Chapter 120 part 1


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I checked it immediately after logging in.
Whether I can actually summon Volff or not.
I did it.
I’ll spend as much time as I can with him today.
He’s letting me pat his head.
I’m starting to understand how Adele feels.

Now I’m summoning Zangetsu, Helix, and Bunraku.
I’ll let Bunraku make breakfast.
There’s some meat.
But there’s not enough vegetables.
Maybe I can get some from Hannes if he’s around.
I’ll take a look at the usual spot.

The makeshift store?
No, he’s at the morning market.

Hannes looks like an old man in a rural market.
I don’t mean anything by it. I think his job is really important.
Local produce all the way.
We can all save on the shipping costs and taxes.

Well, not really.

「Oh, good morning, Keith. I have some good vegetables here!」

He really does resemble an old man at a rural market.
No matter.

「Good morning.」

「Please, take what you like.」


I’ll take a quick look.
The potatoes are a new thing.
Let’s not forget the wheat flour.

It looks like Mio and Yuka are doing some kind of barbeque.
Adele and Irina are running to them in a rush.
It looks like they’re late, since they’re apologizing to them.
I hope they’re not causing too much of an inconvenience.

I handed over the vegetables and wheat flour to Bunraku when I got back.
I’ll leave it up to the chef.

As for me, I’m using the materials I got yesterday for Woodworking.
It’s the Crest Bee Stings.
I’m using them to make some arrows.

【Weapon: Arrow】Crest Bee Arrows+ Grade C+ Rarity 3
AP 11 Power 0+ Weight 0+ Durability 30 Range +25
Continuous Damage [Slight] Arrows made from Crest Bee Stings.
Causes bleeding through its high piercing ability.
Wounds are harder to close due to the poison effect.

I used Golden Pheasant Wings for the arrow feathers too, so it has higher than normal range.
I can see this going into mass production.
I should hurry up and gather some materials to make some arrows for Bunraku and Goki too.
I’m using Quick Recreate on the materials.
That cost less MP than I expected.
The quality isn’t so bad either.
The range is only +20, but it’s Grade C so I’m fine with that.
I should make as many as I can.

Bunraku has just finished making a meal.
It’s gnocchi.
He used a tomato based sauce.
It looks really tasty.
No, it’s really delicious.
It really was.

I recalled Bunraku after replenishing his quiver.
I’m summoning Heather now.
I want to make a stronger team quickly, but even with the 4 Monster Summons I have now, it’s not enough.
I think it’s going to be tough even with 5 Monster Summons.
I may be planning too far ahead.

『This is Fiona. We’re starting our regular meeting. Anyone who has announcements to make should say so now.』

I’m listening to the reports while in the Union.
What’s going on today?
There’s some new information.

They’ve found a new monster in the N1W2 area.
It’s a spider.
And it uses a lot of traps.
There are a few small caves in that area, and these spiders live in some of them.
They’ve already killed 2 groups of players.
Both in separate locations.
In other news, they’ve also hunted a few Stub Crawlers.
These monsters aren’t that strong.

There’s also some good news from the production players.
These monsters drop textile materials.
It’s great for Fabric Workers.

There’s also a report about some Youkai with bull heads and horse heads in the cave connecting to the S1W2 area.
In fact, Irina was the one who made the report.
It looks like past the branching path, there’s a hall that’s under construction where Adele and Irina explored.
Iron ores can be mined there.
Most likely, the Blacksmiths will start to swarm there.

I mentioned the bees that I encountered.
Along with the bee stings that are an upgrade to Evil Ant Stings as arrowheads.
I kept quiet about the diamond Deva statues.
I want to be the one to fight them.
In fact, I’m going to try it today.

They’re mine.


「Good morning.」

It’s Adele and Irina.
They’re looking at Helix.
Did they notice?

「A Class Change? That’s nice.」

「Adele, we don’t have time for this today.」

「But he looks great.」

They don’t have time to spare?

「Oh, we have some minor business today, so we’re logging out after the duel.」

「I won’t lose!」

「I’m going to go all out too.」

「Is it going to be between you two?」


I want to watch them.
But wait.
That Deva statue is calling to me.
I want to go right after clearing my《Item Box》.

「Do your best.」

「Of course!」

「We will.」

They’re quickly going to the middle of the plaza,
It looks like it’s about to start.
I’m really curious about it, but I want to finish my agenda too.

