Chapter 192 – Part 3

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes


The Tentoki and Ryutoki dropped more Hell’s Latch!

I had to take the opportunity to farm these monsters.

But it wouldn’t be that easy.

Even after taking down more pairs of Tentoki and Ryutoki Generals, they didn’t drop anything.

It looked like it was the same pattern as for when I first got my Vajra Swords.

What a shame.

I kept fighting.

They were pretty similar to the Deva Kings.

Although the changes in level were much more noticeable here.

The Ryutoki and Tentoki went from Lv.1 to Lv.7.

From Lv.1 to 3, they would always drop Magic Stones.

From Lv.4 to 7, they had a low chance of dropping Jailkeeper’s Bracelets.

And then, the Tentoki and Ryutoki Generals.

I managed to fight all the way to the Lv.5 variants, but only the Lv.1 pair dropped the Hell’s Latch.

Ah, almost forgot my original purpose of returning to the Relay Portal.

I had to look for the gems.

What other demons were in the cave…?

Miasma Demons?

No way.

I had already taken out countless numbers of them, and none of them dropped anything.



I had taken out many of them too, without getting anything.

What else?


The kind demons?

The ones who would restore my MP bar in exchange for Magic Stones?

I wonder where they could be…

I returned to the Relay Portal.

I was planning on moving from coloured demon spawn point to spawn point again…

But salvation came from an unexpected place.

I saw some familiar-looking players.

A man of medium height.

He was taking a crab with him.

A crab.

Along with a beautiful woman who had a different aura to Nias.

A mermaid.

The mermaid looked kind of intimidating.

But she still had a very sweet-looking expression.

She was beautiful.

Her equipment was similar to Nias’s too.

There was one other Summon Monster he had with him.

A wolf.

It was probably doing scout duties.

But more than that…

What was his name again?

I felt like I knew it, but I didn’t at the same time.

「Wait, what???」


「Huh? Is that you, Keith?」

「Yeah, well…」

「And you have a Mermaid?」

「Ah, yeah I summoned her some time ago…」


For a moment, he looked entranced with Nias.

His mermaid and Nias exchanged glances and probably silently exchanged greetings.

It felt like telepathy.

「Are you doing some exploring here right now?」

「Yep, and I was thinking of levelling my mermaid up too.」

「Ah I see… There’s a lot of underwater fighting mermaids can do here, after all.」

「What about you? Exploration?」

「Well, yeah.  I was just about to head back to the port town though.」


I had to ask now or never.

I continued the conversation.

I got his name while we talked.


He was waiting for another Summoner.

His name was Nonomura.


I’d heard those names at the summoner meetup before.

I realised he had very important information on him.

He knew where the kind demons were.

It was only recently that he was able to confirm his hypothesis.

The information had not even been posted on the forums yet.

「It appears between 10pm and 11pm, along with between 4pm and 5pm.」

「And they appear where the coloured demons spawn?」

「Yep, although apparently, it won’t appear if your MP bar isn’t below a certain point?」

「That is something difficult to prove though.」


But it was still valuable information.

My MP bar was at about 40%.

The time was 8:30 pm.

My MP bar was at a low point after fighting the Tentoki and Ryutoki over and over again.

We exchanged other information too.

We talked about the Hyakki Yagyo too.

I knew that the time at which it spawned was already public knowledge, but I didn’t know that the place where it spawned was known too.

Referencing the map Muneo gave me, it was on the north-east gate.

It would appear at the demon gate.

After chatting some more, he told me his summoner friend had just logged in.


He had apparently summoned a mermaid too.

His mermaid was apparently closer to cute than beautiful.


I somehow understood what he was talking about.

We spent a lot of time admiring each other’s mermaids.

A strange sense of solidarity was born from that.

He seemed like he wanted to hurry on back to the port town

But we talked about one last thing before he had to go.

Acala, the Wisdom King.

He seemed very curious, but he really had to get going.

Oh well…

For the time being, I could only focus on reducing my MP bar as much as I could.

At the exit to the cave, we exchanged goodbyes.

It would be nice if we could meet again sometime.

We were fellow mermaid fans after all.

I continued to grind experience points fighting Tentoki and Ryutoki.

At some point, it turned into a routine.

I didn’t want to monopolise the spawn point.

I looked behind me to see if anyone was waiting to fight the pair, but there was nobody around besides some players who were just watching me.

The time was after 9pm.

My MP bar was still at around 30%.

