Chapter 181 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I had to make the most of the time I had left.


It looked like the room with the Magora was empty…

But I decided against fighting it.

I went back to the entrance and the Meikira statue through the room with the Bhaiṣajyaguru in the centre.

It was a risky move, but I wanted to change my hunting grounds.

More specifically, I wanted to check out how the Deva Kings were doing.


It was quite a long distance to walk, so I recalled Gokame.

I summoned Jean.

It would be great if the Deva Kings were free…



As expected…

They were free.

It was a very welcome sight, seeing the two Deva King statues outside the hall.


I wanted to challenge them right away without wasting any time.

But before that, I replaced Jean with Gokame.

I took on the A-gyo with Nias.

Senki, Tigris, Heather, and Gokame took on the Un-gyo.

Their combined fighting power should be enough to take care of the Un-gyo.

I strengthened them with strengthening spells too, so I was quite sure they would do alright.



In any case.

There was another reason as to why I was fighting Deva Kings, besides the easy experience points.

I wanted to get myself another Tokkosho.

It would be amazing to get myself even one more of those.


Right when I was thinking that, something important happened.

My Tokkosho broke!



It was completely my own fault.

It happened when I was trying to deal the finishing blow with my Tokkosho.

I thought I tied up the A-gyo with my Black Rope, but its right arm was apparently free, and it attacked me with it.

Without thinking much about it, I blocked the fist with the Tokkosho.

That one blow was enough to break the sword.


I was a bit unsure of whether past battles led to damage accumulating on the Tokkosho or not…

But always trying to go for the finishing blow with my Tokkosho was probably not a good idea…


Oh dear…

I had no choice but to keep going until I could get another Tokkosho!



But I didn’t get one.

Nope… No good.


I didn’t keep count of how many times I fought the Deva Kings.

But what I did remember was their levels.

I started from the Level 1 Deva King, and then moved up all the way to the Level 1 Deva Emperor.

The difference in their strength was quite amazing!

On the way I got a lot of Strange Rock Salt (Holy) and Power Water, but I didn’t care too much for those.



I wanted to get myself another Tokkosho.

Just one Tokkosho please!



《Summoned Monster『Tigris』Level Up! 》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》



It was at that moment that I came back to myself.

Thanks, Tigris.

I went and lost my cool a bit there.


The stat that went up with the level-up was SPI.

Oh, that was rare!

I put another point into INT.


Tigris Tiger Lv6→Lv7 (↑1)

DEX 10

AGI 18

STR 11 (↑1)

STR 21

VIT 21

SPI 11 (↑1)



Bite Threaten Sense Danger Night Vision Conceal


Very good.

But this was also a good opportunity.

I recalled Tigris and summoned Loewe.

I wanted to evenly train all of my Summoned Monsters.


But right as I was about to get back to fighting the Deva Kings, I had to stop.

A more important issue just emerged.

I finally got the message from Margrid I was waiting for.


『I’m done processing your two gemstones. I’m going to be logged in until a bit after noon.』


The time was just 11 AM.

Wait, how could she work so quickly!?

I only put in the commission the day before.


But at the end of the day, there was nothing to complain about.

I’ll be there right away.

Yep, literally right away.


I used Return Home to get back to the Wind Spirit Village in a moment.



「You really didn’t need to hurry that much, you know…?」


「No, this is very important.」


「It’s been less than 5 minutes since I sent you that message though?」




Margrid looked at me with a shocked look on her face.

No, really, this is actually very important to me.


「Well, that’s fine,」


She took out the two gemstones I gave her the day before.

An Opal and a Tsavorite stone.


The Tsavorite stone looked alright.

I had a few of those, so they were already a common sight to me.


But the Opal stone…

It sat there on the table, shining with very radiant colours.

On top of that, the gemstone wasn’t cut to make a polyhedral surface, but polished to form a smooth hemisphere.

I started by using 【Appraise】 on both of them.


【Material】 Black Opal Grade B+ Rarity 5 Weight 0+

A silicate mineraloid. (delete)

Out of all the gemstones, it is the only kind containing water.

It has a dark ground colour, with a rainbow effect that comes from iridescence.


A windy desert pattern is engraved on the pedestal.


【Material】 Tsavorite+ Grade C+ Rarity 3 Weight 0+

A green garnet stone.  Slightly more valuable than a red garnet stone.

Highly transparent ones are popular for their effect on magic casting and tend to be expensive.

It is shaped and polished into an oval polygon, and fitted into a silver pedestal.


A water chestnut pattern is engraved on the pedestal.


「I think her necklace is very nice.」




Margrid’s gaze extended behind me, towards Nias.


I wonder what she meant by that.


「This gemstone has a special effect… Ah, I should probably just let you see it firsthand.」


She took out a random necklace and placed it on the table.

I tried using【Appraise】on it.


【Equipment: Necklace】Silver Necklace+ Grade C+ Rarity 3

M・AP+5 Weight 1 Durability 120

A necklace made of linked silver ball chains.  As sturdy as a normal silver chain.

It has a strengthening effect on magic casting.



It looked like a common item.


「Okay, I’ll put in the Opal, alright?」


Margrid fitted the Opal stone and the pedestal into the Silver Necklace in front of me.


【Equipment: Necklace】 Silver Necklace+ Grade C+ Rarity 3

M・AP+10 Weight 1 Durability 120

A necklace made of linked silver chains.  Lightweight and strong.

It has a strengthening effect on magic casting.


A Black Opal gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

※Gemstone Special Effect Reinforced


「What is this effect?」


「I suppose it strengthens one of the effects of the other gemstones…」


In other words…

If I put this on Nias will it help amplify the effect of Nias’s necklace?


I turned my gaze over to Nias.

It looked like she was able to sense what I was thinking from just looking at my eyes.

She removed her necklace and put it on top of the table.


「Well then. I have a feeling it’s going to turn out the way I think it’s going to, but…」


I fitted the Black Opal stone in the middle of Nias’s necklace as it was sitting on the desk.

I immediately used 【Appraise】.


【Equipment: Necklace】 Mithril Necklace+ Grade C+ Rarity 5

M・AP+17 Weight 1 Durability 150

A necklace made of linked mithril chains.

It has a strengthening effect on magic casting.


Several pearls are inlaid into the necklace to strengthen the effects of the item.

A Black Opal gemstone is inserted, boosting the item’s effects.

※ Water Magic Reinforcement [Large], Gemstone Special Effect Reinforced



Just from the 【Appraise】, it certainly looked like the item went through an upgrade.

I wanted to put it on Nias, but that privilege was taken away from me by Margrid.

The great dream I was keeping in secret was crushed in an instant.

What a pity.


「Ara, it suits her quite well~」


「It definitely does…」


Nias radiated a pure aura, and the shine of the pearls was gorgeous.

In contrast, the dark colour of the Black Opal became a colour actually quite close to black.

As I looked at it from different angles, the colours in the Black Opal danced all around the rainbow.

The red looked especially bright.


I turned my attention to Nias’s face and noticed she looked strangely happy.

Ah, it would be good to check her stats too.


Nias Mermaid Lv2

DEX 15

AGI 14

INT 17



SPI 16



Two-handed Spear Aquatic Shapeshift Night Vision Cursed Song Water Attribute



It looked like the penalty was completely gone.


I looked at Margrid.

She had a confident look on her face.

You already knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?


「Well, just make sure you do take good care of it, alright?」


I had a feeling she wasn’t talking about the gemstone.


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