Fiona isn’t here.
In fact, few of the usual members are here.
Well, Rig and Shinohara are here, so it should be fine.

「Good morning. Would you like to buy something?」

「Good morning. Please bring the items here.」

I sold peat for the most part.
The calculations were done quickly.
Now I feel a lot lighter.
All that’s left is using Grow Plant before I leave.
Oh, right. I need to confirm something with Hannes too.

The plaza is crowded.
They’re all players.
Fiona and the others are over here!
Saki and Margrid aren’t here though.
Yosaku and Fay are here.
That’s everyone.

The match between Adele and Irina is taking place in a circular field.
It’s a lot wider than the tournament.
They’re doing a 4v4 match there.
More accurately, it’s a 1v1 with 3 Monster Summons on each side.
They’re both using wall spells against each other.
It looks like it’s going to be a long duel.
Neither of them are using any aerial Monster Summons, so their attacks can’t reach each other.
It’s a duel worth watching.
But it’s going to take a while to finish.
They should hurry it up.

Irina is using a Serpent, Wood Golem, and a Tiger.
Adele is using 3 Wolves.
How should I put this…
It seems like Summoners are supposed to stay in the back by default.
That’s the norm anyway.
I wonder if that kind of playstyle suits me.

The spell effects seem a little too flashy for me though.
Still, it’s kind of enjoyable to watch.

I stepped out of town and rode on Zangetsu across the plains.
With Volff along my side, of course.
Having him with me is only natural.

There’s a Raptor coming at me from the cave to the south.
It’s a really easy win for me now.
The Staff of Torture is really amazing.

When I hit its head, I could feel the impact more than usual.
And its HP dropped by more than half with a single blow.,
The attack power itself has gone up, but the weapon’s Power stat is also higher.
Though the weight feels the same as my previous staves.

This is bad.
I’m enjoying combat too much.

I also tried using the Pole of Torture.
It’s just like a lance I’d use on horseback.
I also had Zangetsu’s speed to thank, but I brought the Raptor to Dying status just by thrusting at it.
It’s great too.
I don’t have the Spear skill, and I don’t plan on getting it, so this is really convenient.
Spinning it around is slightly difficult.
But it’s so strong that I can ignore it,
It’s not really at the length I prefer, so I’ll find some other use for it.
I’m going to use the Staff of Torture as my main weapon, and the Tonfas of Torture as my sub weapon

I cast the Dowsing spell just before crossing the river in front of the cave.
I picked up a piece of sardonyx and citrine today,
I guess that’s pretty good.
I’ll just say it is.

I should decide on my team before entering the cave.
I’ve already decided on Volff.
Also, I’m picking Heather for her high evasion and support skills.
I’m trying to decide between Senki and Jericho.
Or maybe I should do both.
No, I want another aerial Monster Summon, so that’s not going to happen.
This is really frustrating

In the end, I decided to summon Jericho.
And Obsidian is my 4th.
Now I can do it.

It looks like Goblins are on patrol duty today.
They were the only monsters I encountered, all the way up to the crossroads.
I wasn’t happy about it.
Because I couldn’t tell how effective the Tonfas of Torture were.

I killed them in one hit.
That was underwhelming.
And it wasn’t what I was aiming for.
I can’t make any comparison like that.
Are there no Goblin Summoners here?
That’s boring.
In fact, I even took out the Kaya Wood Tonfas from my《Item Box》on purpose.
That was a one hit kill too.
I wish I was fighting Orcs.

I’m going straight into the crossroad.
There was a Goblin Nest here yesterday.
It’s still here.
And I’m only getting Pebbles and Limestones.
I still don’t know the difference on my Tonfas of Torture.

But it looks like I’m getting my chance now.

Gozu Lv.1
Youkai Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

Mezu Lv.1
Youkai Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

It’s the monster combo I was fighting yesterday.
This is good.
I’m getting hyped for this.
I’m starting off with the usual Physical Enchant spells.
It’s the first step to victory.
It always has been.

I made all of my Monster Summons gang up against the Gozu.
it’s 4v1.
I can just let them handle it.

Mezu, here I come!

I’ll start off with the results.
The Tonfas of Torture are useful,

They weigh the same as my other tonfas.
It’s not just my imagination. They do more damage to monsters.
Even with a few hits, I barely did any damage to the Mezu before. But now, the damage I’m dealing is more visible,
Yeah, I’ve only scraped off about 10% of its HP, but it’s a huge difference compared to last time.

