Chapter 187 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Zombie Lv.1

Monster Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Dark Attribute



It’s here.

The classic monster is here!

There were three of them… Not an overwhelming number.

What kind of monster was it?

Well, I wasn’t too worried about it being too strong.


As long as I didn’t turn into a zombie too if I got bitten by them.

If it was that kind of enemy, it would be much more annoying.

Let’s try fighting it first.



A tough enemy, as expected of a zombie.


It’s movements were slow.

Even slower than Gokame.

It’s attack power wasn’t so high either.

It’s attacks weren’t even a hit half the time.

I tried to purposefully block one of its attacks with my Tonfa, but it was just a normal punch.

There wasn’t much power behind it.


The issue was with its toughness.

Its HP bar had an amazing recovery speed.

And even with its HP bar at zero, it could still keep moving.

Its HP bar could keep regenerating even from there.


So how did I kill them?

In the case of the skeletons, there were two spirits in their skulls and in their chests.

In this case, it looked like smashing their skulls was enough.

It took some time, but Nias could take care of them too.

As long as it was a one-on-one fight


But it would definitely take time.

There was an easier way.

I tried using【Sanctify Undead】.

It was an amazing spell!


The HP bar recovery became a lot slower.

Its movements became much slower too.

And【Sanctify Undead】didn’t even cost that much MP.

A nice and easy-to-use spell!



I kept going.

More zombies.

I decided to take the opportunity to check for some weaknesses.


【Fire Magic】spells weren’t so effective.


It’s whole body looked a bit wet, so I wasn’t too surprised.


【Dark Magic】spells weren’t so good either.

But【Light Magic】spells were very nice.

Actually, I didn’t really know exactly how good they were.

They were too effective and took out their HP bars in just one hit each time.


I checked the effectiveness of other attack spells too.

But I realised that if it wasn’t a one-hit kill, it would be very tough to take them out.

They hadn’t dropped any items so far either.

Oh well.

I kept walking straight.



I was thinking that, but I quickly ended up in a hall.

Quite a big one at that.

There were five branches.

They were big branches too.

There were a few other parties standing around.

They were watching one another while they were trying to figure out which branch to go into.


What about me?

I guess I could go for the one on the very left.



But about that branch…

Were the zombies getting tougher?

A lot of them were around Lv.4.

A single shot from【Confuse Blast】was no longer enough to take them out.

It didn’t really matter since I still needed to crush their heads either way.

I tried using the Light Magic spell【Light Explosion】after using【Sanctify Undead】.

The result was utter annihilation.

But they soon got up again.

What in the world…


I only had to stab them in the head once though, so the combo was still a good one.

I could leave the finishing blow to Nias after all.


Zuiun was having trouble though.

Zuiun was completely immune to the attacks…

But there was no MP to absorb.

It was similar to Zuiun dealing with Skeletons.

Zuiun was only effective against Gremlins.

But Zuiun was no match for their mobility.

Zuiun mostly lay in wait for them, and stuck to them when they passed by.

I used【Thorn Fence】to trap the Gremlins in place too.

But there weren’t enough Gremlins…

Zuiun wasn’t very good against any of the monsters…

I would love to get some items beside pebbles from the Gremlins though.


Oh well, it was a good opportunity nonetheless.



《Summon Monster『Zuiun』Level Up!》

《Please put one point into a desired stat.》



I decided to swap out Zuiun.

I could use my attack spells to provide enough support on my own.


Oh, almost forgot!

The stat that went up with the level-up was SPI.

I put another point into VIT.



Zuiun Mist Lv5→Lv6(↑ 1)



INT 20


VIT 6(↑ 1)

SPI 19(↑ 1)



Flight Shapeshift Physical Attack Permeability MP Absorption (Slight) Dark Attribute Fire Attribute




Good job getting all the way here!

But it really wasn’t a place for Zuiun to shine.

I recalled Zuiun.

I summoned Mumyo.

Undead to fight undead.

I had a feeling Mumyo would do well.

Mumyo could use Special Skills to take care of the Gremlins too.


I really wanted to summon Gokame.

But I could do that after I was done scouting.

The footing tended to be uneven too.



I stepped out into another hall.

The ground below my feet was sandy, and the ceiling was high.

There were a few tents here and there.


Was I in some kind of Relay Portal?


I tried to set up a tent and sure enough, I could log out.



《All your Summon Monsters will be recalled. Is that alright?》


《Yes》 《No》


There was even a warning message.

Of course, I selected “No”.

