Chapter 130

Translation: Kazuya | Editor: Weasalopes

I opened the statue screen
Job Summoner Lv15, I turn my attention to the class change option that is displayed.

Grand Summoner

There are 4 to choose.
What does others means?

I select 『Others』, and various jobs displayed.
But the top sentence caught my attention.

『These jobs don’t belong to the summoner’s advance class. There will be a skill penalty after class change』

Well I’m not going to do it though.
Looking at the list, these seem to the others basic jobs.

Wood Worker
Glass Worker

It’s obvious I won’t choose it.

Back to the main topic.
What are the advance jobs?
There are three.
Let’s take a look.

Race Human Male Racial Lv15
Job Summoner Lv15 → Grand Summoner Lv1 (New!)

Basic Status
DEX 17 (↑1)
AGI 17 (↑1)
INT 24 (↑2)
STR 16
VIT 16
SPI 24 (↑2)

【Grand Summoner】
Summoning magician. Summoner advance job.
Only a Summoner who has earned a certain level of evaluation can obtain it.

What this description.
But the doesn’t matter.
The stats are a bit messy but I don’t mind.
It’s a waste if I don’t change to this class.
Did teacher remain a Summoner?
It’s a mystery.

Alright next.

Race Human Male Racial Lv15
Job Summoner Lv15 → Necromancer Lv1 (New!)

Basic Status
DEX 16
AGI 16
INT 24 (↑2)
STR 17 (↑1)
VIT 17 (↑1)
SPI 24 (↑2)

Undead summoner. Summoner advance job.
Only a Summoner who is good with using undead can obtain it.

And the last one.

Race Human Male Racial Lv15
Job Summoner Lv15 → Sage Lv1 (New!)

Basic Status
DEX 16
AGI 16
INT 25 (↑3)
STR 16
VIT 16
SPI 25 (↑3)

Wise man. Summoner advance job.
Only a Summoner who is good at magic can obtain it.

I’ll make a hard copy first.
I will chose Grand Summoner.
Because it’s a summoner!

I don’t feel any difference after changing my job though.
Well I can test my strength later.

Bunraku’s food was ready.
It’s Udon.
The meat on the top must be grilled using that salt.
I devoured it.

Oh, I forgot to 【Appraise】 it.
I must be feeling a bit less tense.

I will send a message to Saki after I finish my meal.
And I should also take screenshots of Senki and attach it, right?
I will attach an apology letter as well.

Afterward, I should confirm my strength after the class change.
I’ll choose the Deva King as my opponent.

I recall Bunraku and summon Goki.
And the reason is obvious.
Goki will also class change after one more level.
Since I am gaining experience, I should make full use of it, no?

The opponent will be the Deva King statue in front of the hall.
A-Gyo will be a fire attribute, and Un-Gyo will be an earth attribute.
And the countermeasures have already been done.
But I can’t be careless.
Since Deva King is not an opponent you can look down on.

Deva King. A-Gyo Lv2
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Fire

Deva King. Un-Gyo Lv2
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Earth

This time I and Jean will fight A-Gyo.
Jericho, Senki, Goki and Rig will deal with Un-Gyo.
There is no difference in our fighting strength.
There is also five simultaneous summons.

In the middle of the fight.
What’s my impression of the class change?
No difference.
No, there is no change in close combat.
The power of the spells was a bit better.
The MP cost is also lower, I think.

To be honest, I don’t know.
Maybe there is just a little change is what I feel.
Well, I will get used to this sooner or later.
So there’s no need to understand the difference.
It will be with me from now on.

As I thought, Un-Gyo was already killed before I beaten A-Gyo.
Even so.

I have just destroyed A-Gyo’s right foot with Heel Hold.
I have already destroyed its right arm, and it’s also not holding the Tokkosho.
I keep throwing attacks as it collapsed.
But even having this advantage, if A-Gyo’s attacks reach me my HP will be reduced.
Its power is still there.

