Chapter 190 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes


Ninetails stood next to Jirou, who was looking over the hall.


Even after the Class Change Ninetails was still the same!

We started eating once everyone logged back in.

What was on the menu?

A fisherman’s meal.

A hot pot meal.

It was with a lot of western ingredients, but it still felt like a Japanese meal.

It was delicious.

While we ate, we chatted some more too.

I got asked a lot of questions.

But for a lot of them, I didn’t know much more than they did.

I got a lot of new information too.

There were two branches at the back of the Relay Portal, and more demons would be waiting.

Miasma Demons.

Monster similar to Haunted Mists.

Physical attacks would be useless, and we would have to use spells.

Hunger Demons.

Demons that specialise in biting attacks.

They were apparently small fry, but they would still be annoying.

And lastly, five coloured demons.

Monsters similar to the Gozu and Mezu in the other cave.

In the rooms where they spawn, they tended to respawn between 10 minutes and an hour.

Out of the five possible colours, only two would spawn at a time.

Red, blue, yellow, green, and black.

But their names were especially interesting.

Greed Demon, Wrath Demon, Ego Demon, Sloth Demon, and Mockery Demon

It was tough to figure out the relationship.

I could just identify them by colour.

I was told that there might be a white demon too, but that it was just a rumour.

Some of the demons were even strangely deformed.

I was shown some pictures, and they were not pleasant to look at.

It felt like I was reading a comic.

But I wasn’t scared at all.

Sometimes the horns of the demons were kind of charming

Some of them apparently could take Magic Stones for healing your MP bar.

How kind of them?

It still felt like a strange exchange.

More terrifying than anything else though, was the Hyakki Yagyo.

An amalgamation of several demons in one, even one of them would be difficult to fight.

Not a single party had ever survived a fight against one of them.

「I heard it likes to slip through cracks in the walls to ambush random parties.」

「The time at which it appears is very fixed though, so as long as we’re not here between 1am and 3am we’re good.」

「It apparently appears in the northeast and moved down to the southwest of the cave.  From one gate to another.」


A fixed pattern?

Still, fighting it seemed very difficult.

A party that Jirou and Joji were close to were completely wiped out before.

It definitely was a terrible enemy.

「Anyway, let’s get going.」

「From here on out, let’s use【Night Vision】.」


The rest of the cave before us was still unknown territory to me.

The time was 12:30 pm.

There were several other parties past the Relay Portal.

Some were fighting, but we didn’t have the freedom to watch them.

I used【Night Vision】on everyone who needed it.

What was waiting for us?

I was sure it would be new sights for me.

The hall we were in had only one exit.

But that one exit soon broke into two branches.

We took the branch on the left.

The branch on the right was apparently a lot more confusing to move through.

「This side is longer but at least it’s not a maze.」

「It’s just a series of monster fights.」

It sounded like they were complaining, but I was definitely looking forward to fighting new monsters

Yep, it definitely had to be the same for them.

Suzuran suddenly stopped and raised one of her hands.


「Already at a spawn point, huh.」

It was far away, but it definitely seemed like a demon was there.

It had a large stature similar to a Gozu or Mezu.

One of them was red.

The other was blue.

I couldn’t see their expressions but their bodies were amazing.

They seemed very strong

「We’ll go on ahead, would that be okay?」

「Please do.」

I could spend the first fight just watching.

I was wondering what kind of monster those demons were.


「Take this!」

「Take that!」

With a series of shouts, the fishermen dashed forward.

Their fighting style was actually very simple.

Just a repetition of what they did at the tournament?

But they were clearly fighting seriously.

They used their nets to skillfully restrict the demons’ movements.

They were a lot less threatening with nets covering them.

But that didn’t mean they were made completely harmless.

Watching the demons struggle was pretty scary.

Well, there was no way they could completely cause a monster that strong to stop moving with just nets.

I used【Identify】on the monsters.

Greed Demon Lv.4

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground

Wrath Demon Lv.4

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground

Their weapons were short and thick staffs.

