Chapter 195 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I logged in at 5:20 AM.
I spent a lot of time yesterday on the move.
Today too, would have to start with more movement.
A lot of hill climbing… No, cliff climbing?
In any case, it was something I had gone through before.
It would probably work out somehow.

I summoned Bunraku and let him prepare me breakfast.
While organising my inventory, I looked at my stats and my skills in a virtual window.
I had a lot of skills.
But I knew I was just reaping what I sowed.

I currently had 16 bonus points.
But I didn’t have enough points to use in raising my stats.
I was just reaping what I sowed there too.

I looked at the list of skills I could learn.
But none of them looked appetising.
For the time being, I decided to just go for it with what I had.


After finishing the meal Bunraku made me, I summoned my mountain climbing Summon Monster team.
That said, like when it came to fighting underwater, I didn’t have enough specialised Summon Monsters.
I summoned Helix, Obsidian, Senki, Ninetails, and Heather.
I put on my usual equipment and winter clothing too.
In my hands was the Enraged Pickaxe, a makeshift ice axe.
All my equipment was ready.
It was time to get going.


There were Blitz standing on the cliff, but there were no signs of them attacking me.
If they attacked, I could probably counter-attack anyway.
I got Helix and Obsidian to go on the alert too.
That would make the chance of me getting ambushed on the side of a mountain pretty low.
Senki climbed the cliff effortlessly.
Ninetails was on his shoulder.
That in itself told me something.
It was probably the wiser choice on Ninetails’s part.
But you know, Senki can’t give you any honey.



《【Cold Resistance】Level Up!》
《【Grab】Level Up!》
《【Climb】Level Up!》
《【Balance】Level Up!》

For some reason a lot of level-ups came right when I reached the top.
I was happy about that, too.
But as expected, I was too late for the sunrise.
The sun was already quite high in the sky when I reached the top.
The time was 9:40 AM.
Well, that was to be expected.
It was still satisfying.
Unlike yesterday, the weather was good.
The wind wasn’t that strong either.
It was also good to see the crater that was also a Relay Portal before my eyes.
But most of all, it was nice to see the view of the surrounding mountains.
It was a superb view.
I took a screenshot and saved it.


As expected, there were only a few parties at the Relay Portal.
Maybe enough tents for two parties?
No, looking at the number of people, there were clearly other parties there too.
I even spotted Guren’s party.

「Wait, what? Keith?」

「Hello. Have you been hunting here this whole time?」

「Yep. I died once since then though.」

「Was it at the underground lake?」


That expression gave me the answer.
As expected…
We both had time, so we decided to sit down and exchange information for a bit.


「Did you die there too, Keith?」

「Well, yeah. I was totally had.」

Guren looked quite surprised.
It really was a difficult player for players who didn’t have【Swim】or【Dive】.

Guren was apparently thinking of training【Swim】and【Dive】too.
The nearby lake was a good place to do it.
There were obsidian stones to be collected at the bottom of the lake too.
Of course, without using【Dowsing】, they would be difficult to find though.

There was also a surprising point I totally missed.
In the Relay Portal crater, there was also Healgrass for me too harvest!
My goodness…

「But I’m quite a bit of trouble now…」


「A Pharmacist, a skilled Production Job Player, used to live in that tent.」

「Oh, and you’re having issues with making potions now?」

「Yeah… Not having potions is really troublesome.」

「I’ve got potions.」


「I think I’ve got around 50 potions…」

Wait, how many did I have again?
I remembered counting my potions at the foot of the mountain, so it was definitely around that number.

「Sell them to me please!  I can’t go exploring without them!」

「I don’t mind.  How many do you need?」

「If I could have 10, that would be amazing.」

It was a pretty small number of potions.
I had【Quick Recreate】too, so replenishing the potions would be no problem.

「If you have any empty bottles I can swap them for my full potions? I’ll just sell you as many potions as you have empty bottles. How many empty bottles do you have?」

「Please wait a moment.」

Guren’s party started lining up potion bottles.
There were about 40 of them?
There were four empty mana potion bottles too.

「About this many? We’ve got 42 potion bottles.」

「That’ll do just fine. Do you have any Healgrass?」

「I do. And what about the payment? I’ll be sure to add in more for you since we’re so far away from the village.」

「I’m not that big of a fan of money, honestly…」

It was just going to pointlessly accumulate.
I would much prefer an item.
I took out a potion from my《Item Box》for each empty bottle, and swapped Guren’s empty bottles with my full potions.
Of course, the conversation kept going.

「I would love to have an item instead…」

「An i- item?」

We looked at each other.
It was a pain to not have any merchants around.

