Chapter 201 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Stop chasing after me! Stop being so persistent!

The Stray Mammoth chasing after me was very fast.

I had strengthening spells on Zangetsu.

Nevertheless, the Stray Mammoth could easily keep up.

Zangetsu was only slightly faster.

Oh dear…

This is bad!


It looked like I really had no other option.

I had to fight it.

But how would I go about taking it down?


Helix and Obsidian started attacking the mammoth from the sky.

Yeah. Thanks for that.

But they were doing next to no damage.

The Stray Mammoth didn’t even look like it had noticed them yet.

Obsidian even got brave enough to land on its head to attack with his beak.

But the Stray Mammoth didn’t care.

It didn’t care at all.

Well, I wasn’t too surprised.

But it would be great if Helix or Obsidian could distract it somehow.

It was only when Helix hit its eye that it finally took notice.

But that still didn’t stop it from chasing after me and Zangetsu.


I could tell that it was slightly slower though.

It gave me the time and freedom to cast a spell.

It wasn’t a simple attack spell.

I would’ve loved to use 【Root Snare】, but I had doubts about its effectiveness.

But I could start with a wall spell.



「Dimension Mirror!」


When the Mammoth crashed into the spell, it took all the force from its own charge.


It wasn’t enough to slow it down by much!

How tough were these Stray Mammoths!?

Next, next!



「Fire Wall!」


The Mammoth charged through the wall of fire.

The attacks did damage.

Yeah. Its HP bar definitely dropped by a bit.

But it still wasn’t enough to make it stop.

And the damage it took wasn’t even equal to 10% of its HP bar.

It was going to take a lot of time to whittle its HP bar down.


But I could tell that it was slowing down, even if it was just by a little.

Next spell!



「Magma Screen!」


The Stray Mammoth did not stop its charge, even while its whole body was being wrapped in lava.

It was really scary!

Even that wasn’t enough to reduce its HP bar by another 10%.


Wait a minute!


I had the time and freedom to properly cast spells.

Amidst all the chaos, I forgot about a very useful spell.

Yep. Progress was going slowly but smoothly.

Alright, let’s try it.

I chose and started casting a spell.

There was definitely a risk with what I was about to attempt.

But there was no way to know for sure without trying it.




I released an 【Earth Magic】 attack spell.

Of course, the hole was not big enough to drop the whole Stray Mammoth in…

But it was still good.


The Mammoth’s front legs fell into the whole, and it smashed its head against the walls of the pit.

Its lower body was sticking almost vertically out of the pit.

Yep, that looked very nice. At least from my point of view.

It had a very supple rear too.


「Lower DEF!」


It was now or never.

It was clearly using all its might to try and escape the pit.

But the situation it was in wasn’t something it was going to be able to escape so easily.

Its front legs were kicking at air inside the pit.

It looked like it was trying to stretch its long trunk to help it get a grip, but Helix and Obsidian continued their attacks on its trunk, preventing it from doing anything.

It was completely stuck.

While its rear was defenceless, Volff and I concentrated our attacks there.

Well, if I had to describe how it went…

It took a lot of time.

It was one tough beast!


「Seal Attribute!」


A small marker overlapped the Stray Mammoth’s red marker.


I took out my Snow Beast Mace from my 《Item Box》.

It was the weapon that would do the most damage.

But I would have to get closer. Zangetsu was actually hindering me in that regard.

I got off of Zangetsu to focus my attacks.



With a still target, I could swing my mace with as much force as I wanted to.

Zangetsu attacked with his hind legs too.

But really… Up close, I realised how truly massive it was.

Sorry to have to take you down!



《【Club】 Level Up!》

《【Horsemanship】 Level Up!》

《Summon Monster 『Zangetsu』 Level Up!》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》


Yeah. That was a tough fight.

Zangetsu was contributing to the fight very nicely by trampling the Stray Mammoth with her hind legs, after all.

At times, I was surprised to see Zangetsu do even more damage than I was doing.

But even then, it took a considerable amount of time to finish it off.

I even had to use 【Pitfall】 another time to make sure the mammoth wouldn’t be able to escape.

Stray Mammoths were amazing…

That size was nothing to mess with.


Anyway… There was Zangetsu’s level-up to take care of.

The stat that went up with the level-up was VIT.

I put another point into STR.


Zangetsu White Horse Lv3→Lv4 (↑1)


AGI 25


STR 26 (↑1)

VIT 26 (↑1)




Trample Dash Endurance Run Wild Gallop Stampede Kick

Rider Recovery [Slight] Magic Resistance [Slight]


But really…

It was actually quite surprising that I was able to take it down at all.

I felt like I was too reckless.

Of course, I did use very many spells…

But it was still hard to believe.

Did I really win?

Against this giant Stray Mammoth?

No way, right?


But in any case, I stuck my knife into the Stray Mammoth’s body to collect its item drops.

I got this item:


【Material】 Mammoth Tusk Raw Material Grade C+ Rarity 4 Weight 8+

The tusks of a Stray Mammoth. Because of its size and curvature, it is difficult to process into something else.

It is often displayed as a trophy, as it is.



The reward for all my troubles was a bit… Subtle?

It was definitely a mammoth tusk, but what was I to do with it? What could I make out of it?

I had no idea.

It felt very strange, tucking it away in my 《Item Box》.


Well then.

It would be good to know where the other Stray Mammoths were.

I used 【Call Monster】.

Yep, they were there.

But it seemed like there were not many of them.

But they were definitely around.

The mammoth I had just taken out was at Level 2.

I even spotted one at Level 5.

Just thinking about it gave me shivers!


Should I keep going, dodging all Stray Mammoths on the way?

That wasn’t fun either.

I decided to just keep going, and if I encountered something, then I guess I would have no choice but to fight it.



Curly Rabbit Lv6

Monster Enemy Target Active

Battle Position: Ground


Yeah. I didn’t have to wait long until I ran into another monster.

The next monster I ran into was very familiar.

It was a rabbit.

There were three of them.

If I wasn’t mistaken, they appeared along with the Twelve Heavenly Generals too.

My memory was really starting to get hazy…


Although looking closer, they looked like slightly different monsters too.

I couldn’t recognise them with 【Call Monsters】 too.

But maybe that was to be expected.

The size difference between them and the mammoths must have been too big.


In any case, I challenged them.

Almost immediately, I started to regret my decision.

Fighting them was very troublesome.

The hall I fought the Twelve Heavenly Generals in was quite narrow.

But here, they could really show off just how fast they could be.


When running on the ground, they were faster than Volff.

But the Curly Rabbits didn’t just run. They could jump too.

They could jump so quickly, it seemed like they just disappeared from my field of vision.

Whenever I swung at them, they would always completely disappear at the last moment.

I was even riding Zangetsu.

Just how fast were these Curly Rabbits?

My eyes couldn’t even keep up with them.


Surprisingly, Helix and Obsidian were able to contribute more than anyone else.

Because no matter how fast it was, once it was in the air, predicting its trajectory became possible.

Helix and Obsidian were aiming for those moments.

In the middle of the fight, one of the Curly Rabbits became passive and ran away.

Yep, I was quite grateful for that.

Although I also felt a little like I lost something because I let it escape.


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