Chapter 196 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I thought I had just discovered an amazing item, but… Was it a trap?

Did the GMs just want me to think that I could farm the item?

I even hadDisassemblyactive.

Why didn’t I get to pick up anything since the first fight?

Was the item drop really just on a first-fight basis?

But it wasn’t all bad.

After fighting more of them than I could count, a nice info screen came up.



《【DaggerLevel Up!



That info screen woke me up a little.

My main purpose was to test out my new weapons.

Along with gaining experience for my new weapon skills.

I couldn’t forget my initial purpose.


It was time to fight the next group.

I wanted to try out my mace.




Bifrost Guard Lv5

Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Light Attribute



Einherjar Soldier Lv1

Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground Fire Resistance



They were obviously a lot tougher.

Should I change my strategy?

I decided to make the Bifrost Guard my prey.

Jericho and my other Summon Monsters took on the two Einherjar Soldiers.

Fundamentally, my strategy wasn’t too different.


Well then…

How powerful was the Snow Beast Mace really?


Practiced Spirit!


I wanted to have some form of insurance.

Just in case.




It was the first time I swung the mace in a proper fight, so I wasn’t sure if it was because ofPracticed Spirit, but that feeling of being unable to swing the mace with one hand was gone.

The first blow from the mace was a full swing with one hand.

That was all.

But that one blow managed to blow away the Bifrost Guard’s shield?

What’s this? It was kind of scary…

What about the next attack?

It was completely dodged…

The next one was dodged too.



My attacks weren’t hitting!

And with my dagger, I could probably get at least two slashes in for every swing from my mace.

Fighting with the mace took a lot more work.

I tried swinging the mace with both hands, but the force I could deliver didn’t increase by that much.

The mace had a short handle, after all.

It was a weapon that was best used with one hand.




Who made this weapon to begin with!?

Wasn’t it I who gave it this terrible design!?


I started waving the mace around randomly to take out my frustration.

That said, that wasn’t a bad strategy either.

Then what about this?

I swapped the mace to my left hand.

I drew my dagger with my right hand.

An odd dual-wield style.

The weight balance was terrible.


But what were the benefits?

While I was thinking of the benefits, I realised I wouldn’t be able to swing my mace as well.



But surprisingly, I was still able to fight pretty well.

It would take some getting used to, but I could fight with my dagger while I built up momentum with my mace.

It would be good to split the workload in a way.


That’s right.

Listen to your weapon… Where did I hear that saying?

I understood the strategy and the saying the more I put it into practice.

I wasn’t focusing on the drawbacks.

I was just trying to make as much use of the advantages as possible.

I started to slowly recall that philosophy.



The rhythm was slowly coming to me.

While watching the Bifrost Guard’s movements, I was able to naturally connect the movements of both my mace and my dagger.

For a while, most of my mace attacks hit only air.

But now that was reversed.

The HP bar of the Bifrost Guard was already at half.


Oh, I managed to make it lose its balance, huh?

It was a good opportunity.

I cut its leg with my dagger, and shot my mace at the side of its head.

In just one hit, the Bifrost Guard went down.


I felt a sense of exhilaration.

It was certainly a good weapon to mindlessly swing around.

I wasn’t saying that in a bad way.

It really was a weapon that didn’t require much thinking regarding weak spots and fine aiming.


I understood what made maces so powerful.

But personally, it wasn’t something I was a big fan of.

I had a feeling I could have taken out the Bifrost Guard a lot sooner.



I looked around to see that my Summon Monsters had already taken care of the Einherjar Soldiers.

I didn’t even notice.

I thought the Einherjar Soldiers went through some kind of Class Change, and would therefore be a lot stronger.

But I guess not.

It just looked like their equipment was a lot more solid.


Their bodies all disappeared.

It was unfortunate that they didn’t leave behind anything.

But I let it go.


My spells still had a lot of time active!




On the way, I recovered my HP bar with a potion.

They were really insistent.

What an insistent bunch of enemies.

Insistent in not dropping any items!



《【ClubLevel Up! 

《【Dual WieldLevel Up!

《【DisassemblyLevel Up! 

《【Physical ReinforcementLevel Up!



When I took down a Lv3 Bifrost Guard, I got a level-up.