「I’m an adventurer who mainly resides in the west, although I just got the opportunity to explore the east for a few days… I wonder if you have any items that can only be obtained in the north or south?」

「Ah, well…」

「How about that?」

It looked like one of Guren’s party members had an idea.
What was it?


【Weapon: Dagger, Knife】Beltfish Dagger Grade C+ Rarity 5
AP+22 M・AP+1 Power 1+ Weight 1+ Durability 240
Attack Hit Rate Increase [Slight] The blade of a Slasher Beltfish, fashioned into a dagger.
It is very light and easy to handle compared to ordinary daggers.
Because it does not make use of metal parts, it does not inhibit magic casting.
While slight, it has a slight boost to accuracy.


It looked amazing.

「Wouldn’t this be too much of a reward? I would have to pay you for this…」

「It’s the only thing I got that’s not spare equipment.」

That was troubling.
It felt it dangerous to receive too much profit.

「Alright, let’s do this… You have more empty mana potion bottles too, right? I’ll fill those too.」


「And, just to make sure… Have you managed to take down a Sasquatch or a Wendigo before?」

「Huh? Well, I managed to defeat them somehow…」

「If you have any Snow Beast Bones or Snow Beast Rocks I think we can make something out of that…」

Guren started checking in several《Item Boxes》.
More mana potion bottles started lining the ground.
How many do you have?
No matter how I looked at it, there were definitely more than 10!
I took out Mana Potions from my《Item Box》too, and started swapping them for the empty bottles.
Afterwards, Guren pulled out seven Snow Beast Bones.
Along with one Stone Beast Rock.
I would be fine with just one bone, you know?


「You have any Obsidian Stones?」

「Yep.  Ah, I used to have a lot of them, but I sold most of them to the other Production Job Players.」

「Didn’t you say there are a lot at the bottom of the lake? Could you get some more please? I’ll use what little I have right now for this one I suppose.」


The six of them left at once.
Immediately, they started hurrying towards the lake.
You guys really don’t have to hurry so much!
Also, you didn’t even ask how many I needed?

Well, that was fine.
It was nice to get to do some production work again.
I appreciated the lack of distractions.


But what was I looking to create?
A mace.
No, more simply, a club.
Its structure was simple and clear in my head.
All I had to do was fit the Snow Beast Rock into the Snow Beast Bone.
On the top and bottom, I used Obsidian Stones to keep the whole thing in place.
I also used Obsidian Stones on the grip end.
The problem was with processing the Snow Beast Rock.
It would be amazing if【Shape】worked on the item…


I tried it and it worked.
But it came at a major cost too.
In just a moment, 20% of my MP bar was taken out.
I had to hurry up with completing it!
But at the same time, I had to remain calm.

I changed the Snow Beast Rock to a shape resembling an egg.
Passing the Snow Beast Bone around its centre.
That changed the shape of the Snow Beast Rock into even more of an oval.
But in the middle of me working, the spell expired.
What a difficult task…
I used【Shape】one more time.
My MP bar was cut down to just 50%.
Wait, what!?
It was really merciless!

But I was grateful I used the spell.
I was able to shape the materials together very nicely.
Soon, I was done.
A total of 6 pieces of Obsidian Stone were used to fix the Snow Beast Rock.
Two more for the grip.
Comparing the MP it took to shape the Obsidian Stones to what I had gone through before, it was like nothing.
It was unimaginable how much of a difference there was.

So, what did the finished product look like?


【Weapon: Club】Snow Beast Mace Grade C+ Rarity 6
AP+18 Power 5 Weight 4+ Durability 350
Agility Inhibition [Medium] Critical Hit Chance Increase [Small] Ice Attribute
A mace made by attaching a Snow Beast Rock to a Snow Beast Bone.
A low sound echoes through the bones when a critical hit occurs.
It is not suitable for throwing.


What’s this?
What power!
It had a few terrifying effects too.
Terrifying in a good way.


《【Lava Magic】Level Up!》
《You have acquired the【Lava Magic】spell【Enchanted Melt】!》


Maybe all that MP bar reduction was worth it.
Or was it because I had been using the Lava Tokkosho?
Well, I was grateful for the extra spells.

What did the spell do?
Ah, it was a spell used to assign an attribute.
Thinking about it further, I noticed I only got one new Lv.10 spell.


In any case, it was a great mace.
Maybe I could use Snow Beast Rocks and Snow Beast Bones to make Mumyo’s hammer too?
It would be a good item, but its weight would definitely be an issue.
It may just be worth the trouble though…
But for the time being, I put the idea on hold.

I had to focus on making more potions and mana potions.
I recalled Helix and summoned Bunraku.
I pulled out my desk and tools out of my《Item Box》.
Well then…
It was time to get to work.

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