Chapter 193 – Part 3

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

The Needlefish were the same as ever.
They were harmless once they collided with my wall spells, but I still had to be careful
They were a threat when they were flying through the air, but not so much underwater.
Nias could take on multiple Needlefish at the same time.
In fact, Nias was unmatched underwater.
All the monsters were weaker than Nias.

But even after using strengthening spells on Taylor, he was still taking damage from the Needlefish.
But it wasn’t a big deal.
Speaking of damage, Gokame was taking next to none of it.
He did take some critical hits from time to time, but those didn’t come too often.
I was surprised at how Gokame could just sit still in the water.
But if Gokame wanted to, he could actually move faster than me underwater.
Th- There was nothing I could do about that…
I couldn’t use my armour underwater, so I kept Rig on me at all times.

Well, that was fine too.
It was a good thing.

《【Two-handed Spear】Level Up!》
《【Swim】Level Up!》

The time was 10:30 PM.
I checked the Wide-area Map again.
I was closing in on N1E1.

The border was close.
Or maybe, the barrier?
It was quicksand.
The ground was visibly moving.

I tried dipping my toe into the sand, and…
The sand flow seemed to stop.
It was just a guess, but I would expect the sea to be the same.
I had a feeling it had something to do with my title.
I had heard of the information in advance, but checking it out and looking at it with my own eyes definitely felt different…
So that’s what they were talking about…

It took me 10 minutes to walk through the quicksand.
The ground returned to a normal beach like before.
Several parties were fighting close to the waves.
But there were clearly less of them.
The question was, what were they fighting?
It wasn’t Sand Roaches.
They were fighting giant clams.
They were standing firm too.

Aqua Jet Clam Lv.3
Monster Enemy Target Active
Combat Position: Underwater, In Sand, Ground, Sea Floor Water Attribute
Delicious clams…

But I had heard that regardless of the time of the day, there would be crabs too, along with the clams.
I started salivating.

Crabs, right?
Crab dishes were my favourite…

My goodness…
Finally, some delicious-looking monsters!
It was going to be fun.


The time was already late.
It was already past 11 PM.
But delicious ingredients were waiting in front of me.
Ah, no, that was a mistake.
They were prey.
Would that make a big difference?
Well, either way.
Time to get my Seafood Hot Pot!


Water Jet Clam Lv.4
Monster Enemy Target Active
Combat Position: Underwater, In Sand, Ground, Sea Floor Water Attribute

I put some distance between the other parties and tried fighting a group of clams.
There were four of them.
They were up to my shoulders when standing upright.
They were standing upright by using some kind of muscle on the inside as a foot.
The two shells opened sideways.
Two mouths peeked out of the gap between the shells.

It looked kind of obscene.
What an obscene monster to show up in public!
I had to take care of it quickly.


I was naive.
It was a tough monster!

But it had a very clear weak point.
The gap between its two shells.
It was natural.
Nias dexterously thrust her spear into the gap at every opportunity.
But just because the attacks hit, didn’t mean the fight would be over.
They had a habit of clamping down and grabbing the spear.
Being caught without a weapon would be a disaster!
But Nias would always quickly withdraw.
But after failing to grab the weapon, it would still completely close its shells and roll around on the ground anyway.
It looked kind of dumb.

And their main attacks…
They had two mouths protruding from the gap between their shells, from which they would shoot bullets of water.
I thought they were bullets of water…
But there was some sand in there too!
What a filthy method of attack!

I had to take it out quickly, even if it meant having to break through its shell.
I gave a strong strike with my tonfas.
But it was tough.

I tried following up with a kick, but…
My leg hurts!

I tried tying up one of them with my Black Rope.
If I couldn’t open the shell, I could just grill them alive.
I waited for the clam to finish grilling.
I started salivating.

As another clam came at me, I pulled out my Needlefish Spear and stood ready.
Spears were good against these monsters.
That much I knew from Nias.
But I had to be careful not to lose my weapons.
And there was no way I was going to let go of the rope.
At least not until my grilled clam was finished.

「Stone Bullet!」

A direct hit on a clam as it was about to shoot water bullets at me.
I followed up with a spear stab.
Its HP bar fell down to 20%.
Jean shot a beam of darkness, and that was enough to take it out.
The shell was annoying, but it wasn’t invincible.

There were two left.

One of them was focusing on Gokame.
Gokame was slowly walking up to it, deflecting bullets, until…
Gokame bit it.
No, Gokame bit its shell.
Sensing danger, the clam closed and fell to the ground.
It was very tough in that form…

But Gokame had other ideas.
The clam was flipped upside down.
Gokame had his mouth down on the shell.
No way…
I refused to believe it.
Gokame was going to crush its shell.
As Gokame slowly bit apart its shell, the clam had no way of fighting back.

Taylor and Nias were taking on the other clam.
Taylor harassed the clam, and whenever it dared to open, Nias would stab the gap.
Of course, Taylor was also acting as a shield to deflect any bullets.
Taylor was taking some damage, but it wasn’t a big deal.
Their fight was also over soon.

