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【Watch your back】Planting the Elven Forest 14

  1. Naris

This is a thread for elves with a special connection to the fairy realm to gather.

Please relax and have a cup of tea.

I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.


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Planting the Elven Forest 1-13

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  1. Mick

Congrats on completing the spirits event ♪

Anyway, what’s【Speedcasting】?


  1. Yumi


The one you get after obtaining the Spell Archive title and the total of your spell levels reach 30?

Honestly, I’ve only heard of, like, three people with the spell.

I suppose that’s what happens when you work to finish the spirits event.


  1. Zuou



By the way, wasn’t that new spirit called Zoom?

Do you know its abilities?


  1. Kycilia


I saw a screenshot.

It was similar to a slime…

But then again, there were many other spirits with even weirder shapes.


  1. Reina


This is just a rumour, but…

But wouldn’t having spells scattered like that actually reduce the amount of damage you could do?


  1. Sumomo

Good job getting the spirits, I admire you.


  1. Naris


Especially as a solo elf, I don’t think taking too many spells is a good idea lol.

But hey, as long as you’re having fun that’s great!


  1. Hyodor

Hi, I’m the idiot that took the summoner job as an elf.

I suppose having a vanguard is very important.


  1. Erudy



  1. Reina

A summoner and an elf?


  1. Kycilia

Isn’t that like, super rare…


  1. Sumomo

Not a very elf-like name or way to go though.


  1. Zuou


➲ Mirror


That’s great, but I think it’s better you go to the summoner thread.

You could probably learn a lot more there than here.


Ah, but don’t imitate THAT summoner OK? lol


  1. Erudy


Anyway, how much of a difference does【Speedcasting】make?


  1. Hyodor


Ah, alright, I’ll check it out.

My first Summon Monster is a wolf… What should I go for next?


  1. Yumi


Well, it seems that if the original spell casting time is 12 to 13 seconds, the skill would reduce that time by about one second.

Although I’m not too sure about that either.

In any case, it’s a subtle difference.


  1. Kycilia


Well, that one second can make the difference between life and death, so it’s definitely something that can’t be ignored.

As the skill grows, the time reduced could get bigger too.


  1. Reina


This is second-hand info, but a horse is good.

Although they’re pretty difficult to control without a good DEX stat.

Make sure you get【Horsemanship】.

A horse isn’t that good in a fight, but the increase in your mobility is definitely something you don’t want to pass up.


  1. Sumomo

It’s nice thinking about the various playstyles we have.

Even if some of them are weak…

Let’s all keep doing our best to grow.


  1. Zuou


I keep telling you, give up your rapier LOL.

Ah, but before that, how’s your【Spacetime Magic】going?


  1. Naris


Of course, as elves, we’d all love to have a tank to take the front, but just having a vanguard doesn’t mean you won’t have to look out for attacks.

Be careful, especially at night.

Thinking about it that way, getting a wolf would be a good idea.

They’re good no matter the time of day.

Make sure you support them with other Summon Monsters when you can though.


  1. Mick

Although, as an elf, you would be expected to be capable of dishing out a good stream of damage.

To that end, I’m still hoping to get【Speedcasting】, but I’m not having much luck.

I’m having fun summoning spirits as an elf, but it’d be nice to get to spam spells.


  1. Zuou


At least you’re still focussing on spells, so it’s not that bad.

I’m sure the skills consultation thread people would cry on seeing my skill composition lmao.

My titles and skills are all over the place.


  1. Sumomo


Just a little more until I clear the conditions.

I’m really looking forward to widening the range of my explorations…


  1. Hyodor


A horse, huh… I’ll consider it.

Speaking of which, the tournament results are posted in the top page of the game site.

Looks like Summoners can fight like that too…

How can I do that?


  1. Naris


Don’t XD


  1. Reina


I’m not a Summoner, but I don’t recommend it.

Unless you have the guts to take on boss-level monsters by fighting them with judo techniques and joint locks instead of your Summon Monsters.


  1. Mick


Stop right there! XD


What? No way! LOLL


  1. Sumomo


Judo? Joint locks?

I’m actually interested.

I’ve never seen anything as crazy as that even in the skills consultation thread.


