Chapter 211 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

The time finally passed 11 AM.
I had a feeling it was about time.
Adele was running at a distance before us, but I could tell she was slowing down to tell us something.
Did she manage to contact Fiona again? I was a bit worried if she would be able to go into formation with her army in time.

『I just talked to Fiona! Stay to the south!』

『All the Centaurs are still on our trail!』

「Alright, stay in the front, Adele. Irina, stay closely behind Adele.」

『What about you, Keith?』

「Leave the back to me.」

I slowed down until I was just in front of the tip of the herd, and used my Capture Rod of Torture to whack the Centaurs in the very front.
I looked forward, and saw a line of players in the distance.
Shields of various shapes and sizes were lined up at the very front.
The middle of the line opened up, and Adele and Irina charged through.
I would have to charge through the same gap while I still could.

I spurred on Zangetsu, I would have to gain some distance fast.
The Centaurs did the same. Looked like they wouldn’t let me escape so easily.
The line of players was quickly approaching.
I would have to leave the rest to Fiona.

I jumped into the line of players.
The sound of spells being cast around me stopped one by one.
It looked like the army had been preparing properly.
The next moment, several spells were let loose at once.

A line of Pitfalls appeared behind me.
It was amazing to see how much it was possible to change the landscape of the field in a group.
Like a wave crashing into a canal, the centaurs dropped into the makeshift ravine we opened up.

『Keith! Accept the Union Request!』

「Got it.」

I opened up the new notification in a virtual window, and formed a Union.
Immediately afterwards, I could start hearing Fiona and the others give their orders to the army.

『Next! Arrow salvo on the count of three!』

『Both wings forward! Aim for a half encirclement!』

『Spear guys don’t let the Centaurs in the hole get out!』

『【Pitfall】is about to expire! Get ready! Those of you in the front!』

『Stab at the closest Centaur, but don’t overextend! Do not pursue!』

It was a proper war.
I was right in the middle of a proper battlefield.

After I broke through the very back line of players, I moved around the side of the army, watching the battle from a short distance away.
What was there for me to do?
It quickly became obvious.
It wouldn’t be good to not be thorough with the job.
With my mobility, I could wrap around behind the Centaurs, to take them down from the back, along with preventing any escapees from getting far.

『Spirits are going out on the front line! Hold your positions, shields!』

『Recover any wounds!』

『Prepare for another arrow salvo! On Three!』

『Spear Charge Ready!』

The herd of Centaurs was very efficiently thinned down.
It was an amazing sight.
Flashes of area-of-effect spells were occasionally visible here and there.
I honestly wanted to just sit and watch.
It was a very flashy battle.

『Keith, should we close the encirclement?』

「Yeah, move to cut off the Centaurs’ escape route. They’re going to figure out it’s futile and retreat quite soon.」

『We’re hunting down the deserters!』

「Yep. It might feel like we’re doing a bit of a dirty job though, you alright with that?」

『No problem.』

The front line slowly changed in shape as the line changed into an encirclement.
There were already a few Centaurs who had figured out what was happening and were scrambling to get out.
Fiona’s army wouldn’t have the mobility to catch up with any escapees.
Taking care of them would become our job, I suppose.

But I wasn’t 100% thorough with my job, and a few Centaurs ended up getting away.
But all in all, I think we did a good job.
What bothered me was that there wasn’t a single Majin at the battle.
Did they manage to get away too?
That would be very unfortunate…

《【Two-handed Spear】 Level Up! 》
《【Dust Magic】 Level Up! 》
《【Balance】 Level Up! 》
《Summon Monster 『Obsidian』 Level Up! 》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Well I would expect a level-up or two after all that fighting.

The stat that went up with the level-up was AGI.
I put another point into SPI.

Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv5→Lv6 (↑1)
DEX 14
AGI 23 (↑1)
INT 22
STR 14
VIT 14
SPI 22 (↑1)

Peck Silent Flight Far Sight Night Vision Ambush Sense Danger Divine Hearing
Water Attribute

About time. Obsidian was growing slowly but surely.
It looked like Adele and Irina got some more level-ups too.

