Chapter 181 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

《Your friend has sent you a message.》

As soon as I logged in, a message arrived.

Wait, did Margrid really manage to take care of my commission in just one night!?

I thought that was the case, but I was mistaken.

The message was from Adele.

『U-chan got her Class Change!』


U-chan was Adele’s Wolf, and it looked like she finally got her Class Change.

Right as I was wondering what Adele chose as the Class Change target, I noticed the attached data.

It was a White Wolf.

Yep, I expected something along those lines.

It seemed like something Adele would do.

Well, leaving the data aside, I was more concerned about the attached screenshot.

It was a picture of Adele, surrounded by three Summoned Monsters, all of them wolves.

What was that look on her face?

It was an expression of ecstasy.

It looked like she was very much enjoying her time in that position.

I replied, including data on the Class Changes of Bunraku and Ninetails in my reply.

I sent the same message to Irina.

Well then, what was on the menu for the day?

It was some more of the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

I wanted to train Nias and Gokame some more too.

While Margrid was working on my commission, it would be a bit of a waste of time to do exploration to faraway lands.

Oops. Almost forgot.

Before any of that, breakfast.

I summoned Bunraku and gave him equipment to get him to prepare me breakfast.

What did I do in the meantime?

I spent some time thinking about my Summoned Monster team for the day.

What would be the best team to fight against the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

It was a question that required a lot of thought.

I was still wrestling with the question even while I was having my meal.

For the time being, I recalled Bunraku.

The first Summoned Monster I settled on was Nias.

I summoned Senki, Heather, and Tigris.

Lastly, I summoned Jean to be my scout.

It was a good team to fight with.

I exited my Instant Portal and immediately entered the cave in front of me.

It was still 7 AM.

There was nothing left to do but charge in.

That day, the main cave was mainly guarded by Orcs.

How did Nias fare against them?

I didn’t get the opportunity to find out.

Senki easily trampled all the Orcs in his way.

Hey now…

Leave some prey for me! I have nothing to do here now!

Yeah, it wouldn’t be any good wasting time here.

I would have to move on to monsters on a level similar to the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

I sped up my pace.

Soon, I reached the branch splitting off into the hall with the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

I checked some Gozu and Mezu spawn points, but there were no monsters there.

There were two places I checked out, but it was the same for both.

Did somebody beat me to it?

Well, I didn’t really care.

The Twelve Heavenly Generals were probably going too free, after all.

Or at the very least, I knew they were definitely going to be less crowded than the Deva Kings near the Relay Portal.

That’s right.

No doubt about it.

When I reached the place, I did notice that it was mostly empty, but it wasn’t completely empty.

There was a party fighting against the Meikira statue.

And on top of that, there were two parties watching them fight.


Well, that was fine…

But that made it impossible to pass through the room with the Bhaiṣajyaguru.

When those players sitting down to watch were done, they would have to take turns fighting the Meikira too.

Oh well, there was no need to rush. I decided to just go around the cycle of the Twelve Heavenly Generals normally.

I decided to head anticlockwise around the outer circle, which meant that the first Heavenly General I would have to fight was the Anchira

I really wanted to fight the Magora and the Red Sheep which I would get to fight after tackling the Anchira.

I guess I could settle for this guy for the time being.

I decided to recall Jean.

I summoned Gokame.

It was the first Heavenly General after all, so I could take it a bit easier…

I had Tigris and Senki, so there was more than enough firepower on my side.

I even had Heather to act as a support player, so the thought of Gokame getting taken down didn’t even enter my mind.

But just in case, I raised Gokame’s VIT stat using Physical Enchant: Earth.

I could leave the rest to my Summoned Monsters.

Although, I didn’t want to force Nias into a tough situation.

Of course, I strengthened her with as many strengthening spells as I could.

I figured that as long as I could restrain the Anchira with my Black Rope, Nias should be able to stab it to death just fine!

Anchira Lv.1

Heavenly General Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Spacetime Attribute

Killer Ape Lv.4

Demon Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground

Well, wasn’t that nice.

Their levels were a lot lower than before.

