Chapter 128

Translator: Kazuya | Editor: Weasalopes

There was a surprising sight when I logged in and left the tent.
Mio was standing there arms folded.
Ok, let’s log out.
I return to the tent saying to myself.
Hey don’t follow me back in.
Are you going to attack me?
「Salt! 」
「Yes? 」
「I won’t take all. Just some for my experiment! So Salt! 」
「Salt! 」
Not good.
Help me Fiona.
Help came soon.
It’s Fiona.
And Yuka beside her.
She must have heard my calls.
Many thanks.
「Hmm, I’m sorry. 」
「Can’t be help.」
Saying that Fiona turned and looked at me.
What is it?
「Is it ok to give you a personal quest? It’s about obtaining Salt. 」
「Eh. 」
Are you telling me to fight Deva King?
Moreover, there won’t be a guaranteed drop.
And I think my luck is quite bad as well.
「Since it won’t be easy, we should also prepare a reward fit for it right? I will send you the
quest now. 」
《You have received a personal quest. Do you wish to accept it? 》

How does this work?
The last time I was sent a player’s request was from Lambda.
「There’s some info coming? 」
「It’s what happens when you use Bonus Points for a reward.」
「Oh. 」
「Well, back to the main topic. Is it ok? 」
I don’t see why not.
I can farm for experience in the Southern Cave.
「I accept.」
「Thank you. Alright, Mio, we will be going now. 」
《You have accepted a personal quest! 》
There doesn't seem to be a completion time.
I see.
There's a way to make this kind of request too.
Fiona left while talking to Mio.
I better not make those girls my enemies.
I summoned Bunraku to make breakfast.
I prepared normal salt today.
There are enough vegetables.
But there’s only dried meat.
Now for today summons.
I have no plans for today, but there is a quest.
Salt hunting.
So I will be going to the Southern Cave.
I can also farm for experience, so it’s fine.
For now the ones for traveling.
I summon Zangetsu, Helix and Obsidian.
The food was delicious as usual.

Chopped dried meat and vegetable salad.
Bread with basil and tomato fillings.
There Is no extra effects, but it is enough.
An incident happened after the meeting finished, as I went to Fiona’s place to deposit extra
PK right in the morning?
And boldly?
It is an incident.
I am very sure that the bow is pointed towards me right?
Rydia Lv.11
Sorcerer Alert
More than that.
Alert, oh come on.
You are intimidating me.
Helix on my shoulder, Zangetsu stopped moving and Obsidian is full on alert.
Obvious hostility.
The reason is obvious.
「Rydia! Calm down, do you want to get banned! 」
「Wait Rydia, this is really a bad move! 」
「Let go! I’m kill him and then kill myself! 」
「What’s the point if you are going to die too. 」
I wonder.
Me, what did I do?
The player Rydia is holding her bow and held down by four people.
Must be her friends.
One, strangely cool player, came to me and apologize.
「Sorry for the disturbance. Don’t worry she’s just excited. 」
「What happened? 」
「Ah, you don’t know since the helmet is covering her face. 」
The player Rydia seem to be yelling something.
She looks familiar.

「Keith fight me! Or are you scared!! 」
It’s a waste for such a beauty to say those words.
Oh wait.
She’s the one that I made cry during the tournament.
Even her angry face is nice.
Must be great to be so beautiful!
Now’s not the time idiot.
Am I not on the verge of being killed?
「Don’t worry. We will calm her down. Please forgive us」
His coolness is superb.
The other party members seem to have it hard right?
I guess I’ll trust him on this.
And I left the place.
Or rather I ran away.

I went to Hannes’s place
The view of crop growing in the farm.
「Because we added cows and sheep. The field is now expanding! 」
The area of the field is expanding.
The area I casted the Grow Plant spell was pasture.
Some of the other fields were also lying fallow.
The scene of horses and cattle plowing the field has become an ordinary landscape.
Farmers sure are amazing.
「Are there more players who can use Tree Magic now? 」
「Yeah. But there is still a lack of it.」
Well, not everything is going smoothly.
This makes me want to try my best.
Since that incident happened just now, this is soothing my soul.
I recall Bunraku and summon Ninetails.
Let’s go.

