Chapter 123


Translator: Kazuya    Editor: Weasalopes

It was drizzling outside when I logged in.
That’s rare.
But the small rain stopped soon after.
Should I be cautious of the weather today?

I summoned Bunraku.
First is breakfast, and I have to go restock my supplies.
Vegetables of course.

「Oh, Keith, how about mushrooms today.」
That’s fast.
Has the Wood Cultivation team done with harvesting?
Incredible farmers.

「I am doing cultivation in the Northern Forest, it’s already ready to harvest.」
「Actually, Grow Plants was very effective.」
「Well, see you.」

My god
Grow Plant is too convenient.

I received Shiitake and Maitake.
And also a few variables of veggies.
For free.
In other words, I should provide more Grow Plants.
Is how I think.

Bunraku was done with breakfast when I returned.
It was on the desk that I build yesterday.
Incredible Bunraku!

After I am full, I summoned the monsters for today.
Zangetsu, Obsidian and Helix.
I don’t know what I should pick for the last one.
I’ll just leave it as Bunraku for now.

Mio and Yuka were cooking at the usual place.
Smells good.
There’s a large amount of Fighting Bull’s meat.
It’s like a Yakiniku festival here.
Adele and Irina were also helping out.

「Hey, good morning.」
「Good morning. Are you here for breakfast.」
「Oh, I’ve already eaten.」

There’s something I am more curious about.
How did yesterday’s match went?
「So, who won yesterday.」
「Irina won in the morning, and me in the noon.」
「So, it’s a draw.」

Players are gathering for Mio’s food
I better not get in the way.

Irina seems to have noticed Helix’ change.
「It has evolved, right.」
「Please tell me about it next time.」

I left from the stall.
Even so, the village has become more flourishing.
The number of log houses has already exceeded 10.
The numbers of stalls are also increasing, a few shops were also opened.
It’s getting better every day.
How amazing is the Production Team?

And the leader of the team is right in front of me.
Saki wasn’t there, but Magrid was there.
They seem to be in a dispute?
They seem to have finished their meal.

「It should be the west right? Even though we have enough to spare, we should ensure we have a steady supply of meat.」

「But, Fiona. In the north there’s wood, and up ahead there’s textile material, isn’t that better.」

「We can go there sooner or later right.」

「Reina is still good, but Len-Len’s costume team has run out of it.」

They are disputing over where to go.
It doesn’t seem bad, there’s nothing to worry about.

「Hey. Good morning.」

「Oh, Keith. Morning.」

「Welcome. Oh, there’s something I want to give you.」

Margrid took something out.
It’s too big for a ring.
But too small for a bracelet.
The basic appearance is a belt, gems are embedded on it, a small chain is connected to it.
It is also quite lightweight.
「It’s for the fairy.」

「Thank you.」

「The others will take a bit more time.」

【Decoration: Belt】Silver Arm Decoration + Grade C + Rarity 2
M・AP +1 Weight 0 + Durability 60
Armband made of Silver mesh.
Its lightweight, but has a low durability.
It can be used for Magic Activation.
[Custom] The Red Jasper that is embedded in the belt is connected and strengthened.
※Evade Judgment +1

「It’s an arm decoration, but it’s not wrong that it’s a fairy’s belt.」

「it’s the problem with the size.」

Let’s equip it.
I recall Bunraku and summon Heather.
I equipped it to its waist.

The Red Jasper was a good addition.
It reminds me of something.

Kamen Rider?

Heather seems to like it too.
But the time is limited.
I recall Heather.
And summon Tigris.

「I will like to add one more.」

「Oh? A new summon monster.」

「Yeah. I would like to add one more to the request.」

「Sure, I am enjoying making different ones.」

First would be the size measurement.
Tigris seems to be thicker than Volff.
Well, the size can be adjusted easily using the chain.
I took out the Prison Guard’s Bracelet.
There doesn’t seem to be any use.
I’ll just keep it for now.
Maybe it can be used for something.

And we start chatting.
Well, I was just the listener though.

