Chapter 199 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

I was planning on moving onwards to the next map, but before that, I had to change my team again.

I recalled every one of my Summon Monsters except Nias.

I summoned Senki, Shishiku, and Telomere.

The last Summon Monster in my team was Ligand. I could have him act as a scout.


Although, if I had to be honest, I just wanted to bring Ligand up to everyone else’s level as much as possible.

Right when I was about to get going, I ran into another party.

Ah, it was Guren’s party.

「Wait, what? Are you going back?」

「Oh? You’re just heading back too?」

Oh no…

I didn’t say hello, and said something weird instead.

We took some distance from the lake and then continued our chat.

Guren’s party members all directed their gazes to my Summon Monsters.

Especially Shishiku.

I had a feeling they all looked at Telomere once too.

But after that, they seemed like they didn’t want to look at her twice.

I wonder what that was all about…

「Does the boss ahead of here have something special up its sleeve? Or is it just like fighting a stronger Bifrost Guard?」

「Yeah, I suppose it was just a stronger Bifrost Guard. Their levels change over time too though? Over time, the rate at which you can get item drops gets better too.」

「I don’t think it’s going to be possible for us to fight them over and over again though…」

I asked, and apparently, everyone in Guren’s party had at least【Swim】Level 7 and【Dive】Level 6.

They were all more advanced than I was.

Well, they were training here, amidst all the Magic Waterweeds, after all.

「And right as we we’re about to try going through, you’re already back from the other side… As expected.」

「Also this mace is really good!」

「Thanks  Ah, but I just got through the underground lake. There’s probably less Magic Waterweeds in there now.」

「What, really?」

We stared at each other for a moment.

「Thank you very much. We’ll be sure to take advantage of that.」

「Well then, all the best.」

「Thanks. I’d love to ask you a lot more questions, but I can do that at another opportunity.」

We both exchanged greetings again, and headed our separate ways.

It looked like they were also progressing at a good rate.

All of them were at Job Lv.13.

I kept Ligand in my team as I kept moving.

I had to be careful.

From Ligand’s point of view, Rudy Bats must have been a clearly superior opponent.

Wendigos and Sasquatches were obviously no match for Ligand too.

I didn’t want to put Ligand in any dangerous situations.

I would have to keep him firmly in the back, behind Shishiku’s guard.

If Ligand wanted to attack, he would have to use sneaky means to do so.

Well then.

I had to keep moving.

I didn’t run into a lot of monsters.

It made sense. Guren’s party had just come through, after all.

Even Rudy Bats only came in packs as large as five.

I didn’t run into any Wendigos.

I did run into a Wendigo right as I was about to take the branch of the cave that led to the neighbouring map, but it ran away for some reason.

What? Why?

Was it because I had Shishiku with me?

Or was it because I had Telomere?

Maybe a combination of both reasons?

In any case, the Wendigo did the smart thing.

I would run away too!

I kept heading towards the neighbouring map while I took out any surrounding packs of Rudy Bats.

In no time, I arrived in N2W2.

I hadn’t run into any Wendigos yet.

Well, I was confident that I would be able to fight two Wendigos at a time without any problems.

But with this monster in the mix too, things would get very messy.

Sasquatch Lv.4

Monster Enemy Target Passive

Battle Position: Ground Ice Attribute Dark Attribute

Wendigo Lv.7

Monster Enemy Target Passive

Battle Position: Ground Ice Attribute

Sasquatches… I hadn’t run into them in a long time…

It was accompanied by just one Wendigo.

But it would still be a very troublesome fight.

Fortunately, it was passive.

There was something I wanted to try.

I wanted to try using the【Seal Magic】spell, 【Seal Attribute】.

But before that, I cast【Resist Ice】on all my Summon Monsters.

With that, my preparations were probably complete.

It was a shame that the Wendigo wasn’t asleep.

Nevertheless, I was confident I would be able to defeat them.

The Sasquatch would be my prey.

I left the Wendigo to my Summon Monsters.

「Seal Attribute!」

I tried using it.

