Chapter 193 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Prince Eki had a harpoon in its right hand.

No… Should I say Trident?

Its skin was red, but it had a gentle expression.


Prince Ukubaga had a Vajra Sword in its right hand.

Its skin was golden, and its face was clearly one of rage.


But I had high hopes for it.

I was looking forward to the opportunity to fight a stronger enemy.


Prince Shitoku had a trident in its right hand too.

They were all matching in some way!

But this one had armour.

Prince Shitoku was fully clad in armour.

I knew then that I had to take on Prince Shitoku myself.

I made up my mind to do that.



Let’s fight.

It looked like they all had some sort of Class Change, so I wanted to be careful.




But… Careful?

I didn’t really have the time for that.

I wanted to enjoy fighting a strong enemy too!

But I quickly changed that opinion!

Somehow, they weren’t any stronger at all!



I actually didn’t even need any support spells.

Jericho liquefied once, and took no damage whatsoever.

But Goki and Loewe did take a good amount of damage…

It looked like they were having trouble with their fight.


Was some event going to follow?


But they dropped an item.


It was Rock Salt (Holy).




I didn’t expect that at all…




I pulled myself together.

My spells had just run out.

Let’s go for another round.

I tried fighting the guardian deities one more time.

They might drop something else.





They didn’t drop anything, so I fought them all once again…

After the third round, they finally dropped something.

Their attributes were random, and their levels weren’t fixed either.

Very strange, but the item I got was…

A Magic Stone.




Why was I getting lower grade items?

A Magic Stone was definitely more common…


I couldn’t understand.



It may just be proof of how slowly I learn, but…

I went for one more round of fights.

The next round may be the jackpot, after all!





I fought them all one more time.

I noticed a trend of some sort.

No matter which one I challenged first, I would end up fighting all eight of them in three battles.

And unless I defeated all eight of them, they wouldn’t drop anything.

I also couldn’t fight the same one twice.

And even if I chose randomly, I wouldn’t get to fight the same guardian deity until I had fought all the others.

Again, their attributes were random, and their levels weren’t fixed.


It was very strange.



My last fight was against Prince Cetaka and Prince Konngara.

They were both at Lv.2.

I got a Magic Stone.


Thinking about it some more, I noticed that the last three rounds, their levels were all pretty low.

I wanted to check if that was the reason I couldn’t get any good items.

I could get a rare item, after all!




Round 4.

What did I get?

A Magic Stone.

It may have been nothing, after all…

I thought using spells would be a bit of a waste, so I went without.

But taking more damage was and still not getting anything good out of it was very disappointing.


I decided to get going.

In the first place, why did I come to the east?

Was it not to train【Swim】and【Dive】and thereby move on to other maps?


I remember!

Although, it wasn’t like I ever forgot it…


I decided to head back to the port towns.

I got the title, so I could probably visit other parts of the shore.

I had heard of what kind of monsters would be waiting there.

What monsters, exactly?

I heard there would be crabs.

Sea snakes, and monsters that dropped proper food ingredients too.

I heard there were monsters who had pearls too, but with my current level of【Dive】, harvesting them would probably be impossible.

In any case, it was worth checking out.

I could train【Swim】and【Dive】some more while I was at it too.




But before that.

I recalled all my Summon Monsters.

The only way to get through the underwater tunnel was to go with Nias.

Afterwards, I completely switched up my team.

I built my next team around scouting and mobility.

I summoned Volff, Jean, Creep, Loewe, and Nias.

There was only one coloured demon spawn point between the Relay Portal and where I was…

But I couldn’t get careless.



That said…

The red and blue demon were easy to take out.

I was kind of used to fighting them at that point.

But I knew getting confident was very dangerous, so it was kind of scary in a way too.

I wanted to reduce my chance of dying as much as possible.

Even if I couldn’t get it to zero, I wanted to try to approach that.



It was just after 4pm when I left the cave.

There were several boats at the dock.

It looked like Joji’s ship was still there.

But I wouldn’t ask for a piggyback ride.

I looked at my position in the Wide-area Map.

The island I was on was in E2, but it was pretty close to E1.

It would be too much of a detour if I used【Return Home】.


But I wasn’t something to worry about.

Although irregular, I heard that there were NPC fishermen who were going back and forth between the island and the mainland.

I saw a large boat with several parties on board.

How much would it cost?

The bodies of interfering monsters.

In other words, all I had to do would be to fight off any monsters that might attack at sea.



「Are you heading to the port town Regia?」


「Yep.  We’re leaving pretty soon actually, that okay?」



He looked like a rough NPC, but he let me on the boat.

It was a big boat too, so I was grateful for the extra space.

Well, I was on the boat as a temporary bodyguard.

And that description was pretty accurate.



The trip back to Regia was quite tough.

I recalled Volff, Jean, Creep, and Loewe.

I summoned Helix, Obsidian, Heather, and Goki.

Jumping Fins were no big deal, but the Albatrosses were quite difficult to deal with.

The sail was torn in twice in different places.

The angry shouts of the NPC fisherman echoed in my ear.

I had a hunch it would take a while to reach shore.


No, I was pretty sure of it.

I arrived in Regia at around 7pm.



But I was very grateful I didn’t have to clean up all the Albatross bodies on the boat.

Had to think positively.


A lot of time had gone by.

But I wanted to spend what little time I had left hunting in the sea.


It was already pretty late for Helix.

I recalled him, and…

I summoned Jean.



I crossed the river and headed into Salt Rock.

I picked a random street side stall and bought myself food while I walked.

Was it bad manners?


It was.

It was best to just admit it.


Heather seemed to be interested in the sandwich I was eating.

It was finely chopped vegetables, grilled fish fillets, and a delicious sauce.

But the sauce was spicy.

I couldn’t exactly give her the sauce…

Couldn’t be helped… I gave Heather some honey.

I’ll get back to you some other time, Nias!



I walked out of Salt Rock and reached the beach.

Players were here and there, hunting Sand Roaches.

In the shallows, they were fighting Needlefish.

That’s right…

I was heading for N1E1.

It was a place that was mostly made of beaches.

But I heard that there were stronger monsters living there.

Well, I didn’t really have to hurry.

I fought Needlefish in the shallow water while I moved northward.


I changed up my Summon Monster team again.

Of course, I left Nias.

I left Jean too.

I recalled Obsidian, Heather, and Goki.

I summoned Gokame, Taylor, and Rig.


And now, to the north… And to the new monsters waiting for me there.

In the meantime, I could fill up my stock of Needlefish Jaws.

I still had more than half of my MP bar left.

I could freely use【Physical Enchant: Earth】as a measure against the Needlefish.

And not【Physical Enchant: Earth】, but all the other strengthening spells too.

It took a lot out of my MP bar, but I would have to log out in a few hours anyway.

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