Chapter 201 – Part 4

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

For the time being…

I recalled every one of my Summon Monsters except Volff and Ninetails.

Volff had a high mobility on land.

Ninetails would be Volff’s and my rear support.

Even with just Volff and Ninetails, I had a feeling I would be quite safe.

But I kept going.


I summoned Shishiku and Telomere!

They could take care of monsters in the front, in the back, and even in the sky.

Besides, Telomere and Shishiku were on a completely different level.

They were good Summon Monsters to have around, just for their natural fighting strength.

Telomere was a little unstable when it came to her equipment, but her skills were amazing.


I would probably just need one last dedicated tank.

It was a tough choice, but I finally decided to summon Jericho.

Senki would have been good too, but Jericho was the safer option, considering the fact that he had the ability to liquefy.


I drank a big cup of water to wash down my Portable Food, and started casting strengthening spells.

I distributed some Power Water too.

I gave Telomere and Ninetails a pot of Suttungr’s Mead(Inferior)each too.

While I was at it, I drank one myself.


I know you like sweet things, but I’m not giving you any more!

This mead is quite rare, you know?

While I was at it, I used 【Sense Magic】 too.

And with that, were all my preparations ready?



As I approached the base of the tree, Volff and Ninetails changed quite drastically.

Shishiku looked rather excited.

Jericho and Telomere didn’t look too fazed.


What was waiting for me in there?

First of all, I had to start with this:




I illuminated the inside of the hole with a light spell.

It didn’t look like anything was waiting for me inside…

But I still had to be alert. I carefully walked in.



The inside of the tree was quite spacious.

But at the same time, it also felt very claustrophobic.

Looking up, I noticed the inside of the tree was nowhere as beautiful as the outside.

There were cavities into the tree left and right.

I moved the ball of light upwards.

There was something hanging out of the cavities in the side of the walls of the tree.


Was it… Rope?

Tough-looking ropes were randomly stretching around above me.

I had a bad feeling about it.


《Greetings, guest.》


《Allow us to sing a song.》


《Allow us to dance a dance.》


《In exchange, will you grant us your life?》


《Only until we are destroyed along with this world.》


I knew it!

Several human-like figures appeared on top of the ropes above me.



Acrobatics Master Lv2

Event Monster Magus Performing

Combat Position: Ground Wind Attribute Water Attribute


Pantomime Master Lv1

Event Monster Magus Performing

Combat Position: Ground Earth Attribute Water Attribute


Insanity Bard Lv1

Event Monster Magus Provoking

Combat Position: Ground Wind Attribute


Insect Tamer Lv7

Event Monster Magus Provoking

Battle Position: Ground Fire Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Water Resistance


Black Widow Lv1

Event Monster On Standby

Battle Position: Ground Earth Attribute Poison


Dark Crown Lv3

Event Monster Magus Performing

Battle Position: Ground Spacetime Attribute Light Attribute Dark Attribute


Some of them were laughing… I suppose that’s what “Provoking” meant.

Some of them were just looking at me with… Disdain?

There was a giant spider too.

Denier was a pretty big spider, but this one was much bigger.

One of them particularly stood out to me.

The Dark Crown.

For some reason, I had a feeling that the Insanity Bard was a superior form of the Mad Bard.


I hurriedly shuffled through my spell list.

An idea came to my mind.

Could I use that spell?


But suddenly, the Insanity Bard’s song echoed around the tree.

That was the signal that started the battle.


「Practiced Spirit!」 「Meditate!」 「Bless!」


I used some Martial Arts skills.

Afterwards I immediately chose and started casting a spell.

What about the Dark Crown?

Was it still on the ropes?


In any case, it let my side take the initiative.

In a very flashy way too.

Shishiku started with a fire breath attack directed upwards.

After a few moments, Telomere followed up with her own bullets of fire.

The whole inside of the tree was covered in flames.


The Magi all started falling down one by one.

But it looked like they were all able to land beautifully.

Jericho and Volff quickly started moving towards them.

Ninetails was on my shoulder, looking around.


The Dark Crown wasn’t among the Magi on the ground.


My spell finished casting.

Keeping the spell in reserve, I started casting another spell.


What about the Dark Crown?




Ninetails shouted out a warning.

From where?

Ninetails tapped the back of my left shoulder.

Behind me, huh?

I turned around, and the Dark Crown was there in front of me.


「Seal Attribute!」


Did the spell work?

Before I could confirm it, I took out my dagger and cut horizontally.

I could tell I lightly cut the Dark Crown.

There was some resistance in my hands as I swung the blade.

I could see a red marker in front of me too.

There was a small marker overlapping it, indicating an abnormal status condition.

It looked like it worked.


「Seal Dual Forces!」


I fired a spell at the Insanity Bard as it was rushing at me.

I was actually planning on using it on the Dark Crown, but I had no choice.

The second spell worked too.

The singing stopped.

That would work out greatly in my favour.




I pulled my blade upwards, and slashed diagonally downwards, from my shoulder.

I meant to shout as I swung my blade.

But the voice that came out of my mouth wasn’t even close to what anyone would call a shout.


The tip of my blade went into the Dark Crown’s shoulder.

There was resistance in my hands as I put more force into the blade.

The dagger was sharp, so it easily cut through the Dark Crown’s flesh.

But there was still much more to do.


I turned the blade upwards.

Afterwards, I pulled the blade upwards, almost at a right angle.

Afterwards, I cut downwards diagonally, from my left shoulder this time.

The cut ended up looking a little like an “X”.

The Dark Crown’s HP bar faded away.


I immediately prepared to cast my next spell.

The Insanity Bard was behind me, trying to fight off the balls of light coming from Ninetails.

Shishiku was approaching too.

After taking one of the balls of light head-on, the Insanity Bard fell down.

Shishiku ran over and was quickly on top of it.

It didn’t look like it was going to be able to escape from that… Shishiku was already starting to tear it apart.


What about my other enemies?

I couldn’t see the Black Widow.

The Insect Tamer was being taken care of by Jericho.

The Pantomime Master was on the ground, and it looked like it was being finished off by Wolff.



Where did Telomere go?


The Acrobatics Master was standing stock still.

Its eyes looked empty.

Behind it was Telomere.

The Acrobatics Master’s red marker had another marker on top of it, showing that it was under an abnormal status condition.

I focused on the marker.

It looked like the Acrobatics Master was in shock after taking a lot of damage.

Well, Telomere was sucking the blood out of it.

Telomere’s MP bar, which was at a pretty low point, was rapidly recovering.

But Telomere couldn’t recover herself back to full.


Instead, the Acrobatics Master’s MP bar was emptied first.

Telomere then hit the back of the Acrobatics Master’s head, causing him to fall to the ground, where she finished him off with another sharp whack to the back of the head with her Khakkhara.

Ooh, what a beautiful motion.

That part of her was really like Zuiun.

It was very wonderful to see.


The way she licked up the blood around her mouth was also quite lovely to see.

Although it was also pretty scary.


《Greetings, guest.》


《Our song is immortal.》


《We shall nevertheless continue to dance.》


《May you continue on your path.》


《Naught but despair awaits you.》


The info messages ended there.

Was the place an Area Portal after all?


《The N2W2 Area Portal has been opened! 》

《You have gained 3 Bonus Points.  You currently have a total of 3 Bonus Points.》

《【Dagger】 Level Up! 》


Ah, I knew it!

Even from afar, I had a feeling that it had to be an Area Portal.

In my wide-area map, it appeared as the Ancient Tree Shrine.


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