Chapter 183 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I ignored the statues in the hall and kept walking until I saw a light at the end of the cave.
It was the exit.
I felt the wind on my face for the first time in what seemed like a long while.
And for some reason, that wind was accompanied by a roaring sound.
It sounded like the rushing of water.


What a strange sound… I looked around to find the source.
It didn’t take me long. It was a waterfall.
A river was flowing from my left to my right, before disappearing behind a cliff.
I couldn’t see the bottom of the waterfall.
It must be a very high cliff.

I wonder how high the waterfall was?

But before checking it out, I turned around to see Jean refusing to come out of the cave.
Oh no, I almost forgot…
I recalled Jean and summoned Obsidian.


I noticed a big rock near the water.
There were similar rocks on the other side of the river.
But really…
The scenery was truly a masterpiece.

The falling water was sparkling like thick fog.
Through the sunlight, I could see a beautiful rainbow.

I casually touched the big rock near the water.
That must’ve been the trigger to something.


《We are the guards.》


《The evil must be destroyed.》

Huh? Huh?

《All the living must leave.》


What? What’s going on?
Did the sound come from the rock?
I didn’t want to believe that the rock was speaking directly to me.

《If you are truly a hero, you must join the dead and aim for Glaðsheimr​.》

It looked like something was about to appear.
Sure enough, something did appear… Behind me.
It looked like a warrior in a full suit of armour.


Bifrost Guard Lv.3
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Light Attribute

Einherjar Fighter Lv.6
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground


There was only one Bifrost Guard.
Its armour and helmet were completely made out of metal, with a big square shield held in one hand and a splendid-looking sword in the other.
There were two Einherjar Fighters.
For armour, they only had an ordinary metal helmet.
One of the Einherjar FIghters had a spear, and the other one had a mace and a buckler.

Which one of them was going to be more trouble…?
Well, judging from both its heavier armour and the presence of an attribute, the Bifrost Guard was clearly the tougher enemy.
And… What was “Heroic Spirit” supposed to mean?

Oops. Almost forgot.
Oh no, I forgot I was supposed to be fighting these guys…

I took on the Bifrost Guard on my own.
I could let my Summon Monsters take care of the two Einherjar Fighters.
Senki and Heather took on one Einherjar Fighter, and Tigris and Obsidian took on the other one.
That way if one pair was quick in taking out an Einherjar Fighter, they could always help turn around to help the other pair.

「Practiced Spirit!」

Of course, I had to get a Martial Art skill in there too.
I chose and started casting a spell.
I held my Tokkosho in my right hand, and a Tonfa of Torture in my left hand.
I activated a blade of Lightning from my Tokkosho and stepped forward.
I had to take the initiative…


Obsidian started by bombarding everyone with Water Needles.
After some time, Heather let out an area-of-effect magic attack too.
It was a large lightning strike.
It hit both the Bifrost Guard and the Einherjar Fighters.
The Einherjar Fighters stopped for a moment.
In that moment, Volff sank his teeth into the Einherjar Figher’s calf.
Wow, Volff, you’re really fast…
Quick attacks are amazing!

I used the opportunity to get into close range with the Bifrost Guard.
How strong would this guy be…

「Gravity Mail!」

I managed to use the spell in time.
Alright, let’s go.


“Strong” would be a good way to describe the Bifrost Guard.
It was certainly strong, but I felt like that one word didn’t do it justice.
It was good at fighting.
It showed me no weaknesses, and no opportunities.
Ah, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration.
The only time I had any opportunity to attack it was when it was attacking me.
In other words, for me to do any damage to it, I would have to take a considerable risk.
Another big difference between us was when it came to armour.
The Bifrost Guard was clearly above me in that regard.
But making use of my superior mobility allowed me to survive somehow.

As I blocked one of its attacks and we went into stalemate, I wrapped around it to get closer.
After that, all I had to do was figure out the timing of its sword retracting…
And match it!

My Tokkosho pierced the right hand holding its sword.
Lowering my body, I used my left arm to hold its right arm in place.
After getting a firm grip, I used the tonfa in my left hand to pull its right leg out from under it.
Now all I had to do was pull its right arm upwards and out.
As it lost its balance and started falling, I stuck my Tokkosho into its throat.

In Judo, one would call it a kuchiki taoshi.
A judo technique banned in major international tournaments.
Well, the way I did it was a bit different, factoring in the fact that I had weapons too.

