Chapter 210 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Looking closer at the giant pack of Raptors, there was one more Majin nearby.
It was riding a Centaur.
There were a few Centaurs too, but there weren’t many of them, and they mixed in among the sea of Raptors, making them difficult to tell apart.

I saw a Centaur Fencer among the pack, and I tried to call just the Centaur Fencer using【Call Monster】.
But nothing happened.
I used the skill, but the Centaur Fencer did not come over.
I tried using【Call Monster】on the Raptors, but still, nothing happened.
Did that mean that all the monsters were under the control of the Majin?

While I was staring at the pack of Raptors, the Majin riding the Minor Griffin flew away into the distance.
The Majin flew away from us, towards the west.
It didn’t look like any of them noticed us.

『Such a vast number!』

『Should we go around them?』

「How troublesome. Let’s crush them and then keep going.」



「If it’s that number, we can eradicate them and move on, yes? I don’t think it’s reckless or unreasonable.」

『Keith-san says it’s so.』

『But you’re not normal!』

How rude.
It can be done, would I say it if that wasn’t so?

Well then. Time to prepare.
I started by casting more strengthening spells on my Summon Monsters.
Without saying anything, Adele and Irina did the same.
I had a strategy in mind that was going to let us come out victorious.
I used【Gravity Mail】too.
In terms of skills and power, I wasn’t about to lose to a Raptor.
The issue was with the spell durations.

「Let’s be about it.」

『A- already?』

『Do you have a strategy!』

「It’s like taking on Fighting Bulls. We’re going to use area-of-effect attack spells instead of wall spells, that’s all.」

『It’s not the same at all!』

I only heard half of Adele’s retort.
I turned Zangetsu’s head towards the swarm of Raptors.
Let’s charge.
Let’s overrun.
Let’s do it.

「True Practiced Spirit!」

I used a Martial Arts Skill too.
Afterwards, I started preparing a spell to shoot at the swarm of Raptors.
My plan was to keep one of them in reserve while I cast the next spell, thus allowing me to shoot two spells consecutively.

The distance between us and the Raptors was rapidly shrinking.
Most of the swarm was still oblivious to our presence.
Soon, I was close enough to use【Identify】.

Raptor Lv.5
Demon Enemy Target Passive・Following the Leader
Battle Position: Ground

Centaur Fencers Lv.3
Demon Enemy Target Passive・Following the Leader
Battle Position: Ground

Beast Tamer Lv.7
Majin Enemy Target Passive
Battle Position: Ground

There was a Majin.
Then, shall we start with a bang?

「Storm Wave!」

「Acid Shower!」

I shot two spells at the head of the swarm of Raptors, and kept on charging in.
Volff was in the lead.
Helix and Obsidian flew around above them and shot blades of wind and needles of water at the raptors.
I wasn’t expecting them to all go down with just a few spells.
My main goal with casting those spells was to stop the Raptors’ movements.

It wasn’t just Raptors I was dealing with either. There were other monsters I had to take care of.
More precisely, all the Centaurs.
There were a lot of centaurs who were carrying bows.
If I could just take out those Centaurs, the rest of the swarm would be a cakewalk to take down.

Fortunately, I could attack with my Capture Rod of Torture faster than they could pull back their bowstrings.
I had the element of surprise too.
My plan was to swiftly take out all the Centaur Archers.
Irina got the message too, and trampled any Centaurs that fell to the ground.

『Gravel Blast!』

『Fire Storm!』

Our Summon Monsters jumped to finish off any leftover monsters.
Flames, bullets of earth, needles of water, and blades of wind were scattered in all directions.
The barrage of spells was enough to take down a good portion of the Raptors.
But I still had a long way to go.
I wasn’t anywhere near done.

After I managed to scatter or trample all the monsters before me, I broke through behind the massive swarm of Raptors.
Yep. That would probably be enough to draw their attention.
I looked behind me and found an unbelievable number of Raptors chasing after me.

I chose and started casting a spell.
Leaving it in reserve, I immediately started casting a similar spell again.

「I’m going to use some wall spells! I’ll leave the job of finishing them off to you!」


『Leave it to us!』

Well then. Time to put the second phase of the plan into practice.
While I was at it, I chose some flashy wall spells.

「Magma Screen!」

「Steam Blind!」

I lined up two wall spells.
The Raptors dove into the walls one by one.
I didn’t have the time to check if the wall spells were enough to take down all the Raptors.
I chose and started casting another spell.
We would be in quite a lot of trouble if we relaxed and the wall spells then disappeared.

Our Summon Monsters pounced on any Raptors who tripped and fell, quickly dealing the finishing blows to Raptors left and right.
Adele and Irina also shot arrow after arrow at any Raptors that managed to get around through or around the walls.
With Adele, Irina, and our Summon Monsters there, we were able to take care of most of the Raptors that got through.

I finished casting my next spell.
It was right before the wall spells were about to disappear.
It didn’t look like the Raptors stuck in the walls could do anything.
I was counting on that fact.

「I’m going to charge into the swarm again!」

『I’ve prepared a spell too!』

『Whenever you give the signal!』

「Alright, now!」

When the wall spells disappeared, the field in front of me was buried in red markers.
How many of them were there!?
But I had to thank them for clumping together so conveniently.
I just had to let loose another barrage of area-of-effect attack spells.

How much time did the fight end up taking?
I wasn’t too sure, but I had a feeling it didn’t take that long.
There was still a little bit left of my strengthening spells, after all.

While we were taking care of all the Raptors, the Beast Tamer was taken out by Helix.
But was that really a good thing?
A few minutes after the Majin was defeated, all the remaining Raptors ran away.
Hold on!
I won’t be able to defeat all of you then!
What’s worse, they all scattered away from us in separate directions.

『We did it! I can’t believe it, Irina!』

『Looks like we managed to repel all of them, Keith.』


I was honestly feeling a bit frustrated.
I felt like there was much more we could’ve done.
No matter how I looked at it, at least 50 Raptors managed to get away.
We gave up on collecting item drops after a while.
The Raptor bodies were all scattered over quite a wide area, so collecting item drops was too much of a hassle.
We gave up and decided to keep moving.

《Job Level Up! 》
《【Lightning Magic】Level Up! 》
《【Steam Magic】Level Up! 》
《【Synergy】Level Up! 》
《【Precise Manipulation】Level Up! 》

Well, I suppose a few level-ups were to be expected.
That would be the case for Adele and Irina much more than it would be for me.

『My【Summon Magic】skill levelled up!』

『Me too, Adele. And Muret can go through with her Class Change too now!』

The two of them turned their gazes to me.
Yep. I could tell what they were thinking.
I guess a break wouldn’t hurt.

「Alright. Let’s take a short break.」

『We’ll take care of it very quickly…』

『I’ll take guard duty!』

Well then.
I guess I could walk around and collect Raptor item drops while they were busy taking care of all the level-ups.
I could probably get a few Ancient Stones if I was fortunate.

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