  1. Zuou


I can imagine it.


I’d like to remind you that we elves don’t have that kind of strength…


  1. Reina

It’s funny how he’s just known as “The Summoner” but ok XD

But really, how did we come to this LOL


  1. Mick


The guy’s already in the Hall of Legend.

As a meme, though LOL




Skills Consultation Office 47

  1. Ronin2

For more threads specific to Combat Skills, Magic Skills, Production Skills, and Support Skills, please see >>2.

If possible, please add【】around skill names.

Try not to pressure someone to show their skill composition.

Please be careful.

Let’s have a calm discussion.


I’ll make the next thread once we hit about >>950.


Previous Threads:

Skills Consultation Office 1-46

Skills Information Comprehensive Thread 1-5

※ Refer to the archives.




  1. Guren

Looks like the thread has slowed down a bit, so let me explain.



Spell Archive

More than 10 different Magic Skills, the total level of all skills is 30.

※ I’m pretty sure about this

Martial Arts Fighter

Punch + Kick + Joint Lock + Throw + Evade + Block = 50?

※ This is an example, I don’t know the actual number.

Weapon Expert

Shortsword + Stabbing sword + Two-handed spear + Club + Hammer + Bow + Buckler = 50?

※ This is another example, I think there might also be more weapons skills or defence skills?


Mystery Links:

Spell Archive → Support Skill 【Speedcasting】 become available.

Martial Arts Fighter → Acquire Martial Arts Skill【Practiced Spirit】 (All stats strengthened).

Weapon Expert → All Weapon Artes strengthened, “Burst” etc. are added to the Weapon Arte names.


Mystery Skill Links:

【Whip】 → 【Synergy】 Lv10 or more + (【Precise Manipulation】Lv + DEX value = 25 or more) ※Unsure

【Heavy Club】 → 【Club】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 25 or more? ※Unsure

【Longsword】 → 【Sword】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 20 or more + DEX value = 20 or more? ※Unsure

【Heavy Spear】 → 【Spear】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 25 or more? ※Unsure

【Heavy Crossbow】 → 【Bow】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 20 or more? ※Unsure

【Heavy Bow】 → 【Bow】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 15 or more + DEX value = 20 or more? ※Unsure

【Two-handed Sword】 → 【Sword】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 25 or more? ※Unsure

【Two-handed Axe】 → 【Axe】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 25 or more? ※Unsure

【Nunchaku】 → 【Staff】 Lv10 + 【Synergy】 Lv10 or more + DEX value = 15 or more? ※Unsure

【Pole Weapon】 → 【Two-handed Spear】 Lv12 or more + STR value = 25 or more? ※Unsure

【Horseback Spear】 → 【Two-handed Spear】 Lv10 or more + (DEX + 【Horsemanship】Lv = 25 or more)? ※Unsure

【Throwing Spear】 → 【Two-handed Spear】 Lv10 or more + (DEX + 【Throw Object】 Lv = 25 or more)? ※Unsure

【Sling】 → 【Throw Object】 Lv10 or more + DEX value = 15 or more? ※Unsure


Fixed Skill Links:

【Heavy shield】 → 【Buckler】 or 【Shield】 Lv5 or more + STR value = 20 or more + VIT value = 20 or more

【Heavy Armour】 → STR value = 20 or more + (VIT + 【Physical Reinforcement】 Lv = 30 or more)

【Synergy】 → SPI value = 15 or more + (DEX value + 【Precise Manipulation】 Lv = 20 or more)


I’ll omit the Magic Skill Links…


  1. Kasasagi


I knew we could count on you Guren!

And there’s suddenly a lot more lol.

Looks like only the defensive skills are fixed.


  1. Goudi

I see a Class Change on the horizon.


  1. Tsutsumi



Actually, I’ve already seen a few players do it XD.

Mr. Summoner became a Grand Summoner LOL

I expect it to be more common as time goes by.


  1. Guren


Don’t expect me to do it all the time though lol.

I just do it because it’s fun.


Who’s that?

Although, only one person really comes to mind LOL.


  1. Reina


After reaching Summoner Lv14 he became a Grand Summoner Lv1 the next day.