I feel good about this.
Now that I can afford to watch its movements, I can attack more efficiently.
I struck a few blows and mixed my attacks with a few kicks.
My combo attacks came in handy and made it more interesting.
Everything’s going well now.

I even used a few attacks I’d rarely used until now.
Shoulder tackles.
The Mezu has a tougher build and is larger than me.
But that was enough to get my next attack in.
I used my Tonfas of Torture, followed with elbow strikes.
I did it in reverse, and it was effective as well.
I also managed to topple it by tripping it after a tonfa strike.
I was surprised when I managed to topple it pretty easily.

I didn’t think it was the same level as the Mezu that I’d fought before.
That was how different it felt.

The Gozu was dead before I realized it.
The Monster Summons were watching me as I fought the Mezu.
I had to make them wait a while.
I was determined to take care of it quickly.

I carefully observed its movements while attacking it continuously.
I defeated it without relying on Joint Lock and Throw skills.
It was a decisive victory.
I barely suffered a few scrapes.
Jericho suffered some damage from the Gozu, but it took no more than a recovery spell to heal him.
No complaints.
I feel like I can fight at a good pace in here.

These monsters didn’t drop anything.
I think I’ll take on a stronger monster next.
This is good.
Really good.

Just one more room before the Deva Statue.
I tried something new on these monsters.
I fought a few Mezu statues.
I could imagine myself doing well in a fight against them, even if they were over level 2.
But what if I’m up against higher leveled Gozus?
I was really interested in the idea.
So I tried it out.

Gozu Lv.2
Youkai Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

Mezu Lv.2
Youkai Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute

I left the Mezu to my Monster Summons.
Volff ran head first into it, and began messing with the Mezu.
At the same time, I ran up to the Gozu.
I had a few PHysical Enchant spells on my.
Even then, I was at a huge disadvantage against it.
But that made it all the more worth it.

It was working.
My attacks were getting through.
I was doing damage against it.
Although it looked like I was only inflicting flesh wounds…
My attacks were working, I think.
Was it because of my weapon’s Power?
Most likely it was.

The Gozus are a lot slower than Mezus.
But they’re a lot tougher.
I had to take twice as long to bring its HP down.
Since I disarmed it early on, it was a lot less riskier than going against the Mezu, too.
As long as I didn’t get hit, anyway.
Most of the time, it was trying to charge at me.
I evaded most of its attacks, and even toppled it a few times.
Since its attacks were heavy, I had to watch my timing carefully though.

What about the Mezu?
My Monster Summons had already defeated it.
They’re too fast.
And they were watching me fight again.
They were waiting obediently for me.
Heather was getting on and sliding down Obsidian’s back again.
They really were taking it easy.

I had to remind myself to take the fight more seriously.

I tried a concentrated attack.
I struck its elbow with my tonfa and kept punching it over and over again.
Thee monsters didn’t seem to feel pain, but when I broke their limbs, they really couldn’t function.
I took some time to break its left elbow.
After that, I went for the right elbow.
Its HP was still pretty high.
When it started trying to headbutt me, I went for its knees.
After that, it couldn’t even charge at me anymore.
In fact, it was completely unable to attack.
It was about time to end it.

I had Jericho, Volff, and Obsidian join in the fight.
I let Heather watch and learn.
It still had about 30% HP, but it died pretty quickly.

《Your Monster Summon『Heather』has leveled up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Hey, wait.
Heather didn’t even take part in the fight, but she leveled up?
Well, I guess she did put in a lot of effort while I wasn’t looking.
In fact, her MP was reduced quite a bit.
Her AGI has already increased.
I’m going to add 1 point to her VIT.
But I can’t.

《VIT has reached its limit for this class. Please add a point to another stat!》

There’s a stat cap?
Hmm, this is going to be a tough one.

But I guess I’ll have to follow the rules.
I’ll add 1 point to its STR.
Does a Fairy really need STR?
Not really, but I have a reason for increasing it to 3.

Heather Fairy Lv3→Lv4 (↑1)
DEX  6
AGI 20 (↑1)
INT 20
STR  2 (↑1)
VIT  3
SPI 23

Flight Glide Magic Resistance [Medium] MP Recovery [Slight] Wind Attribute

If I increase her STR to 3, then it’ll be the same as her VIT.
I can just focus on the other stats later.
This should do it.

This time, they didn’t drop anything either.
That’s fine with me.
The next one is going to be the real deal anyway.



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