The HP bar of the clam that I had been grilling with my Black Rope disappeared.
Did I really just get grilled clam though?
I stuck my knife into it, and got this item:

【Material item】Edible Clams Raw Material Grade C Rarity 1 Weight 0+
Edible clams. A delicacy even among monsters.

I quickly rushed to get more clams from the other monsters.
But I only got three…
Far from enough to fill my stomach.

For the time being, I used【Call Monster】to estimate their numbers.

I checked from the beach, all the way into the water.
How were the clams?
There were plenty of them around.
But they were slow, and it would be troublesome to wait for them to come.
I had to come to them.
I got Nias to change into her mermaid form.
She could hunt for fish in the water.
Thanks to my slow movement underwater, it was something only she could do.
I was kind of jealous of Gokame and Taylor too…

The time was past 11 PM.
I got a lot more crabs, so I was about to log out when…

I found a new monster in the water.

Big Scissors Lv.5
Monster Enemy Target Active
Combat Position: Underwater, Ground, Sea Floor

A crab.
It was definitely a crab.
I had to get it in my Seafood Hot Pot.

But it was odd.
It was strange, watching Taylor and the crab wrestle.
I didn’t get to watch for long.

Taylor was dominant.
It looked like a tough monster, but Taylor was dealing with it alright.
I didn’t even want to think about wrestling against it…
Natural armour.
And strong claws on both arms.
I understood the dangers of getting caught by watching Taylor.
I didn’t want to make that mistake.
I would need heavy armour before I tried anything like that.
No doubt about it.

But in my team, I had another Summon Monster who could approach the crab without much trouble.
It was Gokame.
Yep, just Gokame.
Even when the crab smashed its claw down on him, Gokame didn’t care.
Gokame walked up and bit into the legs that were supporting the crab’s body.
Those legs actually looked quite easy to remove…
Gokame nonchalantly pulled them off one by one.
It probably wasn’t something I could imitate though.

While it was shallow, they were fighting in water up to my chest.
There were waves too.
If I had to fight underwater, I would probably not be able to use my spear very well.
In fact, I would probably not be able to use it at all.
Well, maybe I could contribute with my Needlefish Spear.
I was surprised to see the Needlefish Spear pierce the crab’s body.
Nice! Needlefish Spears really were quite amazing.

But immediately afterwards, the spear broke.
This is bad…
But at least I was able to win the fight.


【Material item】Edible Swimming Crab Raw Material Grade C Rarity 2 Weight 0+
Swimming Crab for use in food. With a condensed flavour, it is used in a variety of dishes.

I decided to stop thinking about why the monsters were dropping food.
It was already late.
I decided to log out at a normal time for once.

Protagonist Keith
Race Human Male Racial Lv20
Job Grand Summoner Lv5
Bonus Points Remaining: 16

Skill Sets:
Sword Lv6 Two-handed Spear Lv5 (↑1) Rope Artes Lv5 Staff Lv15 Punch Lv13
Kick Lv13 Joint Lock Lv13 Throw Lv13 Block Lv13
Summon Magic Lv20 Spacetime Magic Lv11
Light Magic Lv12 Wind Magic Lv12 Earth Magic Lv12 Water Magic Lv12
Fire Magic Lv12 Dark Magic Lv12 Ice Magic Lv9 Lightning Magic Lv9
Tree Magic Lv9 Dust Magic Lv9 Lava Magic Lv8 Steam Magic Lv9
Alchemy Lv9 Pharmacy Lv7 Glassmaking Lv6 Woodworking Lv8
Synergy Lv14 Appraisal Lv14 Identify Lv14 Discern Lv4 Cold Resistance Lv7
Grab Lv11 Horsemanship Lv10 Precise Manipulation Lv13 Ropework Lv6
Jump Lv7 Acrobatics Lv6 Heat Resistance Lv8 Climb Lv7 Balance Lv5
Dual Wield Lv12 Disassembly Lv10 Swim Lv5 (↑1) Dive Lv4
Physical Reinforcement Lv10 Mental Reinforcement Lv11 Speedcasting Lv13
Magic Effect Amplification Lv10 Magic Range Expansion Lv10

Tokkosho ×2 Staff of Torture ×2 Tonfas of Torture ×2
Capture Rod of Torture ×1 Needlefish Spear ×1
Enraged Pickaxe+ ×2 Silver Necklace+ ×1
Snow Leopard Push Dagger ×1 Gale Tiger Push Dagger ×1 Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh ×1
Plains Lion Bagh Nakh ×1 Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set
Bracelet of Torture ×2 Anklet of Torture+ ×2 Prison Guard’s Black Rope ×1
Rampage Horse Belt+ Rucksack Item Box ×2

Survival Knife Woodworking Set

Old Summoner’s Younger Brother Guardian of the Forest Knower of the Middle Path
Sea Monster Vanquisher Guardian of Lapis Lazuli Light Spell Glossary Martial Arts Fighter

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