Chapter 180 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I recalled Ninetails and summoned Obsidian.

I removed Obsidian’s necklace and handed it over to Margrid, who grabbed it like she was trying to steal it from me.

After adjusting the length of the necklace for a bit, she equipped it around Nias’s chest.

She worked at an amazing speed.

I tried using 【Appraise】 on the necklace wrapped around her chest.

Hey, Fiona…

I’m not doing this for any twisted reason, alright?

I’m just using 【Appraise】 because I have to, okay!

【Equipment: Necklace】 Mithril Necklace+ Grade C+ Rarity 5

M・AP+12 Weight 1 Durability 150

A necklace made of linked mithril chains.

It has a strengthening effect on magic casting.


Several pearls are inlaid into the necklace to strengthen the effects of the item.

※ Water Magic Reinforcement [Medium]


It definitely looked like it was having its effect.

Next, I took another look at Nias’s stats.

Nias Mermaid Lv1

DEX 15 (-1)

AGI 14 (-1)

STR 17 (-2)



SPI 15 (-1)


Two-handed Spear Aquatic Shapeshift Night Vision Cursed Song Water Attribute

Wait, what?

It certainly looked like the penalty to her stats was lessened.

But how and why did Margrid know that would happen?

「This should do fine… How is it?」

「The penalty has gone down by quite a lot.」

I asked her why she knew that would happen, and she told me that a Summoner named Konohana commissioned her for a pearl necklace, which she was apparently going to use for her Mermaid too.

Ah, yeah, Konohana was at that Summoner meet-up…

「Thanks, but… Could I ask for a simple set of armour for her too?」

「Yeah, sure.」

「For the time being, I’m going to focus on making sure she can walk about in a less shameful getup and we can talk more after that. Can I borrow her for a bit?」

「Ah, yes please.」

「You okay with a bit of a high budget?」

「Yeah, well… More or less…」

「Alright, then leave it to me.」

Margrid took Nias and dragged her off to who knows where.

It wasn’t her first time taking care of Mermaid equipment, so I figured it would be best to just trust her.

But… It wouldn’t be that simple.

I was left at the table, and in front of me was Fiona.

She had a smile on her face.

But it was a scary smile.

「I’ll give you a chance to explain yourself. You didn’t do anything weird, did you?」

Oh dear…

Somebody call me a lawyer!

Well, I could tell Fiona was probably just making fun of me in her own way.

But for some reason, I had a feeling that the scary look on her face was very real.

I couldn’t get careless.

「I know that it doesn’t look like the GMs have said anything on the matter… So I’ll still believe you’re innocent, for now.」

It was like she could read my mind.

There was nothing I could do but shrink back a bit.

The air felt tense, but a sudden high-pitched voice broke the silence.

I was grateful to see Margrid come back, with Nias in tow.

Behind Margrid were Saki, Reina, Mio, Len-Len, Helga, and Yuka. It really was starting to get lively, with all the girls gathering around Nias.

「What a pervert.」

Mio lightly hit me with her elbow, but it didn’t hurt.

Nias stood there with a look on her face I hadn’t seen before.

It was a slight smile.

She looked kind of shy too.

I couldn’t stand looking at her face for long…

「I’m going to need more to match the equipment properly…」

Len-Len mumbled to herself as she looked over Nias, a frustrated look on her face.

It looked like Len-Len wasn’t satisfied with just the makeshift robe around Nias.

「I think this will do just fine. Considering the fact that she’s going to spend a lot of time underwater, this is a nice compromise.」

Margrid’s reply to Len-Len’s complaint made sense.

But their chat just kept going.

I had a feeling it was going to be impossible for me to butt in and ask questions.

Matching their judgement when it came to fashion was going to be tough.

「Alright then, I’ll just explain a few things to you.」

While Mio and Len-Len were furiously arguing about hairstyles, Margrid noticed me out of the corner of her eye. She must have taken pity on my confused look and decided to fill me in.

All the talk was mostly on Nias’s equipment.

Since Nias was definitely going to spend a lot of time in the water, the lighter the equipment, the better.

Around her chest was a top that could also double as one for swimming.

A skirt was also wrapped around her waist.

On top of all of that, they gave her a poncho that could also double as a raincoat.

And for footwear, sandals.

The only proper piece of armour she had on her was on her wrists and forearms.

Her weapon was, of course, a spear.

I checked it out using 【Appraise】.

【Weapon: Spear】 Swordfish Spear Grade C+ Rarity 4

AP+12 M・AP+4 Power 2 Weight 2 Durability 140

Attack Hit Rate Increase [Slight] Water Attribute

A spear with a Swordfish Horn as its spearhead.

There is no blade and therefore cannot be used for cutting. However, it has a slight effect on magic casting.

It is light and easy to handle for its size.

A weapon possessing the Water Attribute. It also comes with a slight increase in accuracy.

【Armour: Armguard】 Battle Fish Scale Armguard+ Grade C+ Rarity 3

Def+3 Weight 0+ Durability 100

Armguards made from the connected scales of Battle Fishes.

It is very light.

「Konohana gave us a lot of information when she came by. Apparently, this is a good enough set of armour for a Mermaid.」

「Is that so?」

「Ah, but do remember… This is a pretty light set of armour. Make sure you keep that in mind and let her fight like a normal Sorcerer would.」

「Of course.」

「She can fight underwater too, in which case she will probably have to get rid of her poncho and skirt. Do be careful of that.」

「Got it.」

The debate between Mio and Len-Len was still ongoing.

The talk wasn’t even about Nias anymore. The topic had completely derailed.

I realised then a little more of how deep girl’s talk could get.

It was tough to even figure out what they were talking about.

Talking about being under something, then on top… Then golf?

「Well then, I’ll prepare lunch, okay?」

Leaving Mio to continue arguing, Yuka left to start preparations for a meal.

「Ah! I’ll do that too!」

Mio quickly chased after Yuka.

But still, the girl’s talk went on as strong as ever.

Oh dear…

「Anyway, before we settle all the cash, can I ask you to take a look at these too?」

I took out another gemstone.

It was the Tsavorite stone.

And the Opal stone on top of that.

「Oh dear, I’ve always been scared of polishing that one…」

After that initial comment, Margrid started using 【Appraise】 on the stones, while muttering to herself.

It looked like she was organising her thoughts within her mind.

「Is it alright if I go all out for the materials for the Opal’s setting?」


「I think this will turn into something great.」

I could probably pay whatever sum she gave me, but I would still be happy to save wherever I could.

But it wasn’t the time to be stingy.

「I’ll leave it to you.」

「Got it. Are you going to stay here for a while?」

「No, I don’t think so…  I’m probably going to go on more expeditions, but that won’t be an issue, I can come back here whenever.」

「Alright, got it.  I’ll contact you when it’s done.」

「Ah, yes please.」

「Cool, so can we settle all the payments?」

It looked like Fiona was listening into our conversation while she was doing all the calculations.

The final sum I had to pay was a terrifying sight, but I could still take care of it with all that I had on hand.

I had to sell off all my Amber Stones, and all except a few pieces of Strange Rock Salt (Holy), but there were no issues.

Very good.

Were all my preparations complete?

Wait, no, I still had to get some new equipment for Obsidian.


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