Chapter 197 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Taylor was more dynamic when it came to fighting the Magic Waterweeds.
Taylor used his pincers to pinch the stalks as they came at him, and cut them like he was cutting with scissors.
Taylor would then walk up to the nearest Magic Waterweed, and cut the roots off whole.
It looked pretty easy.

The waterweed stalks were actually a lot less scary than I imagined them to be.
It felt like I was really making the Magic Waterweeds to be a lot more than they actually were.
I was strengthening myself with spells, but it didn’t look like that was even necessary.
But the power each Magic Waterweed had was no joking matter.
It could pull me with just one stalk.
And once they dragged me to the bottom, more waterweeds could entangle themselves around my foot.
At that point, there would be nothing left to do but to drown.

Me, Nias, and Heather continued to support Taylor and Gokame from behind while they worked hard to take out all the waterweeds.
I didn’t have the guts to go out in the front with them.
There was no need for that either.
I could just leave it to the professionals.
I still had to breathe air, after all!
Just to be sure, I dove in behind Gokame and Taylor to collect the item drops, but the waterweeds didn’t drop anything.
It was a lot of time wasted, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Nias managed to find a pocket of air in the middle of the lake too.
That was great.
Honestly, 30 metres would have been pretty close to my limit.
It would be really tough if I had to fight a new monster down there.
I wanted some sort of insurance, even if it was small.

《【Two-handed Spear】 Level Up!》
《【Swim】 Level Up!》
《Summon Monster 『Taylor』 Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

A lot of level-ups came when my Gokame and Taylor managed to take out the last Magic Waterweed.
They finished their work very smoothly.
There was a bit of damage on them, but I didn’t really mind. It wasn’t enough to make a difference.

The stat that went up with the level-up was STR.
I put another point into AGI.

Taylor Big Crab Lv4→Lv5 (↑1)
DEX 10
AGI 9 (↑1)
STR 27 (↑1)
VIT 22

Pincer Strike Aquatic Earth Resistance Water Resistance

I wanted to do something about Taylor’s mobility.
The same went for Gokame.
They were really good at taking out the waterweeds, but they would always be going at their own pace.
The damage to Gokame was nearly invisible.
As expected from Gokame!
Well, I was still glad I cast strengthening spells on them.

I realised something important then.
It would’ve been impossible to pass through on my own!
It was really good to have Summon Monsters capable of fighting underwater.

After I swam through the underwater lake, another cave tunnel was waiting for me on the other side.
I had to keep moving onwards.
But first, I had to put my equipment back in order.
I also changed my team to Obsidian, Senki, Creep, Zuiun, and Loewe.
Again, I used 【Call Monster】 to check my surroundings.
Were there any monsters?
Yep, there were a lot of them.
Rudy Bats, and even Wendigos.
The Rudy Bats were especially high in number.

Was there some kind of Monster House waiting for me?
It was probably that.
I decided to use strengthening spells beforehand.
Yep, doing that would be important.

So far, the appearance of the cave had not changed.
There were no branches.
It progressed forward while also checking the direction I was going in using 【Magnetic Compass】.
It seemed like the cave was going along the perimeter of the crater.
A sizable river was actually flowing towards the lake.
It was probably a branch from the river from earlier… Was it heading towards that waterfall?
I felt like if I walked a little bit further, I would run into it.
I often ran into Wendigos too. Some were awake, others were asleep, but I took them all down anyway.
I wanted to go to that place… The end of the cave.
There surely had to be some kind of event.
It might be a battle too, actually, I couldn’t get too confident.
I might end up regretting that.

I finally arrived at the place in question. It was a room bathed in a faint light.
The time was 11:40 AM.
It took a lot of work to get to the place.
There were a lot of monsters, and collecting all the item drops took a lot of time, but it wasn’t the first time I had run into such a trap.
I got a few Strange Stones too, so it wasn’t all bad.
The bat fangs I could sell for a good amount of money too.
Zuiun wasn’t so good in bright places.
I had to change my team again.
I recalled Zuiun and summoned Ninetails.
I only had my Tonfa of Torture in my left hand.
Depending on the situation, I could use my Black Rope.
I could easily pull out my dagger too.
I just had to flexibly respond to the situation.

When I finished using all the strengthening spells I had, I touched the rock in the centre of the room.
What would come next?

《We are the guards.》
《The evil must be destroyed》
《All the living must leave.》
《If thou hast courage, join us in the dead, and be part of our kin!》

The info screens seemed strangely familiar…
But there was no room for such thoughts.
My opponents soon appeared before me.

Bifrost Guardian Lv2
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Light Attribute Wind Attribute

Einherjar Soldier Lv5
Heroic Spirit Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Earth Resistance

It looked strangely stronger, but not at the same time…
No, they were definitely stronger!

「Practiced Spirit!」

I had to give it my all.
I let Senki take on one of the Einherjar Soldiers.
It had a shield and a mace.
In close range, Senki could probably take the upper hand.
But it would still be a tough fight, and I didn’t think it would go down so easy.
The other Einherjar Soldier had a bow, and so I left Obsidian, Creep, Ninetails, and Loewe to fight it.

I would have to take on the Bifrost Guardian on my own.
It was still as heavily equipped as ever.
It looked like there were no changes there.
Or were the changes just subtle?
But it wasn’t time to play “Spot the Difference”!

『Shield Rush!』

Wait a minute…
Why was it suddenly using a Weapon Arte?

Oh, now you’ve done it…
I thought it would be quite slow considering its heavy equipment, but that Weapon Arte was pretty fast.
But still…
It felt pretty slow.
But I couldn’t get confident. It was still a threat even if it was just walking normally… It had that heavy equipment after all.
The problem was that it tended to change its walking rhythm and use Weapon Artes.
It would take a while to get used to it.

『Sword Slash!』

That Weapon Arte was not just a simple sword swing.
It was far from hitting me.
But still, shockwaves hit my body.
The spell I was casting got interrupted.
My HP bar went down by about 10%.
A pain started slowly building up all around my body.

This guy…
Did it just shoot a sword attack at me from long range?

I would be at a disadvantage at a distance.
I chose and started casting a spell.
With my right hand, I loosened the Black Rope that was hanging over my shoulder.
As long as there were no long-range attacks, I could use my dagger.
I had to get closer to it.
Fighting it like I would usually fight other monsters would put me at a disadvantage.
But I had a strategy in mind.

『Shield Rush!』

As soon as I got closer, it used another Weapon Arte.
Thank you.
It would save me the hassle of having to approach it myself.
I dodged slightly to the side.
Of course, the shield scratched me and I took some damage.
But in exchange, I had the opportunity to attack.
It would be troublesome to have to wrap around it.
C’mon… Trip!

I wrapped around its side as it passed by me.
I kicked the back of its left knee, and it looked like that made it lose its balance.
I followed up with a tackle to its back.
But that alone was not enough to cause it to fall.
Well then, one more push.

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