It wasn’t time for me to log out yet after all.



I wanted to read more of Guren’s report.

What was waiting for me ahead…?

There were four branches. I decided to take the one on the very left again.



The time was exactly 11 am.

The cave steadfastly continued onwards.

The monsters did not change.

I tried to follow the left wall whenever I could, but I had already run into three dead ends.

In all of them, I was welcomed by a swarm of zombies.

The result was, of course, extermination.

No Mercy.

I was grateful for the opportunity to fight some monsters, but I had no idea what the point of the cave was.

I had a feeling there was a key to clearing some kind of event somewhere.




《Summon Monster『Nias』Level Up!》

《Please put one point into a desired stat.》



After clearing the fourth swarm of zombies, Nias levelled up.

All was going well.

I had a feeling that up to Lv.4, my Summon Monsters tended to grow very quickly.

May be just my imagination though.


I had been fighting with my Needlefish Spear, and it finally broke.

What was it with the Needlefish Jaw’s durability…

It had a very high Piercing Power, but its low durability was definitely worrying.


Nias’s INT stat went up with the level-up.

I put another point into AGI.



Nias Mermaid Lv3 → Lv4(↑1)

DEX 15

AGI 15(↑1)

INT 19(↑1)



SPI 16



Two-handed Spear Aquatic Shapeshift Night Vision Cursed Song Water Attribute




I continued my scouting operation with Nias.



I used【Instant Portal】at the next dead end.

It was time for lunch.

For the time being, I recalled Mumyo and summoned Bunraku.

I took a moment to repair my spear, and when I was done, the scene around me looked different.


Zombies were starting to gather around me.

Right… It was a dead end after all.

It looked like I would have to deal with a big fight after leaving the Portal.



I ate my food with Zombies crawling only a short distance away from me.

To be honest, I wasn’t a good feeling.

Bunraku had never made a tasteless dish before.

But I couldn’t enjoy the food.

The zombies really were something I had to take care of as soon as possible.


I quickly finished my meal and recalled Bunraku.

I summoned Mumyo again.


There were about 20 zombies around me.

There was some slaughtering to do.



I selected and prepared to cast【Sanctify Undead】.

I used it as soon as I left the Instant Portal.


「Sanctify Undead!」


My Summon Monsters all attacked at the same time.

There were many of them.

But the zombies I was up against were weakened.

I knocked down and crushed skulls right and left.

Tigris and Loewe used their jaws to crush heads.

Obsidian could use his beak to skewer the Zombie heads.

Nias used a spear to take out the Zombies too.


Mumyo was doing well too, smashing skulls with his Prison Guard’s Khakkara.

Mumyo was using it like a normal staff.

It wasn’t a wrong way of using it, it just looked a bit strange at times.


I tried to use my spear as much as possible.

Thrust attacks were good.

I tried to aim for the eye sockets.

The accuracy of the thrust was important, but the way I pulled back was just as important.

The Needlefish Jaws tended to break if I wasn’t careful.


I wanted to use each spear for as long as possible.



But it wasn’t all going well.

Another threat approached from behind.

Another swarm of Zombies.

Over 10 of them.

Oh no.

Nias was at the very back.



Nias seemed to notice it too.

A sound started resounding in the cave.

No, it was a song.

It was a smooth and simple melody, with just simple vowels.

It was a peaceful song…


A marker indicating an abnormal status condition was superimposed on all the red monster markers of the Zombies behind us.


That was amazing!

The markers indicated Weakening.

A similar effect to【Sanctify Undead】.

But I had to hurry.

Nias’s MP bar was at about 30% less than before.



【Light Explosion!】


I took a moment to cast an area-of-effect spell, and then released it.

The result was utter annihilation.

It was a good spell to pair with Nias’s song.

It looked like it cost a lot of MP though, so maybe not something I could use too often.



Nias would definitely come in handy against stronger undead enemies.

But for the time being, I could just use【Sanctify Undead】.

I didn’t want to put too much of a strain on Nias!



Summon Monsters:

Zuiun Mist Lv2→Lv3(↑ 1)



INT 18


VIT 23

SPI 21(↑ 1)


Flight Shapeshift Physical Attack Permeability MP Absorption (Slight) Dark Attribute

Fire Attribute



Nias Mermaid Lv3 → Lv4(↑1)

DEX 15

AGI 15(↑1)

INT 19(↑1)



SPI 16


Two-handed Spear Aquatic Shapeshift Night Vision Cursed Song Water Attribute

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