Chapter 211 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

「This is the fairy Fay-chan!」

「Are you aiming for an Imp?」

「Of course!」

It was one of those rare times where I could guess what Adele was thinking.
Irina logged in too.

「I guess I will do the same.」

「What are you going to summon?」

「I think you’ll see what I’m getting at soon.」

She summoned a Mist.
Yep, it was very clear what she was trying to do.
But we were in the middle of the day.
She immediately recalled her Mist after summoning it.

「I’ve decided to call it Myogen.」

「Hmm… I suppose that’s a nice start. So, what’s next? A skeleton?」

「I might summon a Bat first… But I’ll definitely get there someday!」

I see… That’s nice.
Both Adele and Irina were already aiming for Fusion Summon Monsters.
Adele was aiming for an Imp and a Chimera.
Irina was clearly aiming for a Vampire.
Hang in there!
You guys are departing on a long road, but the first step is half the battle!

The topic of conversation turned to Fusion Summon Monsters.
Oh no…
We were about to get into a battle on a larger scale than the one we just went through, but we were getting into such talk instead.

Time waits for no one.
The time of the battle was slowly inching closer.

We renewed the Union.
Shared information started flooding a virtual window.
It was a summary of the battle.
It was quite an impressive summary, combining data along with commentaries explaining each phase and the flow of the battle.
There was information on the Panzer Rhinos and Minor Griffins too.
At the very end, there was a section on the Majin too.

『The forces within the Wind Spirit Village have been assembled and will join us when we arrive at the battlefield.』

『We’ll have to take the initiative and attack this time. Make taking down the Majin your main priority.』

『Just an informed guess, but taking them down is almost certainly a part of clearing this event.』

Well, that was obvious enough.

「Ah, we’ve been taking care of informing Fiona regarding all we’ve run into!」

「Sorry to do it without telling you. But I thought it would be helpful.」

「No, no, don’t apologise. I’m not so good at taking care of the fine details anyway.」

Our army started moving again.
I wouldn’t say “move” either… They marched in perfect formation
We were going to go from defence to attack.
Looking at the sea of players, we looked a lot like a pack of hungry beasts.
Our numbers were probably higher than the pack of Centaurs from earlier.

Adele, Irina, and me stayed on horseback.
Our job remained the same. We were to act separately from Fiona’s army.
That was technically our job description, but I wasn’t about to just stop at that.
I would definitely be looking for any gaps to slip through and take down any Majin hiding among the small fry.
I wanted to get myself the head of the enemy generals.

「Well then, I guess it’s time for us to go hunting too.」

「I hope you don’t have anything crazy in mind…」

「I really can’t tell what you’re thinking, Keith! Your standards are too different!」

「I’m not a big fan of wasting time and resources by being reckless either, you know!?」



Wait, wait!
What was that reaction all about?!

「I don’t think I’ve ever dragged you guys into anything crazy yet though…」



It would probably be better to just stop.
Yep, I made up my mind to do that.
The ground around me was full of landmines.

After checking up on all my Summon Monsters and the Union, we got going.
My plan was to go around the village once.
An additional 30 parties from the north were also expected to come join in the liberation of the village.
Depending on the situation, having them there would be a very nice addition to our attack.

When I got near the village, the first thing I noticed was the herd of Centaurs.
Their numbers were certainly lower.
Their siege around the Village looked thinner too.

But still, I was hesitant to charge in and try eliminating all of them.
I had to know my own limits, after all.

We wrapped around the village, taking care not to alert any monsters to our presence
I used 【Call Monster】, but there were no Raptors near us.
Float Eyes were very rare too.
Enraged Cranes were very clearly scarcer too.
What was it… The calm before the storm?

『I see them! It’s the group of parties from the north!』

『Yep, and it looks like they’re here right on schedule.』

The 30 parties from the north were there. They would definitely be in time to aid in the attack on the village.
They were there just on time.
But that wasn’t all.

『Oh, Adele! The guys from the forums are here too!』

『What? Isn’t it a bit too early for them?』

「Who are they…?」

『Reinforcements are here~』

『Just more Summoners, though.』

It was a scene I felt like I had seen before, for some reason.

A cavalry division of Summoners.

They all held formation in a line once they spotted us.
There were more than 30 horses in the line.
More than 20 hawks and owls.
Almost 20 wolves.

Two other Summoners ran up to Adele and Irina.
I knew them. They were Konohana and Haruna.
Soon afterwards, a new Union request came in.
Wait, why were they here in the first place…?

『Did we make it in time?』

『Yep, at least I think so…』

「Can’t turn down an opportunity to show off our Summon Monsters, after all!」

Well, wasn’t that nice.
Haruna turned to me, gave me a small bow and started explaining.

『We thought we would come volunteer in the coming battle.』

『Yeah, to be honest I only came to see new Summon Monster Candidates, but I didn’t expect there to be this many…』

『Anyway! What is our role going to be?』

Oh dear…
There were too many people talking at once, I had no idea what they were talking about… For the time being, I guess I could answer the last question.

「We’re going to make use of our superior mobility and hunt down any stray monsters. We’re not in charge of anything crazy.」


『Well then…』

『We’ll follow you!』

There were even more of them.
Our Reconnaissance company grew even bigger.
We were now clearly at over 30 parties.

Well, we could probably make something happen somehow.
With our increase in manpower, the options for what we could do became a lot more open too.
I was optimistic about what we could do.

『Reconnaissance, you say?』

「Yep, at the end of the day, our job is technically reconnaissance.」

『That’s true~』

Our job was reconnaissance.
To some extent, that also meant we could do whatever we wanted apart from the army?

We were slowly moving around the village, estimating the enemy army’s strength, when I noticed a change in the Centaurs’ movements.
They were starting to move southward.
What were they heading towards?

I looked over and found the answer. It was the clash of two armies.
The first army was Fiona’s army of players.
The other army was an army of Centaurs, mostly based on Centaurs.
The Centaurs were more numerous.
On top of that, they were not your ordinary dumb monster. They knew how to fight.
Looking at the players, they were each probably stronger than a Centaur.
But if it came to mobility, the Centaurs were definitely faster.

What should I do…?
Well, I already had my job description from the very beginning.

『Keith, what are you going to do?』

「What do you think we’re going to do?」

『I have a feeling I know what you have in mind, and I don’t like it!』

What was she talking about…? She knew what my aim was?
In any case, we had to use our superior mobility to prevent the Centaurs from escaping.
If possible, it would be good if we could scatter and disorganise their army too.
If we could get rid of their advantage in mobility, that would be of great help to Fiona and the army.
But if we were to mess up, we would be in quite a lot of trouble, getting trapped within enemy lines.

Theoretically, the strategy was sound.
Disable their strong points and emphasise their weak points.
Harassment tactics were fun too!

「Let’s head for the wave of Centaurs from behind. We’re going to break through them.」

『Something that doesn’t sound reckless for once!』

Adele looked happy about what I said.
You know this is a game, right?
The winner is he who has fun doing what he does.

「Well then, let’s get going.」


『Follow us, and don’t get lost!』

I guess I could leave commanding the Summoner volunteers to Konohana and Haruna.
I took charge of looking for prey.
Our assault was about to start.

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