Chapter 186 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I pulled up the【Two-handed Spear】weapon skill.

It would cost me 5 points to learn.

Let’s see…

Using the spear definitely felt a lot better.

That feeling of discomfort disappeared too.

It felt just like fighting with a staff.

But the biggest improvement was that I could easily hit needlefish from above the water.

It was pretty good.

I tried diving a bit, which made aiming the spear even easier.

In any case, I noticed the needlefish didn’t attack underwater.

I changed up my Summon Monster team.

But it was tough to find Summon Monsters, who could do well in the water.

Only Nias was really specialised to the water.

But which of my Summon Monsters were at least relatively better…?

I suppose it would be the flying Summon Monsters.

Helix, Obsidian, Jean, Heather, and Zuiun.

But they wouldn’t be able to attack far underwater.

Some special skills might reach, but they wouldn’t be very effective.

I also had some Summon Monsters who could go underwater to some degree.

Rig and Gokame.

With those two Summon Monsters, the tank role would be taken care of pretty nicely.

I could guard the sides by myself.

If I ever ran into any starfish, Gokame would act as a great shield.

I thought a bit about my other Summon Monsters.


No way.

Ninetails and Tigris liked swimming, but they would be pretty useless.

Just because they enjoyed swimming would mean nothing in a fight.

Jericho, Bunraku, and Mumyo would probably just sink to the bottom.

Tough situation.

I decided on my Summon Monster lineup.

Nias, Gokame, Rig, Zuiun, and Obsidian.

My prey would be needlefish, mullet fish, and starfish.

The Flying Fish I tended to see at noon weren’t there.

I did manage to pick up a few Red Corals here and there though.


I was certainly making gains, but it wasn’t very efficient.

Even strengthening spells didn’t make much of a difference.

Maybe I should wait for a Summon Monster that could more effectively fight in the sea?

But that would be boring…

I had to do my best with what I had.

It was around 9:30 pm.

My Needlefish Spear broke.

What’s this!?

I didn’t think it would be that brittle!

But I had a lot of Needlefish Jaws, so it was easily replaced.

It was still a troublesome task though.

There was a high chance of getting a lower-grade spear, but I still used【Quick Recreate】anyway.

It really was that much of a troublesome task.

On the bright side, Nias was doing amazing.

She looped around in the water at will, taking out not just needlefish, but mullet fish and starfish too

And at more than twice the rate I could do with my spear too.

I- I wasn’t jealous!

I was superior when it came to the needlefish in the air

Even when taking a support role, Nias did some good work.

Especially【Cursed Song】.

It was nice that Nias could use it underwater too.

She used【Cursed Song】to easily take out the needlefish stuck in the walls.

It was pretty shocking to see the needlefish fall asleep and drop into the water.

It was taking a big toll on Nias’s MP bar, but that wasn’t too big of a concern.

More than anything, watching Nias move around both underwater and on the surface was amazing,


A certain part of Nias’s body was moving up and down.

My eyes were naturally glued to it.

Dangerous stuff…

Even when Nias was fighting monsters, my eyes were stuck on that valley.

Something strange was stuck to Nias’s chest.

I had a feeling it was going to be the death of me one day.

If possible, I wanted to die being held in Nias’s chest.

《【Swim】Level Up!》

《【Dive】Level Up!》

The time was 10:30 pm.

I guess it was about time to call it a day.

My main goal was to level up【Swim】and【Dive】anyway.

I managed to take out a good number of needlefish too.

And I had a lot more Needlefish Jaws.

I was on my fourth Needlefish Spear.

They broke too easily.

Even so…

I was mainly interested in Nias, but my other Summon Monsters were doing alright too.

Zuiun went at his own pace.

All the needlefish’s attacks were useless against Zuiun, after all.

But it wasn’t easy to leech MP from the needlefish.

The only time when it was really possible was when they were stuck in【Thorn Fence】.

It was a bit annoying, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Gokame and Rig fought in the shallow parts of the water.

The needlefish stormed Gokame, and even hit sections not covered by Rig sometimes.

But even then, the attacks were usually ineffective.

The needlefish were often just deflected on the shell.

They only managed to get one real hit in.

It took out 10% of Gokame’s HP bar.

The fact that needlefish could hurt didn’t change.

The damage was easily recovered with potions though.

If Gokame was in a defensive state, he could probably easily survive all the attacks.

But he wouldn’t be able to attack either.

Obsidian was aiming for the needlefish as they were shooting through the air.

Honestly, it wasn’t a very efficient process.

But it was a sure process.

《【Lightning Magic】Level Up!》

《Summon Monster『Gokame』Level Up!》

《Please put one point into a desired stat.》

Gokame managed to get a level-up.

The stat that went up with the level-up was SPI.

I put another point into AGI.

