Chapter 208 – Part 1

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

The Deva King in front of the Relay Portal was nowhere to be seen.
Looks like the group of Fina-san’s men who were here must have cleared the area entirely.

As expected, the atmosphere here was different from usual.
I wonder if the news of the situation in the Wind Spirit Village has already reached them here?
No party was challenging the Deva Emperor, including the Galleries.

On the other hand, many people were inside the Relay Portal.
Quite a huge number, actually.
One of those people noticed us as soon as we entered.
It was Hannes.


「Have you been waiting for long? Sorry about the delay, but we’ve hit some… unexpected roadblocks on our way here.」

「It’s all right. I just finished gathering people here myself.」

「Do you have time? I’d like to explain our situation right away.」

「Don’t worry, I’ll always have the time to listen to you, but right now I have a small problem on my hands.」

「A problem. Oh, that reminds me, there’s not that many people here. Why’s that? Is it related to that problem of yours?」

I’m curious about that as well?
Did something happen to prevent everyone from preparing to depart for the besieged village?

「Hello, Keith.」

「Oh, if it isn’t Fay.」

Fay showed up with Mitsurugi, Yosaku and Shinonome behind her.
Looks like they were acting as a party again.

「The people gathered here are just one half of the Capture Team, right?」

「So what’s going on here? Why are there so few people?」

「Many of them don’t want to leave here, because, as they say 「this place is just too convenient to do a Class Change」.」

For that reason?
Well, each player has their own reason.

Yosaku steps forward and calls out to me.

「Keith, can you help me with something?」

「Yeah? I’m about to get started, I’m not sure it’s OK to do so.」

「I’d like to rely upon you」

「I’ll help to the extent I can.」

Meanwhile, Hannes continued his explanations to Fina-san. Looks like this whole situation and Yusaku’s request might actually be connected. They might all primarily be production workers, but they all have deep connections to Fina-san and when rallied behind her, they are all a tremendous force to be reckoned with.

Hannes is the leader of Farming.
Fay is a leader in Glasswork.
Shinonome is a wonderful Stonemason.
Yosaku is a Chief Lumberjack.
Mitsurugi is a Glassworker at Lv 12.
You’d think that it wouldn’t amount to much when compared to the others.
He’s actually quite good at what he’s doing.

The explanation is running long.
Some of the players want to know what the rewards are.

「I think I’ll kill time fighting Devas.」

「I wouldn’t consider fighting Devas a way to pass the time.」

「I think it’s better with Deva Kings?」

「Yeah, I guess.」

Concerning that.
You don’t know which level Deva will appear.
It’s not doing any good listening to the talk.
It’s better to fight.

「Oh, is Keith going to have a model battle?」

「I’d love to see him fight!」

Adel was stroking Shishiku’s throat.
Irina had Gengetsu on her shoulders.
You guys.
Don’t you think it’s too early to be relaxing so much?

「A model? Will it be a model?」

「Don’t imitate me. There are many reason why.」

Irina might be onto something with her words, but I will hold my horses about sharing her enthusiasm.

We do not know what level the Deva Emperor is going to have when he appears, but fighting it is still going to be more productive then just sitting idly by in this unhealthy atmosphere.
If it will help those guys raise their fighting spirits, then I guess it is worth a shot.

Deva Emperor A-Gyo Lv3
Heavenly General Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Water Resistance

Deva Emperor Un-Gyo Lv3
Heavenly General Subjugation Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Earth Attribute Wind Resistance

And the enemies have suddenly appeared!
Well, whatever I guess!
I deployed my spells.
First things first, all of the Resists.
Then I added Enchanted Melt and Enchanted Degrade to all my monsters.
Ah, Gengetsu doesn’t do physical damage at all, so I guess giving him those was kinda pointless since he’s going to use his special abilities anyway.

Of course, the usual procedure of fighting those guys hasn’t changed at all.
I will be the one taking on A-Gyo, while my Summoned Monsters will deal with Un-Gyo.
The prey has been neatly distributed since the very beginning.

Tigris and Shishiko began the battle with their intimidating roars.
Looks like you guys missed fighting against those enemies, huh?
Well, that makes three of us.

Ok, now I wonder how is our first battle against the Deva Emperor in quite some time going to unfold?

As expected, the Deva Emperor didn’t grow any weaker during all this time!
In the end, I had to resort to locking its arm in place and finishing it off with Tokkosho.
It’s been some time since I had to flex so much to win an encounter.
But it wasn’t that bad of a feeling at all.

After all, my new spells really made this battle considerably easier.
They really are amazing.
And to add to my good humor, I managed to score myself another Tokkosho! Yay!

「Well done!」

「Such a wild fighting style could never be imitated!」

「They are so strong and cool!」

All right, looks like I’ve managed to make a good first impression.
But when did the Galleries fill up so much?
You guys probably want me to give those guys another go, huh?
Well, I mean my spells are all still in effect, so I guess there’s no harm in doing that.

Ok then. Another round it is!

Deva Emperor A-Gyo Lv.8
Heavenly General Subjugation Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Water Resistance

Deva Emperor Un-Gyo Lv.8
Heavenly General Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Earth Attribute Wind Resistance

What the hell is wrong with this level?! It’s too high!!!!!!!
Adjustments! Crisis management announcements will have to be applied! On the double!


I hurriedly cast my favorite Martial Art.

I haven’t heard! I haven’t heard at all!

I didn’t know the enemy levels can actually be so high!


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