Chapter 197 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Author’s Note: Just a little longer of a chapter.


When I logged in it was 5:20 AM.

My surroundings were still dark, but the river surface reflected a faint light from the moon above.

It was beautiful.

The scene had a strange beauty to it.


So, what was on the menu for the day?


It would be fine to keep fighting Bifrost Guards and level up, but…

I kind of wanted to break through to the underground lake too?

It seemed like there would be some kind of event on the other side of the lake.

What kind of event?

I would just have to go to the underground lake to find out.


I summoned Bunraku.

But first, breakfast.

I couldn’t see the sunrise.

But while it was still dark, if I looked up I could see a dark forest above the small waterfall falling from the cliff above me.

It was a pretty sight.

The weather looked like it was going to be good too.

But for that day I was planning to go deeper inside the cave.


But what about my team?

I wanted to try using 【Fusion Identification】, so I went with Summon Monsters I hadn’t used the day before.

Volff, Jean, Senki, Ninetails, and Loewe.

I used 【Fusion Identification】 on all of them.

It worked on some of my Summon Monsters.

Namely, Jean and Loewe.

But the info screens they gave me were slightly different.


In the case of Loewe, it was the same as the info screens Creep and Zuiun gave me.


《The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.  A Class Change is required.》




They were the same.

But Jean gave me a different info screen.


《The target is an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.  Two more Summon Monsters are required.》




I had to look more into this!

But then again, there were a lot of thoughts of exploration in my mind too.

But Bunraku’s dish was not ready yet.

I had time to check out a few things.

My MP bar would suffer a bit, but it wouldn’t be meaningless.



I recalled Loewe.

I summoned Mumyo.


Mumyo was the optimal darkness dweller Summon Monster.

I tried using 【Fusion Identification】 on Mumyo.



《The target is an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.  Two more Summon Monsters are required.》

《One Summon Monster to be used in fusion has been identified.  One more Summon Monster is required.》


Bingo. Right from the first guess too.

I kept going.

I recalled Volff and Senki.

Now, who would be the last Summon Monster?

Well, I had a vague idea of some Summon Monsters that could be it…




But before that, I had to organise my Summon Monsters according to their response to 【Fusion Identification】.


《The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.》


Volff, Obsidian, Jericho, Goki, Senki, Rig, Bunraku, Ninetails, Heather, Tigris, Nias, Gokame, and Taylor.



《The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.  A Class Change is required.》


Zangetsu, Helix, Creep, Zuiun, Loewe



《The target is an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.  Two more Summon Monsters are required.》


Jean, Mumyo




I could fuse Jean and Mumyo.

But who would be the third Summon Monster?

One Summon Monster looked very suspicious to me.

I suspected it would be Zuiun.

But what would the fusion even lead to?

Probably that.


Probably that, right?

That Summon Monster Juna had with her.

It probably wouldn’t start out as a Vampire Duke, but probably something below that.


I had high hopes.

But it would be better to stop imagining all the things I could do.

The more I thought about it, the more likely I was to delude myself.

For the time being, I had to focus on training Zuiun to get to the Class Change.


I was also interested in the other Summon Monsters that first needed a Class Change.

There were a few combinations I had in mind.

That Summon Monster that Master has…

The Chimera.

I had a few guesses as to that one too.


Zangetsu and Helix I could probably fuse together to form…

Probably that?

No, I had to stop.

I still had a long way to go.

But I realised something very important.

A long time ago, Master told me to train 【Alchemy】.

This had to be the reason why.




While I ate breakfast, I shuffled my Summon Monster team once again.

I went with Obsidian, Senki, Creep, Zuiun, and Loewe.

My aim was to get my Summon Monsters that were eligible for fusion to their Class Change.

I would probably have to swap them out once I got to the underground lake though.


My MP bar had gone down by 10% too, from all that swapping around.

Well, that was fine.

What I got were high hopes and objectives.

Those in themselves had value.


I went deeper into the cave.

My goal was of course, those Magic Waterweeds.

Just you wait, my enemy!

I’m coming for you!




Although for the time being, I had to deal with Rudy Bats.

Well, with Obsidian and Zuiun using their Special Skills to shoot down the bats, taking them down was easy.

I only had to finish them off with my dagger and Tokkosho.

But that was not the case for the Wendigos.

I was particularly worried for Creep.

I cast 【Resist Ice】, which helped with the cold air inside the cave…

But Creep was obviously taking more damage than Loewe.

I had to finish each fight as quickly as I could.


I ran into another Wendigo.

That time, I tried fighting it with the Snow Beast Mace instead of my dagger.

It did a good amount of damage.

But, the abnormal status conditions from the Ice Attribute of the weapon were somehow not appearing.

Fighting them with a Snow Beast Mace probably wasn’t the best idea.

It was probably best to just take them out with my Black Rope while they were sleeping.



I ran into the third Wendigo.

I strangled it with my Black Rope from behind it while it was sleeping, and pierced the back of its head with my Tokkosho.

The Steam Magic blade sent a burst of high-pressure steam into its skull.

The explosion did a lot of damage.



But I kept going.

I saw the passage leading to the Relay Portal through the side of my eyes, but I kept heading deeper into the cave.

I was almost there.

Back to where the problems all started.




I felt the smell of water getting thicker.

I was very close.

It was time to change to a water-based team.

I changed my Summon Monster team again.

I summoned Nias, Gokame, Taylor, Rig, and Heather.

I took off my armour and helmet, and held my spear in my right hand. After letting Rig stick to me, my preparations were done.


It was time to take out those Magic Waterweeds.



I stood at a little distance to the water.

I tried using 【Call Monster】.

Ah, yep.

They were there.

There were more than 20 of them.

They weren’t Starfish Mines! Why were there so many of them?

There were too many of them!

But, how strong were they?

It looked like they were going from Level 1 to Level 5.


Looking at the distribution of the waterweeds, the length of the underwater lake was probably about 100 feet.

No, 30 metres?

If I didn’t have to get in a fight, I could probably dive in and swim through just fine.

But, there was a high chance that a trap was waiting for me in the water.

I couldn’t get caught off guard.


So, what was my plan?

I had to go slowly but surely.

I had to get rid of the waterweeds first.

I probably wouldn’t be able to run around dodging vines while I was diving.




Magic Waterweed Lv.3

Monster Enemy Target Active

Combat Position: Underwater, Ground Water Attribute Tree Attribute



I tried calling them out using 【Call Monster】, but it didn’t seem to work.

Looking into the lake, I saw that some of them were actually rooted to the bottom.

No, they were actually moving.

It’s just that their movement speed was very slow even in the water.



Surprisingly, some of my Summon Monsters found a lot of success fighting them.

They were Gokame and Taylor.

The Magic Waterweeds moved their long stalks like ivy, and tried to drag them down to grind them against the ground.

But all they did was bring Gokame to the enemy.

Their attacks did no damage.

Gokame just started biting at the roots.

The HP bar of the Magic Waterweed steadily started decreasing.


Were they actually quite weak?

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