Chapter 122


Translator: Kazuya    Editor: Weasalopes

As the road went further down it led to another hall.
But the statue is not found anywhere.

Oh thank god
No, wait.
Maybe there is a trap?

For a second, I thought of going back to the room with a hot spring.
But my curiosity got the better of me.

In the center of the hall, it’s a spirit.

What, again.
Please spare me from this continuous battle.

《O the great wanderers.》
《Thou who travels on the edge chasing dreams.》
《We present to thee a new challenge.》
《But thou hast be on thy guard.》
《Thou shalt be judged strictly to be able to pass through the gate.》

I can’t advance through the event.

《Relay Portal To Fukuma Mine Unlock! 》
《5 Bonus Point awarded! You now have 17 Bonus Points! 》

No battle happened.
Thanks for the Bonus Points.
But there was no sense of accomplishment.

Ok, let’s calm down.
Let’s check the area around here first.

In this hall, spirits were shining along the walls.
As a light source it’s enough.
But there is no water.
No, there are drains at each of the four corners.
And there were two other passages apart from the door I came through.
The door is not there.
In its place is a bird.
That was not there awhile ago right?
When did it appear?
And there was a statue just next to the bird.

Lion and Guardian Dog (Komainu).
It’s an A-Un statue.
Will it start moving, this is really nerve breaking right?
Volff and Obsidian are not alert so it should be fine I think?
[ TL Note: A-Un is a pair of lion dog statue you find in shrine one with the mouth open (A-Gyo) and one close (Un-Gyo), there are some other ones like tiger and fox]

I tried stroking the head.
No problem.
Looks like it’s just a normal statue.

So this is a safe zone protected by four statues?
Compared to the Area Portal it’s narrower here.
This is usable.
There is still a long way to go.

I really don’t feel like going forward when my MP is not yet done recovering.
No, I want to go back.
Staying here in this state is not going to help me progress.
With my current MP it will be risky to move on since there will be strong monsters in the road ahead.

Let’s go back.

Return Home doesn’t seem to be working within the portal.
But I tried using it just in case.
It’s useless.

I have to move to somewhere that I can cast it.
It doesn’t feel safe to go forward.
I’ll go back.

I came out of the Book Room.
Going past the statue, I move along the hall avoiding the center.
I distance myself as far as possible from the Guardian Tiger.
I really don’t want to fight that.

I can’t cast Return Home here as well.
I tried the huge door which seems to have some Conditions to return.

What the heck.
The door can just be opened normally!
Let’s try going back.
There is no problem.
The Deva King’s statue doesn’t seem to be moving either.

I cast the Return Home spell.
The usual transition effects had begun.

I start feeling a little relieved.

I can see the Wind Spirit Village in front of me.
It feels as if everything that happened is just a dream.
But I really did go through many battles.
Even though our HP has recovered completely, our MP is almost wiped out.
Even Heather with high recovery rate is at about 30%.
I can hunt around the village, but right now I really want to rest my back.

Inside the village, there were only a few adventurers around.
Like always.
It’s normal that most players are out hunting right now.
Since it’s 2:30 pm in the afternoon.
This would be about midnight in the real world.
And people with school and jobs would be asleep at this time.

And there are also those in production jobs.
Well, let’s kill some time going there.

「Oh? Keith, you’re back from hunting?」
「Yeah, I’m already worn out.」

The stall seems to be empty.
Shouldn’t Rick be worried since there’s no customers?
Looking closely he seems to be sewing something.

「Yeah, I work as a subcontractor for Len-Len in my free time.」

Oh, here’s a bit of a side information not yet said.

It was when Fiona was logging out.
Both Saki and Margrid were working in their workshop.
Some of the others were either logging out, in the fields or doing their own production.
The new information was the first harvest of mushroom from wood cultivation team.
Did that go well?

I better get going.
I left after giving thanks.
Well, there is something I wanted to do while in this village.
Fishing for materials from the wood storage.

