Chapter 209 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

General Haira Lv.2
Heavenly General Active
Battle Position: Ground Tree Attribute Dust Resistance

Dragon Puppy Lv.3
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Lava Attribute Breath

I wasn’t surprised at the sight.
I already knew that the most tough fight of all was probably waiting for me.
They were small creatures, but the Dragon Puppies were fearful creatures, as scary as mammoths.
I couldn’t run out of the room either, which made fighting them much scarier.
The mammoths were scary because of their immense size, but the Dragon Puppies were scary for their fire breath attacks, which were more powerful than those of a Chimera.
On top of that, their defence was unmatched too.
The Dragon Puppies had a higher level than when I last ran into them, so I was sure the fight would be much more difficult.
Speaking of which, there were two of them!
I took on one of them on my own.
I left the other Dragon Puppy to Shishiku and Telomere.

What about General Haira?
I left it to my other Summon Monsters.

「True Practiced Spirit!」

Well then.
How far would I be able to go against this Dragon Puppy…?

It was easy to just call it a strong enemy.
But it did have some very crucial weaknesses.
It definitely did.
Just like Fiona told me, beating them was definitely not impossible.
Especially with【Seal Attribute】.
I had【Seal Weapon Arte】too.
With those two spells, Shishiku and Telomere were more than enough to take care of the Dragon Puppy.
They were about evenly matched before, but after I cast the spells they were clearly gaining the upper hand.
Just how strong were these Dragon Puppies…

I eventually managed to take down the Dragon Puppy after slashing it with my Ice Tokkosho.
I didn’t get the opportunity to use my Black Rope.
No, I was just always in close proximity with the Dragon Puppy, so I didn’t get any opportunities to safely use it.
It took a long time to take down the Dragon Puppies, but I was very grateful that I managed to discover one of their weaknesses.

Yeah. It made them a lot less scary.
I was satisfied with just that.
But it still felt like I was getting things a bit backwards.
I didn’t really find one of its weak points and use that to defeat it.
I simply prevented it from making use of its strong points.
I was fully aware of that fact.
The Dragon Puppies did attack mostly with their breath attacks, which was technically a skill or Weapon Arte.

While I could confidently take one of them down on my own.
The next challenge would be to find a more efficient way to take it down.

So, what about General Haira?
General Haira actually went down before the Dragon Puppies.
But what I was more interested in was Telomere’s MP bar.
I couldn’t recall giving her a mana potion…
But Telomere’s MP bar was completely full.
I could only imagine what happened to General Haira…
Having Telomere around was very useful.
While I was spacing out, it looked like some more friends came to pick a fight too.

General Indara Lv.3
Heavenly General Active
Battle Position: Ground Lightning Attribute Steam Resistance

Cursed Viper Lv.5
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Dark Attribute

The next group of enemies stood before me.
There were five snakes.
Shishiku happily jumped forward, devouring them one at a time.
I realised something about Tigris too…
Once Tigris had his jaws around something, he would never let go.
Nias managed to contribute too, skewering a viper’s head with her spear.
Senki grabbed one and easily tore it in two.
What about Telomere?
Ah. I’ll pretend I didn’t see her…

How was I able to get so much freedom to watch my Summon Monsters fight?
That was because I was holding General Indara in a scarf hold.
Was it about time to finish it off?
I held a Tokkosho in my left hand.
I stuck the hilt to its ear, and then activated the blade of ice.
That was the end of General Indara.

I casted a few strengthening spells, but no more than I would cast for a usual fight.
I was completely calm.
Well, enjoying myself and going at my own pace was good, but I couldn’t get too careless and end up getting taken out.
I was in a good position, I just had to keep it up.

《【Fire Magic】Level Up! 》
《【Earth Magic】Level Up! 》
《【Ice Magic】Level Up! 》
《Summon Monster『Shishiku』Level Up! 》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

After what seemed like a lot of time and activity, Shishiku levelled up.
I was actually starting to get worried that Shishiku would be eternally stuck at Level 1.

But anyway…
The stat that went up with the level-up was VIT.
I put another point into INT.

Shishiku Chimera Lv1→Lv2(↑1)
DEX 15
AGI 22
INT 14(↑1)
STR 25
VIT 28(↑1)
SPI 14

Bite Roar Scent Detection Heat Detection Night Vision
Conceal Predator Fusion Poison Breath Fire Attribute

So, what was next?
I was slowly getting used to fighting the Heavenly Generals.
I could probably take on multiple fights one after the other.
But I couldn’t make any mistakes.
It wasn’t good that that sense of stress was fading on my part.
It would be much easier for me to get careless in a relaxed state.
Thinking about it in that way, being too powerful had its downsides too.
The more powerful I got, the slower my movements and my reflexes were likely to get.
It was a difficult feeling.
It was tough seeing cracks in such a foundational principle in my mind.