I quickly stepped on the Bifrost Guard’s right hand as it lay collapsed on the ground.
I wasn’t sure if I had managed to completely take care of it, so I wasn’t too surprised to see it try to hit my feet with its shield.
I raised my feet and dodged the shield.
As my feet left the ground, it quickly followed up with an upwards thrust of its sword, but I could see that attack coming too.
The sword passed by in front of my eyes.
But this was an opportunity.

As soon as I landed, I delivered a knee strike to its still-extended wrist.
I could see that my Tokkosho managed to properly pierce its throat all the way through…
And its HP bar definitely decreased by quite a bit because of that…
But I suppose just piercing its vitals wasn’t going to be enough.

I suppose that was something it had in common with the Deva Kings.
I couldn’t really expect it to be too similar to a human.


Pulling back my Tokkosho, I put it back in my belt.
I used my sword and aimed for its arm.
It must’ve looked like I was trying to go for an arm-lock, but that was just a feint.
My real aim was to go for something called an “Arm-twist Cross Choke”.
My technique was right, but it had a lot of power to resist my attacks

『Physical Enchant: Fire! 』

I had to raise my STR stat somehow.
If I had to guess, I would say the Bifrost Guard was about as strong as a Higher Mezu…
But it definitely was not as strong as a Mezu general.
The Bifrost Guard’s armour made it very difficult to hit some chokes and attacks.
Although when it came to joint locks, the armour tended to not get in my way so much.
Its HP bar was properly decreasing.
Very good.
Fighting it felt similar to fighting the Deva Emperors or the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

I held onto its arm.
And pulled it outwards.

As expected, It was resisting me quite heavily.
I couldn’t see the expression behind its helmet.
But that didn’t matter. I had to focus on putting its whole head, including its helmet, into a headlock.
I twisted its neck to the side.
But I couldn’t twist it to the point of breaking because the helmet was getting in my way.
Well then… I just had to figure out another way.
The Bifrost Guard tried to squirm his way out of my grasp, but because I was still hanging on to its legs it was just crawling away on its belly.
Like I would just let you go now!

At some point, I managed to find myself in a completely new position.
A camel clutch.

It was a technique that revolved around accumulating pressure to the spine and throat.
Sure enough, the Bifrost Guard’s HP bar continued to decrease.
But I didn’t have all day to watch it drop.
Oh well, the Bifrost Guard wasn’t in a position to counterattack either, so I could just take it easy.


How were the Einherjar Fighters doing?
The Einherjar Fighter with the spear was still alive and well.
I could see some damage on Volff and Tigris, but it looked like they were still keeping the upper hand.

The Einherjar Fighter with the mace and shield was right about to get finished off by Senki.
It was already on the ground, with Senki mounting it and beating its face in over and over again.
After Senki finished off the Einherjar Fighter, he got up and looked over at Volff and Tigris.
After a moment, Senki looked over at me.

Could it be…?
No, it had to be the case…
It looked like Senki was looking for another fight.
I didn’t mind. It was a good place for Senki to do some hunting.


The remaining Einherjar Fighter went down shortly afterwards.
About the Bifrost Guard I was still holding in a camel clutch all this time…
Soon enough, Senki came by to join in the beatdown on the Bifrost Guard.

Senki just couldn’t be stopped.
Over and over again, Senki’s foot sank into the Bifrost Guard’s torso.
The Bifrost Guard was in no position to fight back, much less stand up.

Very good.
I’ll try getting in on the action a bit too.
I delivered a firm kick to the head.
With Tigris biting down on its right ankle, and Volff biting down on its left ankle, I could relax my choke a bit.


Were we lynching it?
No, what we were doing was definitely a legitimate attack.


We finally managed to take down the Bifrost Guard, but no info screen came.
It didn’t even leave behind any items.
Not again…


There were no changes to my surroundings either.
Even the boulder that led to the fight in the first place was still the same.
I tried touching it, and the result was as I expected.


《Will you challenge the Bifrost Guard? 》



As expected…
As if I can just go for another round right away!?


I decided to leave the prospect of challenging the Bifrost Guard again for another time.
For the time being… How was I going to go about crossing to the other side?
The flow of the river seemed very fast.
Obsidian flew over to the other side of the river.
Nothing happened.
Behind the similar boulders on the other side of the river I could see the entrance to another cave.


I thought a bit about what route could have led to that cave…
Was it the right turn that I passed by earlier?
I had a feeling that I would probably have to properly finish the entire event before getting any items, just like with the Twelve Heavenly Generals.
What should I do…?
Of course, I just had to take that path to find out.


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