The morning meeting was also getting bigger.
I do not know who is who anymore.
There seemed to be an increase of new players.

Each player is reporting various things, but there is nothing as surprising as yesterday.
One thing, a vein found by Adele and Irina in the Southern Cave, seems to be blocked halfway down.
Too bad.
You can hear sighs from the production groups.

This is where I made my report.
Fukuma Mine.
It’s relay portal.
You can hear the cheers from the production groups.

Is there anything else I should add?
Right, the gatekeepers.
It’s obvious that there are many more enemies stronger than Gozu and Mezu.
The cheers turn into roars.

There is still one more gatekeeper.
Should I challenge it today?

A battle once again started in the plaza after the meeting.
It’s a party fight.
They are fighting 6 vs 6.
I was a bit interested, but the cave comes first.
Wait, you Guardian Tigers.
I will be seeing you soon.

I stand on the border of the Wind Spirit Village.
I went and harvest another field of my Grow Plants.
Hannes should be satisfied with this.
If it was sunny right now, the wheat field would look very beautiful.

It’s about time, I recall Tigris.
And summon Jean.
Although the weather is cloudy, you are not used to daytime, please endure it for awhile.
In fact, Jean did not fly but stayed on my shoulder.
Ok, let’s go.

I rode on Zangetsu.
There were only a few monsters in Active state around.
The Float Eye’s were especially calm.
They remained in Passive state even when close to it.
Even if they attack, Helix and Obsidian can take care of it easily.

The Raptors were also in Passive state.
I didn’t attack too.
Since it would be a waste of time.
In other words.
I have my mind set deep within the cave.

I arrive at the cave.
I recall Zangetsu and Helix.
So, who to summon?
Senki and Goki.
The Guardian Tiger seems fast.
Jericho doesn’t seem to be able to cope with it.
So I placed Senki which has the best compatibility when paired with Goki.
This should do it.

Before the Guardian Tiger, there are enemies that have to be dealt with first.
Gozu and Mezu.

The Gremlin who seemed to be in charge of the main cave today is annihilated easily, and enter the branch.
The area with Gozu and Mezu will be reached soon.
The first experience Is waiting for me.

I put the Disassembly skill in reserve.
That’s what I did before fighting Gozu and Mezu.
There are two more groups before the relay portal.
There is also something else I want to check.
Looks like there’s going to be many exciting things today.

Gozu Lv.3
Phantom Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Fire Attribute

Mezu Lv.3
Phantom Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Fire Attribute

The last pair I fought should be Lv.2
Did the count continue?
Well, it’s fine.

I already expect to encounter them in advance, so I cast Enchant Weapon on everyone.
In addition, I also cast Physical Enchant: Fire on Senki.
This should be close to perfect.
However, I did not cast Enchant Weapon on myself.

Torment Tonfa.
This weapon contains magic.
Let’s see if it will do any damage without Enchant Weapon.


I don’t know whether they are intimidated or happy, Senki and Goki engage Gozu with a weak shout .
As usual.
Obsidian and Jean were here, I should be able to manage it.
My opponent is Mezu.
It should be.

I realize right after the first attack.
It seems that Torment Tonfa’s attacks are not damaging it.
Should I omit Enchant Weapon?
No, not yet.
Kick won’t have any effect on it.
I will just fall.
So I decided to use Enchant Weapon.

As always I let go of my rod and started punching and kicking.
It takes up time.
So I will also get damage.
But it didn’t bother me, since I am having fun.

But why?
Fun time was over in an instant.

I wasn’t undamaged, but Gozu and Mezu were killed.
There was no item drop.
Next will be Lv.4

As I went further down, the other pair are encountered.

Gozu Lv.4
Phantom Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Fire Attribute

Mezu Lv.4
Phantom Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Fire Attribute

Coming here I am convinced.
If I defeat it, what is the possibility of the Hell’s Latch item drop?
Maybe, but I must have patience.

Like just now, Monster Summons deal with Gozu, while I deal with Mezu.
How many times is it?
Mezu is still scary.
But me getting used to it is even more.
I have already thought of how to deal with it in my mind.
But I can’t be careless.

