Chapter 184 (Forums) – Part 3

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

231. Currently 128 wins and 50 defeats and 214 attempts [****] >>229
For the time being, want to watch the Summoner take down the Deva Kings and a Dragon Puppy together?
➲(External Link)
There’s no way he doesn’t have any weaknesses…
But even if he has any weaknesses, getting to them is going to be quite the task too…
We would probably have to set up a raid, and a trap on top of that.
The other Guide Team parties are all levelling up too.
It’s going to take some real courage to set up a PK attack on them too.

232. Finally found out [****] We definitely need to counter those PKKs
Yea… With the number of players increasing, both the amount of prey and the number of PKK players are increasing.
I don’t think that’s going to change…
And having to think of how to deal with all the people moving around for some event too…
I suppose we can take it as an opportunity to level up in more safety…
Too much greed will only lead to more losses later.

233. My teeth hurt [****] >>229
I’ll just leave this here: True pleasure comes from a successful PK attack on a strong player.
That includes those PKK guys and the way they scratch their heads looking for a counter.
There’s no way those top players don’t have any weaknesses.
All we need to do is focus on gathering information to come up with a solid plan.
C’mon guys, there’s even a PK team that managed to hunt the runner-up party in the tournament.

234. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] We’re gathering information right now…
But still, it’s better to be aggressive.
It’s better for you to go for it than to worry about your fear of failure and not taking the challenge.
You can always reflect later.

235. Seiichiro Otoya [****] Yeah, no matter how you slice it there’s going to be some risk, after all.
In the first place, I don’t know how the event is going to go.
I ran into a Magus and managed to win somehow, so that’s good.
But these guys are really kind of annoying.
You end up wasting a lot of resources to fight these guys.

236. Currently at 147 wins, 54 losses, and 254 attempts [****] Why don’t we just fight them head on?
It’s really good how the source of experience points comes to you instead of you having to come to them.
Well those PKK guys are always out there, so don’t stay for too long either.

237. My teeth hurt [****] >>231
I’m watching it right now.

238. Currently at 45 wins, 7 losses, and 88 attempts [****] >>231
I just started watching it.
Yo… Is there anyone who can PK this guy?

239. Seiichiro Otoya [****] >>231
We’ll definitely have to make it a raid LOL
Look at those guys cheering from the sidelines…

240. Currently at 147 wins, 54 losses, and 254 attempts [****] >>231
Those Summoned Monsters are pretty amazing too…
The Summoner himself is turning into a bit of a monster himself tho XD
I want one of those Tokkoshos!
It’s a bit too flashy, so maybe not for PK stuff… But I still want one LOL

241. My teeth hurt [****] >>238
No choice but to keep trying over and over again.
Only by trying it can you really figure out how it’s going to go.

242. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****] >>240
That rope is also quite flashy yeah? XD
But it might be nice to use it as a PK weapon…
It’s definitely going to have some use somehow.
Wait, actually… Haven’t the PKK guys used that weapon against us?

243. Seiichiro Otoya [****] Do we need just a bit more information?
About time to get a move on.


Class Change Information Compilation Thread★2
1. ∈(-ω-)∋
This is a thread for us to compile information relating to Class Changes of any kind.
That means not just players, but monsters are welcome as well.

I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.

More related information is going to be at >>2 too.

Previous Threads:
Class Change Information Compilation Thread★1
※ Refer to the archives.


54. Luna.
So, for elves…
Is the Sorcerer tree a good one?
Is the Hunter tree a good one?
Is the Treasure Hunter tree a good one?
That’s what I want to know.
But waiting for everything to become 100% clear before playing the game is a bit, you know…?

55. Guren
So far… We know that the Summoner system has three possible Class Changes.
Depending on the conditions, that number may still increase
We’re still waiting for more info.
Even the Summoned Monsters look like they have many different branches…
Very excited seeing the children the Summoner carries around with him change so often LOL

56. ∈(- ω -)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ I remember this thread used to be a lot more lively in the past…?