Oh no…

My MP bar was dropping a lot slower than I expected.

I tried to use strengthening spells whenever I could.

As much as possible, I used attack spells too.

My fights were getting flashier.

But I wasn’t in a position to care about that or the onlookers.

《【Light Magic】Level Up!》  》

《【Dark Magic】Level Up!》  》

《【Speedcasting】Level Up!》  》

《Summon Monster『Senki』Level Up!》 》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》


One of my demons got a level-up fighting demons.

Senki was an ogre though.


The stat that went up with the level-up was AGI.

I put another point into DEX.

Senki Lesser Ogre Lv3→Lv4(↑1)

DEX 12(↑1)

AGI 21(↑1)


STR 29

VIT 29



Punch Kick Throw Object Block Evade Climb Throw Self Regeneration [Slight]


I took the opportunity to swap out Senki.

It was probably going to make my fights more difficult.

But that wasn’t a bad thing.

I summoned Taylor.

I was using strengthening spells anyway.

I had Tigris, Creep, and Taylor in the front.

Nias in the back, along with Zuiun.

I could make do somehow.

I was sure it would turn out well.

I had managed to accumulate a good number of Magic Stones fighting the Ryutoki and Tentoki over and over again.

But I didn’t get any more Hell’s Latches.

Well, it was a rare item…

《【Earth Magic】Level Up!》  》

《【Disassembly】Level Up!》  》

《Summon Monster『Taylor』Level Up!》 》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

I kept fighting.

It was soon about to be 10 pm.

My MP bar was well below 20%.

Almost 10%

How long had I been in here for already…?


Taylor levelled up too.

I had to take care of that.

The stat that went up with the level-up was STR.

I put another point into AGI.

Taylor Big Crab Lv2→Lv3(↑1)

DEX 10

AGI 7(↑1)


STR 26(↑1)

VIT 21



Pincer Strike Aquatic Earth Resistance Water Resistance

Taylor’s level-ups made sense.

At every level, Taylor would moult his shell.

The new shell would become Taylor’s new armour.

Taylor wasn’t a soft-shell crab for long.

It quickly hardened.

It might have been just my imagination, but Taylor seemed bigger too.

It was terrifying, really thinking about it.

It was a pity that Taylor didn’t drop his shell.

I would have loved to make myself some crab armour.

In any case, I was grateful for the level-up.

I recalled Taylor.

I summoned Loewe.

It would be easier to move around with Loewe.

I took a break and headed back to the Relay Portal.

I heard a sigh from some of the other players who were watching me.

What do you mean? I’m not fighting these guys for show, you know!

Suruga was right.

A pair of demons was at one of the coloured demon spawn points.

But its marker wasn’t red.

It had a yellow marker.

Gomaki Lv.2

Phantom Passive

Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

Chobukuki Lv.2

Phantom Passive

Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

A big red demon that looked like a sumo wrestler.

Gomaki, huh…

The other demon was a slender, tall blue demon.


The two of them looked kind of funny together.

Both of them had gentle faces.

But they were big.

Bigger than any of the other demons in the cave.

The red demon was big in the horizontal direction, while the blue demon was big in the vertical direction.


Which one should I approach?

Well, thinking about it too much wouldn’t help me.

The two demons both had thick clubs.

The thick clubs would have made them look scary…

But they also had pants of tiger skin.

Yep, they were demons.

Without a doubt, they were demons.

Just like the kind you would see in a picture book.

They weren’t scary per se.

But their eyes looked familiar.

They reminded me of something…

They looked like Ninetails’s eyes when he was looking at honey.


Should I hand over a Magic Stone?

I took a Magic Stone from my《Item Box》and presented it to the red demon.


It started jumping up and down like a child!

I handed over the Magic Stone.


The blue demon looked rather sad.


「You want one too?」

I didn’t think it could understand my words, but I spoke to it anyway as I grabbed another Magic Stone from my《Item Box》.

I put it in my palm and presented it to it.

I kind of felt like I was giving pocket money to children.

The two demons frolicked together.

It was kind of sweet in a way.

The two demons bowed at me.

And next, they were strangely beckoning me?

There was something in the blue demon’s hand.

It wasn’t the Magic Stone I gave it…

It was a gemstone.

The red demon patted me on my head, and my MP bar was fully recovered.


That’s amazing!

The blue demon gave me the gem.

There was a word written on it.

It read, “Faithfulness”.

Just one left, huh.

I would’ve loved to get both of them from them.

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