Disassemblywasn’t working very much at all.

I wanted to complain like that, but it did actually leave something behind.

It was a Móðguðr’s Tears.

Finally, another one!

It took a long time.



What time was it?

It was just after 3 PM.

What did I think of my new dagger and mace?

I think I more or less understood how to use the weapons.

But I had to keep going.

I also wanted to check their compatibility with the other weapons I had.


I held a Tonfa of Torture in my left hand.

In my right hand was my Beltfish Dagger.

Well, in a way, the tonfa was just my shield.

It was very strange, getting used to holding something so light in my left hand again.

The difference was massive.





It was soon about to be 6 PM.

I decided to take a break and have dinner after the next info screen.

Just a little more.



《【Precise ManipulationLevel Up!

Summon MonsterJerichoLevel Up!

Please add 1 point to a desired stat.



Finally, another info screen came.

But I couldn’t exactly go for dinner right away…

Well, that was alright…

Jericho’s stats were displayed in a virtual window.


The stat that went up with the level-up was STR.

I put another point into INT.



Jericho Mud Golem Lv3Lv4 (↑1



INT 6 (↑1

STR 37 (↑1

VIT 36




Punch Kick Magical Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Slight] Block Liquefaction




I felt sorry for the ugly line of numbers, but I couldn’t help it.

It was for the better good.

But the info screens continued.



Summon MonsterLoeweLevel Up!

Please add 1 point to a desired stat.




Just one more step until the next Class Change.

But maybe I could take this as an opportunity to swap Loewe out for another Summon Monster?


The stat that went up with the level-up was STR.

I put another point into AGI.



Loewe Lion Lv6Lv7 (↑1

DEX 11

AGI 16 (↑1

INT 11

STR 21 (↑1

VIT 22

SPI 13



Bite Threaten Sense Danger Night Vision Hide




There were no further info screens.

It was time for dinner.



I usedInstant Portal.

I recalled Loewe and summoned Bunraku.

While Bunraku cooked, I made potions and mana potions.

I went and used quite a few throughout a day.

I killed my MP bar considerably to make the maces, and I had been using mana potions nonstop to replenish my MP bar.

I was very grateful I didn’t ever have to worry about my MP bar getting exhausted.

It was pretty important for my mental health.


I made some antidotes while I was at it.

I turned the Strange Stones I got from the Rudy Bats into Strange Powder.

TheAlchemyskillGrindmade that pretty easy.


But soon, I was interrupted by more info screens.

They were of a different kind, though.



《【PharmacyLevel Up!

《【AlchemyLevel Up!

A Skill Link had been established! Fusion Identificationhas been added to the list ofAlchemyskills.

You have acquired theSummon MagicspellFuse Monster】!》



I didn’t know I could get more Production Job skills with level-ups?

GMs, you lied to me!




But I left that for later.

What wasFusion Identification?


It was at the bottom of my list ofAlchemyskills.

A simple explanation was attached.


“Determines which Summon Monsters etc. are eligible for fusion,” was all it said.

In other words, “Just try it and figure it out yourself!” was what it was saying?

That’s right.

Was that it?

The GMs were being as cold as ever.

And what did that “etc.” mean?

I really had no idea.


And that new spell, Fuse Monster.

“A spell used to fuse Summon Monsters to form a new Summon Monster.”


Well, there was only one way to figure out what it did.



What Summon Monsters did I have summoned?

Jericho, Bunraku, Heather, Nias, and Gokame.

It seemed like I had to be in contact with my target in order to useFusion identification.

It was tough to have to navigate my way to the list ofAlchemyskills, but…

I tried using the skill on each Summon Monster.





The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.



The results weren’t very interesting.

Currently, I had five Summon Monsters, but none of them were eligible for fusion.

What a shame…


Well, that was understandable.

I quickly ate up Bunraku’s dish and cleaned up.

But what about my team?

I recalled Bunraku and summoned Creep.

I already had three front-line fighters, including myself.

I wanted to have Creep as a bridge between the front and the back.

That’s right.

I had to try usingFusion Identificationon Creep too.



The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion. A Class Change is required.




Wait what, did that mean Creep would be eligible after a class change!?

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