57. Kyoshi
Doesn’t look like we’ll be able to emulate that any time soon… It’s a far-away world…
I admire you though…
Do you think the Mage system of specialisations has any special conditions?
I suppose we’ll simply figure that out as time passes by?

58. Ryukahn
Hmm… If it helps, the Production Job tree is quite simple.
It’s relatively easy to capture everything.

59. Kokonoe
I’m a hunter! And I managed to get myself a few Class Changes in my list too!
➲(Image)(Image)(Image) (Image)(Image)
I do like fighting in the front, so I went for the Barbarian class.
Apparently the Beast Hunter is more geared to bow-users.
And I guess Ranger is for people who want to use magic too?

60. Rubin
Thank you very much.
Sorry for the short break, but looks like there’s a bit more work LOL

61. Akemi
A female Hunter fighting in the front seemed a little strange… But now you’re a Barbarian?
Or am I guessing things based on your name…?

62. Akane
Here for you.
➲(Image)(Image)(Image) (Image)(Image)
It looks like a female will have the Amazoness class available instead of the Barbarian class.
It took a bit of thinking, but I finally decided to go for the Amazoness class.
The Beast Hunter class adds 2 points to DEX and AGI, along with a +1 to INT and SPI.
The Ranger class adds 1 point to DEX and AGI, along with a +2 to INT and SPI.
The Amazoness class adds 2 points to DEX and AGI, along with a +1 to STR and VIT.
Looking at the Barbarian screenshot from >>59, it looks like the stats are a +3 to both STR and VIT.

Quite surprising to see how male and female players actually have differences in this game…

63. Shelvie
Do we have the whole Fighter tree yet?

64. Moko
I’m rooting for you! LOL

65. Suou
Talking about the new class names is good and all…
But those two points are going to make quite a difference!
If only those Class Changes happened before the tournament.

66. Kokonoe
XD We’re discovering all this info now for our successors to think over when they start their characters.

67. Tsutsumi
I have some monsters… Wait, they’re Phantoms…?
Gozu, Mezu
Higher Gozu, Higher Mezu
Gozu General, Mezu General

I could get these three Class Change stages from the Summoner’s report.
Although I’m not sure what stage drops which items at what rate.

We’ll have to think about the Deva Kings and the Deva Emperors too…
Apparently those popular Tokkoshos are a drop from the Deva Emperors?
Ah… That’s not even mentioning the item drops of those Lion-dogs…
And the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

68. Nonomura
I mean, even a Summoned Monster can go through a Class Change.
Not really a big deal that normal monsters can go through Class Changes.

69. Tsunami
Still feels a bit like a far-away world…

70. Kycilia
Nice! The Hunter system is here…
Wait, do we have the whole Fighter, Treasure Hunter, and Production Job tree?
At first I thought that our choice of Job wouldn’t have much of an effect, but now seeing what it’s come to, I’m kind of confused by the complexity of it all.
I really want to be a mix between a Mage and a Fighter, but the info regarding that is still a bit blurry, huh.

71. Sumomo
Yeah, it’s still got a long way to go.
I would love to see some kind of hybrid Mage Fighter job though.

72. Naris
Just looking at what this game is already putting on our plates, I would be fine without something like that I think.
Just imaging the tree of a Mage Fighter class is giving me a bit of a headache…
I wouldn’t mind though if the GMs were to figure things out for us.

73. ∈(- ω -)∋
Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ We still have lots of time to figure out how everything ties together, after all!



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    All we need to do is focus on gathering information to come up with a solid plan.

    C’mon guys, there’s even a PK team that managed to hunt the runner-up party in the tournament.

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    231. Currently 128 wins and 50 defeats and 214 attempts [****]


    For the time being, want to watch the Summoner take down the Deva Kings and a Dragon Puppy together?

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