《【Lightning Magic】Level Up!》
《You have acquired the【Lightning Magic】spell【Lightning Shield】!》
《You have acquired the【Lightning Magic】spell【Thunder Shower】!》
《【Spacetime Magic】Level Up!》

This is quite a big achievement.
Lightning Magic has gain a defense spell and AOE attack spell.
Now, it’s time to see the Guardian Tiger.

Before that I went to the Deva King’s Statue.
I tried touching it.

《Do you want to challenge Deva King’s Statue? 》

I choose No quickly.
That was close.
You can fight it again!
That’s some stupid option.

I can’t let my guard down even entering the hall.
I stick to the wall, to avoid going in the center.
I also touched the Lion and Guardian Dog statues.
It seems that I can challenge these guys too.
Oh, come on!

I tried touching another Deva King’s Statue.
This can also be a challenge.
Of course, I am not fighting it.
I am not some battle maniac.

Thanks to Hannes.
This is a good place to take a break.
There is enough food.
There is more than enough meat.
But the amount of vegetables is too much.

There is also a midway portal.
I’ll use here for my base for now.

Entering the midway portal, I took a break.
Equipment check.
Shortcut spell list check.
Lineup check.

Ok, let’s go.

Of course, I cast a Reinforcement spell before going to the center of the hall.
It’s a shame
The midway portal can be used repeatedly so I don’t have to worry about it.

To the center of the hall.
And the event started.

《What is wisdom?》

《What is knowledge?》

《The Scripture is just a compilation of words.》

《Truth is hidden within those words.》

《We are the Guardians of the Book.》

《If thou seekest the truth, thou must prove thy worth.》

It starts to move.
The statues.
It’s coming

Guardian Tiger. A-Gyo Lv.3
Oracle Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Earth

Guardian Tiger. Un-Gyo Lv.3
Oracle Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Wind

Come on.

The summon monster attack Un-Gyo all at once.
My opponent was A-Gyo.
I have already chosen and am casting a spell.
Holding Torment Tonfa in both hands.
It’s stupid to just wait.
It’s best to attack now.

Senki has already started to attack while Un-Gyo was materializing from the statue.
Physically Senki is more advantageous.
Senki tried to capture it using its weight.
And I cast a spell at Un-Gyo.

I execute another spell without delay.
Attacking A-Gyo.
I step on its forefoot, I thrust around its cheeks.
Because it has just materialize, the A-Gyo did not have time to respond.
I landed a critical.
And I realize just how hard this guy’s skin is.
Very very hard.


I cast it on A-Gyo.
What should I do next?
I have already decided the order of spell to use, but I think I’ll change it.
While casting my spell, A-Gyo tried to bite me but I managed to dodge it and elbowed it in the stomach.
Without delay it tried to bounce and bite my head.
Its reaction is fast.
But it did not intercept.
You can actually easily damage it if you are able to counter its attack precisely.

「Lower DEF.」

I cast it towards Un-Gyo.
I confirm that it was effective.
I felt a little relieved.
The Un-Gyo neck and body was held down by Senki.
Obsidian and Jean attack the head alternately.
Smashing Un-Gyo’s leg with a hatchet.
The Un-Gyo is almost dead.

But, A-Gyo is still fine.
I hit the side of its cheek with my elbow and knee its stomach.
When it landed I gave a front kick to its belly.
And countered it once more when it tried to bounce.
And the pattern keeps repeating.
A simple pattern.
It’s easy to handle, but since it has both power and speed, I can’t be careless.

「Lower DEF.」

I attack when its defense lowered.
A front kick to the stomach.
Does it feel better than before?
It still feels hard.

A-Gyo movement.
When I was thinking of closing the distance.
A mass of rocks were floating in the air.
The same attack as the Tortoise?
No, the rocks look smaller.
But, too many and fast.

It’s not an attack that Tonfa can just block.
I jumped backwards to dodge the storm of rocks.
But the rocks start to swirl around A- Gyo.
Oh no.
Troublesome bastard!

