Chapter 179 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes


Which one should I choose…?

Thinking about the stats, the Golden Fox definitely seemed like the right option.

But that Dark Attribute of the Silver Fox was quite attractive too… The Special Skills would definitely have the chance to trigger abnormal status conditions…

Oops. Almost forgot.

For the time being, it would be best to take some screenshots to share later.

After some thinking, I decided on the Silver Fox.

The ability to cause abnormal status conditions would definitely be very helpful in battles.

After first removing the Silver Necklace around Ninetails, I chose the Silver Fox as Ninetails’ Class Change.

In just a moment, Ninetails changed into the Silver Fox.

I had a feeling he got a little bigger in that change…

The necklace also seemed to be a bit tighter than it was before, but I could easily adjust the length to fit Ninetails.

That should be fine…

It didn’t look like there were any issues.

But as soon as I stepped away, Ninetails once again started pestering me for honey.

You haven’t changed at all, have you!?

But to be fair, I didn’t really want that part of Ninetails to change either.


I could straight away get to checking Ninetails’ combat capabilities.

There was a Heavenly General with a Dragon Puppy I could fight nearby.

I set my Tokkosho to 【Steam Magic】.

I still had more than enough room in my MP bar. I had better use it to do some hunting.

I could probably expect to pick up a lot of Strange Rock Salt (Holy)

《Summoned Monster 『Bunraku』 Level Up! 》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

The level-up happened after six fights.

Bunraku fought hard in every one of those fights.

And not for naught either. Bunraku’s level-up was a special level-up, since it was also time for Bunraku’s Class Change.

Wait, why were these Class Changes coming one after the other all of a sudden?

The stat that went up with the level-up was INT.

I put another point into SPI.

Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv7→Lv8 (↑1)

DEX 28

AGI 10

INT 20 (↑1)

STR 12

VIT 12

SPI 12 (↑1)


Bow Cooking Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Slight]

《Summoned Monster 『Bunraku』 has cleared the Class Change conditions! 》

《Please go to the Monster’s status screen to access the Class Change candidates.》


So, what kind monsters were going to appear as candidates?

Class Change Candidates:




They were both names I’d seen before.

For the time being, I started by checking out each option in turn.

Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv8→Metalskin Lv1 (New!)

DEX 28

AGI 10

INT 20

STR 14 (↑2)

VIT 14 (↑2)

SPI 12


[ ] Bow Cooking Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Small]  (New!)

【Metalskin】Summoned Monster Battle Position: Ground

A doll with metal plating covering all of its skin. Its main method of its attack are the weapons it can master.

It is not a Summoned Monster intended for battle, but some combat capabilities can be expected from it.

A tireless and loyal servant.


The new empty skill slot was to select another Weapon Skill.

It just looked like Bunraku would become a little more suited to battle.

What about the other option?

Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv8→Automaton Lv1 (New!)

DEX 29 (↑1)

AGI 10

INT 21 (↑1)

STR 12

VIT 12

SPI 12


Bow Cooking [ ] Magic Resistance [Small] (New!)  Self-Repair [Slight]

【Automaton】 Summoned Monster Battle Position: Ground

A doll capable of more versatile and difficult operations. Its main method of its attack are the weapons it can master.

It can also dexterously take care of various chores. A tireless and loyal servant.

There was a free slot with the Automaton too…

But in the Automaton’s case, it was to add a new Production Skill. The options were Pharmacy and Woodworking.

Wait, I can do those by myself, thanks!

I might have considered the Automaton more if there were more options for what Production Skill to add…

But after checking out both the options, the choice was quite an easy one.

Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv8→Metalskin Lv1 (New!)

DEX 28

AGI 10

INT 20

STR 14 (↑2)

VIT 14 (↑2)

SPI 12


Two-handed Spear (New!) Bow Cooking Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Slight] (New!)

Very good.

I handed Bunraku my Prison Guard’s Sasumata.

Bunraku fit his bow into the quiver on his back, and held the Prison Guard’s Sasumata in both hands.

I could shake up Bunraku’s fighting style for once.

I got a bit worried when Bunraku started waving the sasumata around, but it looked like Bunraku had no issues with more traditional thrust attacks either.


I could test it in battle.

Another party came after I fought another eight Dragon Puppies.

Oh dear…

I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way.

My MP bar was at about half.

Oh well, I wanted to see how Bunraku and Ninetails would do in other fights after their Class Change anyway…

The gazes to the back of my head felt heavy and painful, but I did my best to ignore them and leave the hall.

The next enemy on my agenda were Magora and Curly Rabbits.

Yep, they were a good enemy to challenge.

Without making any stops on the way, I made a beeline for the hall where I knew they would be.

What kind of fight would the Magora and Curly Rabbits put up?

It was definitely something I could look forward to.

The first fight was underwhelming.

By the time I finished off the Magora, the Curly Rabbit had had already been taken down by my Summoned Monster.

Ah, that was stupid of me…

I wouldn’t be able to see how Ninetails and Bunraku were doing if I let them fight on their own!

I tried fighting the Magora on my own, along with Ninetails.

It was from that fight that I realised Ninetails was getting stronger.

I knew Ninetails was already very quick to begin with.

But it was a very good reminder, seeing Ninetails dodge all the attacks while setting up flank attacks and shooting bullets of light and streaks of darkness.

The Magora didn’t fall into Confusion, but it did fall into the Darkness abnormal status condition.