While going to the cave, I went by a few parties.
The numbers of players have definitely increase.
Well, it’s a good thing that there are more players.
This is better than last time.
Thanks to this, the encounter of monsters has also decreased.
I only killed a Raptor.
And also acquire an Ancient Stone.
This made my mood a bit better.
I recall Zangetsu and Helix at the entrance of the cave.
I want to give you guys some work, but it can’t be helped.
I shut this thought in my heart for a moment.
I summon Senki and Jericho.
This should give a stable outcome when fighting Gozu, Mezu and Deva King.
I recall Ninetails and summon Rig.
A line focus on vanguard.
Let’s start.
Before Gozu and Mezu spawn, I casted buffs on everyone.
I wonder what to do with【Disassembly】, but I left it in reserve for now.
Gozu Lv.2
Phantom Enemy Target Passive
Details: Ground Attribute Light
Mezu Lv.2
Phantom Enemy Target Passive
Details: Ground Attribute Dark
A level up as expected.
But I have already fought these guys once before.
Jericho will hold down Gozu, and I deal with Mezu.
We should somehow be able to settle this.
We will make use of their passive state.
This is important.
I attack Mezu from the side.
Obsidian and Senki were in charge of Gozu.
There’s always an advantage for the first one to strike.
We will use their passive state as a head start.

I got in front of Mezu.
I step on its foot and lock it.
And start hitting it with my arms.
Of course, it’s not an enemy that can be defeated like this.
The purpose is not to just throw punches at it.
Is for it to knock into Gozu.
Gozu run right into Mezu while Senki was stabbing it.
As planned.
The moment they hit each other, I throw a kick to the back of its knees.
It went out of balance, I grab onto Mezu’s waist and threw it.
Back throw.
There was a difference in our Physique, but it was easy to throw.
I step on the back of the hands holding the staff and Arm lock it.
And lock around its neck using my legs.
It should have been over when I bent its arm.
But the Mezu forced itself to stand up.
By letting go of its staff.
As planned.
Jericho came in time when Senki is holding down Gozu.
Those two can deal with it easily.
I cross my legs and twist the head of Mezu.
Trying to prevent me, Mezu tries to grab onto my body.
But I was faster.
I latch onto Mezu’s mouth under my arms.
And release my legs from its neck.
Using pass guard, I hold it down with my weight while moving.
I succeeded in a Waki Gatame.
It’s a technique to inflict pain, which does not affect Mezu.
But I cast a spell while holding it down.
「Lower DEF! 」
I hold down Mezu’s left arm using my legs, and lock around its neck using my arms.
Quite a decent joint lock.
But I don’t intend to end it here.

I use my Snow Leopard Push Dagger and stab into its neck, it starts to struggle.
The only places I can attack are its left arm and neck.
There’s a reason for this.
Mezu isn't showing any pain.
But its movement has been completely sealed.
When there was a sign of movement I twist its neck.
No matter how much power you have, because of the tendon connected to the scapula.
It seems to work on Mezu too.
Its right arm is free, but I won’t allow it to stand up using it.
I also prevent it from trying to remove my hands .
But it still struggles.
Is as expected.
Mezu’s movements start to slow down after stabbing it with the dagger in a few places.
Spell is also used in close range.
I used the spell that was in the report.
「Reduction Touch! 」
The spell that forced an alkaline reaction.
It’s not an attack spell in nature.
And also Mezu is a Phantom.
So I’m not sure if it will work.
It worked.
The place that I cast the spell starts to burn.
Or rather melt.
Its reminds me of wearing away fingerprints on fingers using liquid sodium hydroxide in the past.
And Mezu tries to shake me off again.
I used Branch Bind to disrupt its movements and continue twisting its neck.
This offensive and defensive battle felt long or maybe not.
In the end, Mezu was killed using ground fighting.
But I also used quite a few spells during that time.
I might have used less MP if I just used attack in the beginning.
But this way is less risky.
Sealing its power and winning with technique.
This gives me a feeling of satisfaction.
How about Gozu?
It was under the feet of Jericho.
It was already settled.