Yes, it’s important to not let it use its power.
I caught it other leg using Spiral Guard.
And Heel Hold when it try lifting its foot.
I twist it trying to its hip joint and knee.
It really is a powerful opponent, I couldn’t destroy it immediately.
I try a few more times and broke it.
It shouldn’t be able to attack now.

And then?
The summoned monster came to join and it became a stomping festival.

《Summoned Monster 『Rig』 Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Rig has level up
It has always been acting as a shield for Senki.
When it reaches level 8.
What will it become?

Its DEX has risen.
I add a point into SPI.

Rig Slime Lv6 → Lv7 (↑1)
DEX 14 (↑1)
SPI 7 (↑1)

Dissolve Shapeshift Viscosity Surface Tension Nullify Physical

What will it class change into?
I am looking forward to it.

I noticed something when looking around.
There seem to be more than 10 players watching the battle.
Oh, that’s embarrassing.

Hm, maybe not?
They may be here to challenge the Deva King.
They must be waiting.
Luckily, I also got Strange Rock Salt (Holy).
I moved to the side of the hall.

There is one thing I am not satisfied with.
I didn’t have the chance to see Jericho fight.
How did it go when it’s a Mud Golem?

What should I do?
I should watch the fight.
I retract from the vanguard.

The opponent is another pair of Deva Kings.
They are wind and water attribute.
Senki, Rig and Goki’s opponent was the wind attribute A-Gyo.
Jericho and Jean opponent was Un-Gyo.

Isn’t this how summoners are supposed to fight?

Let’s not worry about that.

Deva King. A-Gyo Lv1
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Wind

Deva King. Un-Gyo Lv1
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Details: Ground Attribute Wind

An opponent as expected.
And it’s also at level 1?
How convenient!
Let’s see how the fight goes.

Let’s make a conclusion first.
Mud Golem is nasty.

It certainly receives damage.
And recovery spells don’t work well with it like always.
But liquefy is scary.
I didn’t think it would work so well in close combat.

The time that it stays liquefied isn’t long.
During liquefy, the MP is also draining slowly.
Well, it’s a valuable special ability.
So what’s the use?
When Un-Gyo charges, it can cast liquify upon the Tokkosho.
Of course, damage is somewhat taken, passing through the Tokkosho and its arm and release liquefy.
The opponent is caught before you know it.

What is this.
All my hard work looks like nothing.

To put it simply, the golem becomes a slime temporarily.
It’s fine since it’s interesting.

Jean can focus on attacking rather than support since Un-Gyo’s movements is sealed.
Little by little Un-Gyo was defeated.
What about me?
I only used recovery spell and that’s all.

How about A-Gyo?
The winner has already been decided.
But you know.
It was unfair since there is Rig
It’s a good choice to go for the arm that is holding the Tokkosho during the first attack.
But it became a simple fist fight since Senki is present.
Most of the damage is received by Rig.
Some hits got through, but Senki can self recover in the meantime, all I can say that it’s unfair.
On top of that, Goki was shooting arrows from the back.
It’s only a matter of time until they win.
What about me?
I support using Lower DEF, but nothing else.

The battle ended, Strange Rock Salt (Holy) is dropped and the battle results were good.

What is this?
There is not a single sense of accomplishment!

So, I will challenge again.

Deva King. A-Gyo Lv3
Heavenly General Active
Details: Ground Attribute Wind

Deva King. Un-Gyo Lv3
Heavenly General Active
Details: Ground Attribute Water

Listen up, everyone.
You will take care of Un-Gyo.
A-Gyo is my opponent!

The battle went smoothly.
I enjoyed it.
I didn’t let the summon monster get in the way when they were done with Un-Gyo.

A-Gyo was a great opponent.
This one has the fastest speed than the other Deva King’s I faced.
But too bad its movements are easy to read.
Close combat check.
Throws check.
Set up a joint technique check.

All done.

I end the battle using the tonfa.
It’s a time well spent.

《【Grab】 Level Up!》
《【Dual Wield】 Level Up!》
《【Disassembly】 Level Up!》


But the situation was not alright.
It’s alright if it was just the summoned monster watching.
When did players start watching too?
I can see at least 10 green markers.

This is kind of embarrassing.
I decided to go back to the relay portal.

