Chapter 179 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

When I logged in it was 4:50 AM.

I logged out a little earlier than usual yesterday.

From inside my Instant Portal, I looked out at the statue of Meikira and put my hands together to pay my respects.

I had no plans of fighting against them right away.

But please do deal kindly with me later…

I started the day right away by taking on some Gozu and Mezu.

I organised my tent and decided on my Summoned Monster team for the day.

I managed to get myself some items from the Gozu General and Mezu General the day before…

That meant that it was very likely that the Gozu and Mezu would return to their original state, just Level 1 Gozu and Mezu.

If I had to fight weak monsters for a while, I might as well make use of the opportunity to get some of my weaker Summoned Monsters some experience.

I summoned Volff as a scout.

As rear supports I summoned Bunraku and Ninetails. I was aiming for their Class Changes too.

I put Loewe as another front-line fighter.

But I didn’t know what Summoned Monster could go in that last slot.

What should I go for…?

Maybe it was still too early to put too much focus on fighting power.

Considering the time taken to travel from spawn point to spawn point, having a relatively fast Summoned Monster would help.

I decided to go with Tigris.

My Summoned Monster team was a full beast team, including Volff, Tigris, Loewe and Ninetails.

It was a team that I could definitely imagine Adele summoning on a daily basis.

I started heading towards the main branch of the cave.

The Glow Leeches were as gross as ever, but Volff and my other Summoned Monsters didn’t seem to care.

I felt like there were fewer monsters around me…

But that was probably just an illusion.

My Summoned Monsters really didn’t care about who they were fighting, huh…

Well, they were doing a lot of work, so I wasn’t about to complain.

After a short while, I made it to another pair of Gozu and Mezu.

Putting 【Disassembly】 into reserve, I immediately challenged the pair.

I didn’t bother strengthening myself with spells.

How did the fight go?

Even without spells, it was surprisingly easy.

The Gozu got surrounded by my many furry Summoned Monsters, and was taken down in mere moments.

I easily took down the Mezu too.

I didn’t even have to use my Black Rope.

I just dodged its Khakkhara, and counterattacked with punches, before breaking knocking it off balance with my kicks.

After throwing it to the ground, I dealt the finishing blow with a choke.

Oh dear…

I went into the fights without any spells at all, expecting a moderately difficult fight…

But it was still a piece of cake!

With the next pair of Gozu and Mezu, the difficulty did not change by much.

Come on, guys…

At least make me use some spells!

At least give me the opportunity to use my Tokkosho!

I wouldn’t mind settling for my Black Rope or Tonfas either.

Don’t go down so easily just against a Bagh Nakh!

I arrived in the main branch of the cave.

It looked like the most populous monsters for that day were Orcs.

The first horde of 5 I ran into was easily taken out by Volff and my other Summoned Monsters.

I didn’t get the opportunity to properly use my rope, but I figured it would be good to get some sort of practice in.

I wrapped it around one of the Orcs’ necks, and pulled.

A fire started growing around the Orc’s neck, and it went down almost immediately afterwards.

Yeah… It wasn’t a weapon to be underestimated.

There were still two branches to the Relay Portal.

I decided to make another visit to some more spawn points.

I had a feeling that they would only start getting touch again around Level 6.

I still had a long way to go.

Higher Gozu Lv.1

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Light Attribute

Higher Mezu Lv.1

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Dark Attribute


It took eight more fights until I ran into a pair that had gone through a Class Change.

Seeing them, I was really tempted to use my spells to strengthen myself and my Summoned Monsters…

But my Black Rope was more effective than I thought.

The same went for my Tokkosho too.

I managed to take them down without using any strengthening spells.

It was a nicer fight than all the others, but…

If possible, I just wanted to skip straight to the Gozu General and Mezu General…

After a while, I decided it wasn’t worth the time anymore.

I ignored the path leading to the Tower of Condemnation and decided to head to the Relay Portal deeper in the cave, but the Deva King guarding the Relay Portal had already respawned.

What a shame…

Oh well, there was nothing I could do about that.

I decided to take care of breakfast first.

I could fight the Deva King after fixing up my stomach.

I spent some time relaxing in front of the Relay Portal while waiting for Bunraku to finish making me my meal.

All my Summoned Monsters except Bunraku took to playing a bit too.

It looked like they were playing a fluffy game of tag.

I tried throwing one of my Tonfas a distance away, and they raced to grab it and bring it back to me.

After learning that I had some Antman Honey as a reward for whoever could hand me back my Tonfa, Ninetails kept excitedly running after the Tonfa no matter how many times I threw it.

Ninetails was pretty simple too, in a way…

Well, it looked like he was having fun, so I wasn’t about to complain.

Even Tigris and Loewe looked very relaxed.

They took part in the games my other Summoned Monsters were playing, but they didn’t look like they were very into it.