Just what I needed!

《【Fire Magic】 Level Up! 》

《【Steam Magic】 Level Up! 》

《Summoned Monster 『Nias』 Level Up! 》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

After the fight, Nias got a level-up.


It was a bit disappointing that Nias didn’t get the level-up the day before, but at least it was here.

The stat that went up with Nias’s level-up was SPI.

I put another point into STR.

Nias Mermaid Lv1→Lv2 (↑1)

DEX 15

AGI 14

INT 17

STR 5 (↑1)


SPI 16 (↑ 1)


Two-handed Spear Aquatic Shapeshift Night Vision Cursed Song Water Attribute

But yeah…

It looked like a very light spear, but Nias knew how to use it well. I couldn’t deny that it was lacking in power though.

I wanted to eventually raise her VIT stat, but I decided to do something about that first.

I got a level-up to my Steam Magic skill too.

It was a good opportunity to change my Tokkosho settings… Maybe to Lightning Magic?

I looked over at Gokame.

He looked completely fine.

I didn’t see him bite any of the enemies, but I did see some Earth Attribute Special Skills come from Gokame.

It looked like stones flying through the air.

Wait! It was just like the spell Stone Bullet!

It didn’t look like it did that much damage, but it was definitely good at throwing the Killer Apes off balance.

But that wasn’t what made Gokame very noteworthy. I was paying more attention to Gokame’s amazing defensive abilities.

The Killer Apes beat down on Gokame quite heavily, but the damage Gokame actually took was very low

The Killer Ape was obviously a superior opponent.

Oops. Almost forgot.

At some point, another party interrupted my streak.

Time to change my hunting grounds.

Which Heavenly General was the furthest from the Mihira statue and the entrance?

It was the Magora statue.

The accompanying monsters would be Curly Rabbits.

Gokame would probably do fine…

It was definitely something worth checking out.

Magora Lv.1

Heavenly General Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Water Attribute

Curly Rabbit Lv.3

Demon Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground


There was clearly a pattern to the levels of all the Heavenly Generals being lower…

Maybe that was because I had several Summoned Monsters at low levels.

I wasn’t so sure…

In any case, since it was less likely to be crowded, I could keep fighting the Magora over and over again without worrying.

I kept count at first, but when I reached 10, I gave up on that idea.

All I knew was that I got myself a lot more Strange Rock Salt (Holy).

I got myself some level-ups too.

《【Rope Artes】 Level Up! 》

《You have acquired the【Rope Artes】 Weapon Arte 【Trip】.》 》

《【Earth Magic】 Level Up! 》

《Summoned Monster 『Gokame』 Level Up! 》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Gokame got a level-up too.

Gokame’s level was still very low, so I could still expect quick level-ups for the time being.

The stat that went up with the level-up was VIT.

I put another point into AGI.

Gokame Giant Tortoise Lv1→Lv2 (↑1)


AGI 4 (↑1)

INT 18

STR 14

VIT 23 (↑1)

SPI 20


Bite Defend Magic Resistance [Slight] MP Regeneration [Slight] Earth Attribute

I wanted to at least get Gokame as fast as Jericho.

But I could tell that it was going to be difficult to align the stat numbers for Gokame.

The first thing that came to mind was to raise the VIT stat next.

I went for another four rounds before deciding to move on.

I could’ve kept going…

But other players were already in the room, waiting for their turn.

There was nothing I could do about that.

But I realised something…

There were more players challenging the Twelve Heavenly Generals… Could it be that they were from the Deva Kings?

Would it be better for me to just challenge the Deva Kings?

I thought about it for a bit, and at some point, found myself in the room with the Haira statue.

Of course, I didn’t want to involve Nias in a fight against a Dragon Puppy just yet…

So I made up my mind to just ignore the Haira and keep walking.

But there was a battle underway.

It was a very fierce battle.

From watching, I could get a decent idea of how the fight was going to end.

The way that the Dragon Puppy fought in the front, and the Haira fought in the back was a strategy worthy of being seen in a tournament.


I didn’t want to become a distraction.

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