Chapter 207 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

The plan of action was very simple.
We are to go to the region of the southern cavern, exterminate the Centaurs who are lurking there and rendezvous with the rest of the forces, which would enable us to attack the main Centaur force both from inside and outside of the village.
That’s easier said than done, right?
Under normal circumstances, each party is acting however it sees fit, without the need to watch out for anyone else besides themselves.
Just like me.
Personally I think cooperation can be more troublesome than it is worth it.
Most of the time, it’s best to be free and unrestricted by anyone or anything because usually losses heavily outmatch the benefits, but today was not one of those times.

This time, I really want to help those who are in need.
Let’s just leave it at that without getting into the details too much.

The time is now 7:50 AM.
I have already selected the members of my own team for this operation.
My Summoned Monsters are: Volff, Zangetsu, Rig, Helix and Nine Tails.
Fina-san was riding on top of Zangetsu with me.
Rig is attached to Zangetsu to act as his temporary shield.
Since it’s a Slime, the natural resistance to most physical attacks can be quite useful in the coming encounters.

How about Adel?
A horse, a hawk, a golden fox, white wolf and Mio on board with her.
And Irina?
A horse, a hawk, a wolf, a fairy and Reina as a passenger.
Four Parties, I, Adel, Irina and Fina all formed a Union for this occasion.
An unusual situation which probably will not happen again.

We all enhanced each other with spells, especially our respective mounts. They are the key to this operation, so it is imperative for them to have as many buffs as possible.
The core Spells are Physical Enhancement, Mental Enhancement and Gravity Mail.
As long as those three are active, our horses should be fine.

Usually Fina fights by wielding a hatchet or a sword and shield, but right now she has a bow in her hands.
She probably acquired this skill in a hurry.
Mio mains a spear, and Reina also uses a bow.
Personally I’m not a fan of bows, mainly because once you fire an arrow, you can no longer collect it back, and that’s the ultimate waste for me, but to each their own I guess.

「Well then, shall we begin?」

「Right behind you?」

I adjust Zangetsu’s reins and tell him to go to the south.
Volff is running right beside us.
We are soon joined by Howl and U-chan the White Wolf.
This is starting to look rather spectacular.
But contrary to normal hunts, this time we don’t have to worry about annihilating all the enemies, even if there is a literal legion of them.
All we have to do is break through their ranks and proceed forward.
OK then, let’s do this shit, Zangetsu!

How many centaurs are there?
I tried to count them but stopped when my entire field of vision became red due to so many overlapping enemy markers.
Right now, we could really use some comic relief to dispel at least some of the tension… except we don’t have time for idle chatter anymore!

「Storm Wave!」

「Fire Storm!」

「Gravel Blast!」

「Aqua Slash!」

A group of Centaurs appeared before us like a wall.
Adel, Irina, Reina and I attacked them with different kinds of magic while shifting our timing and the direction the spells were being released in.

Have we broken through them with that?
Looks like we did!
We have to move now that we have the chance! Let’s ignore the monsters coming towards us from the sides and press on!

When we had the chance, we used the gap in the wall of enemies, leaving them behind us.
But it was not over yet.


We left a nasty present for the Centaurs who tried to follow after us.
A number of them were caught in our trap, but I had no luxury to turn back and check exactly how many of them, because a new wave of adversaries was coming towards us from both flanks.

That’s right. We’re not near the end by a long shot.
This was just the beginning of our desperate forward escape.

The time… it should be something around 9:20… right?
Finally, at long last Centaurs were no longer visible.
Even so, they were painfully persistent in their pursuit.
I lost count of how many times I had to re-cast my enhancing spells.
Our priority was to increase movement speed as much as possible, so as a result our horses took quite a bit of damage.
Truth to be told, Zangetsu still has some arrows sticking out of his ass!
We killed a number of Centaurs but couldn’t recover any Drop Items they left behind.
I myself have sustained only minor wounds.
Fina-san is safe, Adel and Irina also don’t seem to have any serious or life-threatening injuries.
This is a result I can wholeheartedly get behind, but it is too soon to celebrate yet.

「Is it over? Did we lose them?」

Damn it woman, don’t you know that saying such things brings bad luck?!

「No, looks like there are still some of them left!」

Told you so!


Yes, Helix caught a glimpse of a shadow behind him.
It was flying through the air.
Looks like we won’t be able to run away from them this time.

Minor Griffon Lv 3
Demon Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Air

After a while I had visual confirmation as well.
2 Minor Griffons.
They were definitely faster than the rest of the monsters who were chasing us up until now.
We’ll have no choice but to fight them at this point.

「Can’t we shake them off somehow?!」

「If we could, I would have done so already!」

「So we’re going to have to fight them?!」

「Of course!」

We have no choice but to do this.
Even with our enhancing spells, we were at a disadvantage against those two.
With how mobile those Minor Griffons were, getting our timing to cast our spells was problematic to say the least.
But one of them was caught in Adel’s Fire Wall spell when it tried to dive to attack her horse.
He got engulfed by the scorching flames and fell to the ground behind us.
Then three wolves jumped at it and tore it apart bit by bit.
After that, it never flew into the sky again.

The other one is targeting Irina’s horse.
But it probably didn’t expect her counterattack to be so fierce.
The water bullet which she fired towards it didn’t miss, but it curved in midair and stuck itself to the Minor Griffon.
It was not a spell.
It was a Spirit.
An Undine.
The Spirit used by Reina was generally weak when it comes to pure attack capabilities, but as a Water Spirit she had one very useful ability.
It could infiltrate the target’s body by entering it through its mouth, drowning it from the inside.
I feel like Rig has done something similar before.
As a result, the Minor Griffon fell to the ground, lifeless.

Just in case it got up I readied my Staff of Torture, but it looks like I won’t be needing it for the time being.

《【Summon Magic】Level Up!》
《【Wind Magic】Level Up!》
《【Horse Riding】Level Up!》
《Race Level Up!Please use 1 Bonus Point to increase two statistics of your choosing. 》

Finally, another Race Level Up!
With that, I’ll be able to Level Up my spells and obtain a new Summoned Monster.
But that stuff will have to wait for later. We don’t have the time for it right now.


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