Nicely done.
Oh, not to forget.
I have to fight another pair to reach the relay portal.
I didn’t see how Gozu’s battle was concluded, but from fighting Mezu, it is still not as hard as
Deva King.
I still need to fight one more pair before the relay portal.
【Disassembly】is still in reserve.
Will the next one go smoothly as well?
Gozu Lv.3
Phantom Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Light
Mezu Lv.3
Phantom Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Dark

Let’s take them down quickly.
The buff effects from the previous battle still remain.
What a waste.
What a waste if I do use this.
「Root Snare! 」
The spell hooked on to Gozu’s legs.
It didn’t fall.
But it is now full of openings.
Just a simple push on the legs and it fell.
And just in front of it is Senki and Jericho.
Jericho mounted on the upper body of Gozu.
Senki attack it’s arm by stomping.
Are you guys wrestlers!
Mezu swung its staff.
At the same time, I went and grabbed its waist.
And did a back throw.
But, it didn’t hit the ground.
But the wall.
It was quite an impact, but Mezu didn’t let go of its staff.
But its back was facing me.

I kick the back of its knee, followed up by an elbow to the back of its head.
I did not use my Torment Tonfa.
I wanted to see how much damage I can do with my bare hands.
What is the expression of the Mezu?
It didn’t change.
But the HP did.
It has decreased about 20%.
Charge at me!
It came.
That’s what I wanted.
I dodge under its staff, and tackle the right leg.
And switch over to Spiral Guard.
Mezu falls to the front because of the force.
This time, I use a leg lock technique.
Heel Lock.
Certainly, Mezu surpasses me in power, but it seems I am able to use my skill if I am able to
buff it.
And twist it.
A few seconds task.
The Mezu tries to get up, but doesn’t seem to be aware that it’s using its right leg.
With the condition of its right leg, it failed.
I kick its right wrist, and it finally let go of its staff.
Let’s aim for the other leg this time.
I went to the side, and kick the back knee of the left leg.
It’s easy to disrupt its position.
I lift the ankle while standing and lock its joint.
I also tried attacking its crotch, but it doesn’t seem to work much.
I twist the ankle, and destroy it.
And throw its knee onto the ground.
Both legs should have been made useless right?
Mezu seems to be fighting using only its upper body.
But to me it’s more or less dead.
Even though there is about 40% HP left.

Should I just kill it simply?
I took out Torment Tonfa from the 《Item Box》.
It was a one sided battle.
There is something I feel sad about though.
The tension is suddenly all gone.
And just like that Mezu was killed.
It ended like that, but it was nice to be able to successfully do a joint technique.
The feeling of being able to overturn the difference of physique was nice.
It wouldn’t be so simple in reality though.
《【Summon Magic】Level Up!》
《You may now summon a maximum of [5] monsters at once.》
《Racial Level Up! Please assign 1 point to a desired stat.》
It’s here?
5 simultaneous summons.
I am able to obtain a full party now.
And I can summon a new monster too.
I have to check my stats.
I have already decided which stat to rise.
Basic Stats.
DEX 16
AGI 16
INT 22
STR 16
VIT 16
SPI 22 (↑1)
《You have gained 2 Bonus Points. You currently have a total of 19 Bonus Points.》
Let’s move to the relay portal and take a break.
It’s also a good time to think of what to summon next.
I feel bad for Mio, but I’ll get it later.
Since the Deva King won’t be going anywhere.

At the hall in front of the relay portal.
I really want to go in to the portal, but a battle has already started.
Deva King. A-Gyo Lv.1
Heavenly Commander Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Wind
Deva King. Un-Gyo Lv.1
Heavenly Commander Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Water
It is undoubtedly Deva King who is fighting.
The opponent is a six player party.
It must be the Guide Team.
They seem to be struggling.
But, they were also quite a good co-op with each other.
But the Hunter that is giving out instructions from the back is better.
Giving out instructions according to the situation.
Just by seeing the movements.
The A-Un HP has already dropped by half.
The players were also taking huge damage, but are still maintaining the front while recovering.
The main focus is how they use the wall spells.
An Earth Wall is used to split the A-Un up while attacking them.
There were two tanks in the vanguard.
They were enduring the attacks well.
In the middle of the two tanks, a spear user is dishing out continuous attacks.
In the rear guard.
The commander was in the middle, he’s holding a bow, but is most likely a sorcerer.
An Elf holding a bow on the right, probably a Hunter.
On the left is an unusual one.
That one is playing an instrument while singing.
A Bard.
I’ve never seen once since the tournament
I might have intervened if they were almost wiped out.
But they manage to stay alive and win.
I could continue watching, but it will take quite some time.
Since there is one more Deva King left.