Alright, I have secured usable material for the arrows.
Thinking about what to do next, I came across Reina.

「Oh? Fancy meeting you here!」
「Hi. Is it ok if I took some materials for arrows?」
「Sure! It’s mostly just scrap here.」

And now comes the blabbering.
Now she’s just talking non stop, and I am in charge of listening.
Oh no.
Should I take the offensive, wait am I even able to end this talk?
And there’s no one to support me either.

But I found an opening for me to break through.

「[Wood Worker] is not my main job, but I am still able to make a chair on my own. Can I be of help?」

「Really? Can I really ask for your help?」

Negotiation complete.
She says she is lacking in furniture made from wood like desks and chairs.
In fact, Reina is already working on the desk right now.
So I just have to work on the chair.

Since I was already helping her, I was also asked to make desks as well.
After spending quite some time in the dungeon.
It’s not too bad to put some time into production work once in awhile.

Although I am quite low on MP, I recalled Jericho and summoned Bunraku.
Of course, for helping me.
Volff, Obsidian and Heather were for soothing me.
In other words, they were taking a break.

From now on I will turn myself into the king of DIY.
I will create the best product even if this is not my main job.

This will be the menu for today.
I will start with the desk.
The desk has a simple structure.
Basically, it’s just sticking legs onto a board, and done.
But there will also be a flaw.
Once one of the legs starts to wiggle, you know what will happen, right?

First I made a long desk together with Reina.
And I tried to make one on my own from scratch.
Grade C.
Fine, I guess?

No, it must be because of Bunraku.
To be honest, from cutting out the parts, shaping and finishing touches, Bunraku was way better than me.
I…I don’t feel disappointed at all.
It’s just because there is a big difference in our DEX.

Since I wanted to see Bunraku’s true abilities, I watch as I see him make a long desk alone.
Grade C+.

I think I can see the tears from my Woodworking skill.
I worked on the top board while crying in my heart.
There is a formidable enemy right in front of me.
Well, it’s not like either of us won.
Since there is a difference in our strength.

Leaving that aside.
Some easy to carry desks were also made.
We also created a few folding desks used in log houses.
Now moving on to the chairs.

「It’s ok if it’s not an Armchair」

Reina said that and left it to me.
No, pushed it onto me.
She has already begun making a bench.
As expected, her skills were great.
By the way, all her work are mostly Grade C+ and above.
If she put in more time, making a Grade B- is a piece of cake, amazing.

The chair that I made was a normal one.
No, it’s the same one as last time.
Let’s try to make one with Grade C+.
It keeps me fueled when there is a goal.

It’s almost time for dinner.
There is a pleasant smell drifting across the village.

Let’s call it a day after finishing the ones I am making now.
The ones I am working on are a folding desk and chair.
The bearing parts were a bit challenging, but I somehow manage to make a Grade C folding desk.
That was close.
Good thing I have Bunraku helping me out.

I have Bunraku start making dinner, and continued to make chairs during that time.
I was satisfied that I am able to create a Grade C+ chair in such a short time.
If I put in more time to finish it will probably be Grade B-.
I have that much confidence.

What food did Bunraku made?
It was Udon.
Meat Udon.

So how did this happen.
I made a stick during the interval of my woodworking work.
If Gnocchi can be made, isn’t making Pasta also possible?
But there were no pasta machine around.
Well, it’s a rolling pin.
It’s made from the lumber I was able to secure as a rod.

Even though the noodles were not shelved it was still delicious.

「Hmm, delicious!」

This is Reina’s evaluation.
Before I knew it, she has already started savoring it.
Well, nevermind.
There was enough food.

「So, how much does this meal cost?」
「It won’t be necessary, I am indebted to you in various ways」
「Then take some of the lumber」
「No, it’s ok really」
「What about the processing fees for the chairs and desks? Oh, how about I do not charge you any processing fees when you want to make a new bow or something!」
「Oh, a reservation」
I think this is quite a good deal.