The area of effect of the spell wasn’t too wide, and it wasn’t too narrow either.

Why wasn’t the【Seal Attribute】a single target spell? Having it that way would make a lot more sense…

There was also the possibility that the spell would get resisted.

I couldn’t get too confident.

But it looked like the spell worked.

A small marker overlapped the Sasquatch’s red marker.

I immediately prepared to cast my next spell.

Of course, I wanted to cast the same spell on the Wendigo too.

Both the Sasquatch the Wendigo suddenly drew deep breaths.

They were about to throw their cold air attacks at us.

There was no way for me to dodge the attack, but at least I had【Resist Ice】active.

Oh! Wait a minute…

I had【Seal Weapon Arte】too.

Would it work against that cold air attack?

But it was already too late.

The Sasquatch was already right in front of my eyes.

The temperature around me suddenly plummeted.

But that would present no changes to my goal.

My goal was to use the Black Rope to restrict its movements.

It would be best if I could hit its neck.

「Seal Attribute!」

I shot the same spell at the Wendigo.

A small marker overlapped the Wendigo’s red marker.


I redirected all my attention back onto the Sasquatch.

Looking at it closer, I was reminded again of how big Sasquatches were.

But it wasn’t just a mass of muscle like the Wendigos.

And yet I still felt like it could deliver even more power than a Wendigo.

The biggest factor was its speed.

Its rapid movements made it almost impossible for me to get a good combination of attacks on its head or neck.

Well in that case, I would have to attack from below it.

I slid to slip under the feet of the Sasquatch.

It immediately raised its right foot and tried to bring it down on me.

I dodged by a hair, and grabbed onto its left foot instead.

More precisely, I grabbed onto its left ankle and moved into a Spider Guard position.

But the size difference was too big, that my right leg couldn’t even reach its right thigh. My right leg only went up to its knee.

In that case, I could move into the Spiral Guard position instead.

I started wrapping my Black Rope around its left ankle.

That was the first step.

But I couldn’t move on to the next step.

I couldn’t sweep it off its right leg.

I couldn’t do anything about it, because my leg couldn’t even properly reach the Sasquatch’s right leg.

I cancelled my initial plan, and wrapped behind it instead.

The Sasquatch was about to drop its knee along with all of its body weight on me, so I was very grateful I decided to do that.

As I got up behind it, I kicked it in the back of its knee.

I expected it to be finally enough to make the Sasquatch fall over, but it still managed to stay up somehow.

I had already prepared for my follow-up attack.

I pulled on my Black Rope which was tied around its left leg, which let me firmly grab onto it.

I twisted my body, and also delivered a strong kick to its right leg.

But that still wasn’t enough to make it fall over.

I desperately followed up with a Back Throw.

It still wasn’t enough.

It was a bit strange and deformed, but I performed a Star Sweep too.

With the help of my Black Rope, that was finally enough to make it fall over.

It was a heavy struggle to make it drop to the ground, but now that I had done it, I had the advantage.

I wrapped its left foot, right arm, and its arm in my Black Rope, and pulled.

The whole Sasquatch’s body was enveloped in flame, so even though its HP bar was still at 80%, I was confident I would be able to take it down.

In any case, what happened to the Wendigo?

It was already mere moments away from death.

Senki had it pinned against the ground.

Well, alright then.

Shishiku was biting into it.

Wait, no, it looked more like Shishiku was tearing it apart.

I had a feeling he was chewing the flesh and devouring it too.

What are you doing…?

And about Telomere…

I couldn’t see it very clearly, but I knew her head was somewhere buried around the Wendigo’s neck.

Telomere’s HP and MP bars was visibly recovering.

What Telomere was doing wouldn’t be dangerous, right?

It would be scary to have the Wendigo become a vampire.

Looking closer, I realised that on the other side of the Wendigo’s neck was Ligand, sinking his fangs into the Wendigo’s flesh.

Nias was repeatedly thrusting her spear into the Wendigo’s hip area.


It wasn’t going to survive for much longer.


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