Chapter 184 (Forums) – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

967. Sakurazuka
[Location] The Cape of N1E1

[Name] Eishoji Camellia

[Category] Flower Spirit Enemy Target

[Level] Lv.3

[Item Drops] None

[Battle Style] Battle Position: Ground Tree attribute
Rear Guard support type
No special weapons.

[Remarks] It has the figure of an oiran courtesan, or to be more general, a beautiful woman.
A Flower Spirit, and it seems to be some kind of camellia flower too.
I encountered it with two Hell Hounds in the front.
After I took them out, I ran around the cape some more, hoping to encounter either the Flower Spirit or the Hell Hounds again…
But no luck.
Was it a rare monster?

Ohh those fangs are nice.
I heard they’re already being used as arrowheads?

969. Kusuki
Flower spirit?
What kind of weird creatures are popping up over there…?

970. Klauser
I found something interesting here too.

[Location] The island in E2

[Name] Tarokaja

[Category] Flower Spirit Enemy Target

[Level] Lv.4

[Item Drops] None

[Battle Style] Battle Position: Ground Tree attribute
Front-line Fighter type.
It uses a long spear.

[Remarks] A bald, monk-like figure… It even has the proper clothing for the character.
A Flower Spirit, and it seems to be some kind of camellia flower too.
It appears together with demons.
I did the same too… My party continued to look for monsters in the same place, but we never encountered it again.
Maybe it is a rare monster…?

971. Nao
Woww… It looks like weird stuff is happening all over the place.

972. Myoan
Ohhh! That’s nice! She’s pretty!

973. Hee-chan
Now that everyone’s posting on these kinds of monsters…

[Location] Around Remut

[Name] Yellow Peony

[Category] Flower Spirit Enemy Target

[Level] Lv.1

[Item Drops] None

[Battle Style] Battle Position: Ground Tree attribute
Rear guard type
It has a fan… And some kind of strange ability to induce the Sleep abnormal status condition?

[Remarks] It looks like a tall girl wearing an ancient Chinese-style yellow robe.
It’s a Flower Spirit, so I guess the flower it’s representing is a peony?
It came together with some Horned Rabbits.
I did the same too… My party continued to look for monsters in the same place, but we never encountered it again.
Maybe it is a rare monster…?

974. Guren
I’m going to the cave now…
Did everyone encounter Flower Spirits above ground…?
If that’s the case, I think my chances are quite slim.
I’m not even ready to explore the next map yet…

975. Kukai
Huh… So Flower Spirits are the type of monsters to come with other monsters?
All the examples seem to point in that direction… Could it be related to some sort of event too?

976. Klauser
Just a supplementary post, of sorts…
Comparing it to the monsters it comes with, their strengths always feel vastly different.
It’s not an easy victory, but it’s not like you’re going to make it out of the fight unscathed.
The spears are scaryyyyyyyy! Is the image you leave with.

977. Sakurazuka
The Hell Hounds are an unusually difficult enemy, but since they appear so rarely I suppose it’s justifiable.
And of course, the Flower Spirits behind those Hell Hounds are just as annoying.
I thought I was going to die when I looked down to see roots around my ankles.
I feel they’re weak to Fire Magic, but I haven’t confirmed it.
I don’t even know if I’ll ever encounter one of them again.

978. Hee-chan
I was really surprised to see such a strong enemy in the first map.
It hasn’t even been 3 days since I started playing this game.
It’s a mystery I managed to make it out alive somehow.

979. Nao
Take it as a stepping stone.

980. Ronin2
It looks like just a monster with a rare encounter chance…
But at the same time, it also looks like an event of sorts.
Do we have a pattern of monsters not designated as Event Monsters being involved in events though?
Considering the GMs that we have, I think it’s very much a possibility.

981. Myoan
For the time being, it’s definitely going to be of utmost importance to not hesitate even when fighting a lady of your type.
The same goes for the monk, of course.