Gokame Giant Tortoise Lv2→Lv3(↑1)


AGI 5(↑1)

INT 18

STR 14

VIT 23

SPI 21(↑ 1)


Bite Defend Magic Resistance [Slight] MP Regeneration [Slight] Earth Attribute

Things were going at a nice pace.

I guess I could keep going for a bit longer.

I got a good number of Red Corals too.

I even managed to get some while I was diving.

The time was 11:30 pm.

It really was about time for me to call it a day.

《【Two-handed Spear】Level Up!》

《Summon Monster『Rig』Level Up!》

《Please put one point into a desired stat.》


But, you know…

It had been about 20 hours since I logged in.

It made all the hard work worth it somehow.

Oh! Almost forgot.

The stat that went up with the level-up was DEX.

I put another point into STR.

Rig Yellow Pudding Lv2→Lv3 (↑ 1)

DEX 18(↑1)

AGI 10


STR 8(↑ 1)

VIT 10



Dissolve Shapeshift Viscosity Surface Tension Nullify Physical Lightning Attribute Fire Resistance

I guess that’s fine.

I returned to the sandy part of the beach, and used【Instant Portal】.

The beaches were filled with Sand Roaches, but other players were taking care of them.

Getting the【Instant Portal】up was no big problem.

I recalled my Summon Monsters one by one.

What about Nias?

Nias was just having fun in the ocean.

I knew there was a river to the south.

My next step would have to be to head in that direction.

But there was something else I wanted to take care of first.

I had heard that the map I was in had a similar mechanism to that of the Forest Maze.

Apparently, there was a gate preventing me from going to the adjacent maps.

I didn’t want to spoil myself too much, so I didn’t read any further than that I needed【Swim】and【Dive】.

Were my【Swim】and【Dive】skills at a sufficient level?

Well, if they weren’t then I wouldn’t be able to reach the underground lake.

There was only one way to fight out, huh?

I set up my tent and got ready to log out.

There were plenty of things to take care of tomorrow.

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv19

Job Grand Summoner Lv5

Bonus Points Remaining: 9

Skill Sets:

Sword Lv5 Two-handed Spear Lv2(↑1 New!) Lancing Lv4 Staff Lv15 Punch Lv12

Kick Lv12 Joint Lock Lv12 Throw Lv12 Evade Lv12 Block Lv12

Summon Magic Lv19 Spacetime Magic Lv10

Light Magic Lv11 Wind Magic Lv11 Earth Magic Lv11 Water Magic Lv11

Fire Magic Lv11 Dark Magic Lv11 Ice Magic Lv9 Lightning Magic Lv9 (↑ 1)

Tree Magic Lv9 Dust Magic Lv9 Lava Magic Lv8 Steam Magic Lv9

Alchemy Lv8 Pharmacy Lv7 Glassmaking Lv6 Woodworking Lv8 (↑ 1)

Synergy Lv14 Appraisal Lv14 Identify Lv14 Discern Lv4 Cold Resistance Lv7

Grab Lv11 Horsemanship Lv10 Precise Manipulation Lv13 Ropework Lv5

Jump Lv7 Acrobatics Lv5 Heat Resistance Lv8 Climb Lv7 Balance Lv4

Dual Wield Lv12 Disassembly Lv9 Swim Lv3 (↑ 1) Dive Lv2 (↑ 1)

Physical Reinforcement Lv10 Mental Reinforcement Lv11 Speedcasting Lv12

Spell Effect Amplification Lv10 Spell Range Amplification Lv10


Vajra Sword ×2 Staff of Torture ×2 Tonfas of Torture ×2

Capture Rod of Torture ×1 Needlefish Spear ×1(New!)

Enraged Pickaxe+ ×2 Silver Necklace+ ×1

Snow Leopard Push Dagger ×1 Sturmtiger Push Dagger ×2

Plains Lion Bagh Nakh ×1 Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set

Bracelet of Torture ×2 Anklet of Torture+ ×2 Prison Guard’s Black Rope ×1

Rabid Horse Belt+ Rabid Horse Belt+ Rucksack Item Box ×2


Survival Knife Woodworking Set


Old Summoner’s Best Pupil Guardian of the Forest Knower of the Middle Path

Guardian of the Lapis Lazuli Light Spell Glossary Martial Arts Fighter

Summon Monsters:

Rig Yellow Pudding Lv2→Lv3 (↑ 1)

DEX 18(↑1)

AGI 10


STR 8(↑ 1)

VIT 10



Dissolve Shapeshift Viscosity Surface Tension Nullify Physical

Lightning Attribute Fire Resistance

Gokame Giant Tortoise Lv2→Lv3(↑1)


AGI 5(↑1)

INT 18

STR 14

VIT 23

SPI 21(↑ 1)


Bite Defend Magic Resistance [Slight] MP Regeneration [Slight] Earth Attribute


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