There are now more people here.
It should be quite impossible to hunt around freely now.
Even now there are parties going to the back of the cave from the relay portal.

And also.
Even if I want to fight against Deva King, my MP can only last for two more battles.
Should I go for the Lion-dog (Komainu)?

「Hey. Quite a show just now.」

「? 」

A message came.

《Your friend has sent you a message.》

I did not have to open it.
The title is 『I am in front of you』.
The sender was Lambda.
Is it another disguise?

I check around the surrounding, and Lambda came up for a moment.
Should I send a whisper just to make sure?

「I can only see you as another person.」

「I’ll be troubled if not.」

「Are you here, because there’s someone with a PK job here?」

「I hunted two last night. There is one more in Wind Spirit Village, but I’m collecting information.」

「Is there one here too?」

「My main target here is to level up. And do a survey of the players at the same time.」

There were 5 players in Lambda sight.
My 【Discern】 skill should be working, but I don’t see anything strange.
3 Fighters, 1 Hunter and 1 Sorcerer are all I can see.
And Lambda is Treasure Hunter from how I see.

Delta Lv10
Treasure Hunter Standby
Perfectly disguised.

「I don’t think you will be a target, Keith, but be careful. Players that are low on MP are easily targeted.」


「But still your fight was great. I don’t think I am even able to do that.」

I feel like Lambda is able to do it with just pure strength.
Honestly, I think I will be more nervous if I have a spar with him

「Did your class change? That’s a surprise.」

「It happened a while back.」

「Wow, isn’t that amazing!」

We exchange some info.

It seems that Lambda is working in a party which is formed by only PKK that is based in Wind Spirit Village.

Which means, there must be quite a number of PK jobs around this area.
And I didn’t even notice.

「I’ll have some free time after a few days. We should do some training again.」
「Yeah. The western field should be done by then.」

That’s some confidence.
Very reliable.
「I’ll have to get going now.」

「Good luck.」


There is a battle in the hall.
The opponent is a pair of Lion-dog (Komainu).
There are two parties fighting, they must have formed a union.
I leave the hall while sticking to the wall avoiding the battle.

There’s another battle when I came out.
The opponent is Deva King.
I left the place to not disturb.
No choice.
I’ll hunt Gozu and Mezu.

I spent my afternoon going around the other branches.
I hunted 5 pairs of Gozu and Mezu during that time.

I went through all the branches I didn’t go before, and I am grateful that there was no one else on the route to the Tower of Condemnation.
There are 3 points that I didn’t encounter anyone.
A total of 10 places if I don’t include the mines.
Not too much, not too little.

Going through the route to the Tower of Condemnation I encounter the 5th pair of Gozu and Mezu.

Gozu Lv5
Phantom Enemy Target Passive
Details: Ground Attribute Fire

Mezu Lv5
Phantom Enemy Target Passive
Detail: Ground Attribute Fire

It’s nothing when it level 1, but at level 5 one must be on their guard.
At what level is Senki and Jericho’s strength same as them?
If its Gozu and Mezu, it should be around level 4.
It will be a painful battle against level 5 Gozu and Mezu without buffing.

Senki is fine since Rig is there, but it will be hard for Jericho.
There won’t be any problem with Gozu .
It will be easy with Mezu if there is a lot of MP to spare.
There will also be an advantage if liquefy is used.
But when Jericho’s MP reduced to 10%, liquefy can’t be used.
The present limit seems to be 4 times.
I have to plan on something to counter the MP loss.
Should I consider the future growth plan?

I joined the fight when I somewhat taught of a plan.
No item drop after defeating Gozu and Mezu.
Next will be level 6.

I arrived at the Tower of Condemnation after coming out of the branch.
The time is past 7 PM.
It’s time for dinner.

There was something I am anxious about before entering the Tower of Condemnation.
I saw a 6 player party heading west replacing me.
It’s the cave I was in before, and there are Guide Team found everywhere.

I have to be careful.
It will be harder to do a train.
Well, that itself is good.