The W2 Guide Team Thread is already exploding about it.

Looks like Class changes happen at Lv.15 at the latest.

Apparently there were three choices, Grand Summoner, Necromancer, and Sage.


  1. Moko


And then?? What happens to someone after a Class Change?? XD

Should we call him Mr. Grand Summoner from now on?


  1. Tsuzuki

At this point all I can really do is sigh.

I’m not even at Racial level 10 lol.


Let’s stick to Mr. Summoner.

It’s too much of a bother.


  1. Konohana

Imagine the number of Summon Monsters you could have…

I want to join a Summoner offline meeting.


Let’s just stick with Summoner LOL.


  1. Rothschild

Anyway, what’s up with the Skill Links?

Why are the Magic Skill Skill Links being overlooked there?

Aside from how you can use stones, I feel like the magic system isn’t very fleshed out right now.


  1. Shelvie

Finally some room to breathe as a tank.

Luckily, I’ve already been putting all my points into either STR or VIT anyway.

I think I can come back from how I did in the tournament.


What? I wonder what’s driving him…

The difference widens yet again.

And it’s been a long time, so let’s stick with Summoner Hehe.


I actually don’t think so.

Sorcerers are usually the most important for damage output against bosses, after all.


  1. Yosaku

I want to have another match with the Summoner at some point…

But he went and became a Grand Summoner, huh.

I’m honestly a bit nervous now…

It’s a strange feeling.


  1. Moko

A repeat of that fight? LOL

Yes please, I would love to see that!


  1. Goudi

Anyone want to bet?

This time my bet is on Mr. Summoner lmao.


  1. Tsuzuki

Oh nooo… LOL

I need a complete recording of that fight.


  1. Lydia

Knowing the admins, you’re probably going to need to record it yourself.

This is absolute.


  1. ∈(-ω-)∋

Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ I think PK and PKK fights are much more interesting. There’s a lot more blood.


  1. Guren

A rematch would be amazing… let’s head west!

I’ll talk about it with my party members.


  1. Suou


I’ll leave you to compile the Job Class Changes too, thanks >:)


  1. Reina


Haha, otherwise the admins will probably block the footage.

Although yeah, I doubt he has a chance in a 1 against 1 fight.


  1. Tsuzuki


I really want to see a no-weapon, no-magic pure grappler


  1. Rupert



Get Fiona to set up a rematch.

She could probably get it done.

I could even ask for you.


  1. Shinjirou


I would love to see another tournament.


  1. Ryukahn


Ooh, I’m going to have to move west to see it.

I hope the admins will allow us to download videos of the fight.


  1. Izumi

Ooh, that’s exciting.

Wait, what was this thread about again?


  1. Konohana


The Summoner Thread.

Wait, what? It is, right?


  1. Guren


This is the Mage’s Storytime Thread.

You’re not lost, don’t worry LOL.


  1. ∈(-ω-)∋


Hi ∈(-ω-)∋ This is the Fear of the Night thread ♪


  1. Ryukahn


This is the Production Job Players loving their work thread LOL.


  1. Reina


Elf Forest?


  1. Rupert

What is this, I’m confused. XD

Are we getting a repeat of the Tonfa thread?


  1. Jirou

We’re in a Joke thread.

Jokes, it’s the Sea Thread.


  1. Guren

Let’s just call it that, a Joke Thread. LOL




Production Job Players loving their work ★ 19

  1. Giedre

Please post screenshots.

But try not to post too many of them at once.

Try not to spam too, please.

The link feature is there for a reason, so let’s use it.

I’ll post more links at >>2.

Next thread at >>950.


Previous Threads:

Production Job Players loving their work ★ 1-18

※ Refer to the archives.




  1. Kaya

The installation of a forge and trial runs in S2 have been completed.

Thank you to all involved.

Especially in the installation of the blast furnace, we cooperated heavily with the production players in N2.

We hope that we can continue working together to improve the supply situation for all players.


  1. Giedre


Roger that.

A site is also being set up here at N2.

But we’re lacking farmers.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that W2 is the dominant settlement now.

I’m trying to increase the number of people coming down to S2, but we just don’t have enough farmers to keep them.


