Chapter 193 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I logged in.

The time was just 11am.

It was already almost noon!

The day before was probably the longest I was online for.

Wait, not the day before… Earlier in the morning?



《Your friends have sent you 3 messages.》



They were from Lambda, Adele, and Irina.


I summoned Bunraku and let him cook breakfast.

I could take my time reading the messages.


First one up was Lambda’s message.


《Hello, how have you been?  I’m having a hard time finding information on my revenge targets, but I’m slowly getting there.》


Oh, I see…

Well, if it was too easy it would be worrying too.


『I’ve used【Discern】to find some summoners switch to PK jobs too. I’ll attach their info.』



Summoner PK?

Well, it honestly wasn’t that surprising.


I opened up the attached file and opened it up in a virtual window.

Job, Black Summoner.

Racial Lv.9.

The name was Leonora.

A woman?

Lambda sent over results for a wolf, a bat, and a tiger too.


I couldn’t be sure the names were real… There was that【Disguise】skill after all.

Thinking about it, I hadn’t encountered any PK players in a while…

Wait… Were they avoiding me?


Even though I was treating them so kindly…

I would love to have some PK players attack me.



Oops, next message.

What was Adele’s message?


『My【Summon Magic】levelled up so I have a new friend now! It’s the Red Fox Fo-chan!』


Oh, I see…

It was her second Red Fox.

I had a feeling she wanted to build an army.

I just knew it!

The attached screenshot showed Adele playing with two foxes.

I wanted to interrupt through the picture and ask her why she loved animals so much.

But I could leave that to Irina.



Speaking of Irina…

Yep, I had a hunch what her message was going to be about.


『My【Summon Magic】levelled up, so here’s an addition. This is the fairy Shirley.』


You too?

Well it kind of made sense since there were two possible Class Changes.

It took me a lot of effort to force myself to accept that reasoning though.

I took a look at the attached screenshot, but really…


The two of them were really enjoying themselves to the full.



The meal Bunraku made me consisted of bread and soup.

It was a simple menu, but a big one.

It was essentially brunch, so it made sense, but I was surprised at how quickly I could finish it.

It probably wasn’t healthy to eat so quickly.

But it was just too delicious!



In any case, it was time for me to head out.

What was first on my agenda?

The eight statues around Acala.

At some point, it became possible for me to challenge them.

Since the option was open, I was planning on trying it.


But what about my team?

It was a very narrow room for a brawl.

Obsidian and Jean had a lot of trouble just flying around.

The fight would probably not be so suited to my more mobile Summon Monsters.


I wanted to build up my Summon Monsters, but it probably wasn’t a good idea to lower my fighting power from the beginning.


It was a very tough choice, but…


I put Jericho, Goki, and Loewe in the front.

Heather and Zuiun in the back.

I went with that.



I could start from the statue to the left of the statue of Acala?

Prince Konngara… In the statue’s right eye the gem read “Wisdom”.

It was my first fight, so…

Of course, I had to go all out.

I made sure not to forget to use any strengthening spells.


I touched the statue.



《Will you challenge Prince Konngara?》





Of course, I chose《Yes》.



《Cetaka will also join in the fight.》

 《Will you still challenge Prince Konngara?》





Wait, what!?

He’s going to call in his friend?



I took a long time to think about it.

But to be honest, it wasn’t really something to worry about.

It was a pattern I was used to, from fighting the Deva Kings to the Gozu and Mezu.


I chose《Yes》.



Come on!



Prince Konngara Lv.7

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Combat Position: Ground Wind Attribute



Prince Cetaka Lv.7

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute



Guardian Deity?

Ah, wasn’t that one of Goki’s Class Change candidates?

Leaving that aside…

I compared the two of them.


Prince Konngara was wielding a Vajra sword with both its hands.

Its skin was white, with the build of a young child.

Its armour was relatively light too.


Prince Cetaka was wielding a staff in its right hand, and a Vajra Trident in its left hand.

Its skin was red, and it clearly looked very angry.

My hair stood on end just looking at it.


It kind of looked like a bike gangster.




It wasn’t the time to do comparisons.

A blade of wind appeared from Prince Konngara’s Vajra Sword.

Blades of fire also emerged from Prince Cetaka’s Vajra Trident.


I kind of reminded me of the Deva Kings.

But would they be stronger than the Deva Kings?



「Practiced Spirit!」


I took on Prince Konngara.


It had a quite handsome face.

But I could show no mercy.


But how sharp could a blade of wind be?

Very sharp.

As it swung its sword downwards, it scratched me pretty badly.

It followed up with a forward thrust.

I dodged it by a hair.

Its attacks were accurate.

But because they were so accurate, it was easy for me to read them.

It was easy to tell where they were trying to go for.

Although, I was using spells to strengthen myself.


I blocked attacks with my Tonfa of Torture…

And then counter-attacked.

I had to keep my mind off of how handsome my enemy was.

I wrapped behind it and delivered a strong hit to the back of its head.


There was no such thing.



They were weaker than the 12 Heavenly Generals.

Although not as strong as the Deva Emperors.

They made use of speed a lot more than they did power, but it was still not enough.

It still took me a while to take down Prince Konngara though.

But Prince Cetaka was taken down almost immediately.

What a shame.


They didn’t even drop any items.

What a shame.



But I kept going.

My spells still had more than half of their durations left.

There were still more statues to fight!



《Will you challenge Prince Anokutara?》 》






Would they come in pairs again?



《Prince Ekou and Prince Shojo will also join in the fight.》

《Will you challenge Prince Anokutara?》





There were more of them!

Was I going to have to fight against a trio now?



Prince Anokutara Lv.7

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Combat Position: Ground Wind Attribute



Prince Ekou Lv.7

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Water Attribute



Prince Shojo Lv.7

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Earth Attribute




Prince Anokutara had a Vajra Sword.

But I wasn’t paying attention to that.

I was up against a very flashy guardian deity.

Its skin was golden, and it was riding something that looked like a snake.

No, a dragon?

I would definitely have to watch out for that.


Prince Ekou had a Vajra Trident in its right hand.

Both its skin and facial expression were very wrinkled.

It looked angry, maybe?


Prince Shojo was clearly a monk.

It had a Vajra club in its right hand.

I could see sharp fangs protruding from its mouth.

Well, they didn’t have to be humanoid…



Let’s fight!






Did having to fight more of them make the fights more difficult?


The fight was definitely a lot tougher.

There was no denying that.

But on top of that, the dragon that Prince Anokutara was riding would attack too.

Although it was easily brought down with a quick pull with Black Rope.


I didn’t expect it to be so easy.


Prince Ekou was a lot worse.

Wait, it may have been Loewe who was actually being terrible.

Loewe had Prince Ekou by the right ankle, and was dragging him around the room.

Prince Ekou didn’t have any weapons with which to fight back.

It actually looked like fun!


I didn’t know how Prince Shojo was doing.

I looked around some more, and realised that Prince Shojo had already been taken out.

I had no idea.


Prince Ekou also met its doom quite quickly when Jericho stepped on it.

What a shame.


Again, they left behind no items.

At this rate, I could fight all eight of them at once!

I still had my strengthening spells active for a while longer.





Prince Eki – Guardian General Lv.3

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Water Attribute



Prince Ukubaga – Guardian General Lv.3

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute



Prince Shitoku – Guardian General Lv.3

Guardian Deity Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Earth Attribute




They looked a little stronger.


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