Chapter 205 – Part 3

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

At the same time, Shishko used his breath attack.
Chimera answered in kind, launching its own breath attack.

The two breath attacks collided with one another.
Is it going to be the competition to see which breath will push through the other?
It doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case.
Shishiko’s attack clearly has the advantage here.

Meanwhile, Heather has been struck by an AoE lightning attack.
Looks like Nue was the one who fired it at her.
It generated a bright flashbang-like effect, making everything in my line of sight disappear for a brief moment.
The breath and the lightning strike overlapped with one another, generating a huge cloud of dust from the impact.
Looks like I’ll have to engage those guys in melee combat if I want to save myself needless trouble.
Now, who’s the one closest to me?
It’s Nue.

[Attribute Seal!]

I used the prepared spell on Nue, and then avoided its snake tail’s attacks by using Headslip, after which I spun around and slammed it with my mace right in the center of its torso.
I thought that will be enough to finish it off, but it jumped back and disappeared behind another wall of dust, where I couldn’t locate the red marker above its head.
Now this can be a bit troubling.

I need to clear the surroundings, so I chose an appropriate spell and executed it.

[Air Current Control!]

Now that’s much better!
Ok, let’s see how others are doing…

Jericho was the closest to me, choking the Chimera down a little bit to the left.
All right Jerry, just keep doing exactly what you’re doing!

On the opposite side from them, Nue was fighting with Shishiko.
Their tails were tangled with one another.
Could it be that they are having… a rivalry of some sort?

What about the Phantom Beast Master?
He’s having his whip holding right hand bitten by Volff.
And where oh where is the Exorcising Monk?
Is he dead already?
No, he’s definitely here.
He’s right behind me!

Or to be more precise, we were standing back to back, and now we turned towards one another at almost the same time.
Ehm… what were his abilities again? Oh yeah, since he has those paper talismans in his hands, then he’s probably a spell user.
Which means…
Before he could react, I whacked him across the head with my mace.
And he fell just like that. Dead. Literally one-shotted.
What a fucking pushover.

Now that that’s done, let’s take the Phantom Beast Master down.
Luckily he still has trouble shaking Volff off his wrist.
Here, good sir, have yourself a mace to the back of the head as well!
Yup, another one-shot.
This is getting too easy.

Maybe Nue and Chimera will prove to be more of a challenge?
Let’s try Nue first.
He’s still fighting with Shishiko, except now they are biting into each other’s necks.
It must be due to their tangled tails, but both of them have resolved to a close range battle at a short distance.
So now I just have to wait for the right moment when they both slow down for a bit and…
I bonked it on the head with the mace.
It lost a huge chunk of its HP and its movement slowed down considerably.
Shishiko used that opening to bite deeply into its throat, making it fall to the ground, where I have mauled it to death with my mace + tonfa combo.
The simplest, but the most effective of all the strategies: just hit it ’til it dies.

As for the damage, Shishiko is apparently poisoned, but he’ll live.
So now all that’s left is the Chimera which is still being held down by Jericho.
All of my monsters converge around it to attack it while Jericho crushes it’s snake tail with his enormous hand.
In the end, the Chimera died before I was able to get close enough to it to hit it.
But that’s okay.
With the battle now wrapped up, it’s time to patch ourselves up and use Antidote on those who are poisoned.

《Foolish visitor!》
《You might have bested us!》
《But know that this is not the end!》
《All we want is to see humans suffer!》
《And our grudge will continue until the day the world ends!》

As I was patching everyone up, I actually listened to all the event messages.
Everyone got hit by that AoE lightning earlier, so maybe it’ll be better to use a recovery spell instead of a potion?

《Area Portal for S1W3 area now open!》
《3 Bonus Points obtained。Current total: 4 Bonus Points.》
《【Evasion】Level Up!》
《【Dodge Roll】skill obtained!》

And that’s the end of the event info.
Dodge Roll, huh?
So it’s an evolved form of the basic Evasion that allows me to avoid attacks by rolling forward?
Well, usually I’m doing just that even without the skill, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it so much.
And of course, none of the monsters left any drops behind them.

Maybe I’ll find something useful if I actually look around for a little bit?
At first glance nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, but scanning the area with Sense Magic revealed a number of magically infused points.

But first things first, let’s check the most important thing.
All right, I can Log Out without any problems now.
Except that I can’t, because apparently some of the monsters respawned already, making that option unavailable again.
Ok, now that’s just plain old bullshit!
I’m angry!
I checked the name of the portal on the Wide Area Map.
The Village of Silence?
Pompous, but it actually fits the place nicely.

The time is slightly past 11:00 AM.
Should I go forward, or stay here and hunt some of the monsters in here?