It’s good to use a train to hunt when there are fewer players.
How about the Antman’s nest?
There seem to be quite a number of players.
Than the next candidate will be.
Fighting Bull.
I’ll also be leveling, and I feel that it is possible for us to hunt alone using a train.

There are also concerns for the drops as well.
Before, I hunted a lot since Adele and Irina were here.
So we had the capacity to carry all the items.
At that time, my Racial was only at level 12.
Because there is the Rampage Belt, the storage unit for the 《Item Box》 is 13 squared which will be 169.
I have two so it will be 338 total.

My racial level is now level 15.
With the Rampage Belt, the storage unit for the 《Item Box》 is now 16 squared which will be 256.
I have two so it will be 512 total.

It has increased a lot.
Nah, it’s still disadvantageous if you think carefully.
In the case of a party with 6 racial level 10 players, they have a total of 600 units.

I’ll put that aside for now.
I should aim for some sirloin since I am hunting Fighting Bulls.
It feels good having a target.
Let’s do that.

Slowing eating the pasta Bunraku made.
I have the plans for tomorrow’s running in my head.

Tomorrow morning Zangetsu and Helix are fixed.
The one that can match Zangetsu’s speed?
In the air would be Obsidian and Jean.
But Jean in bad during the day.
Next is Volff.
Tigris can’t catch up so it’s a no.
The ones that can be carried piggyback are Ninetails, Heather, Rig and Creep.
Heather and Ninetails can be supporters.
Rig and Creep seem incompatible with Fighting Bull.

The choices are decided quite easily.
Volff, Zangetsu, Helix, Heather and Ninetails.
This should be ok.

I also want to give the other summon monster some time outside.
I’ll let them rampage during the night hunt.
If so, won’t this S1W2 map receive quite some damage?

Let’s go back to Wind Spirit Village while hunting Haunted Mist.
I still have close to half of my MP left.

What are the summons?
Goki remained.
Since it’s going to class change soon.
Jean also remained.
Since there won’t be any more of it’s turn until tomorrow night.

I recall Senki, Bunraku and Rig.
And summon Mumyo, Tigris and Creep.
This should be fine.
No, this is the best.

「Return Home!」

Alright, let’s start the night hunt.

The area around the Wind Spirit Village seems to have more players than before.
It seems to have influence here as well.

I used Call Monster to track where there are more Haunted Mist.
Let’s head west.

Call the flock and then wipe them out.
The repetition is monotonous, but I felt that something is missing.
But it’s fun to see the 5 summon monster go on a rampage.
Are you guys able to co op?


Goki made a noise when Creep start curling up on it.
Of course, there is no reply.
Since it’s a snake.

Creep is interesting in terms of co op.
Like Irina’s Toggle, it co ops with the other summon monsters well.
Clearing out the Hunted Mist that came one after another.
Goki was silent, but always get surprise when one appeared.
I also hate it when the Haunted Mist appears behind you back without you noticing.
Thank you!

《Summon Monster 『Mumyo』 Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Munyo level up before Goki?
Oh well.
Since I came here to farm experience for the summon monsters.

Mumyo VIT have rise.
I add one point into SPI.

Munyo Skeleton Lv5→ Lv6 (↑1)
DEX 16
AGI 15
INT 12
STR 12
VIT 13 (↑1)
SPI 12 (↑1)

Hammer Buckler Block Physical Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Medium] Dark Attribute

Too bad.
It would have been perfect if AGI went up.

We also encounter a Holy Wraith when we defeat the 4th flock.
I was saved because I used the Torment Rod.
I feel safe since there was a distance.

There was something strange though.
It seems that special attacks have been cancelled.
No, I have to keep hitting continuously if not I will be hit by the special attack.
If I keep striking, the special attack doesn’t seem to come flying.
Flame, thunder and ice.

Are there any other weapons in the Torment series?
I thought to myself.

Both Skeleton Raptor and Float Eye also came attacking.
But are dealt with no problems.

I try it on Float Eye.
There seem to really be something.
When you hit the place that its eyes closed, Float Eye will open it eyes, but no attack will come.

