Chapter 204 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
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For the time being, I recalled Strand and summoned Bunraku.

Together with Adele and Irina, Bunraku started cooking.

Well, I could leave it to them.

For the time being, I started heading to Saki’s place again.

Fiona and Reina, along with the other Production Job Players should be back just in time for breakfast.

I definitely had the【Woodworking】skill myself.

But I had never made a musical instrument before.

As much as possible, I wanted to start by consulting a professional.

「Oh? Speak of the devil. The guy who everyone is talking about just came!」

Saki called out to me with a cheerful voice.

Sounded like they were having fun.

And also…

It looked like the circle of girl’s talk from the day before had grown larger.

Well, Mio and Yuka were busy cooking.

But they still participated in the conversation, while occasionally lightly tossing the mass of food on their frying pans into the air.

Couldn’t they use whispers…?

There was no way for me to tell what they were thinking.

「I’m so jealous.」

「I can’t believe the size went up with the Class Change.」

「Isn’t the more pressing issue the way the waist size decreases too?」

「At some point the male players are going to spurt blood and pass out just from seeing.」

「And then an Account Ban!」


I had no idea what they were talking about.

But I had a feeling it would be better if I didn’t know.

But there was something else I did want to bring up.

I had the【Woodworking】skill myself, but I was sure Reina was far more advanced in the skill than me.

「I’m looking to get some kind of bard instrument… Do you have any ideas?」

「Hmm?  Just make one, I suppose!」


「Should be fine! There’s a first for everything!」

No, I don’t think that’s the problem.

I recalled Denier and summoned Nias.

It would probably be best to have the one the instrument would be used by in the room.

She might have some preferences, after all.

「This is more or less my workshop.」

Reina led me outside to a new-looking structure.

It was apparently a new workshop built specifically for Woodworkers.

Many other people were at work inside.

The other people there were making either staffs or bows.

「Are you really telling me to go make one?」

「Yep. If you can make it you can repair it! And then you won’t have to keep troubling yourself to come back here whenever it breaks!」

「Well, the question is whether I can make something like that. Is there anything ready-made for me to work on?」


This is bad…

After some thought, we decided to work on it together, while I asked her for advice.

What did she recommend for a bard?

Reina recommended stringed instruments like guitars, lutes, or harps.

Although some bards also prefer wind instruments like a recorder, an ocarina, a shinobue, or a shakuhachi.

But if I gave Nias a wind instrument, she probably wouldn’t be able to sing while she played.

Although the effect of the【Magic Melody】skill would probably be much wider with a wind instrument…

I was seriously considering it.

I tried asking Nias, but all she gave me was a sweet smile.

「Should be fine! I’ve made all of them before, after all!」


「It’s best to just test out everything!」

Reina concluded that it would be best if we made a series of prototypes and then got Nias to test them all.

Yeah. That was a good idea.

If Reina was willing to hang out with me for so long, then sure.

None of the prototypes reached Grade C.

All of them were disposed one by one, probably to become fuel for fire.

Accurately cutting curves was difficult.

Adele and Irina, with Bunraku following behind them, came into the workshop too. They looked around while I worked on my piece.

After a few minutes, they left to head to the meeting.

I had heard they were going to go hunting to the west.

There was a lot of meat to gain, I suppose.

I decided to eat breakfast in the workshop, while prioritising my work.

Both Reina and me ended up skipping the meeting.

Well, what I was working on was far more important to me.

While I was at it, another idea came to mind.

I tried to get Bunraku to help me, and realised that even though Bunraku didn’t have the【Woodworking】skill, he was still quite skilful with working the wood.

I won’t lose to you!

I tried experimenting with various types of instruments, and got a few prototypes for Nias, even though they all looked very awkwardly made.

She looked quite troubled when I placed the instruments before her.

Nias only showed interest in something like a lyre, along with an ocarina.

But it was clear that she was testing the lyre for the longest amount of time.

「It looks like she likes it.」


「Should we move on to the proper production then?」


She handed me a plank of wood.

It was pretty heavy.

【Material】Walnut Wood Plank Raw Material Grade B- Rarity 3 Weight 2

A plank of wood, cut from a Walnut Wood Log.

It is tough and hard, resistant to sudden impact, and is also relatively easy to work on.

The wood grain looks beautiful, and so is often used in furniture and other crafts.

「Is this okay?」

「I’ll teach you for free!」

In other words, I’ll just have to pay for the plank of wood.

I had to make the strings out of intestines.

So far, I had been practicing with just tree bark.

As expected, it wasn’t like I could just go to a nearby and store and buy nylon strings in this world.

Reina told me that making strings out of sheep intestines was the best we could do for the time being.

There was that penalty if I used metal materials, after all.

Anyway… I just had to get to it.

I used spells to raise my DEX stat as much as I could and got to work.

I even used【Practiced Spirit】.

This was the final product:

【Music Instrument: Lyre】Walnut Lyre Grade B Rarity 4

M・AP+12 Weight 1 Durability 120

A lyre made out of walnut wood. Produces soft, resounding music. The wood grain also looks very beautiful.

「Don’t be too rash with it until you learn to use it properly okay~」

Reina handed me several more strings made of intestines, along with another Walnut Wood Plank.

You want me to keep these in reserve?

「Try it!」

「I would love to listen to it too…」

Reina started right away with a request.

Of course, there was no hesitation.

「Well then, will you try playing this?」

I held out the lyre to Nias.

Nias took the lyre, and sung a simple, yet soothing melody, while she accompanied herself with the lyre.

It was a very beautiful song.

I was already starting to feel a bit drowsy.

It was a very short song, but I fell in love with Nias’s voice once again.

It was definitely a nice reward for all the work I put into the lyre.

After settling all the payments with Fiona, I said hi to Hannes, and cast【Grow】on his plants.

Were all my responsibilities in the Wind Spirit Village taken care of?

I couldn’t think of anything I might have missed.

It was time to go out for some hunting.

The time was 10:30 am.

It was a bit late, but I left the village to do some hunting.

Of course, it would also be a good opportunity to test Nias’s new equipment and skills.

But for the time being, I had to focus on mobility.

I recalled Volff, Bunraku, Tigris, and Heather.

I summoned Zangetsu, Helix, Rig, and Couturier.

My last Summon Monster was Nias.

Why would I head west?

My main reason was to check out the cave to the south-west that had been gaining a lot of popularity lately.

I also wanted to go to N1W3 and S1W3.

And also… Meat.

I also wanted to get myself more meat.

I was a big fan of seafood, but meat was just delicious in a different way.

I still had some jerky left over…

But I missed eating steak.

Couturier was lagging behind in terms of development, so I wanted to train her too.

In any case… To the west!

To more beautiful sceneries beyond!

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