982. Milia
Next thread pleasee!

Finally people are coming back to the hunting grounds.
We can’t really unlock the Area Portals of new maps on our own, after all…
The tournament is over, but looks like it’s still going to take a few days for everyone to come back to their regular patterns.

983. Ronin2
I did make another one…
Oh well, guess I need to stir it up some more.

984. Sakurazuka
Thanks for the next thread.
Just with the info they’re giving us, there’s no way to tell what they’re thinking.
All we know is there’s some sort of pattern to it…

985. Guren
Next thread pleasee!

I’ve given up on getting all the mask data…

986. Ronin2
Are you guys seeing the new thread?
➲ General Monster Information Thread List the 8th

It’s a bit slow right now… I’ll leave it to you guys to populate it.
I’ll go fry myself an egg.

987. Nao
Thank you for the beautiful thread.
Make it a sunny-side up… And turn it over too!
Of course, add soy sauce too!

988. Myoan
Let’s do the right thing by putting ketchup on your fried eggs.

Just salt and pepper is the standard.

989. Hee-chan
Thank you!

Fried eggs go with mayonnaise!
Also add a little shichimi to your liking.

990. Guren
Looks like we know what we’re discussing in the next thread…
Anybody here a fan of poached eggs?

That’s more like how one eats dried squid!

991. Sakurazuka
Thanks for the thread.
With ketchup and mayonnaise, you can try using aurora sauce too.


Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory ☆ 44
1. Mount Fuji [****] This is a thread for those of us who have fallen into the dark.

Do not forget to use a handle.
This thread can only be accessed by those of the dark, but still, trust no one.
Do not share personal information.
Please also develop a resistance to sick burns.

More related threads at >>2.
I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.
If you don’t stand up for yourself here, you will be a PKK target.
I recommend staying calm even if you fail and get counterattacked.

Previous Threads:
Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory ☆ 1-43
※ Refer to the archives.


224. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] I’m really grateful we finally get to get back to business as usual…
But it takes time and effort to investigate the habits of potential prey.
Just targeting noobs all the time gets kind of boring.

225. Seiichiro Otoya [****] >>220
It’s actually better for you to take on high-level Guide Team players, at least in terms of EXP gain.
If you’re worried about your own weaknesses, then realise you’re in a party and work together.
I’ve heard of a six-man party of Racial Level 7 PK Players successfully hunt a six-man party of Racial Level 12 Guide Team Players.
The amount of planning you put into your ambush will make a huge difference.

226. Currently at 128 wins, 50 losses, and 214 attempts [****] >>220
Hey, if you have time to collect information like this, you definitely have time to plan level-ups.
The longer you draw out the battle, the more your chances of victory will just keep going down.
I mean, taking down beginner players too is okay I guess, but make sure you don’t mess up your judgement, alright?

227. My teeth hurt [****] I looked into this a bit, but…
So I know our pact with the Thieves’ Guild is over, but you’re saying now they’re boldly resuming action without us?
Didn’t think they’d go that far… Should have expected it when they suddenly demanded a fee for information.
It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was junk information too, so you get what you pay for I guess.
We’re going to have to be very careful to take care of any players that know our faces or names.
I bet there’s thieves looking out for us now, so gotta be careful.

228. Finally found out [****] >>227
Oh, that.
I think it’s got something to do with an event?
Apparently, someone important from the capital is here to hunt down and talk to them.
Whatever it was, it was definitely not a peace treaty.
I have a feeling the story around it is quite complicated, but I do wonder what happened…
Well, worst case scenario, we can survive as long as we take different movement patterns and switch up【Disguise】too.

229. Currently at 45 wins, 7 losses, and 88 attempts [****] Sucks how title-hunting season means refrain-from-PK season too.
All the prey is suddenly at a much higher level…
I guess that’s just what we have to expect around tournament times?

230. Seiichiro Otoya [****] >>227
It’s not like the NPC Thieves’ Guild has a unified chain of command.
And the people in the port town are pretty strong.
Wait, are they even formally part of the thieves’s guild?
They’re more like pirates than thieves.


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