While I am a little worried, let’s go on and move ahead.
We are getting closer to the S2W3 map, and I would like to see what kind of a place that is.
In this particular case, rushing ahead might be our best option.
And the monsters?
We’ll just have to deal with them as they come.

But first, let’s switch the team up a little.
Jericho and Shishiko will go back for now.
I summoned Zangetsu and Couturier.
The enemies are all the ones we’ve already encountered, so we shouldn’t have any problems with dealing with them.

After exiting the Relay Portal and completing all spell enhancements, I used the Call Monster.
Man-eating Lion, Forest Tiger, Venom Python, Battle Hawk.
The gang’s all here.
Moreover, it is good that they are properly dispersed.
Dealing with them all together would have been so bothersome.
Only the lions stick close to one another.

In the current setup, fighting with those guys was not a problem for us.
They certainly are easier to beat than the Mammoths from the N2W2.
That’s what I thought, unfortunately thing weren’t going to be so simple.

Chimera Lv 3
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Poison Attribute

What is such an enemy doing here?! I thought we wiped those out for the time being!?

We won the battle of course, but we took quite a bit of damage throughout it.
Zangetsu and myself ended up being poisoned again, because we were dumb enough to tank the breath attack.
The others avoided it properly.
*Sigh* such battles really are a pain in the ass.

Whatever. At least I got myself an item out of it.

【Material】Red Crystal Quality C + Rarity 3 Weight 0+
Red crystal. Also known as Rose Quartz.
Often used in the process of creating magical seals. Valuable due to its high transparency.

Red Crystal?
Huh, never knew something like that existed.
And here I thought I collected all of those.
Good to know that battle was not a waste of time after all.
But just to be on the safe side, I’ll have to add some means of protection against fire and poison to my gear. Also…

《Summoned Monster『Couturier』Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》

Now that was a quick Level Up.
I guess it’s the trait that all monsters share, regardless of their type.
All right then.
Since DEX has already increased, I’m going to go for an increase in STR value.

Couturier Giant Bee Lv3→Lv4 (↑1)
DEX 17
AGI 28 (↑1)
INT 12
STR 5 (↑1)

Needle Attack Bite Fly Evasion Surprise Attack

Wow, did you see the increase in the AGI stat?
Talk about scary.
I think that right now he’ll be able to poison enemies with a single needle attack.

I guess its time to enter the next map soon.
I need to make sure that my battle potential will be at its highest.
Sorry Couturier, but you’ll have to return for now, and let Obsidian take your place.

We’re going further and further to the south.
The number of trees is increasing again, but I don’t mind it all that much.
We were all enhanced with spells, so our movements were very fast.
We were still being attacked by monsters of course.
Especially the Chimeras.
They even attacked us from a distance in order to avoid being damaged by us.
Thankfully, that’s why I have Helix and Obsidian with me!

After a while, we began to approach the boundary between S1W3 and S2W3 maps.

* * *
Protagonist Keith
Race Human Lv21
Profession Grand Summoner Lv 7
Bonus Points Remaining 4


Sword Lv 7 Spear Lv 7 Club Lv 6 Blade Lv 7 Rope Artes Lv 7 Staff Lv16 Punch Lv13 Kick Lv13 Joint Lock Lv13 Throw Lv13 Evade Lv 14 (↑1) Block Lv13 Summon Magic Lv21 Spacetime Magic Lv12 Sealing Magic Lv 4 Light Magic Lv 12 Wind Magic Lv12 Earth Magic Lv12 Water Magic Lv12 Fire Magic Lv12 Dark Magic Lv12 Ice Magic Lv 10 Lightning Magic Lv 10 Tree Magic Lv 10  Dust Magic Lv 10 Lava Magic Lv 10 Steam Magic Lv 10 Alchemy Lv10 Pharmacy Lv8 Glassmaking Lv6 Woodworking Lv 9 Synergy Lv15 Appraise Lv15 Identify Lv15 Discern Lv4 Cold Resistance Lv 8 Grab Lv12 Horsemanship Lv11 Ropework Lv7 Precise Manipulation Lv14 Jump Lv7 Acrobatics Lv 7 Heat Resistant Lv 8 Climb Lv 8 Dual Wield Lv13 Dismantle Lv 11 Swimming Lv 7 Diving Lv 5 Dash Lv 3 Sprinting Lv 3 Physical Reinforcement Lv 12 Mental Reinforcement Lv 12 Speedcasting Lv 13 Magic Effect Amplification Lv 11 Magic Range Expansion Lv 11

Summoned Monsters:
Couturier Giant Bee Lv3→Lv4 (↑1)
DEX 17
AGI 28 (↑1)
INT 12
STR 5 (↑1)

Needle Attack Bite Fly Evasion Surprise Attack


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