Chapter 180 – Part 4

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I wanted to go with the usual, kiting Fighting Bulls to make taking them down more efficient, but I decided against it.

There weren’t many of them, but there were other players doing some hunting too.

While using Call Monster to find the nearest herd of Fighting Bulls, I tried to seek out an area without other players.

I used【Magnetic Compass】to check where we were going too.

There weren’t that many Fighting Bulls in the area, so finding them was actually a problem too.

I used【Call Monster】.

For some reason, there weren’t any Centaurs in sight.

Why was that…?

Well, I wasn’t really looking for them, so it wasn’t a big deal.

I kept going without thinking about it.

I called nearby Fighting Bulls to me.

It was time to fight some more herds of steaks.

Ah, no, that was a mistake.

They were still herds of Fighting Bulls.

The Fighting Bulls were together with the Twelve Heavenly Generals, but fighting them out in the wild felt much nicer.

I used wall spells to keep whittling down their HP bars as they ran after me, before dealing the finishing blow with area-of-effect spells.

I thought it would be easy for Nias to do the job of finishing them off…

But that wasn’t really the case.

Sometimes especially tough Fighting Bulls were mixed into the herd, so it was difficult for Nias.

I took down those Fighting Bulls with my own spells.

The hunt was going well.

The occasional Carrion Feeder ambush wasn’t an issue either.

Well, Nias was still technically a low-level Summoned Monster, so high-level Carrion Feeders would be trouble…

But I made sure they couldn’t touch her.

Maybe the fact that I was fighting such weak monsters was behind why Nias was growing at a slower rate?

Could I maybe move on to the neighbouring W4 map?

Or maybe I could visit N1W3 or S1W3 too?

The maps were completely foreign to me, so I felt like going there with Nias would probably be dangerous.

By the time I crossed the border, it would be night-time too…

But I was still considering it.

Hmm… It was a tough choice.

It was just after 6 PM when I arrived at the Spring of Mist.

There were a few tents, and it looked like there were a few players using the place as a long-term base too.

I was most surprised about seeing a small field growing vegetables.

There was even a plum tree.

Someone had gone and built themselves a simple wooden cottage for themselves.

Wow, so players were already properly developing the Area Portal.

It was a bit early, but I figured it would be a good idea to eat a meal.

I recalled Zangetsu and summoned Bunraku.

I gave him some freshly dropped Fighting Bull Thigh Meat along with some vegetables, and got him to prepare me dinner.

Our picnic was, of course, near the Spring of Mist.

I purposely chose a place close to a river, and Nias was playing around in the river, with water up to her waist.

I could tell from the look on her face that she was having a lot of fun.


It was a very calming sight.

Reminded me a bit of a honeymoon for a pair of newlyweds?

No no no no!

But just imagining the scenario wouldn’t cost me anything.

Yep, it would be safe too, as long as it was all in my mind.

Yep, definitely safe.

No doubt about it.

The food Bunraku served me was delicious, like always.

Bunraku made me stew and bread.

I felt bad for Nias, so I gave her some Antman Honey.

I gave it to her via mouth-to-mouth.

No, just kidding.

I put a small amount of Antman Honey on my index finger, and let Nias lick it off.

There was nothing else I could do. That was the fastest way to go about it.

Nias licked the honey off of my finger, with a shy look on her face.

I made it safely.

Somehow, I managed to get through it.

I managed to nicely control myself.

A huge wave of relief came over me, knowing that I just narrowly avoided a ban.

Or maybe the GMs could see I was taking too much time feeding Nias?

I let Volff lick off some Antman Honey too, when I realised it was already almost 7 PM.


I wanted to train Nias, but I also wanted to let Gokame get some EXP.

But were there any enemies the slow Gokame would be effective against?

Maybe the Twelve Heavenly Generals? It seemed like Gokame would do fine against them.

Fighting in the plains would definitely require a Summoned Monster with some mobility.

I definitely couldn’t imagine Gokame fighting a Deva King, a Gozu, or a Mezu either.

But with the help of my other Summoned Monsters, I had a feeling Gokame could do alright against the lesser monsters of the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

Well, all of those monsters except for the Dragon Puppies, at least.

Gokame would probably do alright against Battle Cocks, Curly Rabbits, Hipping Rats, and Red Sheep.

Depending on the situation, I could maybe have Gokame take on Killer Apes too.

In any case, I would definitely have to take on the Twelve Heavenly Generals myself.

Yeah… It was a solid plan.

I would have to first use Return Home to return to the Wind Spirit Village, before heading to the cave to the south.

I could wait a day to take on the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

Yep, a plan was starting to come together.

My surroundings were starting to get darker.

I had to change my Summoned Monster team again.

I recalled Helix, Bunraku, and Rig.

I summoned Mumyo, Zuiun, and Tigris.

I could probably get Zuiun to act as Nias’s bodyguard.

After leaving the range of the Spring of Mist Area Portal, I used Return Home to get back to the Wind Spirit Village.

In just a moment, I arrived.

I didn’t really have anything to do in the village.

I decided to head south right away.

But it was night-time, so I had no choice but to walk.

It would be good to at least reach the entrance to the cave before I logged out.

I had Instant Portal too, so even if I couldn’t make it there, it wouldn’t be a big problem.

I could take it easy.

Walking southward at a slow pace, I took any opportunity to hunt the Haunted Mists around me.

I was mainly focusing on Haunted Mists, but Skeleton Raptors were also welcome.

I handed my Prison Guard’s Khakkhara to Mumyo.

Coordinating attacks on Haunted Mists with my Summoned Monsters was quite difficult.

But the Skeleton Raptors were okay.

The only other monster we had to deal with were the Float Eyes.

Well, if there were a lot of them, I could easily take them out with my Staff of Torture.

The slow walk was a much-welcome rest from all the hectic fighting, so I decided to use Dowsing as I walked.

I was almost completely out of Obsidian Stones.

It would be nice to find and pick up some more from the ground.

I used Magnetic Compass to check where I was going too.

Well then.

Yep, there was nothing else left to do but keep walking.

In terms of pure movement speed, Zuiun was my slowest Summoned Monster.

But I was already used to having Zuiun hitch onto one of my other Summoned Monsters as we walked.

There were no problems with Zuiun.

With Zuiun taken care of, my next-slowest Summoned Monster was Nias.

Not only was Nias slow on the ground, she was also completely useless at acting as a scout.

But for the time being, it didn’t look like she was having a tough time.

Her stats were also the same as always.

I wanted to use enchant spells on Nias to strengthen her.

But I restrained myself. I wanted to see how far her limits were.

I wasn’t bullying her, alright!?

I randomly took down any Haunted Mists and Float Eyes in my way.

We were only ambushed once by two Skeleton Raptors.

But Nias knew to keep her distance, and managed to make it out of the fight unscathed.

Well, Nias’s main weapon was a spear, after all. Keeping her distance would be important.

Nias was actually fulfilling a unique role in my Summoned Monster team. She was a blend between a front-line fighter and a rear support.

The time was past 11 PM.

There was still a short distance to the cave.

But there was a good reason for me to keep going.

There was a river close to the entrance to the cave.

It would be great to at least make it to that river.

Nias looked like she could keep going for a while too.

I couldn’t find any Obsidian Stones though.

I only found two of them on my whole journey from the Wind Spirit Village.

Somewhere in the middle I used Dowsing on Volff, and Volff found me 7 more.

W- Wow! Good boy!

I- I wasn’t jealous at all!

Right before the river crossing, I used Instant Portal.

I set up my tent, recalled all my Summoned Monsters, and logged out.


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