After Bunraku finishes cleaning up after the meal, I left.
The time now is 7pm.
It’s already night time.

My MP is now slightly over 60%.
Since I tried not to consume any MP during woodworking.

Should I change the summon monsters?
Firstly I recalled Heather.
Since she was a bad match for the Haunted Mist.
I summoned Mumyo which is the best for it.

What about the other one?
It’s the new summon monster.
What should I pick for the 14th monster?

I cast Summon Monster.
I focused on the 14th line and called up the list.
Wood Puppet
Wood Golem
Beast Ape
Red Fox
Giant Tortoise
Giant Bee

Oh, there is a new choice.
Giant Bee?

【Giant Bee】Monster Summon Battle Position: Air
Giant Bee. Its main avenue of attack is stinging.
Its physique is comparable to raptors.
Rather than agility, it’s a combative insect with high mobility.

Well, that’s it.
I have enough monsters for aerial combat right now like Helix.
Should I pass it for now?

So, let’s draw out the monsters that are not summoned yet from the list first.
Giant Tortoise
Giant Bee

I think I should make it a vanguard.
Tiger it is then.
And the stats for it appeared.
Tigris Tiger Lv1 (New!)
AGI 16
INT 10
STR 18
VIT 18
SPI 10

Bite Threaten Sense Danger Night Vision Conceal

Well, the name also means tiger.
It really is a tiger, you can’t compare its strength to a wolf.
A real vanguard.

When Tigris saw Volff, both start to growl at each other.
Can you guys get along?

Now they were staring at each other silently as if appraising each other.
They started smelling each other.
Yes Yes.
They have good co-op.

Next they start to lick each other’s face.
They became friends quite fast.
They should have no problem getting along in the future.

They were both now rolling on the ground.
The two were now curled together, each trying to take the upper position.

It’s about time we get going, shall we?
They form a line in an instant.
Let’s go night hunting.

Of course, the first is to confirm Tigris’ combat ability.
That is done with a Skeleton Raptor.
The results were as expected.
I already know about this since traveling with Adele and Irina but.
Well, just in case.

Even though its speed is no match for Volff, Tigris’ attacks are much stronger.
It was crushing the Skeleton Raptor ribs with its teeth.
What a scary child.

Now let’s hunt for the main target.
Haunted Mist.
I cast Enchanted Weapon on everyone and prepare for battle.
I used Call Monster.
There seems to be a large number of prey today.
This should be nice.

The scale of the flock is normal.
Everyone attacks all together.
I am equipped with the Torment Rod
This is the best to deal with Haunted Mist.
Just by swinging it right, the attack can cover a considerable range.
Even so this makes it quite difficult to handle.
Since it requires fine control.
It’s also fine if you poke it like a spear.

Volff and Tigris were working as a pair.
Biting down their targets, and fending off attacks with their paws.
They seem to be able to cooperate with each other.

Munyo steadily took down all the monsters that were in its sight.
As expected it has great compatibility with Haunted Mist.
Even when in contact, its MP does not decrease much.

Obsidian was flying in low altitude scattering the monsters while attacking.
I can’t lose to them.
I threw my Torment Rod like a laundry pole into the horde of monsters.

The Torment Rod killed the Haunted Mist with high efficiency.
But there was no response, though.
Rather than just hitting one at a time, it’s better to attack them all together.
In short, just by swinging the rod aimlessly it will be sure to hit something.
No skill is needed.
No work is needed.
No spearmanship was used either.
It’s all over once it scratched them.

Spear has been an important weapon since ancient times.
What is the priority of martial arts that should be learned for a warrior?
Archery and Horsemanship.
And next is Spearmanship.
And followed up by Gunnery.