  1. Fiona


We owe a lot to you too.

we’re doing alright in the agricultural field but progress in the blacksmithing field is delayed.

We’ve had to always improvise to make up for our lack of a blast furnace.

It’s difficult to extract, but I know we have coal and iron ore here.

The prospects are bright, but materials are still pretty rare.

Just as explained earlier, we have found Holy Rock Salt.

It has a similar effect to Magic Rock Salt. Except this one has an HP recovery effect.

More details are on different threads.


  1. Mio

I’ve just been messing around and having fun cooking recently.


But I did spend a lot of time getting this piece of new equipment.




【Weapon: Spear】Blitz Spear+ Grade C+ Rarity 4

AP+10 M・AP+3 Power 3 Weight 3+ Durability 120

Causes Paralysis [Slight] Lightning Attribute

A spear made from the sharpened horns of a Blitz.

There is no blade and therefore cannot be used for cutting.However, it has a slight effect on magic casting.

It is small, relatively light, and easy to handle.

With its Lightning Attribute, it has a small chance of causing paralysis upon contact.


The horn and kaya wood shaft are reinforced with obsidian.

It doesn’t have any penalties on magic, so it’s good for front-line players too.

Paralysis occurs with the same probability as a critical hit.

By the way, the Summoner made this one.


It is becoming clear that it is possible to do various things with monster item drops.

If you have【Woodworking】, it’s a good idea to take【Water Magic】.

Those aiming for【Lava Magic】should get【Fire Magic】and【Earth Magic】.

This is absolute!


  1. Gemma


I want it LOL.

Aren’t Blitz pretty hard to kill?

I encountered them once in N1W1 and ran away.

But then again, this is the Summoner we’re talking about haha.


  1. DeMuro

It’s not uncommon for player-made items to go over AP+20 and Power 3.

Although there aren’t a lot of players using them yet.

The amount of materials is limited too.


  1. Falera


Good point.

But I think there’s still a lot we can do.

As long as our equipment doesn’t fail us, that is.

Considering the difference between C + and B-, the upper limit, A+, is still a far way off.

There are still a lot of strong monsters out there, and the demand for better weapons isn’t going down anytime soon.


  1. Tsutsumi

Although you need to beat the strong monsters to get the strong weapons in the first place LOL.


I agree.

There are a lot of weapons that have multiple functions in the west.

There are blacksmiths, but not enough to have a major effect on the settlement.

As a result, I suppose a lot of players result to experimenting on their own.


  1. Katie

The road to paid items?


  1. Gemma


I wouldn’t be surprised if some people are already doing that.


  1. Giedre

Well, asking for real money for in-game items seems a little…

It might be alright for materials, but…

I don’t know, as a blacksmith myself I’m just not too comfortable with the idea.


  1. DeMuro

Well, an ordinary iron weapon is already at about the upper limit, I wonder what stronger weapons people can come up with.

It’s hard stuff to predict though.


  1. Fiona

You can look forward to it, and I’m not saying that in a pessimistic way.

The Guide Team is leading us in a nice direction.

Progress is just a little slow.

But our Item Boxes are slowly getting very fat.

And this is for all players, not just myself.


  1. Jirou

Ah, but the events are a bit… well…

I feel like we’ve reached a bit of a dead end.

It is completely unknown what the clear trigger is.

Well, for the time being, we could just hunt in the areas we already have…

Has anybody checked out the mountains yet?


  1. Guren


No progress.

Those equipped with winter equipment went on an expedition, but were annihilated.

I would recommend 6 people with Racial level 12 or above at least if you want to tackle it.

There’s a lot of training in N1W1, but the Wendigos are still too difficult.


  1. zin

Yeah, good luck with that.

Lv12 is complete addict status.

It’s honestly going to be pretty difficult to find six of them.

For the time being I suggest you tackle the Deva Kings.


  1. DeMuro

But there are people who have won a one-on-one fight against a Deva King…


  1. Tsutsumi

For now, would this be alright?



【Weapon: Sword】Tempered Iron Sword Grade B- Rarity 3

AP+17 Power 2+ Weight 4+ Durability 180

A sword made from tempered iron.

It is somewhat heavy for a one-handed sword, but its offensive capabilities make up for it.