I had a feeling that they were showing respect to the Class Changed Volff.

Loewe and Tigris overlapped a lot when it came to combat and scouting, but on the bright side, that meant that their teamwork was always splendid.

But for some reason, in these kinds of mundane situations, they didn’t look like they were too fond of one another.

Were they even aware of the other’s presence?

Well, maybe they did have a sense of rivalry between them. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

After finishing the meal Bunraku handed me, I got up to take on the Deva Kings.

Without thinking much, I decided to just go for it.

But that led to something quite unexpected.

There were already many players in the hall watching fights from early in the morning.

There were also some parties lining up to fight the Deva Kings.

What about outside of the hall?

The outside of the hall was definitely less crowded than the inside, but it was still quite full.

There were even players sitting down to watch on the outside.

Yep. I decided to pass on the Deva Kings for the time being…

I could sit down and watch some fights myself while waiting for the line to shorten, but it would be too much time to commit to something relatively simple.

I did want to increase my stock of Tokkoshos, but I wasn’t confident I could get another one in a day.

There were more and more players returning after the tournament, so there would be even more competition too.

I had to make the most of the time I had left.

The Twelve Heavenly Generals would have plenty of enemies to challenge.

And the place was probably less crowded too.

It would mean having to turn back and undo a lot of progress, but I didn’t mind. It would be well worth it.

I set 【Disassembly】 back, and got going.

I’m definitely coming back to challenge you Deva Kings again, alright!

After a long journey through many Glow Leeches, I finally made it.

I arrived in the hall with the Meikira statue.

So, which of the Twelve Heavenly Generals would be nice to challenge first?

My MP bar was still very full, definitely over 90%.


I guess I could start from the most difficult enemy.

I decided to challenge the Dragon Puppy.

They were technically just a support character for the Twelve Heavenly Generals, but it definitely did not feel like it!

I fought the Haira and Dragon Puppy 5 times, resulting in five wins.

Of course, I was sure to use strengthening spells all the way, and even made sure to use Power Water and Practiced Spirit wherever I could.

I had to give it my all to fight them.

That fact made the fights a lot more thrilling.

The Dragon Puppies were all at Level 1, but as expected, they were very strong!

The rate at which my MP bar dropped was quite fast too…

But even after those five fights, I still had 60% left.

While I still could, I used a mana potion to restore my MP bar.

《【Water Magic】 Level Up! 》

《【Dust Magic】 Level Up! 》

《Summoned Monster 『Ninetails』 Level Up! 》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

It was finally time for Ninetails’ Class Change!

The stat that went up with the level-up was AGI.

I put another point into INT.

Ninetails Red Fox Lv7→Lv8 (↑1)

DEX 10

AGI 21 (↑1)

INT 22 (↑1)

STR 10

VIT 10

SPI 21


Bite Evade Dash Predict Danger MP Regeneration [Small] Light Attribute

《Summoned Monster 『Ninetails』 has cleared the Class Change conditions! 》

《Please go to the Monster’s status screen to access the Class Change candidates.》

All right, all right…

Very nice!

I gave Ninetails another small piece of Antman Honey as a reward.

There were no monsters in the hall with the statue of Haira.

I guess I could make use of the opportunity to finish up the Class Change!

But before that… Hey, Ninetails.

I don’t have any more honey for you!

Class Change Candidates:

Golden Fox

Silver Fox

Two candidates, huh.

I could guess what Ninetails’ appearance was going to look like from just the names.

Ninetails Red Fox Lv8→Golden Fox Lv1 (New!)

DEX 10

AGI 21

INT 24 (↑2)

STR 10

VIT 11 (↑1)

SPI 23 (↑ 2)


Bite Evade Dash Predict Danger MP Regeneration [Small] (New!)

Light Attribute Fire Attribute (New!)

【Golden Fox】 Summoned Monster Battle Position: Ground

A fox with a beautiful coat of fur, which ranges from light brown to gold.

Its main methods of attack are its bite and its Special Skills.

Its physique is slightly larger than the Red Fox.

It also has increased offensive capabilities due to its Special Skills.

《Do you wish to go through with the Class Change? 》



Of course, I had to look at the other one first.

What about the Silver Fox?

Ninetails Red Fox→Silver Fox Lv1 (New!)

DEX 10

AGI 23 (↑2)

INT 22

STR 10

VIT 10

SPI 23 (↑ 2)


Bite Evade Dash Predict Danger MP Regeneration [Small] (New!)

Light Attribute Dark Attribute (New!)

【Silver Fox】 Summoned Monster Battle Position: Ground

A fox with a beautiful coat of fur, which ranges from light grey to silver.

Its main methods of attack are its bite and its Special Skills.

Its physique is slightly larger than the Red Fox.

Its movements have also gotten faster, resulting in it being able to dodge attacks with greater ease.


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