Chapter 180 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

「Return home!」

For the past two days, I had been using Instant Portals to log out.

If all was according to plan, I should be able to return back to the Wind Spirit Village.

A moment later, the Wind Spirit Village came into sight before me.

I was only away for a couple of days, but the village went through a lot of changes in that time.

Well, of course. That was to be expected.

The wheat farms were in harvest, and I could see many wheat grains just waiting to be harvested.

Some farmers were already working on it, cutting down the wheat grains one by one.

Well, half of them were NPCs though…

I walked into the centre of the village, and besides one pair of players having a Battle Mode match, there weren’t many players around.

They were probably out doing some hunting in the outskirts of the village.

In front of the usual meet-up building, there was a carriage, still tied to a horse.

I stepped into the building to see the many familiar faces of the Production Job Players.

Margrid was talking to Fiona about something, but she turned to the noise of the door opening, and noticed me.

「You’re quick!」

「I flew over. Literally.」

Yep, Return Home was a very useful spell to have.

The same went for Instant Portal too.

They were very useful spells for the kinds of expeditions I loved going on.

Margrid pointed at the table in front of her. It looked like she wanted to hand over the goods right away.

I pulled up a chair and sat at the table.

Margrid was right across from me, and at a slight diagonal, was Fiona.

Volff sat down next to my chair.

Heather sat down on top of Volff’s head.

But for some reason, Tigris and Loewe sat down at Margrid’s right and left.

You two…

You do know that I’m your master, right?

「Well then, let’s get right to it. Here’s what you ordered.」

She gently placed two gemstones on the table.

In terms of size, they definitely looked like they were on the small side.

But that shine looked different.

It was a shade of green, but a different one to the shine of a tsavorite stone.

Maybe Margrid just cut it differently.

I held it in my hand and looked at it from various angles, causing the brightness to slightly change, but there was a different beauty to the stone, one I hadn’t seen before anywhere else.

The pedestal had a shine that didn’t lose to the gemstone itself either.

The pattern cut into the setting seemed to change depending on the angle I looked at it from.

This is amazing!

「The actual gemstone cut was fine… But I couldn’t get the setting looking like that without my Master’s help.」

「Was it very difficult to do?」

「It’s still impossible for me to do, at least without guidance. I think you’ll be quite surprised if you use 【Appraise】 on it.」

I held the gem in my hand and used 【Appraise】 on it.

【Material】 Alexandrite Grade A- Rarity 6 Weight 0+

A variant of a chrysoberyl stone.  It turns blue-green under sunlight and bright red under candlelight.

Large gemstones are especially rare.

Colourful stones are better for casting spells than big stones.


A windy desert pattern is engraved on the pedestal.


What is this…? Grade A-?

The other one was the same Grade.

Wait, even the size of the gems was exactly the same for the two of them.

「This is really quite incredible. I’ve never seen gemstones having this high of a Grade before…」

「On top of that, these two gems have two special effects.」

「Two of them?」

「Apparently, it reduces the MP cost of spells, and on top of that, it bolsters the effects of other gemstones.」

What are you talking about?

「In simple terms, it’s going to be an upgrade to the Tsavorite stones. Just try putting it on as a necklace.」

「Ah, of course.」

I removed my necklace and handed it to Margrid.

It just took her a moment to swap the stone to the Alexandrite stone.

Two Tsavorite stones were sitting on the table.

「Well, it’ll probably go the way you think it will.」

With that one comment, she handed me back the necklace.

There were two superior Alexandrite stones where the two Tsavorite stones used to be.

Of course, I had to use 【Appraise】 on it.

Now, this is amazing!

【Equipment: Necklace】 Silver Necklace+ Grade C+ Rarity 3

M・AP+20 Weight 1 Durability 120

A necklace made of linked silver ball chains.  As sturdy as a normal silver chain.

It has a strengthening effect on magic casting.


An Aquamarine gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

An Alexandrite gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

A Blue Spinel gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

An Iolite gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

※Recovery spell effect increase, MP cost of spells decrease, Gemstone special effects enhanced

※ Slight increase to Status Effect Resistance, Slight increase to Spell Range

「Taking into account all those gems, this Silver Necklace you have here definitely looks like one of the strongest items in the whole game right now.」

「This is quite incredible.」

「What are you going to do with the leftover Tsavorite?」

「I’ll use one of them for this one, I think.」

I called up Heather and took off the bracelet she was wearing.

I got Margrid to remove the Red Jasper set into the bracelet and insert the Tsavorite in its place.

【Equipment: Belt】 Silver Bracelet+ Grade C+ Rarity 2

M·AP+7 Weight 0+ Durability 60

A bracelet made of a silver mesh chain.

Since the bracelet makes use of a mesh chain, it is very light, but its durability is low.

It can also be used in magic casting.


A Tsavorite gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

※ MP cost of spells slight decrease

Yeah. That looked nice

It was a good piece of equipment for Heather.

「And I would love to have the other Tsavorite stone go to this one.」

I summoned Ninetails.

I could tell from their faces that Fiona and Margrid were surprised to see Ninetails.

It was the first time they saw him after the Class Change, I suppose.

The Silver Necklace I gave to Ninetails already had a Tsavorite stone in it, but I could still change the arrangement of the gemstones a little bit.

I removed the Silver Necklace and got Margrid to insert the other Tsavorite stone.

When she gave the Silver Necklace back to me, there was a Red Jasper in the middle.

There were also Tsavorite stones on both sides of the Red Jasper.

Of course, I had to look at it in more detail.

【Equipment: Necklace】 Silver Necklace+ Grade C+ Rarity 3

M·AP+10 Weight 0+ Durability 90

A necklace made of linked silver chains.  Lightweight and strong.

It has a strengthening effect on magic casting.


A Red Jasper gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

A Tsavorite gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

※ Evasion Chance +1, MP cost of spells decrease

It looked like quite a nice upgrade.

I equipped it back on Ninetails.

But the moment I took my hands off of Ninetails, he jumped up on Margrid’s lap.

Hey! Don’t you try to flatter her!

Actually, swap with me!

「So, shall we settle all the costs?」

After saying that, Fiona got up from her seat.

Wait, I wasn’t really done with everything I wanted to ask yet, so…

「Ah, there are quite a few things I want to buy on top of this…」

「What do you mean?」

「I was looking to get some equipment for my new Summoned Monster.」

「Yeah, you’re getting more and more of them at a good rate, after all… Should I call Saki?」

「I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea to get leather armour though…」


「I think it’s better you let us have a look for ourselves.」


That was a good idea.

No matter how much I tried to convey my situation, I suppose getting them to see what I was talking about would help them understand better.

I recalled Heather and summoned Nias.

I got Nias to change into her human form, and then take a seat next to me.

「This is my new Summoned Monster.」

What was it…

It was tough to figure out what they were trying to tell me by their stares.

After quite some time of complete silence, Margrid was the first to open her mouth.

「Keith, you do have some pearls on you right now, right?」

「Yes, I do.」

「I’ll help you equip her with those pearls. I think it’s best to start from there.」

Margrid stood up and dragged her chair over to Nias, before sitting back down.


「You can use pearls to reduce the effect of status penalties. Could you hand me the pearls please?」


Really? I had no idea.


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