  1. Giedre


With our equipment, we probably won’t be able to make anything better than that.

Although I would love to see an AP+23 or 24 and Grade A+ someday.

There’s still a long way to go…


  1. Kaya


I kind of feel like just leaving it to the other settlements haha.


  1. zin


You’re not going to beat Wendigos with that…


  1. Tsutsumi


Just form a Union and go in large groups?


  1. zin



There’s only enough space for three players at most in the mountains.

Usually only enough for two.

And the more people, the more useless spears become.

It’s pretty tough at the moment.

Even with a support bard in the back we couldn’t do it.


  1. Tsutsumi

Want to form a coalition with the strongest players?

Not getting any progress is tough…

I want information…


  1. Guren


All you need is【Cold Resistance】and winter gear.

Climbing equipment too?

I guess that would be pretty important too.

It’s a good way to gain experience points, at least.


  1. Katie

Let’s stop going off topic…

Isn’t there another thread where you guys could discuss this?


  1. Ryukahn


Ahh, well there used to be a lot of Map Guide Threads…

But since you can have one event affect multiple maps…

It’s a mess, to say the least.

I don’t think a proper thread even exists anymore.


  1. Katie

I think it would be better if there was a thread like that.

Should I start one?


  1. Fiona


Go for it.


  1. Kaya


I’ll leave it to you.


  1. Giedre


Yeah, good point.

It’s surprising how information managed to get around without such a thread existing up to this point.


  1. Katie


Roger that.

I’ll set one up every two events or so.


  1. Tsutsumi

Anyway, I wonder how we can make better weapons…

It’s still not enough…




Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory ☆ 25

  1. Sigiriya Rock [****]

This is a thread for those of us who have fallen into the dark.

Do not forget to use a handle.

This thread can only be accessed by those of the dark, but still, trust no one.

Do not share personal information.

Please also develop a resistance to sick burns.


More related threads at >>2.

I’ll leave the creation of the next thread to >>980.

If you don’t stand up for yourself here, you will be a PKK target.

I recommend staying calm even if you fail and get counterattacked.


Previous Threads:

Night-Dwellers Only Prey Observatory ☆ 1-24

※ Refer to the archives.




  1. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****]

A report, more or less.

I’ve more or less come to understand Semi-solobard.

During the day he hunts Snow Apes on his own in N1W1.

At night he joins a random party and hunts Kobolds.

If we want to get him, we could get him when he returns to an Area Portal at night?

It doesn’t look like he plans on changing his hunting grounds anytime soon.


  1. Finally found out [****]


But for such a famous player to openly go solo… I feel like there has to be more to it.

There is a possibility that they intend to fight back and win.

In fact, I myself just got retaliated against LOL.


  1. Currently at 45 wins, 12 losses, and 105 attempts [****]


Even top players can’t do anything if their MP bars are at zero.

In that sense, aiming for when they’re on their way back to an Area Portal is the best time.

The problem is when they have【Return Home】.


  1. Currently at 57 wins, 18 losses, and 122 attempts [****]

Well, scouting out your targets beforehand is a very big factor to success.


Don’t let that effort end in vain!

Make him pay for his carelessness!


  1. Currently at 33 wins, 4 losses, and 77 attempts [****]

Well, looking at our success rates, you would know that PK is difficult nonetheless…


  1. Tomita Seigen [****]


Come up with proper handles already! lmao

I have no idea who’s who half the time!


  1. Finally found out [****]

That’s alright…

I’m sure we all more or less know one another by now.

Anyway, aren’t there a lot more PK players now?


  1. Currently at 57 wins, 18 losses, and 122 attempts [****]

Well, that’s nice.


  1. Currently at 4 wins, 1 loss, and 12 attempts [****]

Hi, I became a PK player after hearing rumours of PKK players.

I got annihilated the other day.

But I suppose PK just comes with that risk.

I like the thrill that comes with the difficulty.


  1. Tomita Seigen [****]


Well said!

I give you the right to PK the Summoner.


  1. Currently at 57 wins, 18 losses, and 122 attempts [****]


You’re evil. lmao

While I was fighting random monsters to level up, I ran into the guy. Scary, to say the least.

