Chapter 187 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

When I logged in it was 5:40 am.

A light was just peeking over the horizon.

I looked over at the orange morning glow.

It was beautiful.

So, what was on the menu for the day?

It was on a cape extending from the sandy beach.

The ruins of a temple were there.

The ruins were in a small forest.

Apparently, there was a cave extending downwards there too. I would have to crouch to get into the entrance.

There was more written in Guren’s report, but I stopped reading there. I didn’t want to spoil myself any more than I had to.

I was kind of looking forward to it.

For the time being, I summoned Bunraku and got him to make some food while I thought about the rest of my team for the day.

Definitely Nias.

I wanted to add in Gokame too as a tank, but I suppose I could leave that for later.

I summoned Obsidian, Tigris, and Loewe.

I replenished the potions and mana potions I consumed the other day.

The pot was being used for cooking, so I used a simple bucket instead.

I made the potion liquid using【Quick Recreate】.

There were other issues too.

There was one issue that required some thought…

I had a Snow Ape Stone.

I had a single Snow Ape Bone left over too.

Could I make some kind of weapon?

What could I make though?

Just attaching the stone to the bone made the whole thing look like some kind of club.

Maybe a stone tool?

There wasn’t any twist to it.


While eating Bunraku’s meal, I looked out at the beach.

The horizon was no longer a faint glow, but it was still beautiful.

Compared to it, the sandy beach looked ugly.

You couldn’t exactly call the sight of those players hunting Sand Roaches very beautiful.


Well, monsters will be monsters.

The sight of those players working hard became quite an amazing sight in that sense.

Their eyes looked bloodshot.

The probability of getting assaulted by Sand Roaches would rise at night.

They were probably fighting off waves of monsters all night.

I had to make sure I didn’t attract any of them.

I recalled Bunraku.

It was time to head towards the temple ruins.

I moved along the beach.

Nias played in the water in her human form.

Tigris and Loewe were closely behind.

Obsidian calmly stood on my shoulder.

It kind of felt like…

A virtual date?

It was a fun thought.

At least I didn’t have to pay for my fantasies!

The ruins really were in a forest.

I saw Wild Dogs and Steppe Hawks.

None of them attacked me.

I wasn’t looking for anything troublesome.

But maybe the whole situation itself was already troublesome?

In front of the temple ruins were what looked like a group of players.

About two parties’ worth?

One of the parties was engrossed in a battle.

Probably against the gatekeeper to the ruins?

Orc Leader Lv.1

Monster Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground

It didn’t look like anything special.

An Orc Leader, huh.

It didn’t have any special skills or anything, so I would expect it to go down pretty easily.

The fight was definitely going in the players’ favour.

But the players were all Lv.5?

No… they weren’t doing so good.

Looking closely, I noticed that the party’s tank was just barely hanging on.

It looked like quite the struggle.

The support player was doing their best to keep everyone else alive.

Just losing one player would definitely put the whole party in trouble.


Hang in there!


I had my own team to take care of.

Just in case, I recalled Nias.

Heather would be my support.

Jericho as my tank.

I let Tigris and Loewe fight in the front.

I left Obsidian to flank and prevent flanking.

After defeating the gatekeeper I could summon Nias and Gokame again.

The Orc Leader was somehow defeated.

They worked together in an amazing way.

I wanted to have that kind of amazing teamwork too.

The next party in line only had five players.

They were up against a Kobold Fighter.

What about the next six-player party?

They were up against a monster I’d never seen before.

Gremlin Cat Lv.1

Monster Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Air

Some kind of gremlin?

It had the face of a cat.

Wait, it just looked like a normal bat, actually.

The fights were usually a struggle, but the players always made it eventually.

I didn’t want to leave the party behind me waiting for too long.

I made up my mind to quickly end the fight and move on when it came to my turn.

So, what kind of monster was I up against?

A floating ball of fire appeared in front of me… A spirit.

I didn’t see it earlier.

But I guess that meant I was starting the event.

《This is our place of peace.》

《Lost souls gather here.》

《Give us rest.》

《Disturb not the resting.》

That was all.

A fog started gathering before me.

Something came out from it.

Noble Orc Lv.4

Monster Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground


And it wasn’t the only gatekeeper.

Two Orc Leaders appeared too, both of them at Lv.5.

The two Orc Leaders lined up beside the Noble Orc.

Was the Noble Orc a higher form of the Orc Leader?

It looked slimmer than a regular Orc.

I felt like I was making a mistake, but if I had to describe it somehow…

Pretty boy?


It felt strange, but “pretty boy” was the best way for me to describe the Noble Orc.

It was the most accurate description I had.

Well, leaving that for later.

I had to give my all to fight the new opponent.

「Practiced Spirit!」

I selected and started casting a spell.

I rushed forward.

My spear was in my《Item Box》, and my equipment was the same as usual.

I could go for my usual style of fighting.

I gripped a Tonfa of Torture in my left hand.

My goal was to keep it in place using my Prison Guard’s Black Rope and then stab it with my Vajra Sword.


The Orc Leader on the right was almost immediately put in a tough fight against Jericho.

Jericho liquefied and rematerialised in the matter of the moments to dodge attacks.

Soon, Jericho had managed to trap the Orc Leader’s torso.

It was plain.

A plain but effective strategy.

A squeeze choke?

Jericho seemed to really like that move.

It was a powerful move.

The Orc Leader on the left was taken out by my Summon Monsters.

It was a monster that fought using brute strength, so it wasn’t a tough fight.

Obsidian got a lot of attacks on its forehead, and it went down easily.

Tigris and Loewe did well too.

Heather’s support was also good.


There was a reason behind why I could pay so much attention to my Summon Monsters fight.

The Noble Orc was on the ground and on its side.

I had already used my black rope to completely block off its movements.

I had to still check in on my own fight once in a while though!

I didn’t even have to use my Vajra Sword.

I already had my arm around its neck.

The power was beginning to leak out of the orc’s body.

Just about time…

I twisted and broke its neck.

The monster’s HP bar disappeared in an instant.

It was mostly because of the black rope, but it was still pretty scary to see.

《Rest will come soon.》

《It will surely come unto thee as well.》

《And unto us.》

The info screens ended there.

No item drops.

Well then…

I headed into the temple ruins.

The inside of the temple was ugly.

There were no Relay Portals, but monsters still didn’t come.

The party that cleared the gatekeeper before me was on its way to moving on.

There was a staircase heading downwards at the back.

I saw another party heading that way.

But what about me?

I changed up my team as I walked down the stairs.

The gatekeeper was easy, but I didn’t know what was waiting for me below.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I could see the sea far to my right.

To my left was darkness.

Some kind of cave?

An underwater cave?

The party that came before me disappeared into the darkness.


I had to catch up to them.

But what about my team?

I let Jean be my scout.

In the front were Tigris and Loewe.

Zuiun was my support.

Along with Nias.

Depending on the monsters I would be dealing with I could swap Zuiun for Gokame too.

I wanted to let Zuiun fight at least once though.

I used【Flashlight】to secure my vision.

Let’s go.

The first fight in the cave came pretty quickly.

I was up against Gremlins.

Four of them, to be exact.

I was glad I had Jean in the air.

It was a quick and easy fight.

I could feel the seawater beneath my feet at times, but it wasn’t a big issue.

The next monster was a first-time encounter.

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