It became very easy to restrain it using my Black Rope.

Yep, even just one abnormal status condition could do a lot.

It definitely looked like I could count on Ninetails more from now on.

Alright, next was Bunraku.

I tried to fight with just Bunraku and me.

The Prison Guard’s Sasumata didn’t look like a very flashy weapon.

But compared to just the bow that Bunraku had before, I had feeling it was a good addition to Bunraku’s skill set.

Bunraku stabbed the Magora’s neck with his Sasumata, and held the Magora in place.

Nice! Bunraku was fulfilling his support role as faithfully as ever.

Both as a cook and in battle.

But really, Bunraku made me appreciate that Prison Guard’s Sasumata lot more.

It was a bit tricky for me to use, but after watching Bunraku use it so well I had no more complaints.

《【Rope Artes】 Level Up! 》

After another 6 fights, I managed to get a level-up.

Oops. Almost forgot.

I thought back to the room with the Dragon Puppies. Maybe it was already free again?

It was definitely something worth going back to check out.

While I was at it, I decided to change my Summoned Monster team.

I recalled Bunraku and Ninetails.

I summoned Heather and Zuiun.

I wanted to train up some of my weaker Summoned Monster by fighting the Haira.

I could probably take on the Dragon Puppy on my own, so I wouldn’t have to worry about my Summoned Monsters too much.

Going through the room with the Bhaiṣajyaguru, I stepped out into the hall with the Haira.

The party that arrived earlier was already gone.

I fought 7 matches against the Haira and Dragon Puppy.

I was surprised to see that the 7th fight had a Level 2 Dragon Puppy, but with attack spells, I was still able to take it down with relative ease.

My MP bar took a big hit in that fight though!

But really, without recovery spells, fighting the Dragon Puppy would be much more difficult.

It’s breath attacks also tended to cover almost the entire room, so even surrounding it and coming at it from all angles wasn’t a very effective strategy.

《【Ropework】 Level Up! 》

All right, all right…

I suppose that would let me use the Black Rope in more versatile ways?

It was still a bit too early for lunch.

I could eat an early lunch, or I could spend some more fighting the Dragon Puppies…

I didn’t have to worry about which option to choose.

《Your friend has sent you a message.》

It was from Margid.

What was the content of the message?

『We’ve arrived at the Wind Spirit Village.』

Alright, I get you…

I’ll be there.

I’ll be there right away.

Looked like the only option left was to use Return Home.

Oops. Almost forgot.

It was still daylight outside.

I recalled Zuiun.

I wanted to ask Margrid about that Alexandrite stone…

And I figured it would also be nice to get to chat about Nias’s equipment.

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv19

Job Grand Summoner Lv4

Bonus Points Remaining: 24

Skill Sets:

Sword Lv5 Rope Artes Lv3 (↑1) Staff Lv14 Punch Lv12 Kick Lv12

Joint Lock Lv12 Throw Lv12 Evade Lv12 Block Lv12

Summon Magic Lv19 Spacetime Magic Lv10

Light Magic Lv10 Wind Magic Lv11 Earth Magic Lv10 Water Magic Lv11 (↑1)

Fire Magic Lv10 Dark Magic Lv10 Ice Magic Lv9 Lightning Magic Lv8

Tree Magic Lv9 Dust Magic Lv9 (↑1) Lava Magic Lv8 Steam Magic Lv8

Alchemy Lv8 Pharmacy Lv7 Glassmaking Lv6 Woodworking Lv7

Synergy Lv14 Appraisal Lv13 Identify Lv14 Discern Lv4 Cold Resistance Lv6

Grab Lv11 Horsemanship Lv10 Precise Manipulation Lv13 Ropework Lv5(↑1)

Jump Lv6 Acrobatics Lv5 Heat Resistance Lv8 Climb Lv6 Balance Lv4

Dual Wield Lv11 Disassembly Lv9

Physical Reinforcement Lv9 Mental Reinforcement Lv10 Speedcasting Lv12

Magic Effect Amplification Lv9 Magic Range Expansion Lv9


Tokkosho ×3 Staff of Torture ×2 Tonfas of Torture ×3

Capture Rod of Torture ×1 Enraged Pickaxe+ ×2 Silver Necklace+ ×1

Snow Leopard Push Dagger ×1 Gale Tiger Push Dagger ×2 Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh ×1

Plains Lion Bagh Nakh ×1 Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set

Bracelet of Torture ×2 Anklet of Torture+ ×2 Prison Guard’s Black Rope ×1

Rampage Horse Belt+ Rucksack Item Box ×2


Survival Knife Woodworking Set

Prison Guard’s Khakkhara


Old Summoner’s Younger Brother Guardian of the Forest Knower of the Middle Path

Guardian of Lapis Lazuli Light Spell Glossary Martial Arts Fighter

Summoned Monsters:

Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv8→Metalskin Lv1 (New!)

DEX 28

AGI 10

INT 20

STR 14 (↑2)

VIT 14 (↑2)

SPI 12


Two-handed Spear (New!) Bow Cooking Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Slight] (New!)

Ninetails Red Fox→Silver Fox Lv1 (New!)

DEX 10

AGI 23 (↑2)

INT 22

STR 10

VIT 10

SPI 23 (↑2)


Bite Evade Dash Predict Danger MP Regeneration [Small] (New!)

Light Attribute Dark Attribute (New!)


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