Chapter 182 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

When I logged in it was about 5:40 am.

I decided to eat my breakfast in the Instant Portal.

I summoned Bunraku and got him to prepare me breakfast.

There weren’t any monsters around me, so naturally there weren’t any players either.

Wait, no, I was mistaken.

Two Blitz quickly charged by past my Instant Portal.

I slowly let my eyes follow them as I observed their features.

Where was I, a safari?

Well, that wouldn’t be all that bad either.

For the time being, I had to decide how I was going to climb the cliff in front of me.

I summoned Helix, Obsidian, Senki, and Heather.

I wanted to summon Ninetails too, but that could wait until after Bunraku was done finishing my meal.

The two Blitz frolicked around us while I finished my meal.

When I finished, I thought about getting up and hunting them…

But as soon as I turned around to replace Bunraku with Ninetails, they were already gone.

What a shame…

Well, alright then.

I had a cliff to climb anyway.

All I knew was that on the other side of the cliff, a crater entirely dedicated to being a Relay Portal was waiting for me.

Well then, let’s get going.

《【Cold Resistance】Level Up! 》

《【Climb】Level Up! 》

When I finally made it to the top, I got myself some level-ups.

Well, leaving that for later…

I could certainly see what looked like it used to be the crater of a volcano stretching out before me. It was definitely a Relay Portal.

As expected of a Relay Portal, it had a fountain.

There weren’t many of them, but there were a few tents here and there too.

So, there were players willing to go all the way out here too…

Oh well, it didn’t feel that crowded, so I didn’t really care.

Tents just meant that the players inside were logged out, after all.

I tried counting the number of tents, and it was about… Two parties worth?

The decently-sized lake in the crater looked the same as always.

It was beautiful.

But on top of that, it was also very relaxing, admiring the view like this…

But I didn’t have much time to enjoy the view. A cave was waiting for me.

It wasn’t my first time at the crater, but the last time I made it, my MP bar was too low for me to do anything else.

It would be my first time getting to enter the cave.

I wanted to be kind with my Summon Monsters for once, so I decided to change my team.

I recalled all my Summon Monsters except for Senki and Heather.

As scouts, I decided on Volff and Jean.

I was quite lost as to what my 5th Summon Monster should be…

After some thinking, I went for Goki.

He could be both a front-line fighter and a support at the same time.

Well then, let’s get going.

I had a lot of experience exploring various kinds of caves, and the cave I was in was nothing special.

As usual, the footing was uneven.

But the cave itself was very wide, and it looked like getting through it wasn’t going to be too difficult.

I could probably just head in whatever direction I felt like.

There were puddles left and right.

As I kept walking, I ran into what looked like a small river.

The air felt nice, and it wasn’t too humid either.

The inside of the cave felt strangely warmer than the outside.

My winter equipment was probably unnecessary inside the cave.

And of course, there were monsters too.

Figuring out the monsters in the cave would be very important too.

Rudy Bat Lv.4

Monster Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Air Dark Attribute

Yep, it would be very important

I had to know what kind of enemies I was up against.

I was expecting my first fight against any monster to be difficult…

But taking care of the bats was actually quite easy.

It was a flying monster, but its movements were very dull.

Well, they were slow at least compared to Jean.

Compared to what I was used to seeing, they were easy to deal with.

The problem was with my foothold in the cave.

The ground was very uneven.

Not just that, it was also very wet and slippery.

The ground was at times steeply sloped too.

And on top of all that, I knew there were at least 10 Rudy Bats I had to fight.

I couldn’t exactly make it out unscathed.

I used the blade of Lightning extending from my Tokkosho to cut down the bats around me.

I had a feeling, no, I was sure that the blade stood out a lot.

I didn’t know if that made it easier or harder for the bats to avoid my blade.

The cave was too wide to properly use wall spells.

And also…

These bats were a lot tougher than they seemed!

「Light Explosion!」

After some fighting, I decided to use an area-of-effect attack spell.

Some of the bats fell into a state of confusion and either threw themselves into the wall or the ceiling, or just fell to the ground.

The bats on the ground were easily finished off by Volff and Senki.

When it came to fighting the bats in the air, Jean was clearly superior.

Heather’s attacks missed from time to time, but she had enough firepower to take down the bats on her own.

Goki used his bow to shoot down bats too.

My whole Summon Monster team was somehow capable of working together to defeat the bats.

No complaints about that…

But out of the corner of my eye I spotted a small marker indicating an abnormal status condition overlapping marker.

Who’s marker was it?

It was mine!

The status effect was Poison.

I immediately used some Strange Powder to cure it.

It came with a small penalty to my stats, but there was nothing I could do about that.

These bats were a lot more annoying than I thought…

No, if it wasn’t for the unstable foothold everywhere, dodging the bats’ attacks would probably be very easy.

After all the bats were taken care of, I walked up to one of them and stuck my Survival Knife into it.

I got some sort of item drop.

【Material】Black Bat Fang Raw Material Grade C Rarity 3 Weight 0+

The fangs of a Rudy Bat. Mostly flat, knife-shaped, and has a sharp edge.

While subtle, it has a hint of poison.

I got a pretty dangerous-looking item.

But it only had a drop rate of about 10%.

The Rudy Bats dropped another type of item too.

【Material】Strange Stone Raw Material Grade C Rarity 2 Weight 0+

Often used to make various kinds of medicine. It is generally used as an antidote to poison.

Usually it is crushed into a powder form, before being consumed. It causes AGI and INT to temporarily decrease as a side-effect.


I see… So it dropped both a poison and an antidote.

How kind of them.

That may have sounded rather sarcastic, but I was genuinely grateful.

I managed to get myself two Strange Stones.

It looked like it was going to be a very useful item, but that penalty to the stats as a side-effect wasn’t too pretty.

I used Physical Enchant: Wind and Mental Enchant: Dark on myself.

After some time, I somehow managed to repel the Rudy Bat ambush.

It looked like they tended to form swarms of about 5 to 15 bats.

They were quite annoying to deal with.

But at least I had the crushed Strange Stones to deal with their poison.

It seemed like while I was under the effects of Strange Powder, the poison wouldn’t work on me either.


But that still meant that I had to deal with their attacks.

Their attacks weren’t so weak that I could easily deal with them using my tonfas.

And they weren’t the type of enemy that I could incapacitate with just a single spell.

Area-of-effect attack spells weren’t a guaranteed kill either.

But the items they dropped were unexpectedly good.

《【Light Magic】Level Up! 》

《【Dark Magic】Level Up! 》

After some more walking, I ran into a surprise.

The cave that I thought was just a straight line actually had a branch.

And it wasn’t too obvious which path was the main path either. The cave split in a ‘T’ shape before me.


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