lv 12, Throw Lv 12, Evade Lv 12, Block Lv 12, Summoning Magic Lv 18, Space-Time Magic Lv 10, Light Magic Lv 10, Wind Magic Lv 11 (↑1), Earth Magic Lv 10, Water Magic Lv 10,  Fire Magic Lv 10, Dark Magic Lv 10, Ice Magic Lv 8, Lightning Magic Lv 8, Tree Magic Lv 9, Dust Magic Lv 8, Lava Magic Lv 8, Steam Magic Lv 8, Alchemy Lv 8, Pharmacy Lv 7, Glassmaking Lv 6, Woodworking Lv 7, Synergy Lv 13, Appraisal Lv 13, Identify Lv 13, Discern Lv 4, Cold Resistance Lv 6, Grab Lv 10, Horsemanship Lv 10, Precise Manipulation lv 12, Ropework Lv 4 (↑1), Jump Lv 6, Acrobatic Lv 4, Heat Resistance Lv 8, Climb Lv 6, Balance Lv 3, Dual Wield Lv 11, Disassembly Lv 9, Physical Reinforcement Lv 9, Mental Reinforcement Lv 10, Speedcasting Lv 12, Magic Effect Amplification Lv 9, Magic Range Expansion Lv 9.



Tokkosho x3, Staff of Torture x2 (↑1), Tonfas of Torture x3 (↑2), Capture Rod of Torture x1, Enraged Pickaxe+ x2, Silver Necklace+, Snow Leopard Push Dagger x1, Gale Tiger Push Dagger x2, Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh x1, Plains Lion Bagh Nakh x1, Fighting Bull Leather Armor+ Set, Bracelet of Torture+ x2, Anklet of Torture+ x2, Prison Guard’s Black Rope x1, Rampage Horse Belt+, Rucksack, Item Box x2.


Owned Items.

Survival Knife, Woodworking tools.



Old Summoner’s Younger Brother
Protector of the Forest
Knower of the Middle Path
Guardian of Lapis Lazuli Light
Spell Glossary
Martial Arts Master.


Goki Demon Lv 3→Lv 4 (↑1)

DEX 20

AGI 16

INT 16

STR 19 (↑1)

VIT 19

SPI 16  (↑1)


Bow, Hatchet, Sword, Buckler, Clock, Evade, Concealment, Darkness Attribute.


Heather Fairy Lv6→Lv7 (↑1)


AGI 22  (↑1)

INT 22



SPI 24 (↑1)


Flying, Levitation, Magic Resistance [Medium], MP Recovery [Small], Wind Attribute,

Earth Attribute


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