Go ahead and fight the guy one-on-one if you want to have all your joints broken

And he has the stamina to go for multiple fights one after the other too.

His Summon Monsters are just there to watch half the time.

I tried to chase him to try and find an opportunity to take him out, but I encountered a PKK and that was the end of it. orz


  1. Nurarihyon7 [****]

If you’re looking for prey, aim for production job players.

Except for the Lumberjack, of course. LOL

Anyway, W2 is pretty scary.

A party of five PK players jumped a stonemason and got completely wiped out.

I’ve also noticed a lot of PKK parties with an Avenger in them roaming around.


  1. Currently at 57 wins, 18 losses, and 122 attempts [****]


I heard of that too.

How about someone like him for the PK side…

Without Lv.10 spells it’s going to be impossible to take him on.


Is that for real?


  1. Nurarihyon7 [****]



I was taken out but I got to use【Discern】before they got me haha.

One of my party members decided to start over after getting tortured by them… orz


  1. Currently at 4 wins, 1 loss, and 12 attempts [****]

What about our retaliations against PKK players?

I feel like I haven’t heard of those in a while…


  1. Tomita Seigen [****]


It doesn’t happen often.

I can only remember like seven cases.

Now that they’ve formed a proper organisation, it’s getting a lot more difficult.


  1. Currently at 33 wins, 4 losses, and 77 attempts [****]

We’ll get them back.

I just hope that the balance will naturally restore itself.

It is self-evident that PKK jobs will go away if the number of PK players goes down.

Although the opposite is also true.

That’s all.


  1. Finally found out [****]

But our only advantage used to be their lack of organisation.

With that gone, PK is just a major risk now.

Even just normally raising your level has to be done cautiously.

You never know who has【Discern】.


  1. Currently at 4 wins, 1 loss, and 12 attempts [****]

Where are the best targets aside from the starting map?


  1. Currently at 57 wins, 18 losses, and 122 attempts [****]


It’s all the same.

As long as you’re willing to take on the risk, you can find good targets anywhere.

Well, if you’re looking for the highest risk, then I’d say W2 though.

If you don’t feel like moving around so much, I recommend N1W1 or S1W1.

My point is look for the places where there are a lot of production job players.

And while it’s easy to start a fight with them, watch out for “monsters” alright. LOL


  1. Tomita Seigen [****]


If you’re not in a party yet, do so as soon as possible.

6 people if possible

Read over >>2 diligently.


  1. Nurarihyon7 [****]

Are we really doomed to get picked off by PKK groups if we don’t form parties?

Isn’t there something we can do about that?


  1. Currently at 57 wins, 18 losses, and 122 attempts [****]

For the time being, it’s the Avengers that are making things difficult.

And more specifically, the fact that they can mess with your pain setting.

And of course, the other PKK jobs too.

Bounty Hunters, Bouncers, Spell Sealers, Uprisers…

It’s natural for these guys to form parties.


  1. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****]

The forest is the best place to engage them.

It takes a lot of effort to set up traps, but they are very much worth it if you manage to get someone.

You can use the【Light Magic】spell【Illusion】to guide them too, but you’re going to have to come up with a much more difficult plan for that.


  1. Finally found out [****]


Have any of you guys managed to get【Spacetime Magic】?

It’ll probably give us an advantage over the PKK players.


  1. Tomita Seigen [****]


It is worth considering.

I’m gonna try it now lol.

Although I doubt just【Spacetime Magic】will solve our issue.

It could be useful as an emergency getaway method though.

But our problems won’t go away that easy.


  1. Currently at 57 wins, 18 losses, and 122 attempts [****]

But I feel like we’re going in a nice direction.

Better than how we were doing in the early days at least LOL.


  1. I’m Muranishi, so what? [****]

Well no matter how we slice it we’re still just criminals at the end of the day lmao.

But I can’t stop, it’s too much fun.





  1. Thanks for the treat.

  2. Thanks for the treat. Lol Mr. Summoner is famous but as a meme, those guys are hilarious.

  3. Honestly I feel a little disappointed after knowing that this chapter is a forum chapter
    But after seeing everyone talk about Mr. Summoner, my stomach hurts from laughing

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