Chapter 180 – Part 3

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I took out a Silver Necklace that I had in reserve and showed it to Margrid.

The Silver Necklace was one designed for Volff or Tigris, my beast Summoned Monsters.

It was too long for Obsidian.

「Would it be possible for you to change the size of this one so it would fit onto an owl?」

「Hmm?  I can do it right now. Take it as a favour from me.」

I handed Margrid the Silver Necklace, and in no time, I got back another Silver Necklace that fit perfectly on Obsidian.

She even gave me the parts of the necklace she chopped off to shorten it.

「You need some gemstones for that too?」

「Thanks, but I’ve already spent a lot of money on commissions today.」

「Ah, yeah, that makes sense.」


For the time being, Obsidian would have to make do with inferior equipment.

I would have to make a mental note of that though.

「Hey! Everybody listen up! The food is here!」

Mio’s order echoed around the room.

Even the men carrying things into the building stopped to take a lunch break.

It was nice, getting to eat together.

Nias tried to quietly sit down next to me, but the moment she finished her meal, she was dragged off by Reina and Helga.

They apparently wanted to braid her hair.

They wanted to “train” Nias too, whatever that meant.

Well, whatever.

I had a feeling Nias was having fun too.

It wasn’t like we could talk to each other, but I still felt like we were able to communicate somehow. It was a very fascinating feeling.

I was mostly free, so I turned to Rick and started talking to him.

We were mostly just exchanging information

He told me that Magi were starting to appear here and there.

There were apparently other dungeons very similar to the Twelve Heavenly Generals I tended to visit.

In the south, a maze with 12 mini-bosses too, based around the 12 zodiac signs.

The same went for the north too, with another maze filled with enemies based on Norse mythology.

Rick wasn’t too sure yet, but there was apparently also a cave found in the Demon Island to the east.

I tried to tell him about the Twelve Heavenly Generals, but he apparently already knew most of what I had to tell him.

He told me the info was already on the forums.

But he still listened to me anyway, thinking that a first-hand experience would be a good supplement.

「A dragon, huh?」

「A tough enemy even for someone at your level, Keith?」

「And on top of that, the more you fight them, the tougher they get? With even Class Changes happening?」

「Should we send in the top Production Job Players to have a look?」

「No, I think we can leave it to the Guide Team…」

We kept talking until there was no gap in all of our knowledge of current affairs.

Fiona and the others were already starting to get comfortable, but there was still an enormous amount of luggage that still had to be carried in.

With my conversation with Rick over, I decided to leave them to their own business.

I went to attend to my routine task of casting 【Grow】 on some plants, and ran into Hannes.

I cast the spells anyway.

After I was done casting 【Grow】 on all the plants, Hannes gave me an assortment of mixed fruits like plums, chestnuts, and peaches, along with random vegetables and mushrooms.

He told me he would be able to harvest persimmons soon, which was very good news.

Since it was right before harvest anyway, Hannes told me there was no need to use 【Grow】 on those plants.

But there was something else on my mind.

Looking at Hannes in his current state, I found it quite tough to keep in mind that he was one of the strongest Production Job Players in the village, even making it into the main tournament.

I knew that was a rude thought.

But when I was talking to him, he just looked like an ordinary young farmer.

I mean, technically he was a farmer, and he was young too…

After some short small talk, I thanked Hannes and went my own way.


I guess I could do some hunting with Nias?

It was definitely something I wanted to do.

When I got out of the Wind Spirit Village, I changed my Summoned Monster team.

I recalled Obsidian, Tigris, and Loewe.

I summoned Zangetsu, Helix and Rig.

My full team also included Volff and Nias.

I wanted to have Nias ride with me on Zangetsu, with Rig acting as a makeshift suit of armour for Nias.

For the time being, I could start by hunting the Raptors, the Float Eyes, and the Enraged Cranes around the Wind Spirit Village.

I had Nias on Zangetsu’s back with me. I had a feeling erratically swinging around a long staff probably wasn’t a good idea.

I decided to leave attacking mostly to Nias.

Of course, I started first by using 【Physical Enchant: Fire】 to boost her STR stat.

Nias wasn’t a very strong Summoned Monster…

A strengthening spell was probably necessary to allow her to fight properly.

But she seemed to have no trouble fighting the monsters around the Wind Spirit Village.

That was also mostly because of Zangetsu.

Even if the force at which Nias could impact her spear wasn’t that high, Zangetsu’s speed more than made up for that.

Taking down the Raptors as we passed them was no problem at all.

And it wasn’t like the spear was Nias’s only weapon either.

She frequently attacked by shooting needles of water at the enemy too.

In fact, Nias’s water needles were actually making up a good proportion of her damage output.

She was strong enough to almost take down an Enraged Crane in just one burst.

And the ability to shoot water needles wasn’t even Nias’s most formidable skill.

That honour would go to her songs.

Her voice pleasantly resounded from behind me.

There were no words to her melody.

It was a song that consisted of simple vowels going up and down several scales.

It was a song that fit comfortably in the alto range.

But more impressive than the song was the effect it had. Float Eyes all around us fell down one by one.

It had to be some sort of Abnormal Status Condition.

Focusing my gaze on their markers, I could see that they were asleep.

Nias was singing a lullaby…

What a scary ability!

From that point onwards, dealing the finishing blow with spears from Zangetsu’s back was easy.

Of course, Volff and Helix had an easy time finishing off many Float Eyes too.

After a while, I realised that trampling them with Zangetsu was much more efficient.

But really, what an amazing support skill!

The only downside I could tell was the MP cost. The song took out quite a large chunk out of Nias’s MP bar.

But Nias was still at a low level, after all. Her MP bar was something that would get better with time.

As long as Nias was relaxing on Zangetsu’s back, her MP regeneration wasn’t half bad either.

No issues there.

Are you okay, Nias?

I hope you’re okay…

Very good.

I could probably start taking on tougher monsters.

I started heading west.

I wanted to try taking on Fighting Bulls together with Nias.

While taking down any Raptors we ran into, I turned Zangetsu westward.

But really, I felt like telling off Rig…

Rig was preventing Nias’s chest from sticking to my back!

And I thought that having Rig would be to my benefit!

Wait, was Rig even doing anything? It wasn’t like Nias was getting hit by anything anyway…

But then again, how else could a slime like Rig contribute?

I suppose Rig could help by softening the ride for Nias.

Rig was good at sticking to Zangetsu’s back, so Rig was probably helping a lot in keeping Nias on Zangetsu too.


Yep, that made a lot of sense.

There really was a point to Rig being stuck between me and Nias.

But why couldn’t that feeling of disappointment in me not go away…?

There was nowhere I could vent my frustration either!

I opened up my wide-area map and confirmed that I was in the W3 map.


Fighting Bulls! I’m here for you!

I somehow felt more excited than usual to slaughter some Fighting Bulls.


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