General Sanchira Lv.1
Heavenly General Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Water Resistance

Sifca Lv.7
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Light Attribute

That’s right.
This one had a large sea shell in its hands.
There were also three horses with it.
General Sanchira started the fight by putting the shell to its mouth, causing a noise resembling one of Nias’s songs to resound around the room.
It was a very uncomfortable fight for my ears.

But that was only until I got close enough to put General Sanchira in a choke hold.
The finishing blow was dealt by my Tokkosho.
My【Ice Magic】skill had just levelled up, so I set the Tokkosho to【Tree Magic】.
It was a very convenient switch.
I finished off General Sanchira by slashing its throat with thorns.

The Sifca were very fast.
But that wasn’t all.
As they ran about, they also left behind afterimages.
It was such a narrow room, but they were dexterous enough to pull off something like that…
I knew that Tigris didn’t like doing boring work.
Tigris gave up trying to chase down the Sifca and just shot blades of wind all throughout the room.
Telomere joined in, and shot bullets of fire in all directions.
I was with some very flashy Summon Monsters.
One of the horses was on the ground, so Shishiku pounced on it.
Shishiku was always very excessive in how he tore apart his prey.
Telomere also picked a random horse and started sucking its blood.
The other horse was grabbed by Senki, and then smashed into a wall.

Yeah. I was reminded again of how brutal my Summon Monsters could be.
I had to get used to a lot of things… And I wasn’t talking about the Heavenly Generals.
I was already kind of used to Senki though.

General Magora Lv.3
Heavenly General Active
Battle position: Ground Dust Attribute Tree Resistance

Scarlet Sheep Lv.2
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

This General felt a bit strange.
I had no idea where those sheep came from.
Well, I wasn’t too familiar with the area either I suppose.
There were three of them.
I could probably leave them to my Summon monsters.

I turned my attention to General Magora’s movements.
General Magora’s weapon was a long lance.
How did I fight against that?
I used my dagger.
I rushed in, tracing my dagger along the shaft of General Magora’s lance.
Once I was close enough, I dived under its arm.
As I dived, I slashed it with my dagger.
I didn’t feel much resistance in the blade.
But when I looked behind me, I was surprised to see that I managed to cut off its whole arm.

It looked like swinging a heavy lance with just one hand was difficult.
With its weapon out of the way, there was nothing stopping me from doing whatever I wanted.
I slashed its other arm at the elbow joint, and then finished it off with one more slash to the throat.

What about the Scarlet Sheep?
Looking at them, they were clearly sheep, but their whole bodies were on fire.
Their whole bodies were burning a bright red.
But it still kept moving like nothing was wrong.
Well, it was a monster, after all.

Even while they were on fire, Senki and Shishiku pounced on them and attacked like usual.
The one other Scarlet Sheep was taken care of by Nias.
Nias had the Water Attribute, and it must have also spread to her weapons, allowing her to easily take down the Scarlet Sheep.
Yep. Water beats fire, after all.
We managed to take down the group of enemies, but the flames did quite a lot of damage to Shishiku!
Tigris was much smarter, and decided to just sit out that fight.
Senki could regenerate his HP bar, so he was in a better position.
I could probably tend to my Summon Monsters after the next fight.

General Anchira Lv.2
Heavenly General Active
Battle Position: Ground Spacetime Attribute Light Resistance Dark Resistance

Strong-arm Gorilla Lv.5
Demon Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground

I ended up having to wait for the party before me to finish fighting the next Heavenly General.
When it was my turn to challenge the group of enemies, I realised the accompanying monsters were different again.
There were only two of them.
But even if there were only two of them, they still looked like worthy opponents.

General Anchira had a heavy hammer, so it was easy to dodge and get up close with my dagger.
Without hesitation, I slashed General Anchira’s right arm, and the arm, along with the heavy hammer, fell to the ground.
Taking down General Anchira became quite easy after that, but the main issue was with those giant apes.
It was amazing seeing them wrestle with Senki.
With strengthening spells, Senki had the upper hand, but not by much. It was a very close fight.
The gorillas didn’t even have any attributes!
But I doubted whether that even mattered.
They were definitely at least as strong as the Deva Kings.

But they were defeated by the sheer strength in numbers I had.
The last gorilla went down when Telomere managed to sink her fangs into its neck.
The other gorilla went down when Shishiku and Tigris tore it apart.
Originally, Tigris and Shishiku were having some trouble chasing it down, but Nias managed to block off its escape routes and slow it down with her spear.
The fight was over quite soon.

Yep. Having so many Summon Monsters on my side was definitely making the fights easier.
With that, it looked like I managed to take out all of the Twelve Heavenly Generals once.
But even though I went through all that trouble, I still didn’t get any items.
I even had【Disassembly】active.
I had a feeling the whole place was rigged against me.
Why did getting items have to be so hard…?
I moved on to the room with the statue of Bhaiṣajyaguru.
I had a feeling something might happen.


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