『Let’s take a short break here and have lunch. Stay in your Unions and use 【Instant Portal】 to get some rest!』

『Have one player in your division report your status, along with any injuries or deaths to Hannes!』

『I recommend you to log out for a bit if you can. I’ll leave gathering everyone afterwards to the division leaders!』

『We will reorganise our divisions after that! Report any missing players to Fiona!』

『We will start moving again at 12:30 PM! That’s all!』

Phew, what a hectic battle.
I guess a break would be expected.

「You guys mind if I use 【Instant Portal】 for us too?」

『We’re still in a Union, so no problem at all. Go ahead, thanks.』

『Aren’t Unions convenient~』

But after saying that, Adele and Irina started casting a spell too.
Had they gone and learnt 【Instant Portal】 at some point?

『What about you, Keith?』

『You don’t have to look after us all the time… Go ahead and use 【Instant Portal】.』

I guess I could do that.

Having three Instant Portals around us resulted in quite a large area.
It was a bit too much space, even considering all our Summon Monsters.
I was starting to see more and more how useful Unions could be.

「Oh, thank you for your hard work.」

「It’s not over though, is it?」

「Yep. The real fight is still just on the horizon…」

It looked like Fiona would be busy for a while longer.
Her lunch just consisted of some Portable Food, along with water.
Apparently, Reina was away working on reorganising the army, and filling in any missing players.
Yeah. They probably knew better.
I didn’t want to be a bother to them.

But really…
Adele and Irina’s Summon Monsters had changed a lot since I last saw them.
It was my first time seeing the Black Wolf next to Adele.
The Hawk that was on Irina’s shoulder was clearly bigger than when I last saw him.

There was probably some Class Change involved there.

「I made Kuro-chan a Black Wolf. All according to plan!」

「Sky Eye just went from a Hawk to a Battle Hawk.」

Wait, what were they looking at me for?
Oh. I got it.
Were they expecting me to use 【Fusion Identification】?

I suppose I hadn’t used 【Fusion Identification】 on all of their Summon Monsters…
I tried using it on the new Summon Monsters, and the results were quite surprising.

《The target is an eligible Summon Monster for fusion. One more of the same Summon Monster is required.》
《The target is an eligible Summon Monster for fusion. One more Summon Monster is required.》

The Black Wolf Kuro-chan gave a very surprising result.

「The Black Wolf can be fused in two different ways?」

「And for one of the cases, Kuro-chan needs to be fused with another Black Wolf?」

「I guess I have to train O-chan now!」

I had a vague idea of what the Fusion Summon Monster would look like.
Only one monster came to mind for the Black Wolf + Black Wolf combination.
I was lost as to the other one.
But I was sure that would become clear one day too.
I kept going, using 【Fusion Identification】 on any monsters I hadn’t had the opportunity to check yet.

《The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion. A Class Change is required.》

The Battle Horse Rote Kaiser, and the Battle Hawk Sky Eye had those results.
Like Zangetsu, the White Horse Maa-chan also had a similar result.
Both the Fighting Falcon and the Battle Hawk needed another Class Change before fusion.
It looked like figuring out all the Fusion Summon Monsters in existence was going to be a tough task.

《The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.》

The Pixie was not a Fusion Target.
The Fairy, on the other hand, was…

「Thank you very much for checking everything for us!」

「I’m going to log out for a bit.」

「Sure, take your time.」

That’s right.
The real battle was still on the horizon.
As much as possible, it would be good to get some rest and mental preparation.
But what about me?
I guess I could refill some potions and mana potions in the meantime.

「We’re back!」

「Oh, welcome back.」

「Alright! Let’s summon our new Summon Monsters!」

I totally forgot that their 【Summon Magic】 skill levelled up earlier.

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