Chapter 190 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

「Practiced Spirit!」

I immediately started casting a spell.

Which one was I going to take on?

The Un-gyo on the right.

I left the A-gyo on the right to my Summoned Monsters.

I looked at the Ryutoki in front of me.

Fire Attribute, huh.

It had a Lava Attribute too.

How would the fight go?

The Ryutoki was crossing its arms.

But soon, its stance changed.

The snake wrapped around its neck raised its head.

Was it really a snake?

It looked like a dragon.

Well, what I had to do didn’t change

My goal was to use my Black Rope to restrain it.

I endured as many attacks as I could with my tonfa in my left hand.

But it suddenly shot out a breath of fire.

That snake… Or dragon?

In any case, I was grateful that I was used to fighting Dragon Puppies.

Its fire breath didn’t cover the whole room.

It was very tough, but I managed to dodge it.

But after I dodged, it immediately closed the distance with a slide.

「Resist Fire!」

While I kept moving away, I used a resist spell on Nias.

I selected my next spell.

The fight was really keeping me busy.

I closed the distance too, up to the point where I could look up at it.

I was aiming for its legs.

An ankle joint lock.

While holding my tonfa in my left hand, I grabbed the Ryutoki’s right ankle.

I pulled on the Achilles tendon.

While delivering kicks to its crotch, I flipped it over.

With a punch to the Ryutoki’s left knee, I swept its left leg from under it.

Just like that, it lost its balance

The Ryutoki fell over.

I quickly wrapped my Black Rope around its left leg.

But I had to keep going.

I grabbed both its Achilles tendons to prevent the Ryutoki from wrapping its legs around me.

The dragon around its neck tried to bite me, but I hit it with my tonfa and tied it up.

I kept up my scarf hold.

Of course, just keeping it down wasn’t my end goal.

I had to start tying it up!

I wrapped my Black Rope several times around its neck and its arms.

I ignored its struggles.

I only had a limited time to completely disable it.

「Enchanted Aqua!」

I strengthened Goki.

But I didn’t have the freedom to check in on them.

The Ryutoki came first.

Flames were already starting to flare up around my Black Rope.

But they didn’t do much damage.

The Ryutoki’s HP bar was still at over 90%.

But I kept going.

After tying up its left arm, I aimed for its right.

I moved from a scarf choke into the north-south position.

While I was shifting about, the Ryutoki’s right leg shot at me, but I managed to stop it somehow.

A moment later, its right fist was approaching my face.

I narrowly managed to avoid it.

It scratched me a little bit though.

But that gave me an opportunity.

I grabbed its right arm and put the elbow joint in a lock.

If I could disable its right arm, the fight would be over.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

A pain ran up my right thigh.

It hurt.

It really hurt!

It bit me!

I pulled my Tokkosho out of my belt

I shifted my balance so I could get around its right arm.

The moment I could, I pressed my Tokkosho into its right eye.

I activated the blade.

Ice immediately pierced out of the Ryutoki’s head.

Its HP bar dropped by a large amount.

But even then, it still had about half remaining.

I pulled out the blade and got ready to stab it in again.

This time, through the ears.

Again, ice shot out from the blade.

With that, the Ryutoki’s HP bar fell to zero.

Did I manage to take it out?

I pulled out the Tokkosho.

It definitely looked dead.

What about the Tentoki?

It was still struggling.

My Summoned Monsters looked exhausted too.

Ninetails was in charge of recovery.

But at the same time, Ninetails could do a lot of damage too.


The Tentoki shouted.

No, it looked like a fiery breath too.

My Summoned Monsters took some damage.

But it wasn’t fatal to any of them.

Obsidian dodged it completely.

But it was a skill I couldn’t overlook.

Nias’s HP bar was reduced to nearly half!

Of course, I took part in the fight too.

But as soon as I was about to jump in, Tigris caused my feet to stop.


The Tentoki stopped.

At that moment, my Summoned Monsters all concentrated their attacks.

I did the same.

Slipping behind the Tentoki, I performed a naked choke.

I stuck my Tokkosho into one of its ears.

Ice burst out of the Tentoki’s head.

In just a moment, its HP bar dropped by a large amount.