I repeated it many times, so I’m not mistaken.
I use 【Appraise】 on the Torment Rod, but nothing has changed.
So what is it?

The hunt continued, and I call for additional flocks of Haunted Mist.
I am looking forward to Goki’s level up.
Right before midnight, the info came at last!

《【Identify】 Level Up!》
《Summon Monster 『Creep』 Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Maybe Goki will level up after this.
I have to concentrate on Creep’s status right now.

The STR have rise.
I add one point into DEX.

Creep Viper Lv2 → Lv3 (↑1)
DEX 11 (↑1)
AGI 15
INT 12
STR 12 (↑1)
VIT 16
SPI 10

Bite Wrap Scent Detection Heat Detection Conceal Poison

There’s no follow up info.
Too bad.

This feels unreasonable.
I called the Haunted Mist one more time.
Defeated it.
How about now?

《【Precise Manipulation】 Level Up!》

Well, I got quite a number of Magic Stone though.
I think I‘ll call it a day.

Protagonist Keith
Race Human Male Racial Lv15(↑1)
Job Summoner Lv15 → Grand Summoner Lv1 (New!)
Bonus Points Remaining 19

Skill Sets
Staff Lv12  Punch Lv9  Kick Lv9  Joint Lock Lv9  Throw Lv9  Evade Lv9  Block Lv9  Summon Magic Lv15  Spacetime Magic Lv7  Light Magic Lv8  Wind Magic Lv8  Earth Magic Lv8  Water Magic Lv8  Fire Magic Lv8  Dark Magic Lv8  Ice Magic Lv6  Lightning Magic Lv6  Tree Magic Lv6  Dust Magic Lv6  Lava Magic Lv6  Steam Magic Lv6  Alchemy Lv6  Pharmacy Lv5  Glassmaking Lv3  Woodworking Lv5  Synergy Lv11  Appraise Lv10  Identify Lv11 (↑1)  Discern Lv3  Cold Resistance Lv5  Grab Lv9 (↑1)  Horsemanship Lv8  Precise Manipulation Lv11 (↑1)  Jump Lv5  Heat Resistance Lv5  Climb Lv5  Dual Wield Lv9 (↑1)  Disassembly Lv7 (↑1)  Physical Reinforcement Lv7  Mental Reinforcement Lv7  Speedcasting Lv9  Magic Effect Amplification Lv6  Magic Range Expansion Lv6

Staff of Torture×1  Tonfas of Torture×2  Capture Rod of Torture×1  Enraged Pickaxe+×2  Silver Necklace+  Snow Leopard Push Dagger×1  Gale Tiger Push Dagger×2  Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh×1 Fighting Bull Leather Armor+ Set  Rampage Horse Belt+  Rucksack  Item Box×2

Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools

Old Summoner’s Apprentice
Protector of the Forest
Knower Of The Middle Path
Spell Glossary
Martial Arts Fighter

DEX 17 (↑1)
AGI 17 (↑1)
INT 24 (↑2)
STR 16
VIT 16
SPI 24 (↑2)

Summoned Monsters:
Volff Gray Wolf Lv3
Zangetsu White Horse Lv1
Helix Fighting Falcon Lv1
Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv2
Jean Black Bat Lv1
Jericho Mud Golem Lv1
Goki Demon Lv7
Senki Lesser Ogre Lv1
Rig Slime Lv6 → Lv7 (↑1)
DEX 14 (↑1)
SPI 7 (↑1)
Dissolve Shapeshift Viscosity Surface Tension Nullify Physical
Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv5
Mumyo Skeleton Lv 5→ Lv6 (↑1)
DEX 16
AGI 15
INT 12
STR 12
VIT 13 (↑1)
SPI 12 (↑1)
Hammer Buckler Block Physical Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Medium] Dark Attribute
Ninetail Red Fox Lv5
Heather Fairy Lv5
Tigris Tiger Lv3
Creep Viper Lv2→ Lv3 (↑1)
DEX 11 (↑1)
AGI 15
INT 12
STR 12 (↑1)
VIT 16
SPI 10
Bite Wrap Scent Detection Heat Detection Conceal Poison


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