Chapter 177 – Part 1

Translation: Tsuki
Editor: Weasalopes

I have no intention of going easy against Dragon Puppy.

Rather, I tried to use everything I had to defeat it.

I also used resistance magic.

What do you think is the weird thing about it?

I used Fire, Steam, Lava, and Dust resistance attributes, 4 of them!

And what do you think about the result?


It was nothing, the fight was still difficult!

If I hadn’t used the regeneration earlier, I would have died!

I would definitely be dead!


Was it really just 1 level up?!

That was very dangerous.

The dragon was a dangerous opponent.

Seriously Dangerous.

Since it was called Puppy, it should still be a baby right?

Despite being newborn yet having such power, that was definitely dangerous!

However, it was good!


When I thought about it properly, despite being a dragon, that one was still a child after all?

I tried to attack the eyes using Vajra, and from there I would think up a way to defeat it.

But then, my attack had no effect.


What about Haira you ask?

And what did the summoned monsters do, you ask?


《【Rope Artes】 Level Up!》

《【Ice Magic】 Level Up!》

《【Identify】 Level Up!》

《【Grab】 Level Up!》

《【Precise Manipulation】 Level Up!》

《【Balance】 Level Up!》


Well, since various skills of mine got leveled up, I guess I could say it was excellent.

This time, I didn’t get Strength Water.


Let us go to the next one…


From Meikara to Anchira.

I chose Tokkosho with Dust magic.

I tried for one lap but there was nothing in particular.


Then I tried to move to an area where the Magora statue was located, but there was nothing there either…

Was there no pattern in the second stage?


Or the condition to trigger it was different?

I guess let’s try to find out…


The Twelve Heavenly Generals correspond to the Chinese and Japanese zodiac.

At the place where the Magora statue is located, I tried to use the magnetic compass.

Bikara was located in the north.

The first statue of the Twelve Heavenly Generals I saw after entering the main cave was Meikara.

This place is located in the west.



I wonder how it would turn out if I try to challenge them in order from the beginning?

Let’s try it.


It was a miss.

The prospect was completely not as I’d expected.

It was such a tragedy.


Of course, I’d defeated the Dragon Puppy this time as well, albeit it was a level 1 Dragon Puppy.

Still, it would be impossible if I went against that one without regeneration.

Even using normal breath, that one was still so strong!


Despite it being the first stage, it took me 1 and a half hours to finish to make a round from Magora while jumping.

It was not long, yet not short either.


No, wait.

Was there no other way to cut the travel time?

I want to try it…


But before that, it is about time, I have to eat lunch.

I recalled Goki and summoned Bunraku.

While waiting for the cooking to complete, I tried to check some information in regard to Twelve Heavenly Generals via the external links. –

I wonder if there are some hints?



I guess it can’t be helped.

If that is the case, then I need to verify everything while walking steadily huh?

After I finished eating, I touched the statue and moved.

I think I should start with Bikara, located in the north.

And I will let Bunraku continue participating in the battle.

The only threat in this ordeal was that Dragon Puppy.

I can afford some rooms when it comes to the other opponent.


This time, well, despite it being the first stage, it took me 3 hours to finish.

This time strategy was a miss as well.

And nothing big changed even when I didn’t use jumping since the start.


I guess there’s no other choice.

Maybe I should just challenge one of the Twelve Heavenly Generals repeatedly?

The time right now is 2:30 pm.

There’s still enough time.

The question is, which among the Twelve Heavenly Generals should I fight against?


I decided.

It is the Dragon Puppy.

Haira you said?

The main force here is the Dragon Puppy.


After fighting against Dragon Puppy 3 times consecutively, various things happened.

But well, I was fortunate that every single one of them was a level 1 Dragon Puppy.


《【Sword】 Level up!》

《【Synergy】 Level Up!》

《【Acrobatic】 Level Up!》

《Summon Monster 【Loewe】 Level Up!》

《【Concealment】 skill has been added to Monster Summon【Loewe】》

《Please add 1 point to the desired stat》

Was it because we had been fighting against a superior enemy continuously?

To think that Loewe would level up already.


And its VIT had risen as well.

I should choose STR for the bonus point.


Loewe Lion Lv4→Lv5 (↑1)

DEX  10

AGI  14

INT  11

STR  20 (↑1)

VIT  22 (↑1)

SPI  13.


Bite, Intimidation, Danger Sense, Night Eye, Concealment (New!)


This was unexpected.

Another party had entered the hall.


I decided to stop the continuous fight.

And since they were not my acquaintance, I moved to a different hall.

This time, I tried to fight Magora.


With what?

It is by using Prison Guard’s Sasumata, and Prison Guard’s Khakkhara.

I wonder, how it would end up?


I tried using Prison Guard’s Sasumata against Curly Rabbits and Magora.

From there, I could understand that this was a useful weapon.

But, I don’t think I would make it the main weapon.


When I’d used the Sasumata to hold Magora’s neck, what happened you asked?

What happened was a marker appeared above Magora’s head, indicating he had been inflicted with an abnormal status.

When I saw that, I hardly believed it and tried to check it by straining my eyes.

It was Tied down.

What was that?

Did that mean the opponent had been captured and become powerless?


That was where the problem started.

It was good that I would be able to hold the enemy down.

I need to use both hands, which meant the only way I could attack my opponent during that time would be using magic.

But even with that, this was still very convenient.

After all, in the end, the summoned monsters could finish off my opponent after they defeated their Curly Rabbits opponent.

Like this, even though I’d played an active role, that didn’t feel the case anymore.

It was not my preference.


I then tried to use the Prison Guard’s Sasumata against Magora and Curly Rabbit one more time.

This time I tried to use it as a normal weapon.

Even with the support of staff skill, it was still difficult to use, not to mention it was heavy.

Maybe it was better to use it as a spear but the weight was a problem.

Like that the number of problems I would face increased instead.

But, the damage the enemy received using it was also quite big.

Furthermore, I appreciated that I still could use magic freely.


This time, I tried to use the Prison Guard’s Khakkhara.

There was no sound when I tried to shake the staff.

Though when I tried to cast some spell, it worked normally…

In the weapon’s description, I didn’t see any magic attribute, so I had thought there was something hidden-but…


I’ve realized something during the fight.

This Prison Guard’s Khakkhara, reduced Magora’s attack damage.

It activated when I tried to concentrate on the 6 rings.

Like this, would I be able to substitute the defensive spell with this?


But still, this as well was not my preferred way of fighting.

The biggest drawback of this weapon was, it was too heavy.

Though it was not that bad if I saw this weapon as a ‘beating’ weapon.


I wonder what I should do?

I don’t think I would use these weapons myself.

I guess I should just let Mumyo use the Prison Guard’s Sasumata and Prison Guard’s Khakkhara, and if it didn’t fit, I could just give up?

What about letting Nias use the Prison Guard’s Sasumata?

But, I think a girl should not swing around such a heavy object!


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