Chapter 188 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

What item drops did I get from the six Battlefish?



【Material】Battlefish Scales Raw Material Grade C Rarity 2 Weight 0+

The scales of a Battlefish. Very light but still hard.




The stuff that Nias’s bracer was made of.

But just three sheets from six Battlefish.

Oh well.



But I couldn’t complain.

I had to keep hunting.

All-out this time.

My MP bar was still doing well.

I used a strengthening spell on my Summon Monsters.

I felt bad for Obsidian and Jean, but I focused on Nias, Gokame, Rig, and myself.

Of course, it was in the name of increasing my hunting efficiency.

Or in this case, my fishing efficiency?


I tried using【Call Monster】to get some monsters.

Starfish tended to be slow, so I was mainly looking for Battlefish.

【Call Monster】told me that there were quite a few small groups of Battlefish here and there.


Well, come on!






I kept going, trying to annihilate all the Battlefish.

There were no other players around.

I could make full use of【Call Monster】.

I fought Seastar Mines while I was waiting for more Battlefish.

Seastar Mines were simple opponents once I got used to them.

Hunting them was easy.

But as always, I only got pebbles from them.


But they would become dangerous if I didn’t take them out.

A terrible thing would happen if I accidentally stepped on one of them as I was fighting other monsters.


The time was around 3 pm.

That was when I ran into a new monster!



Sand Feeder Anemone Lv.6

Monster Enemy Target Active

Battle position: Sea Floor, Ground Water Attribute



Another sea anemone!

But it was clearly smaller than the event monster.

Its movements were quite fast though.

It was still nothing compared to Nias’s speed…

But even after using strengthening spells on myself, it was still faster than me.

I wasn’t too fond of that fact.


Taking it out was easy.

It was lighter than a Battlefish, so lifting it out of the water was even easier.

The rest was up to Obsidian and Jean.


There was something else I was annoyed at though.

I only got pebbles from it.



The time was around 4 pm.

I went as far into the water as my legs would let me.

My new goal was to move on fighting monsters within the water.


I tried testing attack spells underwater…

But it didn’t go so well.

I managed to cast spells somehow.

I had to surface for a breath straight afterwards, but it was possible.

But spells were mostly only half as strong.

【Fire Magic】spells were especially ineffective.

【Earth Magic】spells were alright, but their range was cut down by a lot.

【Water Magic】spells were the most unaffected by the water, but they were weaker against Water Attribute monsters.

No good at all!

It was unexpected, but Force Bullet was completely useless.

Gravity Bullet’s range was cut down even further too.

I decided to just not use attack spells underwater.


Recovery spells and enchant spells were alright though.

What about wall spells?

They were unaffected too.

I felt like I could easily block attacks using【Stone Wall】.

The Battlefish tended to dodge at the last second though!

The timing was hard to get right, and its usefulness was rather subtle too.



I focused on supporting my Summon Monsters with my spells.

There were no problems on that front.

But there was something else that was changing.


The tide was going back down.

I was fighting with the water up to my chest, but at some point, the water had gone down to my waist.

I could see the staircase that I first used to enter the cave.

I could probably swim back to it.


I didn’t feel like calling it a day yet though.



By the way.

I finally got a proper item from a Seastar Mine.

It looked like this:



【Material】Mabe Pearl Grade D+ Rarity 3 Weight 0+

A pearl produced by a penguin’s wing oyster. Hemispherical with a cream colour.

Large, drop-shaped pearls are more likely to sell for a high price.



It didn’t look too important.

But I got a faint hope after reading the text.

It seemed like a rare item, but it would be worth fighting Seastar Mines for.

I checked for Seastar Mines with【Call Monster】.

I felt like there were more of them the deeper the water.

I would have to make good use of the time before the tide receded completely.






《【Space-time Magic】Level Up!》

《【Swim】Level Up!》



The time was close to 6 pm.

【Swim】got a level-up too.

But I didn’t get any more Mabe Pearls.


There was also another change to the hall.

About half of the seawater in the cave was already gone.

I could easily return to the stairs I first used to enter the cave.


Well, it was a good time to head back.

I re-equipped my armour on the stairs, and put away my spear.

A Tonfa in my left hand.

A Vajra Sword in my right.

I set the Vajra Sword to【Lava Magic】.


I recalled Obsidian and Rig.

I summoned Tigris and Loewe.

The water was really starting to disappear.

Tigris and Loewe could probably fight without getting wet.



The next monster that appeared didn’t look too different.

Or was it just my imagination?

I confirmed it.

Zombies and Sand Feeder Anemones.

There were some Dust Feeder Anemones too.

The issue was with their numbers.

There were far too many of them.


The zombies were especially amazing.

They were all high-level monsters too.

The lowest-level zombie was Lv.3, and I even saw one at Lv.7.

I had to use【Sanctify Undead】a lot.



【Sanctify Undead】really was an amazing spell.

But even when weakened, they were pretty annoying to deal with.

Lowering their HP bar was alright…

But I needed multiple hits to crush their skulls.

My tonfa strikes were usually not enough.

I had to come up with a more effective method of attack.


A more extreme method.


I tried stabbing both my tonfa and my Vajra sword into their eye sockets.

When they were a bit too erratic in their movements, I tried sweeping their feet and stepping on their throats first.

I couldn’t hold back.

I had to completely destroy the inside of their skulls in one go.


I had to take Tigris and Loewe as an example!

They could tear off the whole head off the neck.

Along with crush the skull into bits in their jaws.

It was fantastic.


Gokame looked like he didn’t really care.

The Zombie attacks did nothing to him.

But close-up, Gokame could break the zombies’ shins, and then slowly get on top of them.

Of course, it was to deliver further attacks to the skull and finish off the zombies.

Gokame went at it slowly but surely.

The sight was strangely calming.


Nias managed somehow.

She was continually thrusting her spear at the face of the nearest Zombie.

It was an effective strategy.

But there was still the possibility of getting overwhelmed.

Jean was there to help with that.

Jean assaulted other Zombies around Nias to keep them busy.


「Light Explosion!」


I used an area-of-effect attack spell.

The HP bars of the zombies around me all dropped down.

They were all quickly eliminated afterwards.

It took time and effort to take them out, but at the end of the day, they were zombies.

They put up a good fight though.



I may have gotten too fixated on hunting zombies.

Next on my list were Sand Feeder Anemones.

I wanted to hunt them too.




I used【Call Monster】and completely annihilated all the Sand Feeder Anemones in the room.

But all I got were pebbles.

No matter how many times I checked for item drops, I only got pebbles.

What is this…

Well, I wasn’t too upset.

What else was there to do?

The time was just past 7 pm.

I could return to the beach for a meal.

I had to replenish my supply of Needlefish Jaws too.

I only had a few of them left.

I recalled Gokame and summoned Heather.

Let’s get going.



Players were still fighting Sand Roaches on the beach.

I used【Instant Portal】in one corner of the beach.

It was already a bit late.

But it was my own fault for getting too absorbed into hunting in the cave.

I still had a few ingredients, but no vegetables.

I had no choice but to let Bunraku work with what I had.

The dish would be mainly fish.

Nias was holding one in her hand.


I would have to buy more ingredients in the port town nearby.


I recalled Tigris and Loewe and summoned Bunraku and Gokame.


How many Needlefish Jaws would I need.

Well, it wouldn’t hurt to have more, but…

10 would be good for the time being.

It would be a nice goal.


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