Chapter 198 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Author’s note: Longer Chapter

I logged in.
The time was 5:50 AM.
My surroundings were still a little dark.
But I summoned Bunraku anyway, and got him to prepare a meal for me.

As I sat up, memories from the day before started flooding back to me.
I felt like there were a lot of things going on yesterday that I hadn’t sorted out, much less figured out.

But what I did remember was that I became able to learn 【Seal Magic】 at the same time I got the Spell Library title.
But I didn’t have enough bonus points, so I would have to put it on hold for the time being.
I could just think about whether I would learn the skill or not at the next Racial level-up.

【Fusion Identification】 gave me a lot to think about too.
The fact that Creep, Loewe, and Zuiun needed Class Changes came very suddenly, and I suddenly had to focus on training them up to Level 8.
Maybe I could keep fighting Bifrost Guards until their Class Changes came?
That was probably the best course of action.

I could leave heading over to the next map for another time.
For the time being, I wanted to train myself and my Summon Monster and level up a few skills
There shouldn’t be any problems with food either…
I still had enough vegetables.
I had enough dried meat too, so I wasn’t worried about that.
If I really ran out of food, I could just eat Portable Food too.
I made myself some Portable Food when I was making mana potions, so I had a lot left over.
I had to finish my stock somehow.
I could probably just eat Portable Food for lunch later.

Anyway, about the Bifrost Guards…
I more or less understood what items they dropped.
But the probability of actually getting any of them was low.
The drop rates were clearly, very low…
But after fighting so many of them, I was actually starting to accumulate quite a few of their item drops.
Well I could think of it as a bonus of sorts.

And in my own case…
The time for testing new weapons had long passed.
But there was something else I wanted to try out.
Yep. Something I hadn’t been doing very much at all.
But maybe “try out” wasn’t the right word… I wanted to try reworking my view of some of my spells.
Especially my attribute enchant spells.
As long as my MP bar would allow it, I wanted to use them more often.
It was something that I often catch myself wishing I did in a lot of fights.

Anyway… Regarding my Summon Monsters.
What would today’s team be?
I definitely had to have Creep and Loewe in there.
But I would have to hold off on Zuiun until the sun went down.
Just like the day before, I decided to have Senki in the front.
Heather in the back as a support.

And who would be my last Summon Monster?
Maybe Nias?
Levelling up Gokame or Taylor would be nice too.
Well in any case, I had to finish my breakfast before I did any of that.


After the meal, I quickly cleaned up and recalled Bunraku.
I spent some time thinking about it, and finally decided to summon Taylor.
I wanted to bring Taylor up to everyone else’s level.



Anyway, now that that’s all taken care of…
There were Bifrost Guards to challenge.
I started by using strengthening spells on myself.
I used 【Resist Ice】 on Creep.
While I was at it, I used 【Enchanted Light】 on Senki.
What effect would it have?
I wasn’t too sure, actually…
Senki already fought with overwhelming power, that was for sure.
The more I thought about it, the more I realised that giving Senki the light attribute was actually kind of pointless.
I regretted it a bit, but it was a good learning experience.

I used 【Enchanted Light】 on Loewe too.
What effect would it have?
In Loewe’s case, it had quite an effect.
It felt like the time Loewe took to defeat his enemies was getting shorter.
I noticed that the time my Summon Monsters would spend just watching me fight the Bifrost Guard or Bifrost Guardian was slowly getting longer and longer.

Oh dear…
I had to get stronger too!
I used 【Enchanted Melt】 on myself.


I was glad I did that.
I was careless to ignore the attribute enchant spells for so long.
While I was fighting, I noticed something overlapping the red marker of the Einherjar Fighter after it was bitten by Loewe.
A marker indicating an abnormal status condition was above the Einherjar Fighter’s head.
Wait, what?
The same went for the Bifrost Guard after I hit it a number of times.
After a random number of my attacks, it fell into an abnormal status condition.
Its defence dropped.

I could use this.
I could use this opportunity!


What did I have in mind to try next?
I tried stacking the attribute enchant spells.
I tried using 【Enchanted Dark】 while I had 【Enchanted Melt】 active.
It looked like it wouldn’t let me stack multiple attributes on myself.
Even though it worked with Physical Enchant and Mental Enchant spells…
What a shame…

For the time being, I could try using the enchant spells on my other Summon Monsters.
I used 【Enchanted Melt】 on Senki.
【Enchanted Light】 on Loewe.
【Enchanted Dark】 on Creep.
【Enchanted Melt】 on Taylor.
Heather didn’t fight in close range at all, so attribute enchant spells were not necessary.
I used 【Enchanted Melt】 on myself.
So, how would it go?


The spells had quite a large effect.
But I realised that only after I fought another 20 groups of enemies.
The time was only 8:30 AM.
The time each battle took was clearly getting shorter.
It was hard to tell the difference for just a single fight, but the effect became more visible when I compared the time spent over tens of fights.
Yeah… That was a nice idea.
I kept going with my newfound strategy.



After another 20 rounds… And maybe a few more?
I ran into a Level 6 Bifrost Guardian, and got a very nice info screen when I beat it.


《【Summon Magic】 Level Up! 》
《Racial Level Up!  Please add 1 point to two desired stats.》


My much-awaited Racial level-up is here.
I can get myself 【Seal Magic】 now!
And since 【Summon Magic】 levelled up, I could get myself another Summon Monster too!
It was very nice to finally see the fruits of my labour.
Oops. Focus, focus!
I concentrated on the virtual window in front of me.


Base Stats
DEX 18
AGI 18
INT 27(↑1)
STR 18
VIT 18
SPI 27(↑1)


《You have received 2 Bonus Points.  You currently have a total of 5 Bonus Points.》


Very nice.
All my stat numbers were lined up in multiples of 9, so that made it very beautiful too!

I sat down to take a short break.
My strengthening spells and attribute enchant spells were all about to expire too, so it was the perfect time to take a break.
My first order of business was to use potions to heal all my Summon Monsters.
After that, I learnt 【Seal Magic】.
I immediately activated it.

What spells did it have?
I looked through my list of spells and, sure enough, there were some new spells there.
What spells were they?

Seal Attribute
Seal Weapon Arte

Was that it!


I focused on the lines in my list of spells to check the short description of each of the spells.
【Seal Attribute】 is apparently a spell used on targets that have elemental attributes and resistances.
The spell would serve to reduce the effects of those attributes and resistances.
Yeah, I had a hunch that was how it worked.
It made sense, but I had a feeling its effect would be a bit subtle?
Well, it was something I wouldn’t be able to understand unless I actually used it.
【Seal Weapon Arte】 worked in a similar way too, but instead of reducing the effect of attributes and resistances, it was a spell that prevented the target from using Weapon Artes.


Summoning a new Summon Monster was a pleasure I could leave for later.
For the time being, I wanted to focus on taking down more Bifrost Guards.
I wanted to see what my new spells could do too.



「Seal Attribute!」

I tried using it on my next fight against a Bifrost Guardian.
The time it took to cast the spell was quite short.
Immediately, I saw a small marker overlap with the red marker of the Bifrost Guardian.
I focused my eyes on it.

Light Attribute↓ Wind Attribute↓

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