Chapter 192 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Author’s note: Longer Chapter


I recalled Jericho and went back through the underwater tunnel.

But I got a hint from that small conversation.

The demons in the cave probably had something to do with it.

I quickly swam back.

I walked back to the point where I last ran into the coloured demons.



I almost forgot to change up my team.



Leaving Nias…

I recalled everyone else.

To fill the scouting role, I summoned Volff and Obsidian.

To fight in the front, I summoned Tigris and Senki.

It seemed like all the monsters in the cave loved to fight in close range.

I loved fighting that way too.

And I knew Senki loved it just as much.


Senki would be a good choice.


Now, onto the hunt.

It was demon extermination time.




Greed Demon Lv.6

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground



Wrath Demon Lv.6

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground



The first pair I ran into were a familiar pair.

The red demon was a Greed Demon, the blue demon was a Wrath Demon.

Well then.

I strengthened my team with spells.

There was nothing left to do other than just attack.




The fight ended, and I learnt something very important.

Those staffs… Or rather clubs were very nice.

Although they seemed a lot stronger when fighting barehanded.

Even then, I liked fighting them that way a lot better.


Either way, I could take them down pretty easily.


The blue demon was a lot weaker than a Mezu.

But its movements were a lot nimbler.

But still, I may have used too many strengthening spells.

It was very tough to figure out how much I would need for each fight.

They were definitely easier than the 12 Heavenly Generals.

And the pair of demons were of similar difficulty.


Nothing compared to a Dragon Puppy.


While the two demons were similar, the red demon was slightly different too.

It still tried to beat the strengthened Senki in a wrestling match.

It fought in a fighting style very similar to that of a Gozu or Mezu, but it was slightly faster.

To be honest, beating it while taking next to no damage was kind of disappointing.

They were weak.


But the demons left something behind?

Small crystal balls? Gems?

There were 2 of them.

I couldn’t use【Identify】on them.


A word was floating on top of each crystal gem.

One of them said “Righteousness”.

The other said “Virtue”.


Was this it?

Were these the orbs the ghosts were talking about?

I picked them up and stored them in an《Item Box》.

I checked the map Muneo gave me.

I used【Magnetic Compass】too.


There were still a lot of other spawn points I hadn’t found yet.

It was time for more exploration.



《Summon Monster『Volff』Level Up!》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》



My demon extermination quest continued smoothly.

Not as smoothly as Momotaro’s quest though.

Of the 10 points I managed to visit afterwards, I ran into four of the five coloured demons.

I hadn’t encountered a black one yet.


Oops, almost forgot.

The stat that went up with the level-up was AGI.

I put another point into STR.



Volff Grey Wolf Lv5→Lv6(↑1)

DEX 13

AGI 31(↑1)

INT 13

STR 17(↑1)

VIT 22

SPI 13



Bite Dash Threaten Divine Hearing Sense Danger Pursue Night Vision Conceal





I encountered a lot of red demons!

I ran into red demons most frequently, followed by blue, yellow, and most rarely, green demons.

I picked up two gemstones reading “Righteousness” and “Virtue” from the first pair of demons.

But since then, neither the red demons nor the blue demons dropped anything else.


But the yellow demon, or Ego Demon, did.

It left a gem reading “Thankfulness”.

The next gem was from a green demon, or Sloth Demon.

It left a gem reading “Obedience”.

Even after going back and defeating the demons at the spawn points again, they wouldn’t drop anything.

Nothing at all…


I guess I would have to wait for a black demon.


While looking at my map, I moved from point to point.

But my exploration didn’t go according to plan.

I decided to take a dinner break.



I took down another pair of red and blue demons and opened an【Instant Portal】.

I recalled Volff and summoned Bunraku.

While I waited for Bunraku to finish a meal, I lined up the gemstones.



As I looked at the gems, something came to mind.

An old classic Japanese story, Nansou Satomi Hakkenden

In the story, I remembered there were eight orbs of different virtues…

Was I looking at a parody of that?

No, a rip-off?

A homage?

An inspiration?

A reference?

Well, it didn’t really matter what it was.


Point is, there were probably four more gems I had to find.



I quickly ate the meal Bunraku made.

Fast food wasn’t healthy, but I wasn’t in a position to worry about health in a game!

I recalled Bunraku and summoned Loewe.

I had a good feeling of the cave’s layout now.

I could take more opportunities to train my Summon Monsters.

The time was 7 pm.

I still had plenty of time.





Ego Demon Lv.5

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Earth Attribute



Mockery Demon Lv.5

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Dark Attribute




I didn’t have to change up my strategy, and ran into a black demon quite soon afterwards anyway.

Its pair was a yellow demon.

My Summon Monsters had already taken care of a lot of yellow demons before.

I decided to take on the black demon myself.

It wasn’t the first disappearing monster I’d run into.

I recalled the Kobold Assassin.


I didn’t know if it would work, but I tried to adapt my strategy from then to fight the black demon.





I used a spell before fighting the two demons.

The room was bathed in light.

Several shadows appeared.


It looked like the strategy would work.

I chose and started casting a spell.

From the beginning, I was aiming for the black demon.


I was aiming to tie it up with my Black Rope.

But right before my rope hit it, it disappeared.

It completely disappeared.

But I could still see where it was.

I was looking at its feet.

More precisely…

I was looking at its shadow.



「Cursed Shadow!」


I released a【Dark Magic】spell.

It was a Lv.10 attack spell.

As long as I could catch its shadow, I could do damage.

Its shadow was ripped apart.

The black demon showed itself again.

Its HP bar was noticeably lower.

It was standing up straight.

I closed in on it with my rope.

I didn’t even get to look at its face before I took it down.

But I was sure it had a nice face.


The black demon dropped a gem reading “Piety”.

Just three left.


I managed to visit all the spawn points of the coloured demons.

Would I have to backtrack?

I had a feeling that there was a high chance I would have to fight a lot of the demons again, whether to find my way around, or to get the other gems.

But there was no way around it.

I decided to just focus on all the experience I could gain.





Greed Demon Lv.6

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground



Severity Demon Lv.6

Phantom Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground



After beating several more demons, I ran into a white demon.

It was my first time fighting it.

And what was I to do in that situation?

I had to give it my all.



I left my Summon Monsters to its pair, a red demon.

What kind of demon would it be?

First of all, it was fast.

But it was still powerful.

Its weapon was a staff, but not as thick as those belonging to the other demons.

It had a nice balance of length and thickness.

How were its skills?


It was definitely the most skilled at using its weapon out of all the demons I had faced thus far.



In other words, it was a formidable enemy.

I was glad I took precautions and used strengthening spells on myself beforehand.


「Pulse Laser Burst!」


Did the white demon’s HP bar go down?

I had a feeling it went down…

About 60% left.

But in the next moment, its HP bar jumped back up to 80%.


Was that some kind of special skill…?

No, while it was moving, its HP bar remained constant.

I used【Pulse Laser Burst】again.

The white demon stopped after it was hit, and in that moment, its HP bar recovered.

I see…

I had a decent idea of how the white demon’s special skill worked.

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