Chapter 177 – Part 2

Translation: Tsuki
Editor: Weasalopes

I returned to the hall where the Haira statue was located.

I didn’t see the previous party.

I also didn’t know if they had won or lost.


Well then.

Let’s challenge the Dragon Puppy.

Like that, I made the Summoned Monsters to go against Haira.

Not yet.

Was there no better way to kill the Dragon Puppy?

It was a strong enemy that was why it was worth it.

Well, some ideas might flash during the battle…


As I continue to fight against Haira and Dragon Puppy.

As one would expect, the MP consumption accelerated.

That was why I decided to use all of my battle power against the Dragon Puppy.
I also started to use mana potions when the MP bar falls below 30%.

It was hard, but I also want to continue until dinner time at least.


《【Summon Magic】 Level up!》

《Racial Level Up! Please assign 1 point to the desired stat.》



After defeating the 4th Dragon Puppy, I manage to level up huh?

Lately, I’ve met with a lot of intense battles.

And as I’ve leveled up, my status has also appropriately risen.


Base Stats:

DEX  18

AGI  18

INT  25 (↑1)

STR  18

VIT  18

SPI  25 (↑1)


《2 points would be added to the bonus points. You have a total of 24 bonus points.》


A little bit more.

Let’s stick with this way of hunting a bit more…

The time now is 5:00 PM.

I think I should fight an easier opponent before dinner.


Like that, I fought 6 more times.

On the way, I’ve consumed 3 mana potions.

I think the result of that battle was worth enough…


《Summoned Monster 【Jean】 level up!》

《Please add 1 point to the desired stat》


I’ve always put that one in charge of early warning, that was why it would be natural for it to level up but.

If I think about it more, there was actually nothing to worry about if I fight against the Twelve Heavenly Generals, no?

Oh well, whatever.


Jean’s AGI seems to have also risen.

With that, I guess I will use the bonus point on INT.


Jean Black Bat Lv3→Lv4 (↑1)

DEX 16

AGI 21 (↑1)

INT 16 (↑1)

STR 13

VIT 13

SPI 15


Biting, Flight, Echolocation, Evade, Ambush, Bloodsucking, Dark Attribute.


It was favorable I guess?

Since this is a good opportunity, I should change our battle formation now…

I decided to recall Jean.

And summoned Volff.

Since I want to investigate something, I want to summon a monster that could help me with that but also provide early warning.

And also, I want Volff to play an active role this time.


The current battle formation was Volff, Tigris, Loewe, Nintetails.

And lastly the Mud Golem Jericho?

I have no intention of creating a fluffy corps, but the rate of beasts was unusually high.

Well, before long I need to change Ninetails anyway.

My MP bar had been cut in half.

And it’s time for dinner.

I guess I will eat then add a new summon monster later.


I’m planning on not forcing myself against my next opponent.

After all, I want to face opponents that are a bit more difficult.

Besides, my MP bar had been reduced quite a lot, that was why it would be natural for me to have such thoughts.


I then moved from the hall where the statue of Haira was located to the place where the Makura statue stands.

There I noticed a problem.

I haven’t decided which among the Twelve Heavenly Generals I should fight?


After a while, I made my decision.

Let’s just fight and have fun.



That hammer always brings about fear.

But that was good…

I was afraid that my tension would be broken because I got used to fighting.

In fact, it was hard to throw away the chance of fighting Shindura in which I could fight with bare hands.

But, if I enjoy fighting too much, it would be a trouble.

Let’s be reserved for now.


The enemy companion was Killer Ape.

Looking at my current team, there should be no problem.

Now then…

I guess I will enjoy fighting against a close quarter combat opponent…


I’d continue fighting against Anchira while enjoying the thrill.

I’ve also used Rope Artes against it, you know?

Somehow, I manage to bind its neck.

This skill was a reliable skill to hook a rope to a specific part of the opponent, such as the opponent’s neck.


You think that was obvious?

Rope Artes was indeed a minor skill.

I also only know the outline of the skill.

In the first place, that skill was a martial art based on the premise that the user would capture the opponent alive.

It seems this kind of martial arts was developed during the Edo period.
There was also the possibility of using it as Thai throwing, by combining the rope with a grappling hook.

Thanks to that, Rope Artes had great utility.

No matter dead or alive, the skill had definitely made it easier to fight an enemy.

All I had to do was only to do my best.

If I want to catch an enemy alive, what I need to do is just work harder.

In which I think, my result depends on how much risk I’m willing to hold.

Nevertheless, this time I would like to take some risk.

I will only use Black Rope against this one.

And after I managed to restrict my opponent’s movement with it, I then could use Tokkosho.

It was simple, but that was what made this style good.

Furthermore, to fight without any reinforcement magic feels really great.


After my fourth battle, Ninetails MP bar had considerably disappeared.

The time was already past 6:00 PM.

Realizing that, I then decided to have an early dinner.


I then used the instant portal in the corner of the hall where Anchira statue was located.

I also didn’t forget to recall Ninetails and summoned Bunraku.

I will immediately make dinner.

I didn’t have the usual salt with me.

But since Strange Salt (Holy) could also be used for cooking, I had no problem.
I still have some ancient stones, and also still had a lot of arrows.

And I also still had enough for some feather arrows, and arrow heads.


I guess I had some spare time~…

That’s right.

Let’s perform the treatment to the Prison Guard’s Black Rope.

Most of what remained were the obsidian stones.

I changed the stone shape and tied the end of the stone as an initial weight.

Apparently, a claw grapple hook was commonly used during the old days.

I like this kind of thing.

Since there was no need for me to use magic either.

Also, I’m still in my free time right now.
I took a look at Prison Guard Sasumata and Prison Guard’s Khakkhara from the item box.

I wonder if there was a better use for these two as well?

As I was thinking about that.


Would I be able to use this Sasumata to fight against Dragon Puppy?

If that nasty breath could be sealed off, then it would be very advantageous for me.

When I tried to hold the weapon, it was useless…

It was too heavy.

I would’ve suffered a lot of damage before I would be able to seal the Dragon puppy.



I think Dwarf who had the power and dexterity would be perfect using this…

Next would be that…

Maybe I should use it as a fire extinguisher?

Nah that can’t do…

Besides, how high is the chance for me to catch fire?


Well, whatever.

I’m certain that it would be useful in something eventually.


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