「Steam Shot.」
This worked.
But, the shooting rocks are not stopped.
Reinforcement have come.
Attacking from above, diving onto A-Gyo.

The attack hit its glabella, the rocks around it fell.
Nice opportunity.
I close the distance.
Obsidian joined Jean for the attack.
An arrow was fired by Goki before I knew it.
A-Gyo is now full of openings.

I wrap my left arm around its neck.
Locking it.
I tried to hold it down using my weight, of course it still went wild.
I hit the side of its head with my tonfa.
There was still 40% of HP left.

Senki was in time.
It kicks the lower body, and steps on its rear legs.
Its sloppy but effective.

A-Gyo HP was gone in no time.

《Seekest wisdom》

《Seekest knowledge》

《Do not become tainted by evil》

《Be afraid of becoming evil rather than incompetent》

《We are the Guardians of the Book》

《Seekest truth from the Book》

That’s all?
Is it over?

《【Steam Magic】Level Up!》
《You have acquired the【Steam Magic】spell【Steam Blind】!》
《You have acquired the【Steam Magic】spell【Acid Shower】!》
《【Speedcasting】Level Up!》

Looks like it happened

Let’s go inside.
It was a strange place.
A small room.
A Buddha statue stood in the middle of it.
It has a trident in one hand and pagoda on the other.
And stepping on a demon with its feet.

I’ve seen this before.
Vaiśravaṇa (Bishamonten)
which is also one of the four heavenly kings.

That is why the gatekeepers were the Guardian Tigers.
They are Vaiśravaṇa’s familiars.
It’s the same as Kurama-dera.

Protagonist Keith
Race Human Male Racial LV14
Job Summoner Lv14
Bonus Points Remaining 17

Skill Sets
Staff Lv11 Punch Lv8 Kick Lv8 Joint Lock Lv8 Throw Lv8 Evade Lv8 Block Lv8 Summon Magic Lv14 Spacetime Magic Lv7 (↑1) Light Magic Lv7 Wind Magic Lv8 Earth Magic Lv8 Water Magic Lv8 Fire Magic Lv8 Dark Magic Lv7 Ice Magic Lv6 Lightning Magic Lv6 (↑1) Tree Magic Lv6 Dust Magic Lv6 Lava Magic Lv6 Steam Magic Lv6 (↑1) Alchemy Lv6 Pharmacy Lv5 Glassmaking Lv3 Woodworking Lv5 Synergy Lv10 Appraise Lv10 Identify Lv10 Discern Lv3 Cold Resistance Lv5 Grab Lv8 Horsemanship Lv8 Precise Manipulation Lv10 Jump Lv4
Heat Resistant Lv5 Climb Lv4 Dual Wield Lv8 Disassembly Lv6 Physical Reinforcement Lv6 Mental Reinforcement Lv7 Speedcasting Lv9 (↑1) Spell Effect Amplification Lv5 Spell Range Expansion Lv5

Reserve Skills:
Disassembly Lv6

Torment Rod ×1 Torment Tonfa ×2
Torment Pole ×1 Enraged Pickaxe + ×2 Silver Necklace +
Snow Leopard Push Dagger ×1 Gale Tiger Push Dagger ×1
Snow Leopard Claw Knuckle ×1 Wild Horse Leather Armor + Snow Ape Armguard
Wild Horse Boots + Snow Ape Leather Helmet Rampage Belt + Rucksack Item Box ×2

Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools

Old Summoner’s Pupil
Guardian Of The Forest
Man Of The Middle Path
Spell Archive

Monster Summons:
Volff Gray Wolf Lv3
Zangetsu White Horse Lv1
Helix Fighting Falcon Lv1
Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv1
Jean Black Bat Lv1
Jericho Wood Golem Lv7
Goki Demon Lv6
Senki Beast Ape Lv7
Rig Slime Lv5
Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv5
Mumyo Skeleton Lv 5
Ninetail Red Fox Lv4
Heather Fairy Lv4
Tigris Tiger Lv1



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