Chapter 196 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

As I thought…

It was nice to finally have a proper opponent in front of me!


The Wendigo was at Lv4, so it was definitely a strong and dangerous opponent.

Of course, I strengthened myself with spells as much as possible.

【Resist Ice】was a must-have too.

I wanted to test out how well I could do with the dagger, so I strengthened myself with just【Resist Ice】.

I wasn’t planning to push myself too far.

I continued my attacks while I watched Senki fight the Wendigo.

I didn’t want the fight to go to waste.


What about the dagger?

It could cut through the Wendigo’s skin somehow.

But it didn’t deal that much damage.

But yeah, that was to be expected.

As a comparison, I used my Tonfa of Torture to strike it, but it also did next to no damage.

Yep, strengthening spells were really important.


Nias suddenly thrust her spear into the Wendigo’s side.


It looked like the damage done was considerably bigger than the damage I inflicted with my dagger.

Like I would lose to you!

Even if I lost in terms of damage per strike, I wouldn’t lose when it came to speed!

It was a light weapon, after all.

I could dish out a lot more slashes.

But if I wasn’t careful, it was easy for the more barrage of attacks to just become random dagger swings.

It was hard to control, maybe because it was so light.


The Wendigo was a tough, but I had strength in numbers.

Loewe was the one who managed to get the final blow.


I could use the dagger.

The question was whether I had the skills to use it properly.


The cave was a simple one-way street.

There weren’t any other parties beside me.

According to Guren, there were five parties until yesterday, but that number had gone down to three parties including myself.

There was that party that went and died in the underground lake, after all.

The other party was taken out in the snowy field in the next map over.

After having seen and greeted all the monsters the map had to offer, I moved on to the map next over.

It wasn’t very popular.

But that was good for me.


It meant I could have as much fun as I wanted cleaning up the monsters in the cave.

Rudy Bats were obvious prey, but I couldn’t let any Wendigos go either.

With strengthening spells, I could take on Wendigos too.

Little by little, though… I couldn’t fight them too often.

The damage dealt would become considerable if I let it pile up.


And it wasn’t like I didn’t have any problems fighting them either.

The poison was especially troublesome.

I chopped up the Wendigo that dared to poison Nias.

How could you do something like that?!


But the most formidable opponent in the area, the Sasquatch, did not show itself.

And then I arrived at the end of the cave.

Well, not the end, but the place where the Bifrost Guards and Einherjar Fighters were.


I recalled Jean and Senki.

I summoned Jericho and Gokame.

I wanted to strengthen some of my underwater Summon Monsters some more.

I was looking forward to a real struggle.


I made sure not to forget to use strengthening spells before challenging them.

Well then…

Who would my opponents be?


Bifrost Guard Lv2

Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Light Attribute


Einherjar Fighter Lv5

Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground


Jericho, Loewe, and Gokame lined up in the front.

The place was relatively narrow.

But that was fine too.

It was advantageous for Summon Monsters that were inferior in mobility like Jericho and Gokame.

With Heather and Nias, I was sure my Summon Monsters would do just fine.


I left Jericho to fight the Bifrost Guard. It was the scariest of the enemies I was up against, after all.

I left two of the Einherjar Fighters to my other Summon Monsters.

Once they took care of those, they could support Jericho too.

I decided to fight the third Einherjar Fighter.

It had a mace and a small shield.

It would be my prey.

I had to check how well I could use my dagger too.


Let me say it again, this one is mine!


I tried taking it on with just my dagger, and no attack spells.

But of course, I still made heavy use of strengthening spells.

It was no surprise that the damage wasn’t so great when I hit it on the top of its armour.

There was no damage at all when I hit its shield.

Well, that was kind of obvious.


But as long as I could avoid my opponent’s attacks and get my own attacks in, I could win.

But that wasn’t my goal.

Even a warrior clad from head to toe in armour would not be uniformly protected.

They had to have weak points!

In that sense, it was a very good opponent.

It was both tough and good at defending.


Where was the Einherjar Fighter’s weak spot?

One of them would be its legs.

The back of its knees were especially weak.

It was a place that necessarily had to have thinner armour.


The arms too.

Of course, the back of the elbows or the inside of the armpits were again, especially weak.

The back of the wrist was easy to hit, and it also came with the chance of it dropping its weapon.


Its head was weak too.

Maybe its neck?

But in most models of helmets, the neck is something that is usually heavily protected.

I aimed most of my slashes at the centre of the Einherjar Fighter’s body.

Of course, its defences were very strong.

But as long as I was aiming for its weak spots, I could rack up damage quite effectively.

The eyes were a nice target.

The ears were good too, but the eyes were much easier to hit.



It still wasn’t going to be that easy.

The Einherjar Fighter was very good at defending.

It was clad in good armour, after all.

Against an opponent in full armour and helmet, there weren’t many options besides stabbing them with a spear.

Ah, but then again, metal armour would be pretty fatal if you were to fall into the sea during a battle on a ship…

In that case, the dagger would be a pretty useful weapon.


Sword-fighting became important in Japan during the Edo period, when there were fewer opportunities for combat and the need for heavy equipment wasn’t as recognised.

There were some cases in which swords were used as a show of military power too. If I recall correctly, it was popular around the Kamakura period.


What was I trying to say?

It was hard to fight an opponent in full armour with a dagger.



I had to change my fighting style.

More accurately, my sword-fighting style.

I shifted and held my dagger at a higher position.

The Dragonfly Stance




I let out a shout resembling a monkey’s scream.

And charged forward.

While using his whole body’s momentum, I dished out small slashes at a fast pace.

There was no time to do finer aiming.

It was more important to keep my forward momentum by putting my weight on the bottom of the belly.


My first forward rush was only successful in breaking its shield.

But I wasn’t done yet.

Keeping the sword lifted up, I charged again in the Dragonfly Stance.




I rushed forward.

This time, the Einherjar Fighter blocked my rush with its gauntlet.

It was a careless response to my attacks.

I felt less resistance in the blade.

Looked like I managed to cut it pretty well.




Oh no…

My breathing was starting to break down.

My shouts were becoming even stranger.

But I managed to get more cuts in at a good angle.

I managed to get a nice slash from its shoulder all the way to the collarbone on the other side.

How cruel.

I pulled back my blade.


Its HP bar went to zero.




Loewe’s roar echoed in my ears.

Were the other Einherjar Fighters still alive?

No, they were all taken care of.

My Summon Monsters were focusing their attacks on the Bifrost Guard while Jericho was holding it down.

Gokame was pretty cruel.

He bit into the Bifrost Guard’s leg and would bit by bit tear it apart.

The Bifrost Guard’s leg looked like quite a mess.

Loewe had his jaws around the other leg, and wouldn’t let go.

Nias stabbed her spear into the Bifrost Guard while it was powerless to fight back.

The whole fight looked more like an execution.


The first fight was an overwhelming victory.

Were there any item drops?

I got this:


【Recovery Item】 Móðguðr’s Tears MP+12% Recovery Grade C Rarity 5 Weight 1

SPI Increase [Small] Effect Time: 10 Minutes

A superior mana potion.

When consumed, it is sweet to the tongue. It also has a positive effect on SPI.

※ Continuous use is not possible. It has a cooldown time of one hour.



Did I just pick up something amazing?

I had to keep fighting them to farm this item then!


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