I’ll just leave it to them.
Before that I have to choose what to summon next.
I open the list.
Wood Puppet
Wood Golem
Beast Ape
Red Fox
Giant Tortoise
Giant Bee
Big Spider
It has increased
There’s more to choose now.
But I don’t have to worry
Since I already decided which I want.
I should give it a name.
Creep Viper Lv1 (New!)
DEX 10
AGI 14
INT 12
STR 10
VIT 16
SPI 10
Bite Wrap Scent Detection Heat Detection Conceal Poison
Well, and Creep,
Crawled up Jericho’s body.
And wrap around its neck like a scarf.

It’s strange because the view seems to fit perfectly.
So are you guys ready?
I buff everyone using spells.
And I activate【Disassembly】again.
Alright let's challenge.
《Do you want to challenge the Deva King? 》
I select Yes.
「Physical Enchant: Fire!」
I strengthen myself.
It feels uneasy with just spell buff alone.
Alright, come on!
Deva King. A-Gyo Lv.2
Heavenly Commander Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Fire
Deva King. Un-Gyo Lv.2
Heavenly Commander Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Earth
Its level is lower than last time.
But it’s not an opponent I can let my guard down.
So, how should I do this?
Protagonist Keith
Race Human Male Racial LV15 (↑1)
Job Summoner Lv14
Bonus Points Remaining 19
Skill Sets
Staff Lv12 Punch Lv9 Kick Lv9 Joint Lock Lv9 Throw Lv9 Evade Lv9
Block Lv9 Summon Magic Lv15(↑1) Spacetime Magic Lv7
Light Magic Lv8 Wind Magic Lv8 Earth Magic Lv8 Water Magic Lv8
Fire Magic Lv8 Dark Magic Lv8 Ice Magic Lv6 Lightning Magic Lv6
Tree Magic Lv6 Dust Magic Lv6 Lava Magic Lv6 Steam Magic Lv6

Alchemy Lv6 Pharmacy Lv5 Glassmaking Lv3 Woodworking Lv5
Synergy Lv11 Appraise Lv10 Identify Lv10 Discern Lv3 Cold Resistance Lv5
Grab Lv8 Horsemanship Lv8 Precise Manipulation Lv10 Jump Lv5
Heat Resistant Lv5 Climb Lv5 Dual Wield Lv8 Disassembly Lv6
Physical Reinforcement Lv6 Mental Reinforcement Lv7 Speedcasting Lv9
Spell Effect Amplification Lv6 Spell Range Expansion Lv6

Torment Rod ×1 Torment Tonfa ×2
Torment Pole ×1 Enraged Pickaxe + ×2 Silver Necklace +
Snow Leopard Push Dagger ×1 Gale Tiger Push Dagger ×2
Snow Leopard Claw Knuckle ×1 Fighting Bull Leather Armor + Others
Rampage Belt + Rucksack Item Box ×2
Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools
Old Summoner’s Pupil
Guardian Of The Forest
Man Of The Middle Path
Spell Archive
Fighting Master
DEX 16
AGI 16
INT 22
STR 16
VIT 16
SPI 22 (↑1)

Monster Summons:
Volff Gray Wolf Lv3
Zangetsu White Horse Lv1
Helix Fighting Falcon Lv1
Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv2
Jean Black Bat Lv1
Jericho Wood Golem Lv7
Goki Demon Lv7
Senki Beast Ape Lv7

Rig Slime Lv6
Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv5
Mumyo Skeleton Lv 5
Ninetail Red Fox Lv5
Heather Fairy Lv5
Tigris Tiger Lv3
Creep Viper Lv1 (New!)
DEX 10
AGI 14
INT 12
STR 10
VIT 16
SPI 10
Bite Wrap Scent Detection Heat Detection Conceal Poison


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