Chapter 213 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

Rick got off from Zangetsu and quickly took out all of the supplies he was carrying.

It seemed like he had already asked for cooperation from the Production Job Players that was already waiting for us in the Spring of Mist.

I took out the supplies entrusted to me too.

Yep. My job was essentially over then.

I could leave it to Rick and the players in the Spring of Mist to take care of all the supplies.


Adele and Irina quickly started working on cooking.


Leave lunch to us!


We have plenty of ingredients, so don’t worry about gettin seconds!


Other players with cooking skills came to help out to make the most of all the ingredients.

That was amazing…


But it wasn’t something I could help with.

I guess I could work on replenishing my supply of arrows.

I still had a few Ancient Stones too.

Ah, speaking of which, I had the Ancient Stone Pillar too.





Here you go, Keith, this is your share!


Ooh, thanks.


Adele brought lunch to my table.

It consisted of… Meat.

A simple meat and vegetable stew.

I stopped working on the Ancient Stone Pillar and decided to eat lunch first.

I finished my lunch, and quickly got back to work. It took me only 10 minutes to figure out something important.

The Ancient Stone Pillar would be very difficult to pick out. It was nothing like the Ancient Stones in terms of difficulty.


Irina sat down next to Adele to eat lunch.

Noticing what I was working on, we chatted a bit while they ate.



An Ancient Stone Pillar, you say?


It was something I got when I first defeated one of those Skeleton Mammoths.


Oh I see…  It looks nothing like an Ancient Stone, even though the names are similar. What’s with that size, too…


What’s inside?


A gemstone, I suppose?


I really don’t want to imagine a gemstone as big as that pillar…


That’s right…

Even the gems inside the Ancient Stones were often on the big side.

I really couldn’t imagine there being a gem as big as the Ancient Stone Pillar on the table.

In any case, it better be something good, for all the effort I was putting into digging it out.



It doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to dig it out in just one day.


Are you going to hunting tonight too, Keith?


It’s a bit hard to go hunting when you’re surrounded… No freedom to move, really.


I guess so…


But was that really the case?

I felt like there was something we could do.


After finishing lunch, half of the Summoners logged out.

Well, we did manage to take care of our main responsibility.

The other Summoners immediately jumped to fighting against each other and watching fights in Battle Mode.

It would probably be best to rest up for the big fight the next day…



We did have a lot of time. We may have arrived at the Spring of Mist a little too early.

Well, that was fine.

For the time being, I guess I could concentrate on excavating the Ancient Stone Pillar?

I could maybe make another weapon out of the item inside.

Maybe I could go night hunting too?


Yep. They were all nice ways to spend the night.

I could do both.

The Ancient Stone Pillar would probably take so long that I could expect i to be long past midnight before I finished.

I decided to keep working on the Ancient Stone Pillar until dinner-time.

And then log out for a bit.


But before that, I also wanted to see what the siege of the Spring of Mist looked like at night.

And also…

I knew that if we could take down all the Magi, it would be enough to cause the monsters to scatter, returning back to normal.

It would be nice to take advantage of the darkness of night and attack with the aim of assassinating the enemy Magi.

Telomere could use that mysterious skill she had, creating a dark curtain of sorts to hide us even more.








Evening was quickly approaching.

It was 5:30 pm.

Both Adele and Irina had already logged out.

They were probably preparing for the day ahead.


I had been working on excavating the Ancient Stone Pillar for a very long time.

How was it progressing?

Forget half, I wasn’t even 20% of the way there.

In order to continue excavating the Ancient Stone Pillar, I made do with just Portable Food for dinner.

It definitely looked like something was buried within the Ancient Stone Pillar.

But I couldn’t even see the outline of it yet.


I confirmed that the corners of the Ancient Stone Pillar were not filled with anything, so I saved a lot of time by cutting them down.

I found a nice place to call it a day, and cleaned up all my equipment, in preparation to log out.

The time was still 7 pm.

Well, it wasn’t a bad time to call it a day.

I could have some more fun later in the night.










I logged in at 0:40 am.

My surroundings were quiet.

Well, that was what I was hoping for.

Wait, never mind.


The Summoner Army was all logged in.

Of course, that included Adele and Irina.

Was it really all the Summoners that I fought together with during the day?


You’re going to see how the situation is at night, yes?


We’ll hang out with you too!


Oh! That would be very nice.

I was expecting to have to do everything alone, but it was very nice to see the spirit from the night before carry over.


I have to warn you though, there is a chance of us getting killed out there.


Why are you telling us this now?


Show us Telomere already!


Ah, so that’s what they were really looking for…

What a strange bunch of players, these Summoner Corps.





I had to think of my Summon Monster team.

We were going to move under the protection of darkness.


I summoned Volff, Obsidian, Shishiku, and Telomere.

The last Summon Monster was a tough choice, but I eventually decided to summon Tigris.

It was a team with a lot of mobility too, even though that wasn’t what I was mainly aiming for.


A lot of other Summoners had already learnt from Telomere and from our fight from the night before.

I saw a lot of wolves, bats, and owls.


I wasn’t planning on doing any ambushes on an enemy army though.

Our operation would be a simple Hit and Run attack.

In other words, we were just going to try simple harassment tactics.

There were Gas Clouds around the Spring of Mist providing a nice defence to run into if we attracted the attention of too many monsters.

Having a place to run to would be nice.

I had to take full advantage of that.


Unfortunately, Call Monsterwould not work for monsters under Magus control.

I would love to use the skill to track down the Magi, but if that were possible, I would have done that a long time ago.


I had to make sure we hit the right targets and finished them off as soon as possible. Damaging Fighting Bulls without finishing them off would cause them to become Enraged and rush at us. The fact that we didn’t have our horses made for a very scary picture.

If they became too much to handle, we would have to run into the Spring of Mist.


Of course, I made sure to tell everyone else of our strategy.

They had some thoughts to give me.



Harassment tactics, huh.


Feels quite contrary to your personality.


But that’s fine too.


Yeah. Being a leader means having to listen to a lot of opinions, huh.

It would probably be best to just think of it as a compliment.






Where were the monsters?

They were clearly completely surrounding the Spring of Mist.

But I didn’t know it was even possible for so many monsters to exist in one place.

I was very grateful that there were no Skeleton Raptors or Skeleton Mammoths around.

Looking closer, there were Centaur and Panzer Rhinos among the Fighting Bulls.

I didn’t know whether to be relieved or not about the absence of Minor Griffins in the sky.



Let’s go harassing.

Ah, no, that was a mistake.

Let’s go night hunting.

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