Wait, what about Swordsmanship?
That is something you must not touch about.
There is a word known as “Martial Arts”
By using “Martial” in performance, hence the word “Martial Arts”

It was during the Edo period that swordsmanship became more important.
But that doesn’t mean that is was not used before that.

What I am trying to say?
Spear is the core weapon in the form of martial arts.
Taking the bamboo spear as an example, it’s something that you can find near you.

Even someone like me who has no experience using a spear can use it effectively.
It’s really an effective weapon.
When using Jojutsu it’s like using a 71-inch wooden pole.
Is not that it’s impossible to use Jojutsu, but it’s just too long.

We continued to hunt a couple more flocks of Haunted Mist.
Since the number of monsters around the village has decreased, we have traveled quite a distance.
We also killed a Float Eye.
We also encounter a Holy Wraith, but somehow manage to defeat it.
There were no problems with the Skeleton Raptors.
The loot was 10 Magic Stones and 2 Crystal Ball.

The time is now past 11:30 pm
For the last hunt I ran into a huge flock of Haunted Mist.
Without watching my MP, I cast a few spells randomly.
There are times like this too.

《【Dust Magic】Level Up!》
《You have acquired the【Dust Magic】spell【Air Shield】!》
《You have acquired the【Dust Magic】spell【Thermal Expansion】!》
《【Fire Magic】Level Up!》

Two magic skills have leveled up.
A defensive and AOE spell were also learned.
The numbers of spells have increased again.
Oh well.

A new member has joined us today as well.
That is also fine on its own.

Protagonist Keith
Race Human Male Racial Lv14
Job Summoner Lv14
Bonus Points Remaining 17

Skill Sets
Staff Lv11 Punch Lv8 Kick Lv8 Joint Lock Lv8 Throw Lv8 Evade Lv8 Block Lv8 Summon Magic Lv14 Spacetime Magic Lv6 Light Magic Lv7 Wind Magic Lv8 Earth Magic Lv8 Water Magic Lv8 Fire Magic Lv8 (↑1)  Dark Magic Lv7 Ice Magic Lv6
Lightning Magic Lv5 Tree Magic Lv6 Dust Magic Lv6 (↑1)  Lava Magic Lv6
Steam Magic Lv5 Alchemy Lv6 Pharmacy Lv5 Glassmaking Lv3 Woodworking Lv5
Synergy Lv10 Appraise Lv10 Identify Lv10 Discern Lv3 Cold Resistance Lv5
Grab Lv8 Horsemanship Lv8 Precise Manipulation Lv10 Jump Lv4
Heat Resistant Lv5 Climb Lv4 Dual Wield Lv8 Disassembly Lv6
Physical Reinforcement Lv6 Mental Reinforcement Lv7 Speedcasting Lv8
Spell Effect Amplification Lv5 Spell Range Expansion Lv5

Torment Rod ×1 Torment Tonfa ×2 Torment Pole ×1 Enraged Pickaxe+ ×2 Silver Necklace+ Snow Leopard Push Dagger ×1 Gale Tiger Push Dagger ×1
Snow Leopard Claw Knuckle ×1 Wild Horse Leather Armor+ Snow Ape Armguard
Wild Horse Boots+ Snow Ape Leather Helmet Rampage Belt+
Rucksack Item Box ×2

Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools

Old Summoner’s Pupil, Guardian Of The Forest, Man Of The Middle Path, Spell Archive

Monster Summons:
Volff Gray Wolf Lv3
Zangetsu White Horse Lv1
Helix Fighting Falcon Lv1
Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv1
Jean Black Bat Lv1
Jericho Wood Golem Lv7
Goki Demon Lv6
Senki Beast Ape Lv7
Rig Slime Lv5
Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv5
Mumyo Skeleton Lv 5
Ninetail Red Fox Lv4
Heather Fairy Lv4
Tigris Tiger Lv1 (New!)
AGI 16
INT 10
STR 18
VIT 18
SPI 10

Bite Threaten Sense Danger Night Vision Conceal



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