They looked less like staffs and more like clubs.

With Joji and Jirou in the front, they took on both of the demons at the same time.

The fight was difficult at first, but as more nets were thrown at the demons, they slowly managed to gain the upper hand.

The fight got even easier once it was only one against six.

It was a relatively quick battle

The demons disappeared, leaving nothing.

But that wasn’t a big surprise.

「Well, I more or less expected that.」

「Just one more until we reach a really troublesome point.」

「I see.」

「There’s one in the other branch from earlier too. There’s definitely more than 10 in this branch…」

「I heard there were at least 14 points in the other branch.」

Muneo kept walking while he looked at virtual window.

16 points in total.

Similar to the Gozu and Mezu spawn points.

「Can I try fighting the next pair?」

「Of course.」

But before that.

Other monsters attacked us.

Miasma Demons.

Miasma Demon Lv.2

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Air

A lot of them.

20 or more.

But compared to a Haunted Mist, they were quite easy to take out.

That was, if the attacks hit.

If the attacks hit, it would go down in one shot.

Goki still needed【Enchanted Weapon】to deal damage, and it was still an annoying opponent.

It was fast.

That was what made it difficult.

「Enchanted Weapon!」

Mikhailov assisted from the back.

Even the other party in the back could help out.

The Miasma Demons approached from the walls and the ceiling

What a mess.

Nias’s voice resounded around the cave.

It was a calm melody.

What did it do to the demons?

Their movements seemed to be getting duller.

Red markers started disappearing.

A few seconds later, the whole swarm was taken care of.

I was thinking of using an area-of-effect attack spell, but I didn’t need it.

「What was that!?  How many of them were there!?」

「We’ve never run into more than five at a time.」

「Maybe because we’re in a Union?」

「Even then, the fights are really difficult.」

「Really can’t get careless.」

The Miasma Demons didn’t leave anything behind.

But apparently, they had a low chance of dropping Magic Stones.

But really…

Everyone was panicking a lot more than necessary.

There really weren’t that many of them.

I had gotten my entire vision covered in red markers before.

Maybe I was just used to it?

I felt like I was heading in a bad direction though.

「But really…」

「That mermaid’s song is really powerful!」

「She’s really a lifesaver.」


Nias couldn’t talk.

She just smiled lightly.

「We might run into more troublesome monsters from here on out.  We have to be more careful.」

「Got it.」

Suzuran gave a short response.

Suzuran took the lead again, but she was clearly going slower.

The cave gradually became wider.

We were attacked by Miasma Demons two more times after that.

Both times by swarms of three.

It seemed like that swarm of 20 from earlier really was rare.

We also ran into a new demon.

Although it looked more like a zombie than a demon.

Hunger Demon Lv.2

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground

It looked terrible.

But it was weak.


「Small swarm but don’t get careless!  Go all out!」

It was a swarm of about 30 monsters.

Did they just call it small?

The Hunger Demons also had one special skill on them.

They were immune to spells.

No, not immune, but highly resistant.

Area-of-effect spells weren’t so effective on them.

I tried using one, and it only took off 10% of their HP bars.

But with my tonfas, I could take one out in three strikes.

It was relatively fast, but not to the point where the fights were getting difficult.

I shouldn’t have wasted a spell.

Hand-to-hand combat was easier for me anyway.

Nias could take them on by themselves, but not with many at the same time.

But Goki was standing in front of Nias, guarding her with his shield, and Ninetails was sitting on Nias’s shoulder.

I wasn’t worried.

Tigris was actually having an easy time.

In the time I took out four demons, Tigris had already taken out 11.

Tigris was good against Hunger Demons.

And also…

I started to understand why everyone in the back was using bows and arrows.

Fighting them in close range was difficult too.

「They usually don’t leave anything except pebbles.」


「But rarely they can drop gemstones too.  Just in case, it’s best to try and collect all the item drops.」

But all we got were more than 30 pebbles.


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