I pulled out the sword and stepped back.

Nias held her spear and stood at a distance with me.

But quickly, she dashed forward and stabbed it in the chest one final time.

The Tentoki was taken out.

《The hidden are malicious.》

《The hidden are lustful.》

《If thou willest to avoid evil, walk in the light.》

《Cursed be the evil.》

《It must be destroyed.》

Was that all?

It looked like that was all.

But really…

In terms of physical strength, the Deva Kings were a lot stronger.

But considering the amount of fire it tended to spew out, they were actually as annoying as Wendigos or Sasquatches to deal with.

I was glad I got the opportunity to strengthen my Summoned Monsters beforehand.

《【Sword】 Level Up!》

《【Rope Artes】 Level Up!》

《【Evade】 Level Up!》

《【Block】 Level Up!》

《【Ropework】 Level Up!》

《【Acrobatics】 Level Up!》

I got a lot of level-ups.

It was a good harvest.

The only downside was that Nias’s HP bar wasn’t looking so good.


「Wait, wasn’t that guy stronger than before?  Did it go through some kind of Class Change?」

「Is that the legendary Tokkosho…?」

「And that rope…」

Everyone except Joji and Jirou looked very excited.

I didn’t know how to answer.

「Calm Down!  We’re not even in the Relay Portal yet!」

Jirou barked out a command, and everyone fell silent.


「Well, it’s still a little early, but let’s have lunch.」

Everyone nodded at Joji’s offer.

The time was 11:20 AM.

It certainly was a good time.

The Relay Portal was wide.

About the same size as the Relay Portal the Deva Kings were guarding.

There were a few tents already set up.

It looked like there were already a few other players making the Relay Portal their base.

But there weren’t very many of them.

As soon as I entered the Relay Portal, my HP bar started naturally recovering.

In my case, I could’ve used a potion, but Tigris and Nias needed recovery spells.

That demon…

It did quite a number on me.

「I’ll prepare lunch for you Keith.」

「Would that be okay?」

「Well, you are here doing a favour for us anyway.  It’ll take about 20 minutes.」

「Got it.」

Muneo and Jirou took turns cooking, and some players from their party took the time to log out too.


I had some time to take care of my own business.

I gave Nias the spear I just made.

A Swordfish Spear.

The shaft was made from Hell’s Latch wood.

I should have given it to her sooner.

I regretted it a bit.

I took Nias’s spear and took it apart.

The shaft was made from Kaya wood, and an obsidian stone was used to keep the spearhead in place.


I could use Kaya wood for arrows.

I had already used half of the Hell’s latch wood.

From now on, I had to be more sparing with it.

It would be nice to get more too.

【Weapon: Spear】 Swordfish Spear+ Grade C+ Rarity 4

AP+15 M・AP+0 Power 3 Weight 2 Durability 190

Attack Hit Rate Increase [Slight]

A spear with a Swordfish Horn as its spearhead.

There is no blade and therefore cannot be used for cutting.

The shaft is a Capture Rod of Torture, and so does not contribute to magic casting.

It is light and easy to handle for its size.

While slight, it has a slight boost to accuracy.


I thought the items would be exactly the same, but the new spear had a slightly lower durability.

Well, that was fine.

I could probably get it repaired somewhere.

I wasn’t too concerned about durability during the tournament, because they would always repair armour at the end of each fight.

But now I had to be careful with how I used my equipment.

Goki’s sword, especially, would need some maintenance soon.

I used 【Liquid: Water】 and a whetstone to sharpen the blade.

The blade was clearly chipped in several locations.

I made a mental note to get it properly repaired by an Alchemist.

Wait, I had 【Alchemy】 skills too.

I recalled the magic equipment-repairing carpet at the tournament.

I felt like making a carpet like that wouldn’t be too difficult.

I had better ask Master about it.

Maybe even Gelta?

I was a bit afraid to ask.

Maybe I could ask an Alchemist in Fiona’s guild.

Maybe Helga?

Well, I could ask at the next opportunity.

It wasn’t just Goki’s sword, but his equipment too that needed maintenance.

And not just Goki’s equipment, but my other Summoned Monsters’ equipment too.

I was progressing through the game with a lot of momentum.

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